Best Earbuds Under 50 in 2016 [Best Value for Money Earbuds]

Best earbuds under 50

Finding good quality earbuds – which are also known as in-ear headphones –  as at a reasonable price is certainly a challenge. With hundreds of available models and types out there, you’ll definitely have a hard time choosing the best cheap earbuds.

For starters, one of the most important considerations is this: for what purpose are you going to use your earbuds. The notion that expensive earbuds are better than the cheaper ones is not necessarily true. If you look at gadget reviews or more importantly feedback from people who actually used the product, you will know that price is just one of the factors that people look at in determining whether they got themselves a good pair of earphones. Yes, you can get quality in-ear earphones without spending a fortune. Here are some of the factors that you should take into consideration when shopping for a new pair:

Things to consider when buying the best earbuds under 50

There are a number of technological innovations that have completely revolutionized the way people listen to music. However, none of them have been under-appreciated as much as the humble earbud. Chances are, you own at least one pair of these audio devices, but you don’t pay much attention to them because they either didn’t cost you much, or you’re really not that much of an audiophile to be particular about them.

But think about how different your daily routine could be if you didn’t have any sort of audio device hooked up to your ears. Your morning runs wouldn’t be as fun, and you’d probably have to pay more attention to all the humdrums of daily commute. Mobile communication would also be less convenient, if only because of the fact that you would have to take your phone out every time you take a call. There would be no such thing as “personal audio”, unless you’re talking about listening to music by your lonesome in a sound-proof room.

Seeing as earbuds play a significant role in making life more enjoyable—or bearable, depending on whether you’re a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty kind of person—shopping for new earbuds is not something you’d want to take lightly. The problem is, many of the popular audio products available today come with a pretty hefty price tag. So the question for most people is “Is it worth getting cheap earbuds at all?’.

What You Need To Know About Best value or cheap Earbuds

For the longest time, the word “cheap” has had quite the stigma, or negative connotation to it. A product that is cheap is almost always thought of as having poor quality. However, that isn’t always true. The retail price of a product depends on several economic factors, such as the cost of materials, labor, and manufacturing. Just because something costs less than others doesn’t always mean that it is of inferior quality.

Now if you’re wondering whether the phrase “you get what you pay for” applies to earbuds or not, considering that there are hundreds of models in today’s market that cost no more than your morning latte, the answer isn’t really as clear as you’d have hoped it would be. Just know that there are plenty of the best earbuds under 50, from established audio and consumer electronics companies.

You just need to know what to look for before pulling the trigger on your next earbud purchase.

What to Consider Before Choosing A Pair Of the Best Earbuds Under 50

Symphonized NRG PremiumWhen shopping for new earbuds, there are several factors that should be affecting your buying decision. The product that you end up buying should be capable of meeting your specific audio needs, without costing you an arm and a leg.

If you’re looking to buy new earbuds in the foreseeable future, consider the following:

  1. Audio Quality – You are, after all, buying something that you intend to listen to. Make sure that the earbuds you buy deliver an audio performance that sounds good based on your perception and your taste in music. If you’re into rap and hip-hop, rock, or any other bass-heavy genre, you’ll want a pair of earbuds that can handle low frequencies, such as MDRXB5OAP Extra-Bass Earbuds from Sony.On the other hand, if you prefer a more balanced and professional sound, try the Symphonized NRG Premium and the MEE Audio M6 Pro. These products are a favorite amongst musicians and audio professionals because of their quality and superb audio performance.
  1. Driver Configuration – Most earbuds and in-ear headphones are built with one audio driver in each earpiece, for a total of two. Your tech savvy audiophile friends will tell you that having multiple drivers may result in better dispersion and audio frequency response, which, in most cases is true.However, more drivers also results in increased production costs, and a higher retail price. This is why earbuds equipped with multiple drivers are rare in the sub-$50 price range. But even though you are willing to shell out more money for a pair of dual-driver earbuds, you still need to consider quality, as well as the manufacturer’s reputation, before making your decision.
  1. Noise Isolation – Noise-isolating technology is used in the audio electronics industry to combat the ambient noise. Earbuds can either be passive or active. Passive earbuds make use of the product’s physical build and construction in order to seal out environmental noise.Active, or noise-cancelling, earbuds are slightly more sophisticated. They use a dedicated mic to record outside noise, feed it to an audio processor, and then produce an equal but opposing audio wave that effectively cancels out ambient noise.Keep in mind, though, that noise-cancelling earbuds do tend to cost more because of all the added hardware. That being said, there are still a few decent exceptions that fall under the best earbuds under 50 dollars.
  1. Comfort – Because earbuds are designed to go partly inside the ear canal, it is important that they be comfortable to wear. Look for ergonomically designed models like the popular AirBuds, which are fitted with memory-foam tips that are guaranteed to fit any ear perfectly. Comfortable earbuds are also great for people who have sensitive ears, or for people who like listening to music for hours.
  1. Design – The design choice falls entirely on your preferences and how you intend to use your new earbuds. For instance, if you enjoy listening to music while jogging or when you’re working out, you may want to opt for Bluetooth-enabled models, which don’t have wires that can tangle or trip you up.
  1. Compatibility – You certainly don’t want to come home with your new earbuds only to find out that they don’t work on your tablet, smartphone, computer, or game console. Test the product whenever you can, or at least do your homework and research before making any rash decisions.
  1. Durability – To say that they don’t make earbuds like they used to actually works both ways; some earbuds have been improved in terms of design and performance. Others are as tough as they were when they first came out. Find a brand that’s known for its durability and dependability. You might just end up buying the last pair of earbuds that you will ever need.
  2. Value For Money – You don’t always have to sacrifice quality to get a bargain. There are plenty of earbuds out there that give outstanding value for money; giving you great audio for a really low price.

The Top 20 earbuds below 50 dollars in 2016 – Complete List

Here is the complete list of the best value for money earbuds – which offer outstanding value for money.

Picture Name Price Rating
Picture Name Price Rating
  1. MEE Audio M6 PRO Under 50 4.8
  2. Symphonized NRG Premium Genuine Wood Under 30 4.7
  3. Sony MDRXB50AP Extra-Bass Earbuds Under 30 4.7
  4. SoundPEATS M20 Under 30 4.6
  5. AYL QY8 Bluetooth Under 30 4.6
  6. Sound Intone® E6 Sports Under 30 4.6
  7. GranVela® V1 High-Definition Dual-Dynamic-Driver Professional Under 30 4.6
  8. GranVela® G10 Under 20 4.5
  9. MEE Audio M7P Secure-Fit Sports Under 50 4.4
  10. Sentey® Amplitude X180 Under 30 4.4
  11. Sennheiser CX 300-II Precision Enhanced Bass Under 50 4.4
  12. Brainwavz Jive Noise-Isolating IEM Under 30 4.3
  13. JVC HA-FX1X Headphones Xtreme Xplosivs Under 50 4.3
  14. Brainwavz Delta IEM Noise-Isolating Under 30 4.3
  15. MEE Audio Sport-Fi® M6 Under 20 4.2
  16. Philips Flexible SHS3200BK/37 Under 10 4.0
  17. Audio Technica ATH-COR150 Under 20 4.0
  18. Symphonized ALN Premium Genuine Wood Under 30 4.0
  19. AirBuds© Fit-All Foam Under 40 3.9
  20. Panasonic RP-HJE120K Under 10 3.8

20. Panasonic RP-HJE120K

Panasonic RP-HJE120KStylish and extremely affordable, the RP-HJE120K In-Ear Headphones from audio electronics manufacturer Panasonic is a pretty good pair of earbuds considering its retail price. These budget earbuds cost less than $10, and are available in a variety of colors that are meant to match nicely with the 5th Generation iPod Nano. They also feature color-matched 3.6-foot cords, which not only let you express your style and individuality, but also give you the freedom to choose the earbuds that best match the audio player that you prefer.
The RP-HJE120K features a stereo ErgoFit design, and comes with three differently-sized silicone tips—small, medium, and large—that provide you with a custom fit that will not slip out of your ear so easily. The soft, comfortable tips also create a tight seal that helps improve sound isolation and maximize bass output. The RP-HJE120K doesn’t sound bad at all, for a pair of budget earbuds.

But while the thin, color-matching audio cords are nice to look at, they do have a slightly annoying tendency to get all bunched up and tangled in your pocket. Other than that, the RP-HJ120K is as magnificently simple as it gets. You get great sound from a decently built pair of earbuds that are comfortable to wear even over long hours. The RP-HJ120K definitely gives good value for money.

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19. AirBuds© Fit-All Foam

AirBuds© Fit-All FoamTouted to be the most comfortable pair of earbuds to ever be made commercially available in the audio and consumer electronics market, the AirBuds© offer a unique blend of stylish, modern design and remarkable sound quality. Available in Blue or Grey, the AirBuds© make for an affordable alternative to other, more expensive earbud brands.
What makes the AirBuds© stand out are its Fit-All memory-foam tips, which are much softer and arguably more comfortable on the ears than regular silicone tips. You get three pairs of Fit-All tips, right out of the box. Pinch the soft tips before inserting them in your ear. When they return to their original shape, they create a snug fit that effectively seals out environmental noise. It also improves bass response, without the risk of ear fatigue from wearing them over long periods of time.

Other great features include an inline mic for taking hands-free calls. The inline module also allows you to play, pause, and skip tracks on compatible devices, which means you won’t always have to take your phone or MP3 player out whenever a Justin Bieber song comes on. Lastly, the AirBuds© are fitted with flat tangle-free cords, which last significantly longer than standard round cords. For a product that only costs $40, the Airbuds© do provide more value than what its price tag suggests.

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18. Symphonized ALN Premium Genuine Wood

Symphonized ALN Premium Genuine WoodMaking use of wood’s acoustical properties—which are evident in high-end speakers, in concert halls, and even in musical instruments—the ALN Premium from audio equipment company Symphonized Audio delivers the superb audio performance that plastic earbuds simply have trouble replicating. Wood is great for enhancing acoustic dispersion, which is why Symphonized Audio incorporates it in many of their most popular audio products.
The ALN Premium is fitted with silicone tips that provide a soft and comfortable fit. They also help improve low frequency response by sealing out environmental sounds, thus giving you more music and less noise. It also lets you take calls using an inline mic that is built directly into its reinforced nylon audio cords. The ALN Premium is compatible with just about any device that has a standard audio input, and its gold-plated 3.5 mm audio jack facilitates a lossless connection.

Between its great features and outstanding sound quality, the ALN Premium makes for a great pair of comfortable earbuds. It costs a little less than $20, and at that price, is a steal considering its design and audio performance. On top of all that, Symphonized Audio also provides buyers with a 1-year warranty with the ALN Premium. It’s an exceptional audio product, from a leading consumer electronics manufacturer, that gives a lot more than what its price tag suggests.

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17. Audio Technica ATH-COR150

Audio Technica ATH-COR150Superb low frequency response is a characteristic that, unfortunately, not all earbuds and in-ear devices on the market today have. This isn’t the case with the Audio Technica ATH-COR150 Core Bass In-Ear Headphones, though. With a frequency response that ranges between 20Hz to 25KHz, these earbuds have absolutely no problem pumping out the bass. They’re just perfect for listening to rock, pop, and techno music.
Aside from its outstanding performance, the ATH-COR150 Core Bass also features an intelligently flexible design. It has soft in-ear tips that wearing it—even over long periods of time—a pleasure. It also comes with snap-on ear hooks that you can use if you want to hang the earbuds over your ear instead of putting the tips in. To keep the cord from tangling or breaking, you can keep the earbuds in the included cord wrap. You also get three sizes of silicone ear tips: small, medium, and large.

Offered in eight attractive colors—lime green, blue, orange, red, purple, pink, black, and white—the ATH-COR150 Core Bass looks about as good as it sounds. It retails for less than $20, making it one of the better-performing budget earbuds on the market today. If you want earbuds that deliver remarkable sound quality, without cramping your style or breaking your budget, then the Audio Technica ATH-COR150 Core Bass In-Ear Headphones might just be the product for you.

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16. Philips Flexible SHS3200BK/37

Philips Flexible SHS3200BK37Manufactured by one of today’s most popular consumer electronics companies, the SHS3200/37 Earhook Headphones from Philips are an example of a major global brand successfully penetrating the sub-$50 earbuds category. Sleek and comfortable, the SHS3200/37 Earhook Headphones are designed to keep up with your active lifestyle. You can wear them while running or while working out at the gym, without any ear fatigue.
The SHS3200/37 Earhook Headphones have and ergonomically designed shape that fits the shape of your ears. It has an acoustically tuned air channel that enhances low frequency response, and a range between 20 Hz to 20 KHz. The earphones have 15mm drivers that are dynamic and powerful enough to provide an outstanding audio performance without completely sealing out ambient noise. This feature is great for joggers who want to enjoy music but still be aware of their surroundings.

The earhooks on the SHS3200/37 are made from 3D flexible material, which helps the earphones stay put no matter what you’re doing. And with its 1.2-meter audio cord, you can be standing at a short distance away from your audio source and the earphones will still stay in place. The Philips SHS3200/37 Earhook Headphones cost a little over $6, and are a steal if you consider its features, comfortable design, and outstanding audio performance.

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15. MEE Audio Sport-Fi® M6

MEE Audio Sport-Fi® M6An emerging force in the audio electronics industry, MEE Audio and its lineup of exceptional products such as the Sport-Fi® M6 ready to compete—dominate, even—in a crowd saturated with big brands and corporate names. And judging by its recent track record, MEE Audio seems to be headed in the right direction. Case in point is the Sport-Fi® M6, which is a pair of earbuds that are worth more than their retail price.

With its secure over-the-ear memory wire fit designed to keep the earbuds from falling off no matter what, the Sport-Fi® M6 is guaranteed to stay on whether you’re out running, working out, or doing whatever it is that you do for sports. These sweat- and water-resistant earbuds are also fitted with ergonomically shaped tips that make wearing them much more comfortable, even over long hours.

The Sport-Fi® M6 also comes with color-matched audio cords, which has a clip and cable cinch to keep them well out of the way as you go about your activities. Sound quality on the Sport-Fi® M6 is remarkable, and its noise-isolation technology ensures that you hear less of the environment, but still be aware of your surroundings.

The Sport-Fi® M6 retails for under $20, and is available in seven color variations to match the included carrying case. With its brilliant looks, great sound quality, and comfortable design, the MEE Audio Sport-Fi® M6 is arguably one of the sportiest pairs of earbuds on the market today.

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14. Brainwavz Delta IEM Noise-Isolating

Brainwavz Delta IEM Noise-IsolatingAnother relative newcomer in the audio and consumer electronics business is Brainwavz Audio. The company has been consistently coming out with outstanding audio products such as the Delta IEM Noise Isolating Earphones since 2008. The Delta delivers a balanced sound that renders vocals and instruments in detailed clarity. It has a sleek, all-metal housing that makes it hard to believe that the Delta only costs a little over $20.

With a look and an audio signature comparable to those of high-end earbuds, the Delta offers more than what its retail price suggests. It has convenient inline mic and three-button remote that lets you take calls, play or pause tracks, and adjust the volume, without having to take your phone or MP3 player out of your backpack. The Delta has dynamic 8mm drivers, which deliver a great audio performance, at a frequency response between 20Hz to 20KHz. It has a conductive, gold-plated 3.5mm audio plug at the end of its 1.3m copper Y-cord, which also supports TRRS connections.

The Delta comes with three pairs of silicone ear tips out of the box, one pair of S-400 foam tips, an earbud hard case, a shirt clip, and a hook-and-loop cable tie, on top of the manufacturer’s two-year warranty. It is compatible with most audio sources, including both Android and iOS devices. With its great features, balanced sound, and incredible value for money, the Brainwavz Delta makes for an affordable pair of earbuds. They are perfect for listening to music or for taking hands-free calls.

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13. JVC HA-FX1X Headphones Xtreme Xplosivs

JVC HA-FX1X Headphones Xtreme XplosivsLeading audio equipment firm JVC is another one of those big-name brands that are already making waves in the affordable earbuds category. The company offers a bevy of budget-friendly earbuds, which includes the HA-FX1X from its immensely popular Xtreme Xplosivs line. The earbuds are fitted with 10mm Neodymium driver units that deliver an amazing audio performance, at a frequency range of 5Hz to 23KHz. At that range, the HAFX1X Xtreme Xplosivs has absolutely no trouble handling the deep low frequencies.

As amazing as the HA-FX1X performs, its looks are just as impressive. It has a robust and durable build quality that isn’t typical of budget earbuds, and features the embossed “XX’’ logo on the back of each earpiece. It has a near-open-back construction, which features large grill-covered ports that are designed to enhance bass response without sacrificing noise isolation. The earbuds are fitted with soft silicone tips that are ergonomically contoured to fit any ear shape. You also get additional tips in three sizes—small, medium, and large—for maximum comfort.

The HA-FX1X has a robust copper Y-type audio cable that is 1.2m long and 2mm thick, as well as a conductive gold-plated 3.5mm stereo, rubber-protected straight plug. It also comes with a special hard carrying case that has the same “XX” logo embossed on it. It retails for less than $40, and at that price, the HA-FX1X is pretty hard to beat when it comes to value for money. If you’re looking for branded earbuds that offer superior quality, check out the JVC HA-FX1X Xtreme Xplosivs.

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12. Brainwavz Jive Noise-Isolating IEM

Brainwavz Jive Noise-Isolating IEMWith its outstanding sound and its intelligent, noise-isolating design, the Jive from up-and-coming audio electronics company Brainwavz Audio is fast becoming the earbuds of choice among hardcore audiophiles and casual listeners alike. Made with high-grade aluminum and soft silicone ear inserts, the Jive is both durable and comfortable.

The Jive is ideal for listeners of any music genre, although its lively and highly detailed sound goes well with alternative rock, jazz, and even classical music. The earbuds are fitted with 9mm drivers that provide exceptional clarity at a frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz. It has no trouble rendering sounds from both ends of the audible frequency spectrum, which means the Jive can easily handle high-fidelity vocals and acoustics as well as the deep low frequency bass tones.

Android and iOS users will be happy to know that there are separate versions of the Jive for each platform. The earbuds have a built-in mic that you can use for hands-free calling, and a remote that lets you play or pause tracks, or adjust the volume. If you are planning to use the hands-free calling feature, be sure to get the Jive version that is compatible with your phone’s mobile platform. Retailing for a fair $25, the Brainwavz Jive is an exceptional audio product that delivers clear sound and outstanding value for money.

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11. Sennheiser CX 300-II Precision Enhanced Bass

Sennheiser CX 300-II Precision Enhanced BassWith its brand’s reputation for being one of the top audio equipment manufacturers in the world today, the CX 300-II from Sennheiser is already being touted to be among the best budget earbuds in the market. Giving great value for a product that costs less than $40, the CX 300-II delivers an exceptional audio performance that has a deep, but not overpowering bass. It has a frequency range between 19Hz – 21Khz, which shows that the CX 300-II can just as easily reproduce the high vocals with ease and precision.

The earbuds are equipped with dynamic transducers that help it achieve such a diverse frequency response. They also have silicone tips that come in three sizes to ensure a snug, noise-isolating fit that makes the CX 300-II as comfortable on your ears as possible. They help seal out ambient noise, without completely cutting you off from the environment. This helps you stay aware of your surroundings, which is crucial if you like running with your earbuds on.

The CX 300-II is also fitted with a 1.2m-long asymmetrical audio cable that ends in a silver-plated 3.5mm L-plug. It comes with a handy carrying pouch for easy storage, which you can also use to store the extra ear tips. For its price, the CX 300-II does make for an excellent alternative to the earphones that came with your phone or MP3 player. If you want good earbuds that deliver clear sound and a decent amount of bass, the Sennheiser CX 300-II is definitely worth checking out.

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10. Sentey® Amplitude X180

Sentey® Amplitude X180From promising audio and consumer electronics manufacturer Sentey® comes the X180 In-Ear Headphones, from the brand’s popular Amplitude line. The X180 offers superb sound quality and ruggedly durable design in a stylish and lightweight package that both audiophiles and casual music lovers will surely appreciate. It costs around $15, but has enough features to give the X180 more value than what its retail price suggests.

With its rubberized finish, the X180 is considerably more durable than your average earbud pair. It also has a flat, tangle-resistant audio cord that is around 1.2m long, and three pairs of silicone tips that provide a comfortable fit no matter what the size or shape of your ear is. Out of the box, you get ear tips in different sizes—small, medium, and large.

The X180 is one of the few earbud models in its price range to be equipped with an inline mic and remote. The mic helps you have clear, hands-free phone conversations, while the built-in remote lets you answer calls with a press of a button, while your phone stays safely tucked away in your bag or pocket. Its 10mm drivers deliver a superb audio performance at a frequency range between 20Hz and 20KHz, It sounds great whether you enjoy listening to bass-heavy rock anthems or to precisely-tuned acoustic numbers. For its price, the X180 has the look and performance that can easily enhance your listening experience.

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9. MEE Audio M7P Secure-Fit Sports

MEE Audio M7P Secure-Fit SportsA successor to the brand’s top-selling Sport-Fi® M6, the M7P is a feature-packed pair of advanced earbuds that are perfectly engineered for the runner or gym buff in you. It has an over-the-ear fit, which ensures that the earbuds stay on no matter what you’re doing. It also features self-adjusting nozzles that pivot to conform to the shape of your ear, giving you a more comfortable fit even over long periods of time.

Thanks to its 8mm moving coil drivers, the M7P delivers impeccable sound quality at a frequency response that ranges from 20Hz to 20KHz. It gives it the capacity to handle the deep, low bass of rock and hip-hop music, while also rendering the crisp highs of pop music and techno in clear and precise detail. The M7P also lets you take hands-free calls thanks to its built-in omnidirectional mic, which is housed in the inline, one-button media control unit. It also has a convenient volume control slider that lets you turn up or turn down the music whenever you want to.

The M7P makes use of the company’s patented Liquipel Watersafe™ nanocoating technology, to keep it safe against moisture and the elements. It also has detachable, user-replaceable cables, as well as a color-matched carrying case for easy and organized storage. The M7P costs a shade under $40, and between its flexibility and remarkable sound quality, makes for a pair of affordable earbuds that people with active lifestyles will surely love.

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8. GranVela® G10

GranVela® G10Designed to be a better alternative to the earbuds that came bundled with your game console, mobile phone, or MP3 player, the G10 from audio industry dark horse GranVela® gives you good sound and even better value. Costing less than $15, the G10 is ideal for listening to music during your everyday commute, while working out, or every other time you want to keep your more expensive headphones at home.

The G10 features 9mm audio drivers that deliver a remarkable audio performance, at a frequency range of 15Hz – 21KHz. Its low frequency response allows it to handle the deep bass tones with relative ease, making the G10 great for enhancing the sound of car chases, gunshots, and bomb explosions, which all make for a more realistic gaming experience. It also comes with a handy audio splitter that lets you connect two different audio sources simultaneously.

Compatible with most of today’s newer gaming consoles, the G10 also has a built-in mic that lets you take hands-free calls when it’s connected to your smartphone. Thanks to an integrated IP/NK switch on its inline remote, the G10 will work with both Android and iOS devices. If you take your games out with you wherever you go, the GranVela® G10 makes for an affordable alternative to the pair of in-ear headphones that came included with your portable console.

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7. GranVela® V1 High-Definition Dual-Dynamic-Driver Professional

GranVela® V1 High-Definition Dual-Dynamic-Driver ProfessionalWith two dynamic 6mm drivers housed in each earpiece, the V1 from virtual unknown GranVela® is an absolute rarity in the sub-$50 earbuds category. There are so few dual-driver earbuds in this price range, and the V1 stands heads and shoulders above them.

The V1 features an elegant design that gives it a high-end look. You can see the two gold drivers in between a clear plastic cover and the chrome casing. The earbuds are angled in relation to the drivers in such a way that they make for a secure, yet comfortable fit in your ears. Its drivers use neodymium iron boron magnets to deliver outstanding sound. The V1 also comes with a durable, high-tensile audio cable that holds up well against occasional snagging.

The sound quality on the V1 is superb, thanks to its innovative dual-driver configuration. It has a frequency range of 20Hz – 24KHz, which essentially means it can handle the deep low tones and crisp highs with considerable ease. The multiple drivers create a more vivid sound image; letting you hear every high-pitched note and every rumble in clear audible detail. The V1 costs less than $25, and at that price, the product gives you more than what the tag suggests. The GranVela® V1 could very well be the first—and last—dual-driver earbuds that you will ever need.

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6. Sound Intone® E6 Sports

Sound Intone® E6 SportsWearing the Sound Intone® E6 Sports In-Ear Headphones feels like putting sparkling jewels in your ear. Its eye-catching design is reminiscent of iridescent crystals, but beneath the glamour are powerful 10mm drivers that deliver outstanding sound at a frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz. With a wide frequency response like that, you can easily tell that the E6 sounds just as good as it looks.

The E6 sports a noise-isolating design that seals out most ambient noises, while still keeping you aware of your surroundings. Its ergonomic ear tips and moisture-proof construction ensures that you can wear the E6 over long periods of time without any discomfort. It also uses memory wire technology to create a secure in-ear fit that won’t fall off even when you’re running or jumping. It also comes equipped with a built-in mic and multi-function control that lets you take and end calls, pause and play tracks, and adjust volume levels. It works with both Android and iOS devices, as well as with tablets, MP3 players, and other devices that have a 3.5mm audio output port.

Retailing for less than $20, the E6 is an affordable alternative to expensive sports earphones that break the first time you use them while jogging. The E6 is surprisingly comfortable on the ears despite the earbuds’ crystal-like appearance, which are sure to spark up a conversation or two as you go about your morning run. For its price, the Sound Intone® E6 is an absolute steal.

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5. AYL QY8 Bluetooth

AYL QY8 BluetoothIf it’s wireless convenience that you’re looking for in a pair of earbuds, audio and consumer electronics manufacturer AYL may have what you need in the QY8. Using the latest Bluetooth ver4.1 + EDR APT/X technology, the QY8 delivers outstanding sound without having to be plugged into your audio source. Bluetooth earbuds come few and far between in the sub-$50 price range, and the QY8 makes for a great wireless option if you’re on a budget.

The QY8 uses CVC 6.0 Digital Noise Reduction technology to keep ambient sounds at bay. This feature lets you enjoy your music and take hands-free calls, without the distractions coming from your environment. The QY8 is equipped with an 80mAh polymer battery that gives you up to 7 hrs of talktime, and up to 175 hrs on standby. It has an effective Bluetooth range of around 10m, and features a durable, weatherproof design that lets you play in the rain while your phone stays dry in your bag. All of the controls—call answer, playback, and volume adjustment—are located right on the earbuds, giving you intuitive control over your listening experience.

Between its soft, silicone ear tips and its lightweight design, the QY8 can easily be worn for hours in between charges. It costs a little over $25, and is arguably one of the best and most affordable Bluetooth earbuds that you can find in the consumer electronics market today.

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4. SoundPEATS M20

SoundPEATS M20With its intelligent design and affordable cost, the M20 from enterprising audio equipment brand SoundPEATS is quickly turning heads in the consumer electronics market. It is a pair of budget earbuds that have been designed to sound far better than what its $10 retail price suggests. The M20 earpieces have an elegant all-metal construction, but they barely tip the scale at 13½g. It also has a 1.2m-long flat cable that is resistant to tangling.

The sound quality on the M20 is superb. It delivers an audio performance that is clearly defined by its low bass tones and high frequency trebles. It has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20Khz, and features intelligent noise-isolating technology to prevent ambient noise from ruining your listening experience. The M20 also has hands-free calling capabilities, allowing you to take and end calls from your mobile phone with just a touch of a button. The built-in mic captures your voice in clear quality, making sure the person on the other line hears you and understands what you’re saying.

For a pair of earbuds that don’t cost much, the M20 delivers outstanding value. It gives you great sound no matter what genre you enjoy listening to. And between its exceptional sound quality, its straightforward design, and its affordable price, the SoundPEATS M20 is a great audio product for the active audiophile on a shoestring budget.

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3. Sony MDRXB50AP Extra-Bass Earbuds

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra-Bass EarbudsDipping its proverbial toes in the sub-$50 earbuds category is global audio and consumer electronics manufacturer Sony. The company is famous for coming out with audio products such as the MDRXB50AP Extra-Bass Earbuds, which deliver exceptional audio quality and performance despite its meager price. Costing just a hair over $35, the MDRXB50AP is a great product to have if you’re after quality and brand recognition.

Offering a frequency response that ranges from 4Hz to 24KHz, the MDRXB50AP has absolutely no problem wading into low-frequency territory. It is arguably one of the few in-ear models capable of delivering bass that low, without cracking or ruining the overall listening experience. Its bass duct design provides optimal sound isolation, which is perfect for listening to bass-heavy rock or hip-hop music. It also has a built-in omnidirectional electret condenser mic for hands-free calling, and an inline remote that gives you one-button control. Android users can even use the Smart Key app that provides additional control functionality directly from their smartphones.

Available in black, blue, and red, the MDRXB50AP definitely has the looks to match its excellent sound quality. It features a 1.2m-long flat audio cord that reduces tangles. The cord terminates in a gold-plated four-conductor L-type stereo mini-plug for added stability. Coming from a well-known brand such as Sony—and considering its price—the MDRXB50AP simply does not disappoint.

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2. Symphonized NRG Premium Genuine Wood (The best earbuds under 30 dollars)

Symphonized NRG Premium Genuine WoodMuch like the audio electronics company’s other entry in this list of the best earbuds under 50—the ALN Premium—the NRG Premium also makes use of wood for its acoustic housing. The wood accent not only gives the earbuds a more sophisticated, high-end design; they also serve a purpose. As a material with inert acoustic properties, wood has the ability to enhance audio quality.
The NRG Premium comes with three pairs of soft silicone tips, all in different sizes, to ensure a more comfortable fit in your ear. They also create a tight seal that keeps ambient noise away. The NRG Premium also has nylon-braided cords that not only look cool, but are more durable as well. It also has an inline mic and remote that not only lets you take hands-free calls on your phone, but also allows you to play or pause music, or adjust the volume.

The Symphonized NRG Premium retails for a mer $25. With its superior sound and elegant wood design, it definitely seems worth more than what its price tag might suggest. It just goes to show that premium quality does not have to come at a high price. If you are looking to make the most of your next earbuds purchase, consider checking out the Symphonized NRG Premium.

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And The Winner of the best earbuds under 50 is…

1. MEE Audio M6 PRO

MEE Audio M6 PROTopping this list of budget-friendly earbuds designed to keep your piggy bank from breaking is the M6 PRO Noise-Isolating monitors from up-and-comer MEE Audio. Listed as a pair of professional-grade, in-ear monitors, the M6 PRO delivers an exceptional audio performance that definitely lives up to its lofty billing. It is fitted with an ultrathin 5µm diaphragm and aluminum voice coil that gives it a precise and evenly balanced dynamic sound, despite having the same 20Hz – 20KHz frequency response as the Sport-Fi® M6.

The M6 PRO has detachable, universal-fit earpieces that can be conveniently tucked away when not in use. It comes with six pairs of silicone tips and a pair of Comply™ memory foam tips that let you customize the way they fit in your ear, making it easy to wear the M6 PRO even over long periods of time. You also get a second audio cable at no additional cost, further establishing the M6 PRO as one of—if not the—best earbud pair when it comes to value for money. One audio cord is for simple stereo listening, while the other has an inline mic and remote that lets you seamlessly take hands-free calls and control media playback on compatible devices.

Aside from the now-standard gold-plated 3.5mm audio connector, the M6 PRO also comes with a handy 6.3mm adaptor that lets you connect the earbuds to a much wider range of audio equipment. It also comes with shirt clips and a convenient cable cinch to keep the audio cord out of the way. The M6 PRO comes with a premium carrying case for storing your ear tips, your spare audio cord, and all your other accessories in one portable package, so that you can take the M6 PRO out on the open road with you.

The M6 PRO retails for a shade under $50, barely making it into this list. But between its cost and a whole host of features, the M6 PRO has completely redefined what “cheap earbuds” are. If you want professional-grade audio quality at an affordable price, check out the MEE Audio M6 PRO.

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Conclusion on the Best Earbuds under 50

Have you found the right pair for you? Remember, it is not the price that determines whether what you get is a good quality headphones or not. The ones mentioned above are the best earbuds under 50 that offer decent features but don’t come at a hefty price. Surely, the more expensive ones offer more features and extra comfort but you can never go wrong when you choose to but the ones mentioned above. They are packed with features that are perfect for those who want good quality earphones without hurting their pockets.

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