The Best Wireless Earbuds for TV in 2018

The best wireless earbuds for TV

The Wireless Earbuds for TV concept is slowly taking root with many TV viewers. These TV listening devices with independent volume have been instrumental is saving many marriages. When you want to watch MasterChef and all your better half is interested in is snoring next to you, then these headphones allow you to mute the TV and have your private hosting of the world’s best gourmet dishes. They are more effective for the hearing-impaired and elderly people.  You also have full-sized TV headphones which behave the same way as these wireless TV earbuds. However, they would be highly uncomfortable for your granny and grandpas to wear. They also warm up the ears fast. TV earbuds come with many tones, stereo balance and audio settings which allow you to match the earbuds’ audio to your liking. Plus their wireless connectivity allows you the movement option while watching TV.

How are IR and RF TV wireless earbuds different?

Infra-Red earbuds: These work on line-of-sight communication using infra-red rays. The biggest advantage with IR rays is that they don’t interfere with other electronics signals. So if your grandparent or parent have a pacemaker, these would be safer compared to RF.

RF earbuds:Radio Frequency earbuds allow you a wider range than the IR earbuds. They also don’t require line-of-sight communication between the transmitter and receiver for proper reception. The downside is that they can interfere with the pacemaker or have bad audio quality just by being around other electronics devices.

Which are the best TV wireless earbuds?

Not just the TV Ears. We dug deep into the realms or wireless TV earbuds and found 7 such systems that you can conveniently use in daily life based on:

Convenience: The ease of using the best wireless TV earbuds is unrivalled. Most of these earbuds may be used by the elderly, so every single knob and dial needs to be built to tactile advantage. Weight of the earbuds must be low. Features that make your life easy should not be overlooked.

Audio:Audio is the main product of the best wireless TV earbuds. The best ones have multiple tone settings, mono to stereo balance, and special technologies to make the speech on TV clearer.

Durability and Comfort:Almost all these wireless TV earbuds cost a good amount. So we checked if you get what you pay for. Most of them are robust sets with effective blueprints that sit comfortably in the ears.

Top 7 Best Wireless Earbuds for TV In 2018 – Chart

Battery Life
Battery Life
  1. Sennheiser SET840 -TV RF Stereo TV Assistive Listening Headphones System  50 hours $$$ 4.5 
  2. Sennheiser IS410 Wireless Ultra-lightweight Assistive Listening Stereo Headphone System  16 hours $$$ 4.0 
  3. Unisar Wireless Digital TV Audio Assisted Listening Device System TV Listener Dh900  8 hours $$ 4.0 
  4. Wireless Hearing Aid Headset System,Artiste 2.4G TV Assistive Listening Headphones  6 hours $$  4.0
  5. Pyle Health PHPHA56 Wireless TV Headset Headphone System and Hearing Assistance  18 hours $$ 3.9 
  6. TV Ears Original System 11641 Wireless Voice Clarifying TV Headset- Version 5.0 Analog  2 hours $$  3.9
  7. TV Listening Earbuds by Serene Innovations  24 hours $$ 3.9 
  1. Sennheiser SET840 -TV RF Stereo TV Assistive Listening Headphones System

Best Wireless Earbuds for TVWireless TV watching does not get better than this. The SET-840 TV Sennheiser wireless headphones which can connect to TV, radio, DVD player etc. unleash you to move around the house, without missing Al Pacino’s mumble or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s heavy voice. They are much easier on ears than the full-sized TV headphones.

Design and Audio

Sennheiser SET840 RF TV wireless earbuds have a stethoscope-shaped listening device. Two flexible stems mount earbuds which sit inside your ear canal. The stems extend down to your neck and join at the volume controller knob with numbered volume levels. It could feel heavy to some people at 70g. Another control allows you to shift the audio image between left and right ears based on which ear has better listening capability.

There’s a transmitter base accompanying this wireless TV earbud which also doubles as a charging station. You can affix the earbuds receiver on this dock and it gets charged automatically.

Audio is sparkling and clear on these TV earbuds. Speech reception can be customized to meet your requirements.


Sennheiser SET840 RF Wireless Earbuds for TV are energy efficient in that they have auto power turn on/off. The transmitter can be connected to the TV via the RCA cable, 1/8 inch cable or the ¼ inch cable. An external microphone can also be used to relay the sound if you don’t want to connect via these cables or if you want to use one of the other audio playback devices like Hi-Fi system. That’s the versatility of the best wireless TV earbuds.

Once charged for 3 hours, this wireless TV headset retains charge for 9 hours. It has a range of 100 meters through multiple walls. There are three listening modes which can be set by the user.

Additional Perks

TV wireless headset with volume control, transmitter base, power supply cord, TV SCART cable, RCA cable, 3.5mm audio cable, 6.3mm audio cable, 2 silicone eartips and one pair of foam eartips all are part of the box.


  • Clear and quality audio
  • Customizable listening modes
  • All required cables accompany
  • Large ergonomic volume control
  • Convenient transmitter base-storage base-charging dock
  • Lightweight system
  • 100m range and 9 hours battery life
  • External microphone for audio relay


  • The hanging volume control may get tiring for some people’s ears
<<Latest customer reviews and prices of Sennheiser SET840 -TV RF Stereo TV Assistive Listening Headphones System>>


  1. Sennheiser IS410 Wireless Ultra-lightweight Assistive Listening Stereo Headphone System

Best Wireless Earbuds for TVSennheiser has done pioneering work in many audio domains and the IS410 wireless TV earbuds are such an example. This lightweight alternative to bulky TV headphones brings respite to many users, especially those are hard of hearing or the ones who wear specs. Contrary to the SET840, these use IR transmitters. They require line-of-sight proximity for proper connection but they suffer from much less radio interference from other electronic devices. Their spot on the best wireless TV earbuds list is well-deserved.

Design and Audio

These Sennheiser IS410 wireless earbuds have a sleeker design than the SET840. They also feature earbuds mounted on stems that connect below you chin. The joint has most of the bulk with the infra-red receiver unit and volume knob being there. Volume knob faces downward and may get rubbed on your clothes and change volume level. They come with a flat transmitter base which moonlights as the storage rack and charger. The transmitter can be connected to the TV via a 3.5mm-RCA cable or by a 3.5mm-6.3mm cable to the home theatre or other audio units. The receiver should aim at the transmitter for proper hearing.

Speech clarification circuit of these wireless TV earbuds completes your enjoyment by elucidating all dialogues. Customizable settings allow you to set the audio per your hearing power. Stereo separation makes discerning sound easier.


The Sennheiser IS410 wireless TV earbuds can be connected to the TV for personal listening while other viewers maintain a volume comfortable to them. This is useful if one member of the family has troubles with hearing. By stretching the earbuds to wear them, you can switch on the earbud. It switches off automatically when you take them off.

Battery lasts through 16 hours on one charge. Line-of-sight can be disturbed if you turn your head this way or that. The transmitter has the capacity to simultaneously charge one receiver and one extra battery pack. A balance knob allows you to shift the stereo image from one ear to another.

Additional Perks

The Sennheiser IS410 wireless TV earbuds comes with 5 pairs each of normal and lamellar ear cushions, a SCART adapter,a 3.5mm audio cable, and an external microphone.


  • Allows personal listening
  • Volume and stereo balance can be controlled on the receiver
  • External microphone for audio relay
  • Earbuds are lightweight and comfortable
  • 16 hours battery life per charging cycle
  • All cables for connection included
  • No radio interference from electronic equipment
  • Speech clarification for better audio
  • Auto power on/off
  • Transmitter can charge an extra battery too


  • IR connection drops with even a slight break in line-of-sight
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  1. Unisar Wireless Digital TV Audio Assisted Listening Device System TV Listener Dh900

Best Wireless Earbuds for TVUnisar wireless TV earbuds are lovely lightweight TV audio peripherals. They are a boon for the older gentlemen and ladies who have started to think that everybody talks under their breath just to annoy them. While Sennheiser headphones are top class, they do cost enough toweigh down your pocket. Unisar TV headphones have almost similar capabilities at lower price with some compromise on convenience.

Design and Audio

Unisar wireless TV earbuds are fashioned out of white and gray contours with black eartips. The receiver piece has two earbuds mounted on stems and they connect to form a circular joint which holds the controls. Like Sennheiser SET840 earbuds, this joint is bulky and large. It may not be stable for everybody’s ears. The transmitter base can only transmit to only one receiver as opposed to the other headsets.Both pieces are durable and do not fall apart all that fast.

Audio is clear and well-executed.  Volume is loud enough within the range so-much-so that you will not require any amplifier as with other wireless TV earbuds in their range, the trait of one of the best wireless TV earbuds.


The wireless TV earbuds by Unisar let you enjoy your audio at your personal volume level.  They are RF earbuds which maintain connection even through walls. The sound can be set to stereo or mono instead of the balance knob you find in the Sennheisers.

You get four hours of use per battery charge which is only average. The earbud receiver of these wireless TV earbuds sets has to be positioned will into the charging dock. A microphone to receive sound from the source without any cable is also included.

Additional Perks

A 3.5mm audio cable and an RCA cable is included in the pack of the Unisar wireless TV earbuds.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Clear, loud audio
  • Stereo/mono choice
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • External microphone can relay audio from source without wires
  • RF connection does not drop easily
  • Independent volume control
  • 5mm cable and RCA cable


  • Battery life is low per charge
  • Volume control weighs the earbuds down
<<Latest customer reviews and prices of Unisar Wireless Digital TV Audio Assisted Listening Device System TV Listener Dh900>>


  1. Wireless Hearing Aid Headset System,Artiste 2.4G TV Assistive Listening Headphones

Best Wireless Earbuds for TVA TV wireless earbud that doubles as hearing aid is a blessing in disguise for the elderly and hearing-impaired. The Wireless hearing aid earbud by Artiste is an RF earbud primarily used for TV viewing. When you think that your volume preferences are different from the others in the house, you can use these earbuds to control the way you hear the movie and TV shows without subjecting anybody else to high volumes.


The Artiste wireless TV earbuds have two black earbuds attached to gray stems that lock together under the chin at a circular controller. The controller has a moderate weight. It may or may not feel uncomfortable based on personal capacity. The design could benefit from earhooks. There’s a power switch at the back with a bump. The volume wheel is at the bottom and the microphone switch is at the front.

The transmitter base has buttons and LEDs for different tones or listening modes. Apart from the charging dock for the receiver set, it also has an extra charging compartment for the spare battery. Audio is clear in the TV mode. TV and hearing aid mode volumes are not independent. So if you have tuned up the volume of the hearing aid and suddenly switch to TV, you might be alarmed by the volume level.


The most important trait of the Artiste wireless TV earbuds is that they can be switched to hearing aid mode. The microphone button in the front of the receiver mutes the sound from the transmitter and starts amplifying conversation around you. So if you hearing-impaired parent needs to have conversation with you in the middle of TV viewing, they can do so simply at a button tap.

These Artiste wireless TV earbuds also have an external microphone in case you don’t want to connect to the audio device via wires. Effective range is 72 feet. Different audio modes use varied combinations of compression, bass boost and treble boost.

Additional Perks

The battery of the receiver can be switched out to the second rechargeable battery in the pack so that you can watch TV without any break. Another pair of eartips, a 6.3mm adapter, RCA cable, 3.5mm audio cable and charging cable areall perks of one of the best wireless TV earbuds.


  • Can be muted to double as hearing aid
  • Clear audio
  • Moderate weight
  • Proper reception within the range
  • Two rechargeable Li Ion batteries
  • 4 listening modes with bass/treble boost
  • Budget-oriented
  • All cable for connection included
  • 72 feet range


  • Hearing aid and TV volume are not independent
  • Does not switch off automatically
<<Latest customer reviews and prices of Wireless Hearing Aid Headset System,Artiste 2.4G TV Assistive Listening Headphones>>


  1. Pyle Health PHPHA56 Wireless TV Headset Headphone System and Hearing Assistance

Best Wireless Earbuds for TVIf for some reason you prefer IR wireless connectivity over RF then Pyle Health PHPHA56 wireless TV headset is an excellent alternative to the Unisar earbuds. With almost the same spec. PHPHA56 affords your wireless connection better protection from electromagnetic interference from other electronics devices. On the other hand, IR earbuds also require line-of-sight, so that’s curbs your freedom of movement. But PHPHA56 does a lot of things right to get into our best TV earbuds list.

Design and Audio

Done up in all black, the Pyle PHPHA56 wireless TV earbuds seem to have a more ergonomic earbud design. The eartips are slightly tilted and they fit comfortably inside the ears. The controller connecting the earbud stems spreads it weight across some length so it feels lighter than the circular controller that Unisar has. The balance and volume wheels are small but easy to reach. Power button is also on this controller.

Transmitter has tone controls on these wireless TV earbuds. It can charge only one receiver. It can connect to TV, DVD players, CD players etc.  A background noise reduction circuit cleans your audio. Audio is also heard better because of the quality of IR connection over RF. However, if you are not in the line-of-sight, you may lose the connection.


Pyle Heal PHPHA56 wireless TV earbuds come with two microphones. One of them is connected to the receiver and it amplifies conversation volume around you, when not connected to the transmitter. This is the hearing aid mode. Another microphone can clip to the source like your phone and direct its sound to the receiver. This way you don’t need wires to connect to the audio source.

The volume of these wireless earbuds for TV can be set different from the TV volume. Tone controls allow you to tune the audio to your type of audio response.

Additional Perks

A 1/8 cable, an RCA cable, and a clip-on mic all accompany the Pyle PHPHA56 wireless TV earbuds.


  • Doubles as hearing aid
  • External mic to amplify the volume of devices without connecting via wires
  • Independent volume
  • Stereo balance can be changed
  • Clearer audio due to IR
  • Controls built for tactile advantage
  • Suction mic can be connected to any audio device


  • Line-of-sight connection to transmitter is necessary
<<Latest customer reviews and prices of Pyle Health PHPHA56 Wireless TV Headset Headphone System and Hearing Assistance>>


  1. TV Ears Original System 11641 Wireless Voice Clarifying TV Headset- Version 5.0 Analog

Best Wireless Earbuds for TVTV Ears wireless TV earbuds are popular amongst the folks who can’t keep up with the same TV volume as others. They have succeeded the TV Ears version 2.3 analog which were superlative earbuds. The version 5 is not as sturdy as the 2.3s but they operate in a similar manner. Version 2.3 earbuds have been discontinued but they are still available online.

Design and Audio

The TV Ears wireless TV earbuds Version 5 have a cylindrical arm projecting from the stem of the earbuds. The eartips are fixed in an off-kilter manner to this arm. We are not fond of this upgrade because somehow they make the eartips slightly uncomfortable for us. But the experience can differ per person. Since these are IR receivers they feature a longer controller. Volume and tone wheels are set on the controller. You frequently stretch the earbud stems apart to put them on. Excessive pulling can cause damage to the stem and it will break off.

Audio is crisp and clean on these wireless TV earbuds especially owing to the Voice Clarifying circuitry. This circuit amplifies the voice pitch allowing the user to hear dialogues, murmurs and whispers better over the background music. Such attractive effects earn them their place in the best wireless TV earbuds list.


The TV Ears wireless TV earbuds Version 5 allows you to set its own volume irrespective of the TV main volume. The transmitter of these earbuds can hold and charge two receivers. You can buy another receiver separately and use the same transmitter for both.

The rechargeable battery that fits into the receiver headset is rechargeable. It can be set on the transmitter-cum-charger when the receiver is not in use. The volume can reach up to 125dB on these wireless TV earbuds. Hence, the ‘Assistive Listening Devices’ tag.

Additional Perks

Transmitter with two charging docks, power supply cable and all cables required to connect the TV Ears Version 5 wireless TV earbuds to the TV are provided.


  • No interference with electronic devices like pacemakers
  • Can go very loud, up to 125dB
  • Transmitter can hold two receivers
  • Voice clarification circuitry for speech amplification against background
  • Independent volume control for TV ears
  • All required cables supplied


  • Not very durable for regular use
  • Battery life is not long
  • Needs line-of-sight between transmitter and the headset
<<Latest customer reviews and prices of TV Ears Original System 11641 Wireless Voice Clarifying TV Headset- Version 5.0 Analog>>


  1. TV Listening Earbuds by Serene Innovations

Best Wireless Earbuds for TVIf you are loathe of Wireless Earbuds for TV weighing down your ears, then the TV Listening Earbuds from Serene Innovations are the next best thing. They will give you the same amount of privacy while TV-viewing and the earbud experience without having the weight of two iPods hanging from the ears.Their innovative design get them into the best wireless TV earbuds list.


The TV listening earbuds by Serene Innovation are FM-based systems. They consist of a neckband that can be worn around the neck like a necklace. From the closing end of this band rise two wires with earbuds. These can be inserted into the ears. Unlike the other wireless TV earbuds, the volume control circuitry does not weigh your ears down here.

Audio is above-average. Since you can control the volume on these separately, you can set them up loud. Three different tones settings allow you to customize the audio.


The TV Listening earbuds by Serene Innovation are stereo/mono wireless TV earbuds. You can choose between the two. They power down automatically when in idle state. Another huge advantage of these earbuds is that they have a volume cap. If you raise the volume for movie dialogues and music starts playing suddenly your remaining hearing power will not be challenged.The volume burst will be cappedto save your ears.

These wireless TV earbuds are the IR kind and require line-of-sight communication. They work efficiently in a range of 30 ft.

Additional Perks

The TV set can be muted and the TV Listening earbuds can keep the audio playing.


  • No weight on ears
  • Receiver set hangs conveniently around the neck
  • Clear mono or stereo audio
  • Three tone settings
  • Volume cap
  • Automatic power off
  • All cables for connection provided


  • Line-of-sight required between headset and transmitter
  • Range is small
<<Latest customer reviews and prices of TV Listening Earbuds by Serene Innovations>>

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