The Most Durable Earbuds in 2016 [Unbreakable.. heavy-duty earbuds]

The most durable earbuds v1

The only way you can quit a frustrating experience with cheap earphones is to find the right pair of durable earbuds. If you use your smartphone or music players regularly then you must be one of those people who can’t leave their house without a pair of earbuds with them. And in this case, your earbuds are subjected to regular use, thus they need to be durable as well as producing a high quality sound.

There are many decent and durable earbuds on the market, and we have identified the most durable earbuds which provide a great audio experience, and last for years rather than months..

What are the key features of the most durable earbuds?

When looking for a durable pair of earbuds, make sure that it possesses these three major features:

Materials and design

Most earbuds in the market today are made from plastic which are usually cheaper than those made from metal or wood. However, there are some plastic earbuds which are very durable due to their material quality, design and overall build. On the other hand, metal earphones tend to be more durable than plastic or wooden ones – but can be slightly heavier.


The warranty is also an essential part when deciding to buy a pair of quality earbuds – as it gives you peace of mind. Audio product companies usually offer a 12 month warrantee but there some companies that even offer a 24 month warrantee for their earbuds / in-ear earbuds!

Customer feedback / reviews

It’s always useful to look at customer reviews and feedback prior to purchasing earbuds. What do other people (who have actually purchased and used the product) think about it, and what product rating have they given? Buying earbuds from recognized brands / companies is a good choice, but you should bear in mind that there are some well-known audio product companies that have produced earbuds of poor quality, whilst there are some less-known or new audio product manufacturers have produced some outstanding sets of earbuds.

15 Most Durable Earbuds in 2016 – the Complete List

Picture Name Casing Warranty Rating
Picture Name Battery Price Rating
1. Sennheiser Momentum Earbuds  Stainless steel  2 years 4.4
  2. Shure SE215  Durable plastic  2 years 4.3
  3. GOgroove AudiOHM RNF Earbuds  Metallic  3 years 4.2
  4. Klipsch R6i  Plastic  1 year 4.2
  5. JLAB J4M  Aluminium  1 year 4.1
  6. TWEEDS  Plastic  1 year 4.1
  7. Photive PH-BTE70 Bluetooth  Plastic  1 year 4.0
  8.  G-Cord Wireless Sport Earbuds  Durable plastic  1 year 4.0
  9.  GOgroove AudiOHM DX  Plastic  3 years 3.9
  10.  PECHAM S5 CSR4.0 Wireless Earbuds  Plastic  1 year 3.8
  11. JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs  Plastic  1 year 3.7
  12. Brainwavz M5  Metallic  1 year 3.7
  13. MEE audio M9 Classic Hi-Fi Sound-Isolating earbuds  Metallic  1 year 3.6
  14. Audiosharp AS1218 Earbuds  Metallic  1 year 3.5
  15.GGMM Nightingale Earbuds  Metallic  Lifetime  3.5

Reviews of the most durable earbuds

1. Sennheiser Momentum Earbuds

sennheiser momentum in ear v1

Sennheiser is undoubtedly one of the most reliable companies in the space of audio products, and the Momentum earbuds exemplify what the company is all about – producing high quality audio products that last for years and years..
The sound of the Momentum is underpinned by a dynamic transducer and impedance of 18 Ohm, which is conjunction with its ergonomic and personalized fit (with 4 different ear adapters) provide an exceptional audio experience.

The Sennheiser Momentum don’t just sound good, they also look good as well. Their elegant style and premium design has been praised by customers and audio experts alike.

With regards to their durability, the Sennheiser Momentum earbuds are made of polycarbonate stainless steel – which in our view makes their them the most durable set of earbuds in the market. Their cable is elliptical and offers a tangle-free experience, and their 3 button in-line remote with a microphone, makes it easy to switch from calls to music and vice versa. They come in two types – one which is compatible with Apple IOS devices, and one which is compatible with Android devices.


2. Shure SE215 Earbuds

shure se215 durable earbuds

Shure is one of the best known and most respected names in the speakers and audio. They have more than 90 years in the audio technology business and are widely known for the premium products. The Shure SE215 is an in ear set of headphones with detachable wires and replaceable parts. This feature, the ability of a user to disconnect and replace any part that should fail, is a big step towards the earbuds being able to withstand hard use in any conditions. In addition, the Shure name on the product is a guarantee of sorts for quality and durability. Shure’s reputation backs the SE215 and with good reason.
The SE215 are noted for dynamic bass with clear and detailed sound. In other words, these earbuds can pump out the sound. And they also have sound isolating sleeves, molded pieces that come in a variety of sizes to custom fit your ear. These sleeves block outside noises from intruding on your enjoyment of the audio source. Because these are wired earbuds, the SE215 can connect to the 3.5mm port on any of your favorite devices. Plug these in and enjoy a pure sound with deep bass tones on the go and in any environment.

Aside from the quality of Shure sound, these earbuds are also very durable. The SE215 features reinforced housings which protect the drivers and the sound isolating sleeve. The SE215 also features detachable, Kevlar reinforced cables that can be replaced should they ever break or short. Available in either black or clear, these premium earbuds are designed to produce superior, high quality sound in a durable and sturdy form. For users interested in a more premium product, these are an excellent selection.

Sennheiser is so confident that its Momentum earbuds are durable to the extent that it’s one of the very few audio products companies – if not the only one – which offers a 2 year warrantee, when Momentum are purchased from an authorized dealer.



3. GOgroove AudiOHM RNF Earbuds

gogroove durable earbuds

Gogroove has been around for over 20 years making portable audio technology. They offer a variety of personal audio products, ranging from earbuds to Bluetooth speakers. The AudiOHM RNF earbuds are a pair of in-ear earbuds that are built with toughness in mind. In addition to a solid sound, these earbuds have a rugged construction which makes them more than a match for any task. The AudiOHM RNF are a wired set of earbuds that will connect with the 3.5mm port on your portable device. Plug these earbuds in and be ready to enjoy a full sound from your soundtrack.
The AudiOHM are earbuds that immediately appear and feel durable. Gogroove set out to make the most rugged set of earbuds any user would own, and it seems they achieved this goal. They reinforced the audio cabling down its entire length to protect against breaks or shorts. In addition, the AudiOHM sports a fortified “y-connector” and plug housing, both are made of molded plastic surrounded by flexible silicone. Because those two joinings are common places where wired earbuds see breakage, Gogroove designed these points for extra strength. The biggest nod to the AudiOHM’s durability is the lifetime warranty that Gogroove includes with every set of earbuds. This warranty ensures that these are an incredibly rugged set of earbuds.

The AudiOHM also feature metal drivers to add to their tough construction. These drivers produce a great sound quality. And the different sizes of include silicone tips ensure that users can enjoy a snug fit in the ear and that the sound is delivered without any gaps. This Gogroove product also includes an inline remote and microphone. This allows user to control the playback of their audio, and take calls if their devices allow it. All of these features at this price point make the AudiOHM RNF earbuds one of the most durable and reliable earbuds available.


4. Klipsch R6i

Klipsch R6i durable earbuds

Klipsch is yet another giant in the audio industry. They are a brand built on speakers and phenomenal sound. The R6i is modeled after the Reference home theater speakers one of their best known products. Klipsch calls the R6i the most comfortable and best sounding earbuds on earth. Based on the Klipsch tradition of premium sound, the R6i may very well be that headphone. In addition to quality sound, the R6i headphone device is built to last.

The R6i is a wired headphone and interfaces with your chosen device via 3.5mm headphone cable. The cabling on these Klipsch earbuds is reinforced cable to prevent any breakage and is flat to resist tangling or knotting. In addition, the earbuds themselves feature well-built housings and several pairs of oval, molded silicone tips designed to create a smooth and tight seal with the user’s ear. This prevents the user from experience any ear fatigue as well as providing sound isolation.

The R6i stand on Klipsch’s reputation for sound quality. These earbuds produce an exceptional sound that recreates your audio source in great detail. The bass notes are present, the mids are clear and the highs are sharp and crisp. The R6i are a wired headphone that includes an inline microphone and remote. These features allow to pause or skip tracks in your music, or take a call on your wireless device. When considered with the solid construction and fantastic sound, the R6i are a great set of earbuds.


5. JLAB J4M 

JLAB J4M durable earbuds

JLab Audio is an audio technology company that was founded in 2005. They specialize in personal audio including earbuds and Bluetooth speakers of a premium quality, “without the rock star price.” With that in mind, they offer the J4M earbuds. These wired earbuds are built with an aluminum housing to protect their components and give them an extra rugged appearance. While looks matter, performance is even more important for earbuds. And these earbuds are as good as the JLab company’s tagline, offering premium performance “without the rock star price.
Because these earbuds receive the most exposure and handling, a durability of a headset is an important factor. With the J4M, users get a solid set of earbuds with a rugged feel and detailed construction. In addition to the aluminum housing, the J4Ms also include a reinforced exoskeleton around each joint in the cable and connection port. JLab aims to make this headphone device stand up to rigorous use and still perform. They have achieved that goal with the J4M.
Durability is an issue only when the earbuds are going to be used regularly. Because the J4M performs so admirably, they’re guaranteed to get frequent use. They have an excellent response, once connected to your preferred device. When the audio is playing and the earbuds are in your ears, you can easily get lost in the punch of the bass and the driving mids. The treble tones were a little less distinct, but once the best fit is established using one of the seven different custom in ear pieces, the highs came through just fine. The J4M also has an inline microphone and one button remote that will allow you accept and end a call. All of this for a midrange price point makes the J4M a durable set of earbuds for a traveler or regular user.


6. TWEEDS Earbuds

tweedz durable earbuds

Tweedz’ braided earbuds are custom-made for touring musicians and travellers, thus easy to toss into a sling bag or slide into the pocket. The Green Earbuds sports a nylon braid with yellow and black accents. Like the others, this model is hip, an eye candy, and inspired by vintage guitars. But it can also be very trusty at your greatest moments of need because of these details:

      • Nylon-braided wire. Nylon used to be a synthetic substitute for silk, lending itself a good material for creating the most durable earbuds. Is that not enticing enough? But wait, the braid is also a mix-and-match of three fibres: green, black, and yellow.
      • 130-cm, tangle-free wire. The braid is such a catch because it is also long and resistant to tangles. You can roam around or lounge without being bothered by a constant tug from your bag or pocket.
      • Noise isolation.Choose from three sizes of buds to cancel out surrounding sounds as you ‘hear’ fit. This feature leaves you to experience music with minimum to no interference.
      • Superior sound – Prepare yourself to be blown away by crystal-clear highs and tight bass.

The Tweeds come with a 12 month warranty and have received some impressive feedback from regular users and audiophiles.


7. Photive PH-BTE70 Bluetooth Earbuds

Photive PH-BTE70 Bluetooth Earbuds

Photive is a one of the newer manufacturers of portable electronics and audio products. Their devices include earbuds, speakers, portable chargers and cases for your mobile devices. Their PH-BTE70 are wireless earbuds which will connect to your device using Bluetooth. The PH-BTE70 include a flexible, rubberized piece that goes over the back of the ear, while the in-ear piece fits inside the ear. This construction is designed to be both durable and comfortable for long wear. Because the in-ear piece features several different molded ear tips users can find a comfortable fit which will also create a clear channel for the quality sound produced by the Photive device.
Once the Photive PH-BTE70 is connected to your mobile phone or selected device, users can control the playback or accept a hands free call with buttons that are built into the earbuds. The Photive earbuds have an impressive range and longer battery life. The PH-BTE70 are effective at a range of more than 30 feet and allow for up to 6 hours of continuous playback on a full charge. In addition to the rubberized piece that holds the in-ear pieces on your ears, they also feature Photive’s Liquipel coating with repels all water and moisture lending to their durability.
Aside from construction, an important factor for any earbuds is the sound they produce. This Photive device has an advanced sound driver that produces a high quality sound. The PH-BTE70 offers a great sound experience. The dynamic bass output is well matched with the clear high tones. For an active person who is in search of a durable, high quality alternative to some of the pricier earbuds, the Photive PH-BTE70 are a great option.


8. G-Cord Wireless Sport Earbuds 

G-Cord Wireless Sport Earbuds

G-Cord is a manufacturer of budget earbuds and audio devices. Their Wireless Sport Earbuds are an entry level set of earbuds that offer wireless connection to your selected device. These earbuds are held in place with molded plastic pieces that go behind your ears, with silicone ear tips that fit in the user’s ears and direct the sound. Though lightweight, the G-Cord Wireless Sport Earbuds do seem well constructed. The behind the ear pieces are well fitted and the connected cord is thick and insulated. The Earbuds have a solid feel. They are also listed as sweatproof, which will lend to their durability.
As with most wireless devices, the G-Cord earbuds connect with your smartphone or mobile device via Bluetooth protocol. This allows a user to roam, free from wires, up to about 30 feet from their device and continue to enjoy music or a hands free call. However, it also means that the user must contend with the battery life of the earbuds. These Wireless Sport Earbuds are rated for 6 hours of continuous playback or 8 hours of talk time.

Even wireless earbuds are subject to the consideration of their sound quality and the G-Cord device is not an outstanding performer. For an entry level device, the G-Cord Wireless Sport Earbuds do not produce a quality sound that competes with other earbuds on their level, much less some mid-level or premium offerings. The bass notes are present but the mids and highs are muddled. As a result, even with the most rugged construction and discount price point, the G-Cord Wireless Sport Earbuds are not the best choice amongst their competition both wired and wireless.


9. GOgroove AudiOHM DX Noise Isolating Earphones 

GOgroove AudiOHM DX earbuds

Gogroove has been increasing their presence in the personal audio technology industry since they began in the 1980s. They offer a variety of different earbuds with different price points each emphasizing different features. The AudiOhm DX is a wired set of earbuds that focuses on noise isolation, allowing the user to hear the music from their audio source and minimize any intrusion. They are priced as an entry level set of earbuds but Gogroove often exceeds their goals.
From the perspective of durability, these earbuds are slightly more durable construction. They have specialized construction of their drivers and sound components and a reinforced wire. However, much of their construction seems fairly standard. Gogrooves’s products are reliable, but the AudiOHM DX does not include many additional features to protect them against extreme use and wear and tear than a standard set of entry level earbuds.

As it relates to performance, the AudiOHM DX shines. Their noise isolating features make sure that the great sound quality offered by these earbuds comes through. The included selection of ear tips makes certain that the user can get a comfortable fit, and enjoy clear full sound with deep bass and clean treble notes. While the AudiOHM DX may not be the most durable earbuds, their sound performance is excellent for an entry level device.


10. PECHAM S5 CSR4.0 Wireless Earbuds

PECHAM S5 CSR4.0 earbuds

PECHAM is an electronics brand that offers a variety of personal audio and electronics devices. The S5 is their wireless headphone offering and is designed for an active user. This design lends itself to a more durable construction and the S5 benefits from that. Though the earbuds are very light, the in-ear pieces feel solid and per the manufacturer have been made to be sweat proof. With the inclusion of the flat, tangle free cabling, the S5 is an entry level device that has some design elements targeting durability.
The PECHAM S5 is a wireless headphone device that connects to your smartphone or music player via Bluetooth. The S5 features Bluetooth 4.0 which gives a range of about 30 feet and a more economic use of battery power. The S5 doubles as a hands free device, with buttons on either earpiece that will allow the user to control the playback of their music, as well as accepted or end calls from their connected mobile phone. As an entry level wireless headset, the Bluetooth connection can be a little inconsistent, but overall it performs very well.

The S5 has some fortified elements to increase its durability, and the Bluetooth component functions well. However, the sound for the S5 is simply adequate. The PECHAM S5 replicates music from your audio source clearly, however without much depth or richness. The bass notes are present but don’t stand out, and neither do the treble tones. The S5 is a capable wireless headset for novice users, but not a device that will impress a savvier consumer.


11. JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs 

JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs earbuds

The JVC brand is synonymous with quality electronics for your home, car and mobile device. They are one of the biggest manufacturers in the portable electronics industry and have a reputation for quality. Their HAFX1X wired earbuds are a consistent with that reputation. These earbuds are built with quality in mind and include a gold plated 3.5mm headphone jack as well as a thicker insulated copper cable to connect the earbuds to their device of choice. Plus, the expected JVC quality, make this a solid and dependable set of earbuds.
While these are a wired set of earbuds, the HAFX1X is focused on the headphone functionality. These devices do not include an inline microphone or even remote to adjust playback of your audio source. Instead, JVC has focused on the Xtreme-Xplosiv branding, to include an “xx” plate on the exterior of each earpiece. The in-ear portions of the earbuds are covered with a molded silicone tip, that comes in different sizes to adjust to your comfort.

The JVC HAFX1X have a premium price point, but they offer superior sound quality. They have a large, 10mm driver and “Extreme Deep Bass Ports” to create the ultimate in bass sounds. They complement these dynamic bass notes with a clear mids and sharp high notes. As the volume goes up, so does the listener enjoyment with the HAFX1X handling the increased demand easily. At this price point, the sound quality is an exceptional feature which stands above most other earbuds in this class. In addition, the reinforced features give this great sounding headset an edge and make them a great choice for regular users and sound aficionados.


12. Brainwavz M5 Noise Isolating Earbuds

Brainwavz M5 Noise earbuds

Brainwavz came into the personal audio technology market in 2008. Their goal was to provide “real earphones to real users at a realistic price.” The M5 wired earbuds are their attempt to create a noise isolating device with solid sound at a mid-level price point. The M5 earbuds have a metal housing which lends to a durable construction. While the rest of the M5 has a good feel, it does not seem to have any additional nods toward a more rugged form. The connections at each of the in-ear pieces as well as the joining to the 3.5mm pin connector seem standard.
The Brainwavz M5 wired earbuds are designed to be a noise isolating, neutral sounding set of earbuds. These earbuds feature a series of different Comply foam tips which form a seat when fitted to the inner ear. This seal assists in blocking out much of the extraneous noise, allowing the M5 to provide a very accurate recreation of the audio source. The M5 is a nod towards the audiophile, providing a warm sound, but without any bias towards a heavier bass tone or louder highs. When properly connected, the Brainwavz M5 is a near perfect extension of the music that you’ve selected.

With its superior sound quality, the M5 are a very great pair of earbuds. The wired design assures that you enjoy consistent and uninterrupted connection to your device. However, Brainwavz has decided not to include any inline remote or microphone for control of the playback or making calls. WIthout that feature, and the only slightly more than standard construction, these are not the best selection for an active and regular user in search of a durable set of earbuds.


13. MEE audio M9 Classic Hi-Fi Sound-Isolating In-Ear Earbuds

mee s9

MEE audio first began manufacturing personal audio technology about 10 years ago. They were a brand that wanted to produce earbuds and related equipment out of the love for the craft and user. This effort has produced their M9 wired earbuds. The M9 are a budget driven pair of earbuds that attempt to create fantastic audio for that entry level price point. As it relates to durability, these earbuds are well built without much additional structure. The cabling is tangle resistant and features additional shielding. The connection points are solid, but not reinforced. The actual ear pieces are constructed from metal which does give them a rugged feel.
The M9 shines in the sound quality arena. These wired earbuds are one of the best in sound quality amongst entry level sets. These actual sound just as great as some of the more expensive mid-level earbuds. MEE audio has created a pair of earbuds that produces exceptional sound and clarity. They have great performance on the low end, with full bass tones and dynamic mids and highs. These are clearly a top pair of earbuds at a bargain price.

The MEE audio M9 is an amazing combination of features. The sound quality and performance is award winning and the price is surprisingly low. Despite only slight improvements to the construction, the earbuds seem to fairly reliable even under strenuous use. Without an inline remote or mic, these are not the best earbuds overall, but they deserve serious consideration for most users.


14. Audiosharp AS1218 Earbuds

Audiosharp AS1218 Earbuds

Manufacturer Audiosharp has put forth several personal audio products. Their earbuds and speakers cover a variety of functions and forms. Their AS1218 earbuds are a wired set of earbuds that are designed to outlast and outperform their competition. These earbuds are built with use in mind. They have metal housings on the earpieces as well as custom copper wire connecting the components. In addition to the design, they are backed by a one-year comprehensive warranty which provides an extra layer of support and protection.
The AS1218 earbuds also render a high quality sound. As a mid-level entry into the headphone market, Audiosharp’s AS1218 distinguish themselves with sound that has been tested and refined. The AS1218 has a dynamic low tones as well as lush mids and highs. Once connected to your audio source, these earbuds will make your music sound like you are at the center stage with your favorite musician.

Audiosharp’s AS1218 earbuds include an inline remote and microphone. These one button remote allows users to control music playback and accept incoming calls, using the AS1218 as a hands free device. The inclusion of that feature, plus the beefed up construction and warranty as well as the exceptional sound quality makes the AS1218 wired earbuds a great selection for a durable headphone.


15.  GGMM Nightingale “Lifetime Warranty” Full Metal Housing Dual Driver Deep Heavy Bass Premium

GGMM Nightingale durable earbuds

The GGMM Nightingale earphones offer remarkable canceling sound quality that comes with metallic and sophisticated ergonomic design. Its high quality dual driver can deliver balanced and crisp highs and excellent and deep bass for optimum sound quality performance.  Aside from that, it also comes with adjustable cable settings with microphone buttons that allow you to answer and/or end phone calls and at the same time control your music. You can also use the built-in mic built in mic for voice and video chats on any smartphone and tablet devices.
You can also bring it with you anywhere you go as it is lightweight despite its metal housing. This also tells you that the quality of the material is durable and can withstand wear and tear for years to come. If ever it needs repair, the lifetime warranty that comes with the package will help you solve the problem.
Overall, GGMM is known for producing and creating innovative products that will contribute to the digital and electronics industry. All their products continue to offer quality and exceptional product design that undergo strict quality control process to deliver every consumer the best products. And no fret, because it’s also one of the cheaper yet durable earbuds out in the market at around $30.


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