The Best Headphones for Hip Hop Music

With hip hop having cut into mainstream music production for some time now and the growing number of believers in hip hop; these headphones are likely to be the best pick among the lot of them. For hip hop, headphones with a resounding bass lend the perfect feel. Also, it is a genre of music which has found appreciation among men and women alike. So, irrespective of gender, these headphones for hip hop music are going to appeal to you because of their comfort and style but more importantly, because of their music clarity and the heavy bass.

Beats Studio 2.0

First off, the Beats Studio 2.0 is the second generation headphones and after Dr. Dre and Monster parted ways. So, of course there was something to look forwards to in terms of the improvisations that Beats was to bring in. Now the original Beats Studio was not all that great. Albeit it was a new entrant in the category; but, and surprisingly, it has come a long way. Available in White, Black and Red, the Beats Studio 2.0 is a much better pair of headphones than it originally was. There are no visible screws, which in the older model was a problem. It folds up and fits into a nice compact carrying case that comes with the headphones. The ear cups are softer, and ensure better grip around the head. The snug fit is very comfortable even for long hours of wear. The body is otherwise mostly plastic, except for the hinges that enable the user to fold the headphones for hip hop music. However, it does not emanate plastic feel. The Beats Studio 2.0 has two cables- one with a remote and microphone and can adapt to the Apple devices, and the other is a straight cord. Even though the remote may not work in non-Apple devices, the microphone does. Also, the Beats Studio 2.0 is a pair of noise cancellation headphones that is run on a lithium ion battery and claims 20 hours playback time. In order to charge these batteries, Beats has included a USB cable; and a 5 LED charging signal on the headphones. In terms of sound quality, Beats incorporated a better balance in the Studio 2.0. It still is heavy on the bass end but it also ensures that the other ranges are audible. There might be a slight hiss owing to the noise cancellation feature, but that is common among most headphones in this category. All in all, the Beats Studio 2.0 is a stylish pair of headphones with a lot of promise.

SMS Audio Street

The SMS Street is a celebrity endorsed pair of headphones so; obviously it is a little expensive. However, there are many features that make your pocket pinch worth the effort. In terms of design, the Street does some out-of-the-box styling with basic colors and different color accents. They are available in black with blue accents, and metallic black with black accents, and white. It may seem bulky, and in fact, it is; but it is very comfortable. The Street incorporates memory foams, and copiously, in the ear cups and the headband. While it gives the comfortable sinking feeling to your head, you are also likely to feel the weight when worn over long durations. Also, the ear padding is quiet capable of blocking a lot of ambient noise. It does not have the noise cancellation feature but it does that job too, to some extent. Another notable feature of the Street is its ability to be flipped on either side. In the sense that, although it is not a pair of typical DJ headphones, it does incorporate the feature of flipping up an ear cup while DJ-ing. The hinges on either side are tactfully placed and the ear cup can be flipped and held there without having to manually hold it away from the ear. The headphones for hip hop music are accompanied by two cables- one with an in-line microphone and remote in place and the other with half straight and half coiled cable. Both cables terminate in either ear cups which have a 3.5 mm terminal connection. A bulky, zip up carrying case and a ¼ inch jack adapter is also to be found along with the headphones. The SMS Street does unbelievingly well for itself in the lower ranges. Also it is perfectly understood that the aim was to cater to bass crazy people and not purists, therefore, the unbalanced higher ranges can be forgiven.


The AKG K 240 MK II is an improvisation of the company’s much sought after K 240 M. It is a pair of semi open, over the ear headphones and promises studio like experience in terms on sound conductivity. They also employ the patented Varimotion technology for better and crisp sound delivery, along with gold plated connecters between cables and the headphones for hip hop music. They also incorporate very large transducers for the same purpose. The ear cups have leatherette padding as well as velvet; along with a self adjusting headband to ensure best comfort. The cables are detachable and terminate in the regular 3.5 mm jacks. Tonal quality is worth noting since its bass renditions are commendable. The thumping of the bass is a welcome to the ears; and is clearly aimed at those who tune to hip hop, electronic and a heavier lower range of frequency.

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