The Best In-Ear Headphones Under 100

With a vast array of headphones on the market today, selecting the best in-ear headphones under 100 dollars is a rather challenging task. This is because in-ear headphones come in many sizes, shapes and designs to meet the personal preferences of different users, and are manufactured by many firms, some of which are exclusively specialized in audio products, whilst some others in most consumer electronic devices.

Despite these differences, there are some common aspects that define a top quality most recommended earphones from a mediocre one. Example of such aspects include:

Quality of sound, durability and quality of materials, comfort of wear, noise cancellation, aesthetic design and overall value for money. Last but not least, one of the key determinants of our TOP 10 earbuds list is the feedback and ratings from users.


The 7 attributes of the best in ear headphones under 100

Before we outline the best in-ear headphones under 100 dollars, it is useful to point out the key characteristics and attributes of the best earphones – which are illustrated on our infographic – feel free to share it!

1. They are manufactured by well-known companies

The best earbuds are manufactured by well-known companies which specialize in producing audio products.

2. Lightweight

They are light-weight and produced with quality materials

3. Durable

High quality earphones last and perform for years, rather than a couple of months…

4. They usually come with the carry case

They usually come with a protective carry case.

5. Exceptional Sound

They provide an outstanding audio experience – that’s their main purpose after all!

6. Bluetooth Connectivity

People use smart devices a lot these days and they tend to choose gadgets – including earphones – with Bluetooth Connectivity.

The best in-ear headphones under 100 List in 2016

1. Symphonized NRG Premium Genuine Wood In-ear noise cancelling Earbuds

The Symphonized NRG Premium Genuine Wood In-ear noise cancelling headphones have a big aesthetic appeal due to the use of real world in its design. Other than design, the use of wood gives a natural sound that is not found in many of the most recommended earbuds. The first aspect about its design is that it is ergonomic to give users the perfect fit and comfort. It comes with three sizes of ear pads, small, large and medium, to ensure that these earphones fit well in any kind of ear.

These ear buds are made of soft silicone to give users a comfortable fit, so that users can wear it even for extended periods of time. Also, this perfect fit provides natural noise isolation . Furthermore, these earphones come in many colors, with white being the most popular one. The use of white in cable and at the tip of ear plugs complement well with the wood used on the remaining part of the ear plugs. These earphones are compatible with Apple products such as iPad, iPhones and iPods, though it also works well with other MP3 and CD players. Its built-in microphone doubles up as a device to take calls.

These headphones come with a gold plated jack that is of 3.5 mm to give users no-loss sound connection from any audio device. As for its performance, these earphones have unique acoustical properties as wood provides the perfect sound reproduction. As a result, sound quality is simply top class. It is hard to believe that these earphones cost only $25 as they sound more like those in the $150-$200 range. All the notes sound perfect, warm and natural to give users a refreshing touch to their music. In short, these earphones are a great value for money.


Great sound

Classy design and quality materials


They come in one colour only

2. New Original gold Xiaomi 2nd piston earbuds

The New Original gold Xiaomi 2nd piston earphones is another great buy for under $25 as they look and sound like those in the much higher category. The first thing that users get to see is the small and compact carton box that had a single piece design. This box almost looks like a jewellery box that contains an expensive piece of jewel, though they are priced around .

When users open the box, they are in for a surprise as the smell is tasteful, and not the regular plastic smell. The presentation is also original as the earphones are encased in a moulded rubber material, an inline remote, a plug and a chord. At the bottom are three ear buds in different sizes to suit the ears of different users. These earphones are lightweight as it is made of an aluminium alloy metal that is of excellent quality. Hence, it is sturdy and durable. It scores high on comfort too with the soft ear buds that fit so well into the ears.

The cable is also tangle-free, so users can stop worrying about untying the knots. This luxurious design is matched with top quality sound as well. The dynamic drivers cover a wide range of frequency to touch all the upper and lower end notes with high levels of precision.

The bass is rich and deep that gives a punchy as well as a sub-layer effect while the midrange notes are detailed. Overall, these earphones come with an aesthetic design and excellent sound quality, making it another great buy.


Extraordinary sound

Great design


Gold colour might to be suitable to some users

3. Sennheiser cx300 Earbuds

Sennheiser cx300 is a neat-looking pair of the most recommended earphones that come with a realistic design and good acoustical features. The ear buds are metallic, with one half covered in crimson color. The ear buds are fairly thick to grip the inner sides of the ear well. On the top part of the ear bud, a mesh covering is present to prevent the earphones from touching the ear, so that it can be reused and shared more comfortably.

It is comfortable to wear as the ear buds fit right into the ears. When users choose the appropriate ear bud, it is sure to give them a comfortable fit.  The cables of these earphones are asymmetrical, which means, the right side is longer than the left. The idea behind this cable design is to give users the choice to sling the cable around their ears. The only downside to these earphones is that there are no in-line accessories or any other surprises in the packaging. In terms of design too, these earphones are plain with the crimson color being the only outstanding part.

The sound quality is good too. Bass is not very deep, which means, users who like other genes can use these earphones as well. Other notes are fairly good with nothing outstanding about the sound quality. The one aspect that helps is its high volumes, that sound nice and loud when paired with Apple devices. Noise isolation is another salient part as the ear buds fit well into the ears. Overall, these earphones are the right choice for those who are looking to use it to listen to a wide range of music.


Dynamic design and durable materials

Well balanced sound

They come with a carry case


They come in limited colours

4. Bose SoundTrue Earbuds

Bose SoundTrue Earphones provide a solid design and good audio quality to users. It has all the signature of Bose that make it an attractive product for Bose lovers.  Its design is a little too flashy for Bose standards, and this design goes to show how Bose has adapted its design to meet the preferences of the younger generation.

The entire earphone has a black matte finish, with the presence of no other colors anywhere on the earphones. There is nothing much about the design as Bose is known more for its performance than looks. Despite this, the Bose SoundTrue Earphones look stylish when worn with any dress. The Bose SoundTrue Earphones comes with a detachable cable that fits into the left ear cup.

This cable comes with an inline remote and microphone to enable users to use this product for taking calls as well. These detachable cables are a good aspect because users can just replace the cable when it goes bad without having to replace the entire product. The performance of these earphones is simply amazing. The bass is impressive and has no distortions even at the highest volumes.

The low-end notes are clear while the mids and highs are a little tweaked to make it sound pleasing. This aspect is further enhanced by the presence of crisp high-mid notes that make it an absolute pleasure to listen to guitar. The treble is also straight without any distortions. However, there are no additional features such as noise cancellation. In short, these headphones have a simple design and great sound quality that justifies its fairly high price tag.


Exceptional sound

Water resistant – ideal for sports and running

They come with a stylish carry case -which makes them an ideal gift


Available in limited colours

5. Skullcandy smokin buds 2 with mic

Skullcandy smokin buds 2 is the next version of the wildly popular Skullcandy smokin buds that was sold worldwide. This new version comes with some additional improvements that provide better sound than the original one.

The design is well-researched – an aspect that has become a trademark of Skullcandy. As a result, these earphones fit well and make it comfortable for users to wear it even for extended periods of time. As with all models, Skullcandy smokin buds 2 with mic also comes with three different sized ear buds o provide a good fit.

These different sizes are not needed at all because the ear nozzle is shaped like an oval, and this unique shape ensures that the most recommended earphones fit well in any ear. Skullcandy is also known for its cool-looking models and Skullcandy smokin buds 2 with mic does not disappoint. The translucent design on the earphones give users a peek into the inner mechanism that powers these products. It also comes with a mic and inline remotes to double up as hands-free for mobile devices. These earphones come in a range of colours to empower users to pick the one that goes well with their mood and personality. A travel case is also a part of the product.

These affordable earphones score high on sound quality too. These earphones come with the much-advertised Super Sonic of Skullcandy. The sonic balance between the two sides of the earphone is excellent, though in some tracks, it tends to lean more on the bass side. However, this presence of bass is not that discernible, and gives an overall balanced sound. The verdict – these earphones are steeped in design and aesthetics as well as on sound quality. The price is also affordable, thereby making it a good value for money.


Stylish design

In-line microphone / remote control – which allows users to switch from music to phone calls


Available in limited colours

No carry case provided

6. TTPOD T1-E High definition Dual dynamic professional in-ear earbuds

TTPOD T1-E High definition Dual dynamic professional in-ear earphones is another product that offers great value for money. Starting with the package, everything look neat and of high quality. The TTPOD T1-E High definition Dual dynamic professional in-ear earphones comes in a black box made of high quality with gold lettering on top. When the box is opened, the earphones are embedded in a semi-frosted insert. Along with the earphones, the box also contained three sizes of ear buds, one that had a narrow bore, one with a wider bore and another with a combination of narrow and wide bore to choose the preferences of different users.

Out of these three, the hybrid bores were unique in their design and gave a great fit. Other accessories that come with these earphones are a short clip and a stylish-looking draw string pouch. These earphones come in different colors, and all of it come in a transparent material to allow users to see the wiring and other internal connections. It is super lightweight making it comfortable for users to carry it wherever they want. In terms of performance too, these earphones are top class.

The bass is smooth with a L-shaped balance while the mid notes are warm and melodic to the ears. The bass is deep and comes with a sizzling texture that is not found in many other models today. Despite this focus on bass, it does not overpower other notes, and in fact, complements them in a big way. As a result, music as a whole sounds great on these earphones. The treble is also clear, and does not distort at high volumes. Due to these features, even music that are of lower quality sound good. Overall, TTPOD T1-E High definition Dual dynamic professional in-ear earphones gray is a great value for money with its comfortable fit and amazing sound quality. Every note and details leaves users wanting for more.


Outstanding sound quality


No ideal for running and sports

7. Sony MDRXB50AP Extra bass earbuds

The Sony MDRXB50AP Extra bass headset is a solid earphone that will not break the users’ bank, It is priced at just around $50 that makes it a great buy for all the features it has to offer. These earphones are slightly heavy and bigger than that of its competitors, but nevertheless they provide a comfortable fit.

The ear buds feel soft on the inner ears and gives a naturally perfect fit. Such a good fit ensures that it keeps outside noises at bay. In fact, the noise isolation of these most recommended earphones are a trademark of Sony, and it sure lives up to its brand name. In terms of sound too, these earphones have the Sony stamp all over them. The notes are detailed and there is a perfect balance between different notes as they transition from highs to mids to lows.

The low-end notes are also audible, something that is not found in many other models that are priced close to Sony MDRXB50AP Extra bass headset. The bass is the outstanding aspect of these earphones. It sounds super cool and comes with a lot of punch and intensity.

As a result, these headphones are a great choice for those who listen to rock, electronic and hip-hop genres of music. The downside to these earphones is that their inline remote is fairly basic and there are no volume controls despite having a microphone. This lack of remote reduces flexibility for users as it affects the quality of audio calls. The verdict – good value for money.


Great sound

Modern design


Some users may find their bass too strong

8. Shure se215-k sound isolating earbuds

Shure is one of the companies that has a high standing among audio enthusiasts. In fact, it is often touted as a reliable manufacturer’s most recommended earphones, and the Shure se215-k sound isolating earphones matches this reputation. Shure se215-k sound isolating earphones’ design has a bulbous look that comes in clear plastic to make it possible for users to see through the inner working of these earphones.

As a result, users can get a glimpse of the internal wires and gold connectors that are a part of the earphones’ mechanism. The ear buds are attached to this plastic area, and the bud swivels from this joint to give users the right fit. The buds are designed for each ear, and this denoted by a colored dot. Blue dot stands for left side while red stands for right side. It is important that users follow these dots to get the most comfortable fit.

The cables that come with these earphones are detachable, and have a textured finish to prevent it from getting tangled. It also comes with six pairs of ear tips that ensure that every user can get a comfortable fit. Performance of these earphones is excellent too. The deep bass and thumping sounds are driven by its powerful drivers, and this sound is fairly consistent across all bass tracks. The sound signature is also great as it is wide spread and gives an open feeling instead of jamming music down the ears. The high end notes are also detailed with no trace of sibilance at any volume.

The mid notes are also coherent, and the transition between different notes is smooth. Overall, these earphones have a cool design and an amazing sound quality. Both these aspects have become the signature of Shure, and these earphones live up to these expectations. Also the fact that they are reasonably priced makes it one of the best options available today.


Impeccable sound


Available in limited colours

9. JLABs Jbuds J4 Heavy Bass Metal in-ear earbuds

JLABs Jbuds J4 Heavy Bass Metal in-ear earbuds is an earphone model that provides a value-packed option for users as they can get a great pair of earphones for a reasonable $50. JLABs Jbuds J4 Heavy Bass Metal in-ear earbuds comes in a nice-looking box, and has every possible size of ear tip to suit the ears of different users. It comes with four different single flange silicone tips and three pairs of double flange silicone tips.

The case that comes along with these most recommended earphones are large enough to hold a small playing device such as iPod Nano or Shuffle. Every part of the earphones such as the ear buds and cables look strong and sturdy. The microphone and inline remote controls are located roughly four inches from the left ear bud, and these are encased in plastic to give an additional layer of protection. The cord is suppose to be tangle-free, but it does get twisted at time because the cables are on the stiff side. In terms of performance too, the JLABs Jbuds J4 Heavy Bass Metal in-ear earbuds score above average.

The high notes are clear and audible while the low notes also sound good. The bass is deep, but there is some level of harshness around the mid-range region. Another downside is that there are no volume controls on these earphones, so users have to adjust it on their device. This can be a problem when users are using these earphones for audio calls. In a nutshell, these earphones are a good choice for anyone who is likely to listen all genres of music, and for someone who will is unlikely to use it for audio calls.


Exceptional design

Well-balanced sound


They design might be characterised as too modern by some users

10. Sennheiser CX 685 Adidas sports in-ear

Many earphone models are not ideal for outdoor sports or exercise because they tend to slip out the ears. To overcome this problem and to give sports enthusiasts an ideal pair of earphones, Senheiser team with Adidas, and the result was Sennheiser CX 685 Adidas sports in-ear earphones.

These most recommended earphones have been designed to keep sweat, water and dust away. The overall design consists of silicone ear tips and two fins that extend on either side to provide additional support. These fins rest against the ear to provider better stability so that these earphones do not slip out during a workout. Along with earphones, users get three silicone tips (small, medium and large), a shirt clip and a cool pouch that comes with Velcro.

Performance is also first-rate in these earphones. The bass is strong and consistent, and does not distort even at the highest volume levels. Though this is not a bass-intense earphone, it nevertheless packs a good punch into it. The vocals sound clear and gives a great listening experience along with instrumental tracks. The overall tone quality is crisp and dynamic and it gives the right power to rev up an exercise routine.

The only downside is that these earphones do not come with volume controls, though it is unclear why Sennheiser would leave out such an obvious feature. The verdict – it is an ideal pair of earphones for those who like to do outdoor activities. It sound clarity and sonics are top class while the design is ergonomic and designed to ensure that they do not slip out of users’ ears. To conclude, all the above most recommended earphones offer some of the best design, sound quality and comfort, and they are all great options for users.


Great sound

Their design and waterproof materials make them ideal for running and sports


Their size is a bit bigger than the average earphones

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