Top 10 Best USB Headsets in 2018

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Headsets are a wonderful creation, don’t you think? You can listen to your favorite classics or rock songs all by yourself without disturbing the person next to you. You can shut the world out while you are engaged playing with your favorite video game. You can easily hear what your friends and family are saying while chatting with them on Skype.

And while computers have built-in speakers, most of them aren’t very good. Even if there are computers with very good speakers, they may annoy other people especially if you are not the only person in the room while listening to music or playing online games.

The key advantages of USB headsets

When buying a new headset, consider getting a pair of headphones that plug into the computer via the USB (Universal Serial Bus) port. Simply plug and play them and you are ready to use your headset.

It’s worth noting that we have written a separate guide for USB headsets for office.

Aside from USB headset, there are analogue headsets that plug into the computer using a standard 3.5 mm plugs. When you see a headset that uses a single cord that splits into two connectors at the end, that’s the analogue type. On the other hand, the best USB headsets uses a single plug that connects to a standard USB jack on the computer.

Ease of connectivity with computersOn many PCs – both desktops and laptops – analogue headsets are connected on the rear panel rather than the front, which makes plugging and unplugging an analogue headset difficult. USB headsets are connected at the front panel.

Independent soundcard. Compared with the normal headphones, a USB headset has its own soundcard. The soundcard is normally installed as a dongle along the cord connecting it to the personal computer. It is already configured for the speakers and the microphone thus, the sound quality can be better or even superior to speakers of higher quality.

Easy switch. And if you are using the Windows operating system, you can easily switch between the USB headphones and the standard audio jack. This means that you can have both the USB headset and your regular speakers plugged in at the same time. Because of this, you have the chance to choose whether you want to use your USB headphones or audio jack speakers without having to connect and disconnect wires. It is easier and more convenient therefore to use headsets that connect via USB cable.

Better sound quality. When it comes to sound quality, USB headsets usually have better sound quality than traditional ones. This is a very important consideration since you would be using your headset to listen to your favourite music, while you are engaged in online games, or when you are chatting with your loved ones overseas.

Two sounds in one place. At the same time, using the best USB headsets allow you to have sound in two places. For example, you could set up your computer to play music while you sent Internet telephone calls using your USB headset. No need to plug and unplug.

The top 10 best USB headsets in 2018 – Complete Guide

  1. Sennheiser Culture Series SC60 Wideband USB Headset  $$ 4.5 
  2. Sentey GS-4730 7.1 Digital Surround Sound Gaming USB Headset with In-line Control and Mic  $$  4.3
  3. Plantronics PLNAUDIO478 Stereo USB Headset for PC  $$  4.2
  4. Sentey Gaming Headset Microphone Artix GS-4561 Audiophile Stereo USB Headphones  $$ 4.1 
  5. Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset H390  $$ 4.1 
  6. Logitech Stereo H650e USB Headset  $$ 4.1 
  7. Plantronics Audio 628 Stereo USB Headset  $$ 4.1 
  8. Koss CS95 Communications USB Headset with Microphone  $$ 4.0 
  9. Sades SA-903 Stereo 7.1 Surround Pro USB Gaming Headset with Mic  $$ 4.0 
  10. Sentey Symph GS-4531 7.1 Channel Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset  $$  4.0

1. Sennheiser Culture Series SC60 Wideband USB Headset

Best USB HeadsetsSennheiser brings its stellar audio heritage to business with the SC60 USB headset. At a mere 4oz in sub $50 category, these headphones wipe the floor with their competitors. SC60 USB headset is elegantly carved with the right features for office use.

These ultra-light Sennheiser USB headphones pack a punch in durability. Earpads are optimally sized to stay put on your ears but not create a sweat swamp with prolonged use. Slim contours of the headset and earpads add a professional touch to it. To compliment this, SC60 is optimized for Microsoft Lync, the top office communication tool. They are plug-and-play with zero setup hassles. ActiveGard technology makes sure that any acoustic spikes or sudden noise disturbances are suppressed.These best USB headsets deliver Sennheiser’s signature wideband sonic quality which relays crisp and clear voice conversation.  The mic of SC60 USB headphones engages in active noise cancelling that clears out the A/C or humidifier din. Mic is mounted on a bendable boom that will rotate 340 degrees. Thus, you can wear the headset from either side and adjust mic to the required position. Voice clarity heard on the other side is known to be as clear as a regular phone call given that your internet connection works well. An in-line control on this USB headset has volume control, answer/reject call, mute and redial last call facilities.

With a 2 year warranty, Sennheiser SC60 USB headset covers all its bases. Its white-collar appeal and slick sound performance demands a top spot in the best USB headphones list.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Sennheiser Culture Series SC60 Wideband USB Headset

2. Sentey GS-4730 7.1 Digital Surround Sound Gaming USB Headset with In-line Control and Mic 

Best USB HeadsetsThe brand image of Sentey does not jump at you. But they are young firm who are pioneering in budget oriented PC accessories and thingummies.  With GS-4730 USB headphones, they have thrown down the gauntlet to big brothers like Sennheiser and Plantronics. GS-4730 is surely dressed for the office gaming/USB headset job with its Terminator inspired looks and hardy quality.

GS-4730 uses a suspension system to hold the headset rather than the typical adjusting headband. Two spring loaded cables run over the crown along with a leather band that sits on your head. Earpads are the over-ear type made with soft leather. When these best USB headsets are plugged in, both earpads display graphic in red light. You can use these headphones for hours without fatigue on head or ears. 7.1 digital surround sound makes playing DOTA an immense pleasure. None of the minor movements of enemies or mumbling of fellow strikers is missed. Microphone is lodged on aboom that rotates around the earcup rather than on a hinge. A red LED on the end of mic boom tells you whether Mute is on or not. This is a brilliant feature that gives you a clear signal in gaming or office conversation. Adding to durability index is GS-4730 USB headset’s 2m long braided cable with in-line control. It is also equipped with a vibration option that will recreate the truly visceral feeling with bass.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Sentey GS-4730 7.1 Digital Surround Sound Gaming USB Headset with In-line Control and Mic

3. Plantronics PLNAUDIO478 Stereo USB Headset for PC

Best USB HeadsetsPlantronics plants its feet solid on the professional USB headphones ground with 478 stereo headsets. Intuitively designed for comfort and stylish looks, this is the ultimate office gear. Being Skype certified only enhances its street cred in mahogany lined halls.  This USB headset bags tricks aplenty at half the price of contemporary headsets.

Design of 478 Stereo USB headset is minimalistic but resourceful. The slender headband gives a lot of room to extend its size. Earcups are adequately foam-padded and rotate many ways. This rotation combines with folding arms of the headset to collapse into a very handy structure that you can stuff into your pockets while running to the conference room. Plantronics has integrated sound enhancing digital signal processing in 478. As a result any incoming audio sounds crystal clear. All the mumbling of clients is easily deciphered over this USB headset. This is in addition to the active noise cancelling that is done via their mic. Mic rotates rather stiffly, although that seems to be done on purpose. Boom of the mic is also bendable inwards towards the mouth for better clarity. An inline panel on the 2m long cable for volume control, mute and direct Skype call is provided. Sound output is clearly heard on the other end of the call.

Plantronics PNAUDIO487 stereo USB headsets have established a merry camaraderie with Skype. It is a must-have calling tool if you live your world through online voice and video conversations. 487lands itself in the best USB headsets list for the tasteful design and smart abilities.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Plantronics PLNAUDIO478 Stereo USB Headset for PC

4. Sentey Gaming Headset Microphone Artix GS-4561 Audiophile Stereo USB Headphones

Best USB HeadsetsSentey will dazzle you again in this list with their GS-4561 stereo USB headphones. These are superb over-ear headphones that look, speak and act the gamers’ dream. They don’t lack in their capabilities to impress over a movie or music listening either. With Sentey’s trademark futuristic design, Artix GS-4561 USB headset has a drool-worthy repertoire including an affordable price tag.

Artix 4561 USB headsets have giant earcups that successfully isolate against external noises like your sisteryapping during a game. Earcups are lined with plush protein earpads that are divine to ears in their comfort level. The outer side of these earcups has LED illumination covered by a metal mesh. With a suspension system, Sentey has used adjustable padded headband that adapts itself to rest on the user’s head. Earcups carry all the necessary buttons. A vibration button activates the embedded sub-woofer that adds a spicy zing to your audio. There’s jog dial to control volume. Another button can switch off the LED on the earcups. An omnidirectional microphone retracts into the earcup of 4561 USB headset so completely, that you wouldn’t know it was there until you read the features online or on the box. Pop this mic out of the socket for use. When not needed, it can be slipped out of the way into the recess in the earcup. Cable is a heavy duty, 2m long affair that is braided and further enclosed in a flexible plastic wrap.

SenteyArtix GS-4561 Stereo USB headset would breeze through sterling quality tests. With its sturdy build and bells and whistles, who wouldn’t have it in the best USB headsets list?

Latest customer reviews and prices of Sentey Gaming Headset Microphone Artix GS-4561 Audiophile Stereo USB Headphones

5. Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset H390

Best USB HeadsetsLogitech is no stranger to office PC accessories. That experience has been leveraged in H390 USB headset. It is a great all-round customer experience that Logitech H390 promises. As most of their other devices, these are simple plug-and-play, and an easy handout to new recruits at work or for video chatting or video creation at home. Their USP is that all features of USB headsets are coupled in them with high quality audio.

This USB headset is compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10 and Mac OS X. Laser tuned drivers project distortion free audio. Microphone collects all ambient noise and runs DSP to cancel low frequencies efficiently. Mic boom can be rotated out of the way if you don’t require it. Boom is not so extensively long as to extend near you mouth. But it still captures your voice flawlessly.  On-ear earcups are padded with leather material for comfort over prolonged use. Headband is adjustable to a big extent and fits many noggins. Crown of the headband is padded with soft material and rests lightly over your head.  Overall the build does not compromise weight. H390 USB headset is lightweight and comfortable. Sound output is crisp and legible. Cable has in-line controls for volume control and mute button.

Logitech ClearChat H390 USB headset has a curvaceous, beatnik design that is hard to miss. They perform neat whether it’s with hardcore gaming, online chatting or video recording for your Youtube channel. With the unbeatable price for a finely executed product, Logitech H390 wins a spot on the best USB headsets list.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Logitech ClearChat Comfort USB Headset H390

6. Logitech Stereo H650e USB Headset

Best USB HeadsetsWhen most of the teams are operated virtually in business, glitch-free online communication becomes pivotal. Logitech has a number of tricks in it pocket for business problems and H650e USB headset is a noteworthy one. These Lync optimized cans are stereo headsets and the advantage is noticeable over mono one-sided. Design is streamlined to go with laptop-lined corridors and business end of brainstorming conferences.

H650e US headset looks sharp with the black and silver edges. Faux-leather earcups are the on-ear type that looks better than over-ear in the office. Headrest in also covered with the right amount of padding that makes light contact with your head. Weighing 4.2oz, the lightweight headphone is accompanied by a mic on swiveling boom. Boom pivots away from the mouth in case you are only listening. It is flexible, so you can move it closer to and farther from the face to modulate your voice. An interesting feature is an LED at that end of the boom where it connects to the earcup. When this LED is red, it means you are in a call or conference and have speaking status. Setup is a one step process for supported platforms like Windows Vista and higher, Mac OS 10.7 and higher and Linux. Active Noise Cancellation works effortlessly on the microphone.  Listener on the other end will not make out low frequency noises from your end, no matter how close the source is to you. Cable on H650e USB headset is flat and tangle free. In Line control allows volume management and call muting.

By just handling a few nitty gritties right, Logitech H650 stereo USB headset rises in the ranks of best USB headsets list.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Logitech Stereo H650e USB Headset

7. Plantronics Audio 628 Stereo USB Headset

Best USB HeadsetsPlantronics aces the best USB headphones list with another entry, the Audio 628 USB headset.  It delivers 24-bit high fidelity stereo sound from powerfully built on-ear headphone which moonlights as corporate headset in official calls. Music and calls are equally well handled by this can at a puny price of $21. Voice is boosted with all the necessary highs and lows resulting in a high quality product.

628 USB headset sports an unconventional blueprint. A wide headband, laced with soft grip distributes the clamping pressure of the headphones.  Earcups are on-the-ear trapezoidal type that sits securely over your ears. Earcups are padded with soft foam earpads that absorb the impact over ears. 32mm drivers produce hi definition audio and vocals that are an accurate reproduction of the original sound. A built-in equalizer works on creating a balanced tone in the 628 USB headphones. There is an active DSP circuit in this headset that proactively collects and dispels ambient noise. Audio enhancement mechanisms, further, build on the undistorted audio for improved clarity on calls. The cable features an inline control panel. Apart from volume and mute buttons, it also has a one-click call answer/end button on this panel. Cable is 6.5 feet long and allows you more room to move around with the headset on. Plantronics 628 Stereo best USB headsets are versatile in its uses over video/audio calls, TV and gaming. Excellent sonic quality and reliable build have won it many brownie points.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Plantronics Audio 628 Stereo USB Headset

8. Koss CS95 Communications USB Headset with Microphone

Best USB HeadsetsKoss CS95 USB headset is a budget oriented buy in the sub $25 mono headphones category. Technically the USB headset is CS95-USB. CS95 is a variant with 3.5mm jack with a similar design. We will give Koss this, CS95-USB is beautifully designed in black and beige. The petite frame is flexible and sturdy. It will work well and last long as expected from a brand like Koss.

CS95-USB headset is a light weight-wise. Earcups are done in beige and are the on-ear type. Porous foam pads the earcups and allows outside conversation to be heard. This is important in an office environment when you might want to get the chatter from your neighbor during a call. On the other hand, the microphone of CS95 best USB headsets are equipped with noise reduction technology that will clear out any external noises from your speech. Mic can be rotated allowing headphones to be worn from either side. Headband is adjustable to the size of your head. Mic stays clear of your mouth but catches your speech effectively. Audio is coherent and clear. Outgoing sound is processed to eliminate distortion. This makes it perfect to speech recognition applications like Mac Dictate. This headset is an affordable option for all PC related multimedia activities.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Koss CS95 Communications USB Headset with Microphone

9. Sades SA-903 Stereo 7.1 Surround Pro USB Gaming Headset with Mic

Best USB HeadsetsSades SA-903 Stereo 7.1 Surround Pro USB headset has fetched some rave laurels from its users. First on, these babies have got killer looks. A gaming headset through and through, the SA-903 looks like a million bucks to somebody who is ready to shed some blood (virtual, of course!). The color combination with blue is striking and it has LEDs in all the right places. The ferocious logo adds a touch of danger.

Since this is a USB headphone, it carries its own sound card that simulates surround sound via 7.1 audio decoding chipset.  It is the right kind of bassy for a gamer and balances treble for a wondrous COD or Titanfall experience. You can track the stealthy movements of enemies clearly. These are over-ear type of headsets lined with soft padding on the earcups. Earcups are large enough to be comfortable and are held by cushioned headband on the users’ head. Earcups have an evil design that extends to microphone on a movable boom. The headset isolates noise enough for you to lose yourself to the game. Cable is pretty long and braided for a hardy build. In-line control is cool with an LED illuminating it. It carries the volume and mute controls.  Although not fit per se for work environment, it functions pretty well as the best USB headsets for calling and Skyping. If you work for a new age startup where everythinggoes, they might even be okay for office!

With Sades SA-903 USB headset you are in for a surprise, except in the enemy territory where you will have Vulcan hearing. No wonder it landed in our best USB headphones list.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Sades SA-903 Stereo 7.1 Surround Pro USB Gaming Headset with Mic

10. Sentey Symph GS-4531 7.1 Channel Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset

Best USB HeadsetsAnd Sentey calls for an encore. Sentey Symph GS-4531 7.1 channel surround sound USB headset closes this roster with two of its brethren because Sentey is that good! Toeing a delicate balance of price, quality and features, Sentey continues to amaze with designs that defy the price tag. GS-4531 is featured to kill.

Sentey ditches the suspension headband in this one and goes for the traditional one with a twist. Literally! You can twist the headband every which way and this USB headset will not break. This is testimony to its durability and flexibility for an adaptable fitment. Headband can be completely removed for cleaning and storing purposes. Circum-aural earpads are properly designed to sit easy on the ears. Backside of the earcups features LED lights that can also keep your ears warm during winters. The 10 feet cable of 4531 USB headset carries in-line control for volume and mute. It terminates in a gold plated USB connector. This headset is compatible with Mac and PS4 which is what every gamer wants to hear.  Sound quality is navigated expertly via Surround 7.1. Bass is at its punchy badass best. This is apparent while gaming and watching movies. It sounds like your own 3D sound version with these cans.

Having three top USB headphones is hardly a job for the weak of heart. Sentey proves its mettle by achieving this feat and lands on it feet. Cost effective, diabolical designs and features galore, these gamer best USB headsets are down to business.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Sentey Symph GS-4531 7.1 Channel Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset

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