Top 10 Best Xbox One Headsets in 2018

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Xbox is every man’s favorite toy. Xbox One consoles literally fly off the shelves every holiday season.  What is better than playing on it? Playing with the best Xbox One headsets. The staccato rat-tat-tat of machine gunfire and the pervasive clangor of swords must sound real. Gaming headsets for Xbox One are equipped with the build, graphics and features to survive the ordeal of weekend marathons of video games, junk food and overexcited boys and girls in adult suits. Fortunately there are many such headsets in the market. We have sifted through some plain, some thrilling and some right out awe-inspiring headsets to constitute our best Xbox headsets list.

The key features of top-notch best Xbox One headsets

  • Straightforward setup: Most of these Xbox One headsets require a single connection to the Xbox controller or adapter. This eliminates the mess of cables snaking around you when all you want to do is play some Halo.
  • Cozy Comfort: Xbox One headsets are customized to be plush and soft but lightweight. They will sit through 12 hours of Grand Theft Auto with only a ghost of discomfort.
  • Bass Boost: Gaming headsets are going to have the tumultuous bass that video games demand. Some of these best Xbox One headsets have a variable bass option to control the level of this phenomenon.
  • Adapter Accompanies: Many of these headsets come with the audio controlling adapter that plugs into the Xbox controller. These adapters usually have volume and mute controls bringing these functions to your fingertips rather than operating the guide.
  • Versatility: Xbox One headsets can also be plugged into your Mac, smartphones, tablets, mp3 players etc. courtesy 3.5mm jack and cables. Imagine using a ferocious looking can on the subway to listen to music. Your geek appeal index will shoot through the roof.
  • If you are ready to take the plunge, pick from our best Xbox headsets list to play smart.

The Top 10 Best XboX One Headsets In 2018 – The complete Guide

  1. ASTRO Gaming A40 System Bundle Xbox One Headset $$$  4.3
  2. ASIN 20130718 Xbox One Headset $$ 4.3 
  3. Skullcandy Gaming SLYR Xbox One Headset $$  4.1
  4. Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO One Amplified Gaming Headset – Xbox One $$  4.1
  5. Afterglow LVL 5+ Xbox One headset by PDP $$  4.0
  6. Turtle Beach – Ear Force Recon 50P Stereo Gaming Headset – PS4 and Xbox One $$  4.0
  7. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset for Xbox One $$  3.8
  8. SADES SA-708S PS4 Xbox One Headset $$ 3.8 
  9. Letton G5S Ps4 Xbox One Headset with Microphone $$  3.8
  10. Turtle Beach – Ear Force Recon 30X Chat Communicator Xbox OneGaming Headset $$ 3.7 

 1. ASTRO Gaming A40 System Bundle Xbox One Headset

Best Xbox One HeadsetsAstro sells premium amongst gaming headsets. Astro A40 Xbox One headset kicked up some dust with its aquiline contours and stunning audio quality. Apart from their ash grey/blue and dark grey/orange designs, Astro also debuted the Halo 5 special edition of this headset.

Astro A40 Xbox One headsetshave their main framework in greys with colored accents. Earcups are over-ear type and lined with plump cushions that are angled to reduce clamping pressure on ears. Padding yields to the shape of your ear without being flimsy.Both these earcups fold flat into a 2D structure that can be easily packed or hung around your neck. Headband is also marked with memory form and lands on a fulcrum that will move to keep your comfortable. These best Xbox One headsets provide a lot of room to expand and fit on your head. Microphone mounted on a boom is attached to the speaker plate of right earcup. Mic can be rotated by the supple boom and even detached if you don’t require it. Speaker plates can be switched between ears to move the mic to the left ear. This model also comes with Mixamp M80 adapter that can be plugged into the controller. It has all the volume and mute controls that are handy while playing. LED lights display volume level. M80 allows you to control game and chat volume mix with a single knob. An accompanying 1m audio cable can be used to directly plug the cans into Xbox as well.

Astro A40 Xbox One headset features visceral bass that puts the fear of God in you in the game field. The depth of audio in explosions and gunshots of Halo is very apparent. Sounds can be placed effectively and enemy footsteps can be located before they become fatal to you. A40 coupled with Mixamp Pro is compatible with XBOX 360 as well. Astro A40 is too cool a contestant to be left out of our Xbox One headsets list.

Latest customer reviews and prices of ASTRO Gaming A40 System Bundle Xbox One Headset

2. ASIN 20130718 Xbox One Headset

Best Xbox One HeadsetsWho better than Xbox themselves to come up with a congruous headset? Rich immersive stereo sound is supported by a detachable Microsoft Xbox One Headset adapter included at this price. This adapter put audio controls in your hands rather than making you reach up and adjust it on the headset.

ASIN 20130718 does a great job of stifling ambient noise. Being one of the best Xbox One headsets, bass is solid in it. In its price coordinate these cans have a firm stand in terms of audio quality. You have more autonomy over game and chat volumes as they are separately handled. It sports a unidirectional mic that rests on a movable boom. It can be rotated up to stay out of the way if you don’t need it.Mic performance is satisfactory. This Xbox One headset does not require any battery charging. It plugs into the adapter through a flat, tangle-free cable with 3.5mm jack which further connects to the wireless controllers. It can be plugged into TV easily for some private viewing.  ASIN 20130718 is a giant headset physically. Over-ear design of both earcups is augmented by soft padding made of porous material that vents out heat. Headband is made of questionable plastic but lined with foam for easy contact with the crown of your head.

This Xbox One headset is very cheap. Barring the sonic quality and comfort, you get what you pay for. The build is not going to long last, a few months maximum. But engaging Xbox at this price and audio is a daring feat and for that ASIN 20130718 lands in our Xbox One headsets list. 

Latest customer reviews and prices of ASIN 20130718 Xbox One Headset

3. Skullcandy Gaming SLYR Xbox One Headset

Best Xbox One HeadsetsSkullcandy finally gets to cash in its diabolical logo and debonair looks with SLYR Xbox One headset. They are famously known to have a bassy inclination in their sound signature. SLYR makes optimum use of this quality converting low blips and boops into thunderous presence.

SLYR Xbox One headset can be connected directly to the Xbox controllers with no adapter middlemen. There is no mic monitoring so you won’t be able to hear your own voice which is what some veteran COD players prefer. Different sounds are separately perceptible in space. Explosions and gunfire have added oomph because of the powerful bass. But vocals and highs are not overstepped. Commentary and furious instructions can be heard over the eruptive noises. Mic performance is one of the most lauded features of Skullcandy SLYR Xbox One headset. It disappears into a gouge in theleft earcup when not in use. There’s a Halo version of the design and a black/neon green color combination. Halo design is done in game-specific print and light grey. Black/neon green model makes for flamboyant headset ready to rock on anybody’s head. The foam padded wide headband, spacious over-ear earcups and adjustable arms confer to create an exceptionally stable and snug fit. Earpads are hear-through.

Skullcandy SLYR Xbox One headset does not feel as sturdy as their expensive Astro or Turtle Beach counterparts but it will last long enough to be worth its price. Given its kickass bass and adaptability to TVs, smartphones and MP3 player, it is a no-brainer to put it in our best Xbox One headsets list.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Skullcandy Gaming SLYR Xbox One Headset

4. Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO One Amplified Gaming Headset – Xbox One

Best Xbox One HeadsetsTurtle Beach headsets sell like hot cakes amongst gamers every festive season. XO One is a cost-effective Xbox One headset that packs a lot of punch in audio and adapter functions. Adapter (or Audio controller) that is bundled with this headset, is a definite upgrade from standard Microsoft ones.

XO One Xbox one headset iswireless in that it doesn’t need to be connected via cable to the Xbox. It is wired to the adapter which connects to the wireless Xbox controller. This adapter brings the volume and mute functionality into your hands and makes them more convenient to alter during the game. It also allows variable mic monitoring which is the ability to hear your own voice. With it, you can judge if you are shouting too loud into the mic. This Turtle Beach Xbox One headset’s adapter also has a bass booster control to bring out the rumbling purr in sub bass regions and substantiate the bass overall. Gunfire and M72 Law explosion will feel live with this effect. Earcups are circum-aural and the edges are covered by mesh and foam. XO One has a simple black finish for gamers who want austere looks. Microphone connects to a flexible boom. It can be detached from the earcups if required.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One is within a stone’s throw of the Microsoft ASIN 20130718 headphones in terms of price. But it comes with more audio options and more hardy architecture. With that kind of talent it’s inevitable that XO One makes it to our best Xbox One headsets list too.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO One Amplified Gaming Headset – Xbox One

5. Afterglow LVL 5+ Xbox One headset by PDP

Best Xbox One HeadsetsA wired headset, this has a cable to connect to the Xbox controller with 3.5mm port. You will need an adapter for controllers before Gen 2 as they don’t have this port. With enhanced bass and ace microphone at its price, it is a deserving fixture in our best Xbox One headsets list.

Afterglow level 5+ Xbox One headset has over-ear earcups with faux leather padding. Cranial cushion is of the dual padded kind for added comfort. The otherwise subdued black headset is highlighted by green LEDs on the earcups. Volume and mute controls are on the left earcup. More importantly, it has a slider control for enhancing bass via the Quadboost Haptic dynamic audio drivers. This brings out the vigorous rumble of bass in the low regions. You can adjust the bass levels according to your taste. This Xbox One headset also features mic monitoring to relay the loudness of your own voice to you. It has a compartment for two AAA batteries. This headset can work solely on the power from controller, but in that case volume would be controlled via the adapter or console. With batteries, the authority of these functions moves to the headset.Mic is connected to a flexible boom that can rotate out of the way. Audio is a revelation with smooth bass, vocal clarity and instrument separation which is key to the game. Bass boost adds oomph to the body of sound output. Mic delivery shines through the crystal clear sound that it produceswhich is rare in this price range.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Afterglow LVL 5+ Xbox One headset by PDP

6. Turtle Beach – Ear Force Recon 50P Stereo Gaming Headset – PS4 and Xbox One

Best Xbox One HeadsetsTurtle Beach is going to keep showing up in the best Xbox One headsets list. After all it’s a niche market they have successfully conquered. Ear Force Recon 50P gaming headset is compatible with both PS4 and newer Xbox One models that have 3.5mm ports. If you have an older model, you will have to rely on an adapter to connect this headset to the controller. Recon 50P will sync with any audio device which has the 3.5 mm auxiliary port like Mac, smartphones, mp3 players etc.

Recon 50P Xbox One headset has an above par sound capability with strong bass. Its mids are slightly recessed and highs are bright. Sonic output will serve an average gamer but not audiophiles and intense Halo addicts. A 20Hz to 20Khz output is driven through 40mm drivers. Over-ear earcups are cushioned with foam and synthetic leather. Headband also has sufficient padding. Noise isolation provided is good and sound leakage is curbed by the bulky earcups. Overall design of the headset is lightweight and clamps easy on the head with only nominal pressure. Mic can be rotated towards the mouth or completely detached from this Xbox One headset. Cables from both earcups descend into a Y-junction and then run as a single wire to the controller. Volume and mute buttons are provided in-line.

A variant of the Recon 50P Xbox One headset, the Recon 50 X comes with audio/mic splitter cable that is compatible with laptops. Any best Xbox One headsets list is incomplete without Recon 50P.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Turtle Beach – Ear Force Recon 50P Stereo Gaming Headset – PS4 and Xbox One

7. Razer Kraken Gaming Headset for Xbox One

Best Xbox One HeadsetsRazer Kraken leads from the front in Razer’s artillery of Xbox One headsets. Once out it quickly became popular amongst the folks of gamesville for being a product that impressed them all round. This headsetdoes not pack any curious characteristics. It is all about getting the job done, which makes it ace audio, design, price and looks segments.

Kraken Xbox One headset comes as a pack of headset and adapter for Xbox controller. It looks durable right out of the box. If you run your hands through the curves, you can feel the bouncy leatherette earpads that cover the earcups.  Headband is made of a light, springy plastic that will not diminish into pieces in near future unless you run it over. Earcups control noise from both creeping in and climbing out of the earcups.  A unidirectional microphone is attached to a swiveling boom that rotates up and out when you are watching TV or listening to music. Unidirectional properties make sure that your voice is clearly heard by your teammates over the din of devastation. Audio control adapter of this Xbox One headset can be plugged into the controller. It contains the volume and mute buttons making them easy to reach. Bass is a prominent figure in Krakens’ response. It is punchy and almost overwhelms the mids. But mids are forward too with subtle highs.

Razer Kraken Xbox one headset does not need to be hooked up the Xbox, only the controller. It has black/green highlights and parrot green versions to choose from. Kraken is one of our safest bets in the best Xbox One headsets list for satisfying the needs of profoundly different gamers.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Razer Kraken Gaming Headset for Xbox One

8. SADES SA-708S PS4 Xbox One Headset

Best Xbox One HeadsetsIf you are looking for bottom of the barrel prices then Sades SA-708S Xbox One headset is a steal. It delivers sound that is music to our destruction-starved ears. Superior sound is complimented by an ultra-cool architecture that will rest easy on your head without fatigue.  It is compatible with both PS4 and Xbox One and works with laptops, smartphones and the works.

40mm Neodymium drivers deliver above par audio quality with tight bass and crisp mids in SA-708 Xbox One headset. Mic output has the clarity of some mid-ranged cans making it a viable option for recording videos. Ambient noise is muffled by the large earcups. Mic still picks up some of the noises from its surrounding. Huge earcups are padded with skin-friendly leatherette for comfort over prolonged use. Its plastic structure indicates low weight and less clamping pressure over the ears. Microphone of this Xbox One headset can be pivoted out and close to mouth. When not needed, it recedes into a docking groove. Its cable has inline volume control and microphone switch. It terminates in two separate 3.5mm jacks for audio/mic. It can be paired with a Y-splitter or headset adapter to connect to the controller. The white, red and grey color combination with the fearsome Sades logo crafts a perfect look for the gaming headset.

Sades SA-708 owes its position in the best Xbox One headsets list to its shockingly low price, stunningly good audio and everything in-between.

Latest customer reviews and prices of SADES SA-708S PS4 Xbox One Headset

9. Letton G5S Ps4 Xbox One Headset with Microphone

Best Xbox One HeadsetsLettonG5S is one of those maverick products that make to the best Xbox headsets list on its own without much brand information to back it up. So naturally, this Xbox One headset rides the affordable price train. Overall fitment and customization options to use it with Xbox One, PS4, Mac, laptops, smartphones, tablets etc. drive its value high for the money.

G5S Xbox One headset is modeled in shiny black and light blue. Earcups are armed with faux leather skin-friendly padding in over-the-ear design. Cranial region of the headband also features foam padding to perch lightly on the wearer’s head. Mic is attached to a rotating boom that can be slid out of the way when not needed. Mic is omnidirectional and will pick up your voice regardless of its position. This Xbox One headset’s cable has inline volume control but no mute button. It ends in a single 3.5mm jack. With a PC adapter it can be connected to laptops with separate ports for audio/video. Headset adapter can be used to plug it into Xbox controller. It can be connected directly to the PS4 controller for audio.

At its price, the audio quality of Letton G5S Xbox One headset does not disappoint. It has clear audio and mic, comfortable fit and gaming looks.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Letton G5S Ps4 Xbox One Headset with Microphone

10. Turtle Beach – Ear Force Recon 30X Chat Communicator Xbox OneGaming Headset

Best Xbox One HeadsetsTurtle Beach Ear Force 30X best Xbox One headsets are a much agreeable alternative to the OEM headset that your get with Xbox. This headset has an unorthodox design with audio quality to meet the standards of this price range. It is compatible with PS4, tablets, PC, Smartphones and Mp3 players as well.

Recon 30X Xbox One headset has a slotted earcup design. Left earcup has deep groove for better ventilation. Right one allows you to listen to your neighbor while she/heplays your wingman. 40mm Neodymium speakers drive the very clear audio allowing you to immerse yourself in the details of the game. Mic is a high sensitivity affair mounted on a rotating boom. It can rotate backwards making the headset impartial to side switching. You can use left earcup as right. This is an important feature missed in many Xbox One headsets. A cable runs from the left ear piece with inline controls for volume and mute. It terminates at a single 3.5mm jack which can be used as it is with the newer Xbox controllers. Ones before Gen2 need to be connected via a headset adapter. Setting up this headset is easy with no update shenanigans. It’s a plug-and-play kind of peripheral. You can turn up the volume from the guide settings if you don’t hear the audio well during initial use.

Recon 30X Xbox One headset experimented with a risky design and pulled it off. They have built the architecture to simulate the mic monitoring functionality that allows you to hear if somebody is trying to talk to you. Turtle Beach closes this Xbox One headsets list with a deserving product.

Latest customer reviews and prices of Turtle Beach – Ear Force Recon 30X Chat Communicator Xbox OneGaming Headset

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