1byone Wireless In-ear Headphones Review

“Ideal for sport fanatics and audiophiles alike, the 1byone wireless in-ear headphones offer unique features and value for money”

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1byOne is a dynamic company which has entered the headphones market with a very promising set of wireless in-ear headphones – which in our view offers some impressive features, as well as value for money.

Once you get to hear the sound from 1byone wireless in-ear headphones, you will instantly be impressed with the device’s incredibly high-fidelity performance. It is supported by apt-X HD and 6th generation clear voice capture (CVC) technology that produces crystal clear and crisp audio quality. With regards to their connectivity, the 1byone wireless headphones are Bluetooth 4.1, and are also compatible with IOS and Android devices alike.

Moreover, the unit’s earbuds have silicone tips that effectively keep ambience noise out. So, you can focus on clear music, vocals, speech, or whatever sound you want to hear from it. And even if you share the sound or music through your mobile phone, the person on the other end will notice the crisp sound quality of the microphone. And even through constant use over a long period, the quality of its sound will remain consistently excellent.

You’ll also be amazed that such massive sound comes from a small package. The 1byone wireless in-ear headphone can actually be categorized as an earbud for its size.


1byone Wireless In-ear Headphones Features

Specifically designed for people who are active in sports and those who do frequent workouts, the wireless in-ear headphone is water-proof or sweat proof and durable. So, you need not worry about it getting damaged when soaked in liquid. One of the key advantages of 1byone wireless in-ear headphones is that their earhooks and earbuds that come in three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large. This allows you to choose the size that fits you best. And no matter how you move around or whatever level of exercise you are doing, the ergonomic in-ears will not bother you. You may even forget you’re wearing them. The headphone’s unique stylish design stays secure in your ears. And if you’re someone who are conscious about the latest trends in technology, you must get a 1byone wireless in-ear headphone – it’s fashionable!

1byone wireless headphones

In addition, the in-ear headphone has a multi-function button that allows you to receive or reject incoming calls, call redial, or put it into mute mode. You can also adjust the volume up or down on the same button. There are even voice prompts for specific functions. And as for pairing two devices, the 1byone earphone can recognize the phone automatically without any challenge. When connected to a device with IOS system, you will readily see the headphone’s battery status right on your phone. With this feature, you can keep track of how much usage time is available.

The 1byone wireless headphone provides you with a longer battery life because its battery core is from Panasonic. It is powered by a lithium ion battery. A fully-charged headphone allows you a minimum of 7 hours rated talk time, and a minimum of 180 hours rated standby time. This means, your sports activity or exercise routine is not interrupted. Recharging your device takes only about one to two hours.

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Each unit of 1byone wireless in-ear headphone is 1.38 inches (length) x 1.5 inches (width), x 0.55 inches (height).

Generally, the 1byone wireless in-ear headphones are an exciting product that caters not only to its targeted sports-active people. It also has a strong appeal to young individuals and millennials who want to own a fashionable gadget that provides them uninterrupted clear music.


The 1byone wireless in-ear headphones come in a very neat and well-laid out packaging. Its product description and instructions on the back are presented in different languages. And because in-ear headphones are currently in-fashion, they make good gift items for special occasions.It’s also worth noting that the 1byone wireless bluetooth headphones come with a stylish carry case .

Verdict: 1byone wireless in-ear headphones

The 1byone Wireless / Bluetooth In-ear headphones are ideal for sport fanatics and offer great value for money. Thus far they have received very positive feedback from technical experts and consumers alike.

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