3M TEKK WorkTunes Hearing Protector Review for 2022

3M WorkTunes was launched as a part of 3M’s Construction and Home Improvements 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector Review 2020division. The hearing protector was targeted towards individuals who spent hours working on their lawns around heavy-noise equipment such as mowers, trimmers and blowers.

Known to make devices to improve, enhance and build the quality of human life, the company aimed to bring about a device that offered protection as well as an element of fun with its intelligently designed AM/FM receiver. This meant that there was no need for pesky wires, or even one’s phone in order to enjoy music while working outdoors.

Design and size

The 3M WorkTunes hearing protector has two modules – a well-designed AM/FM radio receptor coupled with a brilliant noise-cancellation system.

Constructed to custom fit any head-size, the device has a rugged and sturdy design that is great for everyday use. The unit has a design that can be easily adjusted, for a great fit regardless of the wearer’s head size.

Its intelligent and intuitive control system consists of volume and tuning knobs, along with a host of other buttons for various functions. These knobs are placed well apart so as to prevent errors in handling, and so that the user can conveniently change the settings whenever required.

The 3M WorkTunes AM/FM hearing protector comes with a cable so that you can connect it with your phone when needed. The device can be connected to your phone through the auxiliary jack.

The cable is lengthy enough (3.5 m) to allow you to comfortably place your phone in your back pocket, while you continue to listen to y3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector Review 2020our favorite tracks and work simultaneously.

The AM/FM module allows you to thoroughly enjoy two modes – the saved as well as programmed modes. A total of 50 stations – 25 AM stations and 25 FM stations may be saved on the device.

This device also comprises of an integrated microphone that lets you enjoy two-way calls wirelessly with clarity and ease.

Materials and comfort

3M WorkTunes has a very convenient design that is ideal for people working outdoors. It is constructed so as to allow a great fit, regardless of the size of the wearer’s head because of its easily adjustable design.

The device is designed primarily for comfort, and can fit well even above a ball cap. Light, minimal and customizable, the unit does not weigh down the wearer’s head, and offers a tight yet non-suffocating fit. Overall, the 3M WorkTunes has a great design for working outdoors.

Constructed out of high-quality materials engineered for maximum support and comfort, the noise protector has an additional Voice Assist Technology that offers a great deal of ease and convenience to its user.

The Voice Assist technology assists the wearer on how to perform even the tiniest of tasks thus minimizing strain and increasing efficiency.

The comfort features in-built on the 3M WorkTunes include luxurious, conformable and plush ear cushions made of vinyl, and a light, low-pressure, padded headband that makes for a very comfortable wearing experience.

While the construction of the device is not very sophisticated or elegant, the design is still highly functional and low-profile.

The minimal design makes sure that the wearer faces no obstruction while working with them o3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector Review 2020n, nor they unnecessarily bump against things due to a bulky headset design while working for extended hours. Also, the device headband has special cut outs to make sure that it fits well over a cap.

Sound performance

This hearing protector device offers a great mix of excellent noise cancellation capabilities along with a steady stream of excellent radio signal reception.

With an advanced AM/FM radio module, the 3M WorkTunes unit has well designed signal reception, thus offering great radio performance. Whether you’re listening to music from the phone connected via wired/wireless mode, or enjoying an AM/FM channel, the sound quality offered by this device is simply the best.

Engineered to give you a clear, distortion-less audio flow, the device also constitutes a 2 bass levels 1 and 2, which can be used to deepen your bass experience. This feature is designed to give you a fuller and richer experience when you desire more from the music you’re listening to.

The clarity on the 3M WorkTunes hearing protector unit works along with its excellent noise cancelling capabilities to produce audio that is pure and enriching. In fact, its excellent audio clarity allows you to detect subtle vocals as well as background symbols, giving you a full-fledged experience.

The star feature on this WorkTunes device is probably its excellent radio signal reception, much better than your regular phone receptor and the 40 mm hi-fidelity speakers. Also coupled with this is a noise cancelling module with a powerful Noise Reduction Ratio of 24 dB.

Durability3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector Review 2020

The 3M WorkTunes hearing protector has a minimalistic build that is designed for long-lasting use. It has a solid frame and construction, which is ideal for working outdoors.

This WorkTunes hearing protector is built to withstand environmental factors like heat, cold, moisture, dust and wind while working outdoors. Its stable and well-rounded construction ensures that it stays in great shape offering you its best performance throughout the year.

A nice feature included to make sure that the batteries on this device last long, is its auto shut off feature. This ensures that the device does not unnecessarily use up power and that your batteries are not consumed when the device is not in use.

The 3M WorkTunes hearing protector is designed to give its optimal performance despite environmental factors because of its rugged and strong construction. Though not elegant and sophisticated in looks, the device has a highly functional and intelligent look and feel to it.

WorkTunes has been consistently producing high-quality products over the ears, and this hearing protector replicates that quality and reliability in this device.

Overall, the device is fully suited for maximum productivity while outdoors, and adapts well to its surroundings while withstanding all the wear and tear it goes through. 3M WorkTunes comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Connectivity and compatibility

The 3M WorkTunes hearing protector uses Bluetooth technology to easily connect to Bluetooth compatible 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector Review 2020devices for easy and enjoyable listening. It also has an option that allows you to connect it manually to your smartphone or mobile devices via an audio cable via the headphone jack.

This hearing protector has an excellent reception for AM/FM radio channels, for an enjoyable experience while working. Compatible with your mobile phone and all other Bluetooth-enabled devices, this unit allows for seamless switching for a hassle-free listening experience.

The 3M WorkTunes device is also compatible with other devices which are not Bluetooth compatible by means of an audio cable. It can be used along with a standard USB charger.

Powered by a rechargeable in-built battery, a micro-USB cable supplied along with the device for charging purposes. Its Wireless Bluetooth technology uses a triple-power approach in order to ensure productive, efficient and safe listening.

Overall, the device offers quick connectivity with devices, letting you seamlessly stream audio content all-day. It also lets you take phone calls at an easy button press, without having to take your headphone off.

Additional features

The 3M WorkTunes hearing protector device comes with a range of additional features to increase its functionality.

This device is designed to deliver a superior noise reduction ratio of 24 decibels, thus making it an ideal choice while working in high noise environments.

A great feature of this WorkTunes device is its intelligent Voice Assist technology that lets one go through set up and operational guidance in an easy to understand audio format.

The Voice Assist technology is a one-stop solution for all operational queries, without having to take your headphones off. This technology also lets you know when you’re running out of batteries and notifies you when it’s time to change them.

The WorkTunes hearing protector device lets you tune 50 AM/FM channels – 25 AM channels and 25 FM 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector Review 2020channels. The device has two modes-one is the programming mode, while other is the save mode.

The programming mode allows you to go through each station manually, with each turn of its knob. The save mode tunes into preset frequencies as you turn the knob/dial.

The device also has a nice auto shut off option for the batteries after a 2-hour long period with an audible low-battery indicator. This is so as to allow intelligent consumption of energy in case you forget to turn your device off.

Who are these headphones for?

The 3M WorkTunes hearing protector is a great option if you are an outdoor workaholic, or if you work in heavy noise environments. Its light weight and easy design make it an ideal companion for physical activity.

Equipped with a powerful AM/FM radio receiver, this device is perfect for you if you prefer not taking your phone outdoors. Its easy antenna and cord-free design lets you listen to the radio channel of your choice with minimum hassle.

The device makes a brilliant choice for wood-workers, log-splitters and noisy shop environments. If you mow your lawn often, this could make for a great personal investment too.

The other activities the 3M WorkTunes hearing protector would be well-suited for include vacuuming, weed whipping, blowing, or if you work around noisy equipment, use air tools, fire arms, shooting or loud power tools.

The device could also be useful for individuals working in the wood shop using instruments like planers, table saws and arm saws. WorkTunes does a brilliant job of cancelling noise, allowing you to completely focus on your work, enjoying your favorite music at the same time.

The radio signal receptivity is great and the device is engineered to produce high-quality audio output. It also has a straightforward, single button interface that allows for easy operation, allowing you to concentrate better on the work at hand.3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector Review 2020


  • Noise Reduction Ratio of 24 decibels offers excellent noise cancellation in heavy-noise settings.
  • Integrated AM/FM module to tune into your favorite stations while at work
  • Bluetooth Wireless enabled design to allow for easy and wire-free comfort
  • Intuitive, smartly designed and easy to use control panel
  • Includes rechargeable, in-built batteries
  • Minimalistic and rugged design perfect for all weather conditions
  • Dual-mode tuning for easy listening of your favorite channels
  • Integrated microphone to help you take up two-way calls
  • Audio Assist technology provides audible instructions on operation
  • Soft and well-conforming ear cups for maximum comfort
  • 2 level Bass options for a richer and deeper audio experience

About the company

3M is a Fortune 500 company that operates in 70 countries. The company focuses on technical, scientific and marketing innovations to make products that enhance and improve the daily lives of people around the world.

Today, 3M products are being used in schools, homes, businesses, hospitals and many other industries, constantly making a difference in everyday lives.

With science and innovation at the heart of its products, the company’s core brands include the famous Nexcare, Scotch Brite, Post-it, Command, Scotch Painter’s Tape, Filtrete brands.

The various industries that 3M has been making an impact in include healthcare, electronics, transportation, safety, manufacturing, automotive, energy, construction and design.

The company manufactures a range of products from sandpaper to bandages to display boards and paint removers. Also included are personal care solutions like bandages, medical tape and braces and workplace organizers like Post-it notes to help stay organized. Homecare products and energy savers also dominate their bestseller list.

The WorkTunes hearing protector was launched as a part of its Construction and Home Improvements product 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector Review 2020line for individuals that would spend an increased amount of time working on their lawns with loud equipment like blowers, trimmers and mowers. The device was launched with the sole aim of delivering outstanding hearing protection to its wearer, along with an additional element of fun with its AM/FM receiver.


If you are someone that constantly works outdoors or around noisy equipment, this hearing protector is a great option to consider. While the looks of the device aren’t too upscale, it sure is a high-performer designed to work well in the great outdoors as well as around noisy equipment.

With a sturdy and long-lasting build, 3M WorkTunes is sure to last you a good number of years. The device is also great if you’re considering buying a pair of solid headphones that tune into your favorite radio stations during long hours at work.

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