66 Audio BTS Bluetooth Sports Headphones Review

66 Audio BTS Bluetooth Sports Headphones ReviewSporty, athletic types who are always on the go, are always on the lookout for the perfect pair of headphones that can keep up with them no matter how tough or harsh their exercise regimen is. Going on a run or playing sports, or just working out in the gym is not as enjoyable or fulfilling if there is no workout playlist accompanying your every stride, push, pull or jump. The quest for a pair of headphones that is not too pricey but the sound quality is still on par with high end ones is never ending. 66 Audio, a startup company that makes the #1 Bluetooth headphones is proud to present their BTS sport product line, in line with their goal of building world-class technology to change how the audio and active lifestyle spaces intersect. The BTS Sport + Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Headphones are specifically tailored for the athletic sporty type who aspire to be fit and healthy while being serenaded by their favored playlist whether on a daily run outdoors, at the gym, cycling through the park, or playing sports. These are engineered to hold up to any vigorous activity and still deliver remarkable sound and impressive performance.

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Audio Performance

The 66 Audio BTS sport headphones have several features that deliver a well-balanced sound that can be comparable or even better than its competitors. It has finely tuned drivers to provide unmatched wireless audio performance and incredible sound reproduction. Its omnidirectional microphone with the patented Clear Voice Capture (CVC) technology that enhances clarity and echo noise cancellation, it enables voice calls to be crystal clear, conversations are crisp and accurate, plus music sounds better and more powerful.

Design and Build

66 Audio BTS Bluetooth Sports Headphones ReviewTailored to fit active users who only want the best, the headphones are small and compact. It is made most of sturdy and tough plastic that has been thoroughly underwent strength and durability tests, guaranteed to last long.

  • Mostly matte black with red accent around the logo on each earpiece.
  • Headphone folds inward for easier storage and portability. The fold design is very compact so the headphones can be brought anywhere and even pocketed.
  • Neckband – thin and meant to sit comfortably around the neck.
  • Each ear cup is properly labelled and on the right earpiece is the on board intuitive controls that allow you to take control of your devices – skip tracks, play or pause tunes, volume rocker, and take calls all on the headphone itself. They are also soft and padded to cushion the ears.
  • The material is sweat resistant making it ideal to be worn comfortably while logging out hours at the gym or cycling through the streets.
  • No cables come with the headphones allowing complete freedom of movement without being entangled or hindered by wires or cables.
  • Earpieces are sufficiently padded to sit snugly on the ears – will not fall no matter how strenuous the exercise.
  • Both a Wireless Stereo Headphone and Bluetooth Phone Headset for hands-free calling with Clear Voice Capture (cVc) noise cancellation technology.
  • Battery powered headphones – advanced rechargeable lithium polymer cell and optimized power circuit.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 technology with Multipoint Technology.
  • Connect with two Bluetooth devices at the same time.
  • Access or initiate SIRI on the iOS devices or Google Play including other additional smartphone features.

Additional Features

  • 66 Audio BTS Bluetooth Sports Headphones ReviewAccessories:
  • Soft, carrying case – increase portability of the headphones since they can be safely stored for safekeeping and can fit anywhere.
  • USB charger – connect to any laptop or computer to charge headphones.


  • Long battery life – boasts of over 25 hours of nonstop streaming or continuous playback. When charged with the Micro USB charger it will give you back full power in under 3 hours. Being outdoors and using the headphones with training regimen, you can be confident that the battery will not run out and break your zone while exercising.
  • For paired iOS devices, there is an onboard battery display for the headphones on the screen of the device to give you real time monitoring and indicator of battery life.
  • The optimal wireless range is measured to be around 25-35 feet and should not be impeded by walls or thick cover pads of devices.
  • Headphones sit comfortably on the ears and neck even if you wear eyeglasses, or shades, or even a cap, or hat.
  • Compatible with almost any device and pairing is simple, by simply pressing the MutiFunction Control (MFC) on the right earpiece for a few seconds, the 66 Audio BTS sport will appear on the Bluetooth list to make pairing seamless.
  • Since it can pair with two devices simultaneously, the BTS is designed to detect which device is receiving a call automatically and allow user to take call with just a tap of the MFC button to accept or reject the call. Once you hang up, music resumes automatically.


  • 66 Audio BTS Bluetooth Sports Headphones ReviewNot water resistant – although sweat resistant, if it gets wet it short circuits and damages the battery.
  • Cannot withstand any weather condition – cannot run with the headphones on in the rain.
  • Design is subjective and could be aesthetically unappealing to some people.


       The 66 Audio BTS sport headphone is a remarkable companion that can keep up with you while you work out at a price that can be manageable compared to high end headphones. The material is sweat resistant and the sound it delivers is exceptional. On more major advantage is that this headphones enhance the hands free experience with its powerful features and awesome Bluetooth technology. This pair of headphones can be counted on to work with you while you work out.

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