808 Over-The-Ear Stereo Headphones Review

Most Beautiful Headphones You’ll Ever Own

808 Over-The-Ear Stereo HeadphonesThese 808 headphones are probably the most beautiful headphones you will ever own for this price.You will adore the crisp, glossy white color. This brand has great quality sound technology that will never fail you. You’ll want to keep coming back every time for the beauty and function of their products. These 808 Over-The-Ear Stereo Headphones are just another example of their competency in making high-quality products both beautiful and functional. While these headphones have been reviewed by other customers and experts and given a good rating, they deserve yet another review because they are amazing headphones to have with lots of interesting features.

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Crisp and Clear Sounds of 808 Over-The-Ear Stereo Headphones

The sound that these produce is just as crisp and beautiful as the white hardware. You’ll enjoy watching TV on your laptop, and when you wear these headphones, it’s as if you’re listening to surround sound. The audio is unbelievably clear, and it’s refreshing to listen to sound the way it was actually meant to be heard, not through cheap headphones that sometimes lose their ability on one side. This hasprobably happened to everyone many times,so rest assured that these 808 Over-the-Ear Stereo headphones just don’t do that. The sensitivity on these is astounding.

Detachable Cords are great for Organizing

These headphones do not have Bluetooth capabilities, but they do have other merits. Some favorite features of these 808 Over-The-Ear Stereo Headphones other than the color and sound are the fact that they come with two different cords that are detachable. One of the cords has a mic that is great for answering calls from your phone when you’re busy. Detachable cords are a wonderful feature because packing un-attachable headphones and having to deal with the end of the cord getting bent in a way that it is not supposed to can be a very frustrating endeavor. With these detachable cords, you can easily take them out and wrap them on their own, so they don’t get ruined. It makes it really easy to keep everything well organized and in its place.

A Little Heavy

These 808 Over-The-Ear Stereo headphones are a bit on the heavy side, weighing 1.6 pounds, but it is totally worth it for the cool teardrop shaped design. They are a brilliant white with black, gray, and red lettering on the logo. The fact that they fold away make them very functional and easy to carry around with you all day in any bag to and from work or school. It’s even easier with the durable carrying case included with it. It adds a little to the weight but really it’s not a big deal, and you don’t notice it anyway when you’re carrying a bag full of other things that are most likely heavier than these. The ear cups and headband are very cushiony and do not hurt after several hours of use (as the case often is). Many other headphones are just not soft enough on the ears but with these, it’s not a problem at all.

Perfect Gift for Anyone

Giving these 808 Over-The-Ear Stereo headphones as birthday gifts to kids is a fun idea. They can use them for their homeschooling classes online or any kind of homework because it makes listening to theirlessons very smooth and clear. They are so beautiful and work great for all ages. Adults and kids alike can really enjoy these headphones. The fact that the cords are detachable is also a great feature for kids because they don’t often take very good care of their accessories and electronics so having them come apart keeps them from getting ruined.

The Final Word

These headphones have some high potential, and you won’t get over how lovely they are, especially for the high-quality sound and the price. 808 Over-The-Ear Stereo Headphones really do make great gifts for all the reasons mentioned above, and not just gifts for other people, but an excellent gift for yourself too. It’s a beautiful and inexpensive little indulgence in sound. You will love relaxing in the evenings and watching TV with these headphones on as they make it so easy to escape into another world and not listen to all the crazy sounds going on around you. For the avid Netflix watcher or homeschool kid, these headphones will last you a while and are very much worth the purchase.

<<CHECK OUT PRICES & CUSTOMER REVIEWS OF 808 Over-The-Ear Stereo Headphones>>

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