About Us

A few words about us

Headphones Compared is a dynamic team of young professionals who have a passion about all kind of music, spanning from Reggae to Classical, and have quite an obsession with good headphones and anything that produces quality sound. We aim to translate our passion into useful product reviews and recommendations, which will help you to find the headphones that meet your needs and your style.

Most of us bought our first pair of headphones either based on friends’ recommendations or by spending endless time in electronic stores, trying to use one product after the other. Not all people have the time or patience to do this, and that’s precisely the reason that our site came into existence.

Our unbiased headphones reviews are purely based on our experiences and in-depth product research. And just to make it clear, we do not sell headphones or any associated accessories.

Our reviews, ratings and research will help you to make an informed decision to buy the best headphones for your requirements and needs. We aim provide a one-stop-shop in order to help you select the best headphones at the best price in the marketplace.

We are very hopeful that our reviews will help you to find your right pair of headphones!

Don’t hesitate to contact us (via our contact form), if you have any questions or feedback!

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