Ailihen I35 Stereo Foldable Headphones Review for 2022

The I35 from AILIHEN falls under the wired headset category, particularly suitable for children of all ages. WithAILIHEN I35 Headphones Review the headset’s use, one will be experiencing a new world of listening to music and other media files – thanks to the use of advanced features and algorithms.

The brand has a reputation for offering some of the most excellent electronics products. These headphones resemble the motto of the company – giving quality and functional products to customers. One will enjoy this lightweight product, which is soft on the head and the ears. Unlike the earbuds, the ergonomic design helps in keeping the stress away with ease. If you are looking for a headphone for your child/children, continue to read ahead, as we provide you with in-depth details about the product.

Design & Size

The company ensured to offer the best-in-class design for the I35 headphones. As the target audience is children, the emphasis is more on comfort levels. Similarly, making it portable was essential. Therefore, AILIHEN opted for foldable design. You will come across different colors, making it easy to pick the one that matches your child’s taste. The colors opted by the company will garner attention with ease in a crowd and make it easy for kids to enjoy at every moment.

The folding ability of the headset makes it convenient for a kid or a user to store it with ease. The unique foldable design allows one to close and open with ease according to the need. The ear cups fold inside, offering a convenient posture for storing the headphones when not in use. You can quickly push in a bag without the worry that they would be occupying more space than needed.

The 1.5-meter audio cord with universal 3.5mm jack gives all the freedom that you or the child wishes to have during listening. Leaning is no longer an issue. You can be flexible without worrying that there will be a development of tension in the cord.

The headband of the headset is adjustable. It means that your child can make changes to the height of the band according to the convenience. Furthermore, the pillow-soft band offers extensive support, which is helpful for long listening hours. The use of the protein memory foam for the ear cups also provides the needed aid to the ears. AILIHEN I35 Headphones ReviewThey remove stress and continue to offer cushioning experience irrespective of the nature of the use – whether in class, car, home, or outside.

The size of the headphone is compact. With the adjustable band and rotating earcups, the entire product layout is small. It helps during storing and utilize the features when using the same. Likewise, it is easy to place it in the kid’s bag, making it simple to remove or put it from the pack when needed.

Materials & Comfort

It is the material that defines the nature of the product, its durability, functionality, and performance. AILIHEN opted for high-quality materials in manufacturing the I35 headphones. Not only are they lightweight, but it also offers enhanced performance. The reason is the use of an aluminum head consisting of a pillow-soft band. While the head holds the earcups with ease, the band provides a cushioning effect, eliminating any pressure while using the headphones.

As we are speaking about materials, it is crucial to mention the use of high-grade components within the earcups. The sturdy construction of the earcups with these components provide a better sound output when compared with others in its class. The presence of the kid’s safe volume feature ensures that the production does not over-limit the prescribed levels even when you switch the volume to the maximum on your device. It, therefore, provides complete protection to your child.

The comfort provided by the headphones is fantastic. It uses a pillow-soft band for the head and protein memory foam for the earmuffs. The earmuffs adhere to the shape of the ear, thus providing the needed comfort. So, even when your child listens to music for lengthy hours, he/she will not experience any discomfort.

Sound Performance

Given the pricing and use (designed for use by children), the sound performance of the I35 is impressive. Unlike the headphones for adults, which sport high output with deep bass, these headsets have enough bass that covers all the tones and offers incredible support. The listening experience that a child receives is spectacular. They no AILIHEN I35 Headphones Reviewlonger deviate from the classes they listen to or distract due to surrounding environments. You will notice that your child is in his/her world, listening to music or attending classes.

Another factor worth mentioning here is the clarity provided by the headphones. The casing design is such that it helps in avoiding external noises to the maximum. Therefore, you will immerse yourself in your listening world, with nil/few distractions from the outer world. The use of advanced algorithm further helps in enhancing the output of the clarity, while keeping the frequencies to the best limits. The headphones also feature the kid’s volume limit, which makes it the right choice. You will never be exceeding the specified limit even when you or the child accidentally increases the volume.


You would be worrying about the durability of the product because children tend to handle things roughly. Given the circumstances, AILIHEN made sure to choose high-quality materials. Not only it increases the life span but reduces the weight. Therefore, you do not have to worry when they mishandle the headphones. They have the potential to endure little bumps and bruises without causing any significant damages to the internal components.

Like other companies, the headphones have a warranty period of 12 months. During this period, if you notice any discrepancies occurring due to workmanship or failure of electronic components, the company either replaces the headset with a new product or opts for a repair. It depends on the actual problem, for which you will receive the information after the service engineers check the problem. You can relax and enjoy yourself or allow your child to use the headphones with different media players with ease. You can contact the service center through email or phone and state the problem that you are facing. Remember that the warranty does not cover damages caused by wear, liquid spills, and tampering with components.

Connectivity & Compatibility

The advantage of a headphone lies in its connectivity and compatibility. AILIHEN made sure that the I35 incorporated all the latest technologies that make it an easy buy for any user. For instance, it is possible to attend a call and play or pause a track using the built-in keys on the nylon braided cord.

The HD microphone makes it simple to attend to a video call at the press of the multi-purpose button. The mic, with its unique 360-degree pickup technology, helps enhance the experience with ease while eliminating external sounds. The quality provided makes it simple to answer calls rather than texting friends or family members. The AILIHEN I35 Headphones Reviewbutton allows in answering a call and ending a call.

Compatibility is another essential feature of the headphone. Provided that users choose different media players, AILIHEN made the headphones a universal product. It implies that you can use it with any of the media devices and start listening to pleasant music or watch videos. The stereo headset is compatible with all the variants of smartphones running on the Android operating system, Apple iOS, iPod, iPad, DVD players, tablets, and all other media devices. Therefore, using it with any device is high, and you can opt for the right entertainment device according to the need.

Additional Features

The additional feature that the I35 equips is the HD microphone. The 360-degree spatial pickup helps in attending to voice and video calls with high-quality. You can say goodbye to harmful noises and disturbances. Likewise, the braided cord prevents tangling, making it easy for children to use it as they want without any harm.

Product Highlights

  • Attractive design
  • Pillow-soft headband for superior comfort
  • Protein memory foam earmuffs for extended cushioning
  • Unique folding layout saves space
  • Collapsible design assists in quick packing
  • Adjustable headband meets different head sizes
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent sound output
  • HD microphone with 360-degree pickup technology
  • Braided cable for tangle-free operations
  • A single multi-purpose button
  • Standard 3.5mm jack offers broad compatibility with smartphones, tablets, PC, and more

Who are these headphones for? 

The superior comfort delivered by the headphones with an attractive exterior is one-of-a-kind electronic gear for AILIHEN I35 Headphones Reviewchildren. The sturdy yet lightweight plastic material use ensures complete comfort and extended support even when children use it for long hours. The availability of the product in bright colors further makes it exciting, as one can pick up the one that suits the liking of their kid. Likewise, the on-the-ear phones sit comfortably without any movement.


The lightweight construction, high-quality components, durable nature, and attractive pricing make the headphones ideal for any parent. It is ideal for anyone who likes to have a beautiful product with a fun design. Additionally, the presence of an HD microphone and a single multi-button adds to the convenience of using it with multiple devices.

What makes it furthermore appealing is the unique folding layout, which saves space. The ergonomic design assists the phones to sit perfectly on the head and the ears without causing any discomfort. Your child will immerse himself or herself in his or her world while wearing these headphones.