All you need to know about Denon’s best earphones In 2019

Denon is one of the most trusted companies when it comes to earphones. It has been making earphones for more than century, and it combines digital technology with its own innovations. It is this innovation and the passion to deliver excellent sound every time that sets Denon apart from its competitors, and it has delivered this promise to its customers with every model. This is why best Denon earphones are considered to be one of the best in the industry today. Denon has innovated with different designs and features to cater to the needs of different users. Below are some of its top headphone models that are sure to delight users.

List of the Best Denon Earphones In 2019:

AH C400 Music Maniac

The Denon AH C400 Music Maniac is one of its most expensive models that delivers high quality sound to users. Its design is attractive as it is encased in a metallic shiny plastic material and has black highlights. Its silver cables also add a touch of elegance to its design. Its package comes with seven different types of ear tips to meet the comfort of different users. Despite this impressive design, its fit is not that great and tends to fall off easily. Moreover, it is uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

As for performance, the AH C400 delivers top quality sound. Its highs, lows and mids are well-balanced, and it gives users a great listening experience. Its tone is more flat and sculpted, and this makes it the ideal choice for purists. Its low-end presence is also good as the lower notes of percussion instruments are heard with a high level of clarity. Due to these features, it is sure to appeal to those who love jazz and classical, but not so much for bass lovers.

In fact, the biggest downside of this product is its mediocre bass quality. It sounds reasonable at medium volumes, but distorts the bass at top volumes. Moreover, it sounds jarring when volume is increased beyond certain levels. The treble edges are clear though along with the crisp highs and lows.

As for calls, its clarity is decent and not that amazing, and this mediocre quality could be due to the poor quality of mobile calls too. The good news is that it works well on not just iPhones, but also iPads and any other device that runs on iOS.

Overall, the AH C400 Music Maniac is overpriced for what it offers, and it is definitely not the right choice for bass lovers.

AH C300 Urban Raver TM In-ear headphones

AHC300 Urban Raver TM In-ear headphones delivers where the AH C400 fails – bass! The best Denon earphones are specifically designed for bass lovers as it delivers the maximum thump even at top volumes. There is absolutely no distortion, making it every bass lovers’ best friend. This level of perfect bass is due to the presence of two 11.5 mm drivers in each earpiece, and both these drives use a unique air compression technology to deliver the maximum output. However, for non-bass lovers, the sound can be a little too vibrant. Moreover, it is not the right choice for those who listen to jazz and classical as the sound can be too jarring. In short, this headphone was designed keeping bass lovers in mind, while for others, it could be a headache.

Other than bass, another attractive aspect is its design. It is relatively tiny and fits well into the ear. Its glossy black and molded plastic makes it look expensive, though it is reasonably priced for the sound quality it delivers. Furthermore, the earphone is light and comfortable to wear. The right earpiece has a microphone and control wheel that can be used to adjust volumes and to pause or play music. However, users need to apply extra pressure to make these controls work, and this can be a bit annoying because when the earpiece is pressed a little too hard, it gets out of balance.

As for calls, it works well on iPhone as well as all Android devices, and the call quality is good.

In short, AHC300 Urban Raver TM In-ear headphones are the perfect choice for bass, and not so much for jazz or classical music. Its design and sound quality is impressive and it is definitely worth the money.

AH C260 Acoustic Luxury In-ear

The AH C260 Acoustic Luxury In-ear earphones uses Denon’s advanced technologies such as Acoustic Optimizer that provides one of the best acoustic effects to users. A salient feature of this model is that it uses a radial cascade dampener that helps to keep out unwanted noise and vibrations so that the focus is only on the music.

Its design is a standard one, though the metallic buttons increases its visual appeal. It is one of the few of the best Denon earphones that comes with equal length cable to both the ears so that the sound quality is maximum. Its hybrid material is also a good choice as it reduces distortions. However, wearing this earpiece for long periods of time can be difficult. They also tend to get loose while walking because the fit is not great.

As for its performance, the mids are really good, though at times it can sound a little recessed. It is a great choice to listen to violins, but for other instruments, its tonality seems to be a little misplaced. Its bass and treble are poor, and this could be one of the biggest negative aspects of this model. The treble is harsh while the bass comes with a boom that makes listening a painful experience. This negativity makes it a good choice for electronic sounds where accuracy does not matter so much, but it is definitely not for a person who loves to listen to deep bass.

In short, the above three models bring out the engineering finesse of the best Denon earphones. They use advanced technologies to bring superior quality of sound to users. Though each model is designed to cater to a different audience, Denon, nevertheless, delivers on its promise of providing unparalleled sound through its earphone models.

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