All you need to know about Jaybird Stereo Headphones

Jaybird Stereo Headphones is a relatively new entrant to the headphones market. To take on established companies such as Sony, this company has embarked on the idea of capturing a niche market. The niche area it selected was sports, which makes sense as more and more people are taking to running as a hobby to stay fit. To reach out to these users, it has created a line of products that provide a secure fit for workout enthusiasts.

The design of its headphones is relatively small and elegant, and at the same time, it delivers excellent sound performance. Other features that come with it such as bluetooth make it a series of headphones steeped in functionality.

List of Jaybird Stereo Headphones:

Jaybird Bluebuds X Sport Bluetooth

Jaybird Bluebuds X Sport bluetooth headphones have a compact design and great sounds that make it a perfect aid for any sports or running enthusiast. In fact, it is one of this company’s top-of-the-line Bluetooth wireless head pieces that retails for around $70.

One of the first aspects of its design that is evident is its small size. They are so lightweight and small, that users may not feel it while they go about their outdoor activity. These earphones are black in color and have the logo of Jaybird Stereo Headphones imprinted on the back side of the earphones. There is a small extension from the ear buds that get attached to users’ ears to prevent the earphones from falling off during a run. In fact, these earphones have been designed to get jammed inside the ears, so it is important that users get this tight fit to prevent it from falling. The advantage with such a design is that it provides high levels of noise isolation because the ears are completely sealed. Also,there is no noise leak, so it does not affect co-passengers while traveling on public transport.

The material used for making these headphones are plastic and chrome. These materials are of high-quality, so they are sturdy and strong. The cord is attached to the ear buds and it is flat to prevent it from getting tangled. The cord comes with an integrated mic and remote that works well with Android and iOS smartphones. As a result, users can use it to take calls as well when they are on the move. A unique aspect is that users can shorten the cord to give a comfortable fit. However, one mild downside is that there is no automatic mechanism to shorten the cord, so users have to manually shorten the length with the help of two guides that come as a part of the package. These guides or tracks look like Lego pieces, so users should take because pushing them too hard can cause these tracks to break. Despite this drawback, Jaybird Bluebuds X Sport bluetooth headphones give a perfect fit for any-sized ear.

These earphones are wireless with blue-tooth enabled. To charge these earphones, users have to lift a cap on the left ear bud to see a USB port. A cable that comes with these earphones are used for charging, while the LED button on the right ear bud lets users know when the earphones are turned on and when they are charging. These headphones work with any Bluetooth enabled device that run on Android, Windows and iOS operating systems. To turn on bluetooth, users have to hold down the call or answer button on the cord, and after it is turned on, it has to be paired with the right device.

Besides this cool design and a great feature set, its distinguishing aspect is its sound quality especially when it is on wireless mode. Most earphones tend to lower the quality of sound to make it easy to stream, and this causes a loss of some notes. However, Jaybird Bluebuds X Sport bluetooth headphones’ bluetooth does not offer such loss of notes, and this makes it a perfect option for wireless mode. Another aspect is that these headphones have an open and airy feel to it despite the fact that it gets jammed into users’ ears. Volume is loud and all the different aspects are well-balanced to make music soothing and natural.

Overall, the Jaybird Bluebuds X Sport bluetooth headphones are a perfect choice for anyone looking to get a super fit while running. Price is also reasonable for the features that come with it. So, all in all,a great buy.

Jaybird bluetooth freedom sprint

Jaybird bluetooth freedom sprint headphones is another cool-looking headphone from Jaybird that is ideal for running and other outdoor activities.

In terms of design, they are simple and straightforward. It is black in color and the back side of the ear buds are rectangular in shape with the logo of Jaybird imprinted on it. The material used for making these earphones is high quality plastic, so they are durable and at the same time, lightweight. So, users can take it with them wherever they go. The little extension that from ear buds that look like a cute velociraptor’s legs help to keep the earphones firm in place when users are running. Though it can take a little bit of time to figure out how to fit this extra fitting, it is definitely worth the effort as it givesa tight fit for users. Another cool aspect of its design is that it is at least 40 percent smaller than its previous versions from Jaybird Stereo Headphones, and this makes it compact for the ears.

The cord is attached to the ear buds, and they have an inbuilt remote control for taking calls as well. The cord is flat to prevent it from tangling, and at the same time, it is comfortable to wear. The cord does not come in the way for users while they run. There is a small opening on the lower side of the left ear phone that is used for charging the phone through a USB cable. Pairing it with other bluetooth devices is also fairly easy, so these earphones can be used with a range of devices.

In terms of sound quality too, these headphones are reasonably good. There is no emphasis on an particular aspect of sound, so users get a balanced sound effect. Also, this balanced sound makes it ideal to listen to any genre. Both vocals and instrumental tracks sound clear and clean with no distortions whatsoever. Mid range notes are warm and soothing while the high notes are loud and crisp. Bass is present, but is not overpowering in any way and treble is mild and good too. The only downside is that some quality is lost when music is streamed wirelessly. Otherwise, it is perfect for every runner.

The final verdict – an excellent pair of headphones that provide a compact fit and at the same time, delivers balanced sound.

Jaybird Freedom Stereo Bluetooth earbuds with secure Fit

Finding the right pair of bluetooth headphones can be painful because even many of the top audio companies find it difficult to create a great sounding product. The good news is that Jaybird specializes in such products because of its focus on a niche area. Its Freedom Stereo Bluetooth earbuds with secure FiT scores high on both comfort and sound quality.

This pair of headphones is designed exclusively for those ho love to run or indulge themselves in strenuous physical activity. They are made of high quality plastic that is laced with a sweat proof material. In fact, Jaybird offers a lifetime warranty on its sweat proof feature which goes to show the excellent quality of materials that have gone into this product. Another aspect that makes it ideal for outdoor use is its removable silicone cushions that allow users to take them off and replace them without having to discard the entire headphone. There are three types of silicone tips, namely, small, medium and large. Users can try each of these silicone tips until they get the perfect fit. Once users find their perfect fit, these headphones stick on to the ears forever irrespective of the physical activity that users are engaged in. Such a stability and water resistant feature are perfect for the gym or other outdoor areas.

A cord comes attached with the ear buds, and this cord has an inline microphone and remote. The left ear bud has a small USB port for charging the headphones when users want to turn on the wireless mode. The cord is flat to prevent tangles, and it also does not annoy users during a workout. Batter life is also good as a single charge can provide about six hours of listening experience. Bluetooth connectivity is also above average both indoors and outdoors.

Sound quality is also top-class in both wired and wireless mode. This is a surprise feature as this earphone does not compromise on the quality of audio during wireless streaming. Another unique aspect is the high level of bass that comes out of this headphone. This aspect is unique because Jaybird is known to favor a balanced sound over any single aspect. Nevertheless, this bass is refreshing and not overpowering, so it adds a extra layer to genres that are rich in bass such as hip-hop and jazz. Overall, the sound quality is rich and does not cause distortions, that are typical for most sports headphones.

In short, these earphones combine excellent sound quality with comfort and connectivity to give users a great pair of earphones that can further motivate them to remain fit.

Jaybird Sportsband Headphones

Jaybird Sportsband headphones are a stylish pair of headphones that are affordable for most people, irrespective of whether they use the gym or not. Its $89 price tag comes with advanced features and a neat design that appeals to all sections of the population.

To start with, the packaging is standard and comes with the headphones wrapped neatly inside it. Along with the headphone, users get a standard USB cable and a guide that helps novice users to understand the intricacies of these headphones. The battery life, according to Jaybird, is eight hours of music or 11 hours of talk time. A full charge takes approximately two and a half hours. The battery indicator is present on the outer side of the right ear bud shows red when the headphone is charging. This indicator is helpful as it gives users an idea about the status of the charge.

The design is simple and elegant with a combination of black and chrome. Its square-shaped ear cup is a refreshing change from the regular rounded earcups, and the outer side of these ear cups have the logo of Jaybird embossed on it. The head band has a nice and firm fit that makes it ideal for running and outdoor exercise. The entire headphone is made of sweat proof material, and Jaybird Stereo Headphones gives a lifelong warranty for this material. The fit is snug without poking anywhere. The only downside to this design is that it is susceptible to background noise because the headphone merely sits on the ears.

Controls are present on the left ear cup. This could be a downside for some users as they are all clustered together, so there is always a chance for pressing the wrong control accidentally. However, once when users get a feel of it, then operating the controls become easy. There is a central power switch that should be pressed long when users want to turn on the bluetooth. This button is prominent and is in a shade of gray, so it is hard to miss.

Audio quality is good too considering that it is bluetooth powered. Bass is surprisingly heavy, thereby making it a treat for bass lovers. Mid range notes are warm while the high notes are crisp and clear. Overall, there is good balance between notes, and this makes it a pleasure to listen to music.

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