Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b Headphones Review in 2022

The Audio Technica v is a closed-back over-the-ear headphone. It’s the successor of the famous MSR7, which is Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b Headphones Review in 2020given a significant facelift. With this new model, the company eliminates the aesthetic flaws and boasts of a renewed soundstage, which is both fresh and appealing. The balanced connection helps in delivering a wider soundstage and cleaner quality of music. Interestingly, the updated model’s overall dimension and aesthetics remain the same; the company has made some exciting changes internally. Audio-Technica has also reduced the headphones’ weight, making it a portable headset that you can easily carry from one place to another. Apart from the weight, the new model features updated balanced audio and re-tuned drivers for a better listening experience.

The audio gear helps in providing an immersive listening experience to the audiophiles and music lovers.

Design and Size

MSR7b is an over-the-ear closed back high-resolution headphone. The first impression of the headphones is of a studio headphone, which is modified for consumer use. It features the proprietary 45 mm true motion dynamic drivers. The driver offers superior clarity across the different frequency range, making it one of the best headphones in the market. The headphones come with a neoprene carrying pouch, which prevents the headphone from scratches but doesn’t prevent it from falls and knocks. It comes with two headphone cables – one with a standard 3.5 mm connection, and the other with a balanced 4.4 mm connection. Both the wires measure approximately 1.2m and use the A2DC connection of Audio Technica. Contrary to the predecessor, the headphones are stylish, elegant, and features less exposed hardware.

The headband is wide, flat, and comfortable. The stylish and timeless matte black finish is the icing on the cake. The appearance is stylish due to chrome level and metallic blue on the shells. The quality bracket suspension increases the aesthetics of the headphone. It boasts of vented earcups that control the flow of the air, which reduces the potential distortions while listening to music. The earcups can swivel and allowing you to fold them storage. Also, the earcups are labeled ‘right’ and ‘left’ in the front, which is an unusual and unnecessary feature for a high-end headphone.

However, the headphone doesn’t fold completely, which makes it not a truly portable device. But, a full-size unfolding headband is always better than a hinged headband. Hinges tend to wear over time, which can result in the collapse of the entire device. Furthermore, the shimmering logo of Audio-Technica completes the overall look of the headphone.Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b Headphones Review in 2020

Audio-Technica features a luxurious headband, which has a retractable snap-in metal extension bracket. It has Y-shaped cable routing, which increases the symmetry of the headphone. Due to the redesigning of the headphone, the device is lightweight, allowing you to wear it for long hours without facing any ear fatigue. However, the device lacks a mic and remote, which can be a negative aspect for those who love to take calls on their headphones.

Material and Comfort

When it comes to the material, the company doesn’t disappoint because it uses premium quality material to manufacture the headphones. Apart from the metal extension bracket, the company uses plastic, but the material is robust and long-lasting. The drivers are sprayed with Diamond-like carbon-coated diaphragms, which cause stiffness during movement. It ensures that no energy goes in vain, and every fragment of power translates into the production of sound. Interestingly, the drivers use the magnetic alloy for the magnets, ensuring an optimum magnetic flux. The company uses copper-coated aluminum wires, which are both sturdy, durable, and offers excellent connection. Due to the high-quality cables, the headphones deliver a frequency response ranging from 5Hz to 50 kHz. The headphones enjoy the Hi-Res certification, making it one of the best headphones in the market.

Also, the headbands feature a stitched leatherette cover, which provides optimum comfort to the head. The earpads are filled with memory foam to ensure long-lasting comfort. The memory foam sits nicely around the ear, and the cushioned headband offers no discomfort or tightening. These work as an excellent noise isolator and prevent the outside noises from entering the ear.

The headphones weigh 237 grams putting it in the lightweight category. Due to the lightweight, the earphones sit comfortably on the head, and you tend to forget its presence during long sessions. Furthermore, the soft padding adds to the comfort level and exerts minimum pressure on the ears and the head. Interestingly, the metal clip extension ensures a snug fit of the shells. The company ensures that the weight is evenly distributed on the head so that you don’t end up with hot ears after wearing them for a long duration. Irrespective of the head movement, the headphones will not fall off because it has a flexibility of 90-degrees and offers 30-degrees freedom of movement. The large shells cover the ear entirely and provide optimum support to the ear. Due to the large shells, Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b Headphones Review in 2020the headphones are perfect for people with large ears.

Overall, MSR7b fits perfectly and offers superior comfort when compared to other similar earphones in the market. It’s a genuinely comfortable device to wear for long hours.

Sound Performance

The MSR7b is equipped with a 45mm dynamic driver and provides a frequency response ranging from 5 Hz to 50 kHz. These drivers improve the sound quality manifolds resulting in exceptional sound quality. Audio Technica has tried to remove all the flaws from the predecessor. To ensure that the music sounds natural, the company has kept the highs under control, which prevents the exaggeration. But the sound is clear and extremely sharp. You will enjoy the music of every genre. The sound is so clear that even the minor sounds like the stroke of a string are audible, thereby allowing you to enjoy the intricate details of the music. Even the bass is punchy and is delivered with a confident edge. Furthermore, it’s clean, tight, and detailed, thereby providing plenty of texture. The company boasts of accuracy, which helps in enhances the bass emphasis making the sound fun.

The low ends deliver a natural sound, which is full and engaging at the same time. It’s punchy and well-controlled at the same time and offers accurate precision. It further enhances the treble and results in enriching sound experience. Furthermore, the lows are detailed but distinct. As a result, the sound appears engaging and controlled.

Performance-wise even the mids don’t fail to disappoint because they help deliver an impression of 3-D sound. The sound comes as detailed and accurate, which allows you to concentrate on the beats and enjoy the music.

MSR7b is equipped with stainless steel acoustic mesh resistor, which results in a high-frequency response, and it delivers an accurate low-frequency response with the help of the bass acoustic resistor.

When it comes to soundstage, the MSR7b features excellent depth without compromising the sound quality. The soundstage is exceptional because of the balanced connection. Overall, it’s has a wide soundstage, which is a boon for audiophiles.

The headphone delivers a lifelike sound that is perfect for rock, jazz, and pop music. Even the midrange is Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b Headphones Review in 2020detailed, accurate, and lacks potential distortions, helping you to immerse in the music. The mid is balanced such that it doesn’t spoil the lows and highs.

The sound gets a strong reaction from the listeners because they feel a connection with the music when wearing these headphones. Furthermore, the headphones are designed such that they don’t reveal the harshness or potential distortions in the sound.

For audiophiles, the device is excellent because it produces a balanced sound, and the 4.4 mm cable provides a sonic epiphany, which is usually a characteristic of an expensive headphone. Without spending a fortune, you get lively sound performance.


For many, the use of plastic may become a turnoff, but it uses high-quality plastic, making the device durable. Though the gear is mostly plastic, the outermost parts of the cups have an aluminum coating, making the headphones durable and robust. And, it’s likely to stand the test of time even with rough usage.

The company offers a 2-years warranty from the date of purchase. However, the warranty doesn’t cover damages due to normal wear and tear, shipping, or wrong usage.

Connectivity and Compatibility

MSR7b is a wired over-the-ear headphone, and the cabling uses the A2DC connection at both the earpieces. It comes with a 1.2 m long dual-sides cable that is fitted with a 3.5mm jack plug and a second 1.2m long cable that is equipped with a 4.4mm 5-pole balanced mini plug. The 4.4mm connector allows you to connect the headphone to hi-spec audio players and offers a balanced output. Using the 3.5mm jack, you can plug the device to an Android or iPhone.

Additional Features

MSR7b uses the multi-layer air damping technology comprising of three-vent systems and layered housing to prevent unwanted distortions and vibrations. It also controls the flow of air, which further enhances the audio performance. Even in terms of noise isolation, MSR7b wins the game because it offers optimum isolation while traveling on buses or metros. Even the noise leakage is low at higher levels – a feature that is rarely available in this price range. Furthermore, the closed headphone design ensures that you remain insulated from the outside world, meaning that neither you can hear the people nor people can hear the song you’re listening. It creates a win-win situation for everyone. Due to the noise isolation and leaking feature, MSR7b can become the best travel companion. Furthermore, a high output of 101dB/mW and an impedance of 36 ohms ensure that these headphones work perfectly with low power amplifiers like those found in the Smartphones, tablets, and personal Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b Headphones Review in 2020audio players.

Who are these headphones for?

MSR7b is ideal for music lovers and people who use hi-spec audio devices. It’s also suitable for audiophiles who want to use the headphones for film and TV viewing. For cinema lovers, the headphones offer a truly cinematic experience. The headphone is not suitable for taking calls because of a lack of mic and remote. Apart from that, you can listen to any type of music.

Product highlights

  • Incredible soundstage
  • Balanced and engaging audio performance
  • Punchy and detailed bass
  • Stylish and attractive
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable and durable
  • 2-years limited warranty
  • Robust construction
  • 4.4 mm balanced connection

About the Company

Audio-Technica is a Japanese company founded in 1962 for innovating, designing, and manufacturing audio products. Today, the company is a pioneer in headphones, microphones, wireless systems, mixers, and professional and home audio products. Today, the products from the company speak volumes about the rich history, and the products have become synonymous with superior performance coupled with the excellent build quality. Interestingly, Audio-Technica has produced and developed products for several sporting events and award shows, including Grammy, Super Bowl, Commonwealth, and World Cup. Due to more than 50 years of innovation, the audio products are trusted both for home and professional use. The company works on the principle of passion, creativity, humility, and expertise. These four pillars form the backbone and empower the company to commit superior customer service, great innovation, and excellent design.

The company develops products for all budgets, making it the market leader in the audio equipment industry.


The Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b is one of the best headphones released by the company. From build quality to Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7b Headphones Review in 2020sound performance, the headphone outdoes some of the more prominent names in the market. With a stylish and timeless design, the earphones deliver an impressive sound performance.

As long as you’re happy using a wired device, the headphone is worth every penny because it delivers lively, accurate, and refined sound. It offers a blissful listening experience; you’re less likely to forget for a long time. One of the most prominent features of the headphone is the 4.4mm balanced connector, ensuring that it sounds natural and realistic. Audio-Technica has excellent judgment on the headband padding and earpiece level, making it an exceptionally comfortable headgear. Furthermore, the device is backed by the rich experience and expertise of a pioneer company. You will never repent the decision of spending money on the device, and it’s likely to stand the test of time.

MSR7b is a perfect harmony of audio performance, stylish design, and exceptional comfort, making it a prized possession for music lovers.

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