August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless Review

August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless ReviewWith the increase in the number of wireless headphones in the market, the August EP 650 is another addition to the same list. It is well sought after in the US and the UK, as a reasonably priced pair of headphones providing Bluetooth connectivity as well as a near-field communications (NFC) feature.

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Audio Performance

For a mid-range pair of headphones, the August EP650 packs a punch when it comes to sound quality and performance that can even rival higher end headphones. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology, they are compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices, including older 2.0 and 3.0 versions.

The headphones feature a pair of 6mm driver units, which provide rich, well-detailed sound with crystal clear clarity. Their frequency response falls between 60Hz to 20,000Hz, so the headphones are able to produce crisp and clear trebles coupled with solid, well-rounded mids. Initially, the bass seemed muddy but played out well after a few days of breaking in. They are not flat-sounding as the sound quality tends to lean towards the bass, but not to the point that it overwhelms the rest of the audio. Users listening to beat-heavy music genres or action films with gun shots and explosions will do well with the August EP650, as the bass really ramps up the listening experience. For those who want a flatter response, fret not – an equalizer might do the trick.

They have a sensitivity rating of 85dB and volume goes up fairly high without distortion. Meanwhile, the low impedance means that they can be used with portable music devices such as MP3 players and tablets, as well as with regular home hi-fi audio systems.

August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless ReviewLatency does not seem to be a big issue with the EP650, so users can be rest assured that there won’t be a lot of delay between the audio in the headphones and what’s happening on screen.

Design and Build

The EP650 pulls off modern and minimalist, with a thick headband and large rectangular ear pads that are rounded at the edges. The closed back design contributes to good sound isolation, letting users listen to music or audio in peace, even while in public. They also block out noise well.

Available in a variety of colors such as black, white, blue, red, silver and gold, users can choose a pair according to their preference and personal style. The blue is particularly striking, with a sleek and shiny surface, while gold and silver feature a matte texture.

Made from durable and sturdy plastic, the headphones are very lightweight at just 8 ounces so they won’t leave your ears feeling sore or painful after a long session. The cups are covered in soft, plush cushions for extra comfort, as is the padded headband. The headband is non-adjustable, but its ergonomic design should fit most head shapes and sizes. While the headphones are not sweat proof, they stay well on the head and can even be brought to the gym so you can listen to music while working out.

What we liked about the design is that the control buttons are located on the side of the ear cup. This makes it convenient to adjust volume as well as play or skip tracks conveniently, without having to fiddle with your gadgets. Around the cup is a light ring that changes color to let you know what settings it is in. For example, it turns red when charging and blue when fully charged. The headphones will also give off a jingle when pairing or powering down.

August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless ReviewFor easy portability, the cups fold down thanks to flexible hinges. These are solidly built, and can take the abuse of being opened and closed many times a day.

Additional Features

The August EP650 comes with loads of handy features, such as NFC, or ‘near-field communication’. This wireless technology allows users to simply tap the headphones with any Bluetooth enabled devices nearby for easy pairing, without the need for complicated setups or passwords. Pairing is a simple process, even for first time users, and usually takes mere seconds. Meanwhile, a built-in microphone makes it convenient to answer and make calls. It can also be used for in-game communication, and the conversations sound clear with no annoying static or buzzing.
The headphones have a long battery life that can last up to 10 hours, thanks to rechargeable internal lithium-ion batteries.

Since this is a wireless pair of headphones, we would much rather do away with annoying cables – but the August EP650 does offer the option for wired connections. A 3.5mm audio-in socket can be used to connect to devices without Bluetooth. You can also continue to use the headphones with the wire, in case they haven’t been charged for the day through the included USB charging cable. They only need to be plugged in for two hours to get full power.

Best of all: the headphones have a wide operating range of up to 30 ft, so users can enjoy more flexibility together with their audio.


  • AptX codec for good stereo sound quality
  • Affordable price
  • Low latency
  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.1, compatible with older Bluetooth versions
  • Long battery life, short charging time
  • Built-in mic
  • Comes with cables for plugging into non-Bluetooth devices
  • Wide operational range
  • Simple pairing with NFC
  • Portable – folds down for easy storage


  • Muddy base
  • Flimsy cable

With 6mm drivers, the headphones are provide rich and clear clarity of the lower ranges, while the highs and the trebles are perfectly sharp and well defined.

The ear cup cushions are 12mm thick along with padded headband, providing strong grip, and comfort to the ears even over long hours of having them on. The earpiece remote control allows you to multitask between shifting along the playlist, control volume and take calls.

Technical Specs

  • Compatibility with nearly all smart devices – including I-phone, android devices, laptops and tablets
  • Foldable
  • Operating Range: Up to 30ft
  • Frequency Response: 60Hz – 20KHz
  • Speaker Output: 30mW
  • SNR: ≥85dB
  • Distortion: ≤1.0%
  • Battery: 3.7V/220mAh Built-in Li-ion Battery
  • Working Time: 10 Hours
  • Standby Time: 30 Days
  • Weight: 8.2oz
  • Dimensions: 176.6 x 188.6 x 71mm

August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless Review

Who should be buying the August EP650?

    • Those who are looking for a stylish pair of wireless compact headphones with decent sound
    • Those who use smart devices (such as I-phones, I-pads and I-pods) and are looking for a compatible pair of headphones to complement those devices
    • Those who are looking for a pair of high-tech headphones – with all the extras – but are not willing to pay a fortune to get them

Our Verdict for August EP650

Along with 66 Audio BTS+  and Bluedio HT (H-Turbine), the August EP650 offers outstanding value for money in the category of Wireless Headphones.

<<Lastest customer reviews and prices of August EP650 Bluetooth Wireless>>

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