Ausdom M04 Bluetooth Headphones Review

Ausdom M04 Bluetooth headphones are expertly developed and manufactured by Ausdom, which is owned by Shenzhen Ausdom Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. Most people have never heard or, at least, not very familiar with Ausdom headphones. It is not a surprise because Ausdom is not primarily a headphones manufacturer. It started as a smart security cloud IP cameras developer. This consumer-centric company realised that this wireless world is too dependent on mobility. Mobile phones are enjoyed by everyone, everywhere. To tap this clientele, they began producing their own line of headphones.

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Although they are not yet famous for their headphones, you can be sure that Ausdom Bluetooth headphones are of top-notch quality. Ausdom never designs a product for the sake of competition. Instead, it conducts researches on consumer experiences. The first step of their production begins with studying user’s habits. The designers will use their creativity and expertise in creating a pair of headphones that consumers will enjoy. Every Ausdom headphone is made with care and attention to details. Hence, Ausdom M04 Bluetooth headphones are very convenient, efficient, and valuable to one’s daily life.

Design and Construction

Bluetooth headphones have the most convenient design a pair of headphones can ever have. The over-the-ear headphones come in a robust, rich, pitch black colour. Its ear cups bear an original, sporty, futuristic, sophisticated design. Each is padded and covered with soft, cushioned leather. Moreover, the ear cups can be switched regardless of whether each is marked with ‘R’ or ‘L’. The designers kept in mind that some users may be left or right handed and might find it difficult to adapt to the headphones. This inspired them to make a pair that adapts to the user, and not the other way around. The ear cups also swivel to easily and compactly store the headphones. The headband is thickly padded for additional comfort. It also has sliders on either side to allow you to extend the headphones to the desired length, and position them snugly and stably on the head. The entire headphones are very light and weigh only 200g.

A microphone can be seen on the left side. It is raised to allow you to conveniently talk when receiving a call or recording. It has grills painted in grey instead of black to distinguish it from the entire casing. Every command to use the headphones is neatly located at the bottom of the ear cups. The power button and volume controls are aligned well to minimise the risk of pressing the wrong command. The play/pause button, on the other hand, is on the right ear cup. This button can double up to accept a call. The fast forward/rewind button can be seen on either side.

A mini USB jack is positioned near the rewind button and has a hinged cover for additional protection. Ausdom M04 Bluetooth headphones have a rechargeable 400mAm battery which can last for up to 18 hours of non-stop playing. The battery only takes three hours to recharge. The headphones can connect wirelessly to your smartphone with Bluetooth 3.0 +EDR.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality,

Bluetooth headphones boast its detailed-wireless-sound (DWS) technology. This system is especially developed for Ausdom headphones. It is a combination of Bluetooth technology, perfect tuning technology, and ear engineering technology. Ausdom engineers spend more than four years to develop DWS that will give users a full range sound quality.

Ausdom Bluetooth headphones have a full range audio spectrum from 20Hz to 20kHz. A pair can produce deep bass, clear midrange frequencies, and distinct high pitches. Although it has no noise cancelling feature, the headphones can work both playback and phone calls well. The speakers have a diameter of 44-mm, and the sound emitted are amplified at frequencies with 64 Ohm impedance.


Ausdom M04 Bluetooth headphones are classic headphones with a twist. It has the look and feel of traditional headphones but with a more sleek design and impressive sound. It is very convenient and lightweight. It is worth buying if you are looking for a pair of headphones with a deep base but distinct high notes that come at an economical price.


It offers a great detailed-wireless-sound (DWS) system at a very low cost. It can be enjoyed wired or wireless. Its Bluetooth connection is stable and fantastic.


Some users complain on problems as to its built but it is obviously the best product within its price range.

<<Click here to see the price, specs and reviews of Ausdom M04 Bluetooth Headphones>>

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