Ausdom M04S Bluetooth Headphones Review for 2022

The Ausdom M04S Bluetooth headphones make a great first impression. From styling and design to performance Ausdom M04S-B Bluetooth Headphones Review in 2020and quality, all of the aspects come together to provide a great audio experience. The super comfortable and smart looking headphones inspire the senses with rich stereo sound quality that boosts full range and heightened bass. As the headphones are wireless and fairly light in weight, they can be worn long term without fatigue. Another great thing about the headphones are their versatility and ease of use. You can enjoy them to listen to your favorite music, or to communicate with loved ones thanks to the crystal clear audio calls.

Design and Size

The wireless Bluetooth headphones by Ausdom are made with a robust design that looks trendy and smart. As there’s a decent amount of vertical adjustment on the arms of the headphones, they are pretty customizable so that they fit you well without any discomfort. Once adjusted to your desired position, they feel quite secure. You can use the headphones while you go out for a run or workout, or pretty much do any activity that requires movement without the fear of the headphones moving of its own accord.

With a standard size and over-ear design along with plenty of cushioning both underneath the headband and the earpieces, you will find the headphones snug and comfortable. Both sides of the headphones are equipped with easy to use control buttons. While the right side features the play and pause functions, track selection and protected micro USB charging port, the left side has power and pairing button, volume controls and a high-quality inbuilt microphone to take calls.

It is a distinctive feature to have controls on either sides. It makes things simpler as the likelihood of pressing the wrong button is lessened. Furthermore, to make things even easier, the power and pairing button is not raised as much as the other buttons, so that you can tell the difference with a simple touch. Once you get the hang of it, the controls become pretty easy to use on a daily basis.

With a chic color contrast of red against black, the headphones make you stand out in crowds and add a nice pop of color while you enjoy your favorite music in style and comfort. Although the headphones are designed to be wireless, they can also be used in wired mode as they come with an audio cable. However, the wired option is only for stereo audio. The headphones weigh only 0.60lbs which is pretty light to rest on your ears without being too aware of it. The dimAusdom M04S-B Bluetooth Headphones Review in 2020ensions are 6.00×7.00×1.50 inches.

Materials and Comfort

The headphones are made from a combination of good quality synthetic leather and plastic. The ear cups have artificial protein leather earmuffs for a human skin like texture, along with a matte black finish with a fine turtle shell detail on its outer edges along with a fun pop of red color. The headphones pitch and swivel for your comfort, and as mentioned above, there’s plenty of room for vertical adjustment. The 180 degree rotated ear cups offer easy storage and adjustability.

These headphones definitely take the cake when it comes to user comfort. They are one of the best headphones in the market in terms of comfort. The headband and ear pads are well-padded for cushioning and a soft and supple touch. You can wear them for long hours without feeling any discomfort. The material itself is breathable to some extent, so that there’s varied degrees of moisture control. The ear pads, along with its plush cushioning, provide a complete seal around the ears. This prevents audio leakage and enhances sound isolation while preventing any outside nuisance to disturb audio quality. It is recommended to take the headphones off for a while from time to time if the ears get warm in hot weather.

Sound Performance

No amount of comfort or high quality built can save a headphone that doesn’t deliver sound audio quality. This is where these headphones shine! You’ll be impressed with the audio quality of these headphones with notable features such as ‘high sensitivity’ and ‘deep bass’, thanks to the 40mm drivers and advanced chip that deliver HD sound optimized power bass.

Bass really comes into play on specific genres like jazz and classical, but in general, it adds a nice pop to any music and make the listening experience far more enjoyable. If you are a bass-head, you will enjoy the audio performance of these headphones immensely. For the given price, these Bluetooth headphones perform way better than one might expect. Compared to the rest of the headphones in M series of Ausdom, M04S has more emphasis on bass with a soft impact that delivers rich audio with a hint of bloom. The midrange canAusdom M04S-B Bluetooth Headphones Review in 2020 feel a little underwhelming as the emphasis is on bass, but it still remains laidback and smooth, with a rolled off treble.

Another great thing is that the volume is really loud – so that it can always be adjusted according to your preference. The audio is distortion free at highest level, and the delivery remains clear and clean thanks to sound isolation.


The high quality and skillful craftsmanship of the headphones make them very robust and durable. The product is backed up with a great customer service. The brand’s return and refund policy comes into play within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days of purchase, Ausdom has a 12 month naked products warranty and an 18 month warranty extension as a member privilege. There’s also a 6 month warranty on accessories provided with the headphones. The items can be replaced if found defective or damaged within this time period and are replaceable with a factory refurbished model.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The headphones can be used in both wireless and wired modes. In wireless setting, the bass is greatly boosted with a heightened low-end grunt. The wireless headphones pair automatically with smartphones when NFC function is on. It makes use of HiFi NFC Bluetooth 4.0. The Bluetooth chip supports A2DP, HFP, AVRCP and HSP. This offers an uninterrupted connection for smooth music delivery, enjoyable audio experience with TV shows and movies, as well as hands-free crystal clear phone calls.

The headphones have a 20 hours long battery life with a built-in 400mAh rechargeable battery. They have an ultra-low power consumption with 250 hours standby time and a quick recharge time. The headphones can be used within a range of 10M (25 feet).

Additional Features

The headphones have built-in microphones offering a good call quality. It comes with a micro USB and the charging time is of 2-3 hours. The headphones can be connected to devices without Bluetooth via 1.2m long cable.


  • Easy connectivity with auto-pair feature.
  • Highly comfortable with well-padded headband and ear pads.
  • Offers a snug fit with vertical adjustment.
  • Impressive sound isolation.
  • Deep bass stereo sound with remarkably high volume level.
  • Long battery life and good durability.
  • Good sound quality in phone calls.
  • Budget friendly.

Who Are These Headphones For?

Although the headphones are pretty much versatile and good for all users, they are specifically targeted for Ausdom M04S-B Bluetooth Headphones Review in 2020audience who enjoys a little more bass in their music. As the headphones boast deep bass and high sensitivity, they really bring out the low notes and makes the instruments in the music noticeable and much more enjoyable.

These are great for those who want to enjoy music on the go. With a snug and comfortable fit, there’s little to no chance of dislocation with sudden movements, so they can be used in the gym or in outdoors. However, the ears can get a bit warm in hot weathers as there’s not much ventilation. This is also a good choice for work as it allows hands-free audio calls thanks to the highly efficient Bluetooth connectivity. This is not recommended for professional use, and is more of a casual every-day use item.


These are a high-quality built, reasonable priced and exceptionally performing headphones. The battery life is one of the most impressive features about the headphones as they keep going for hours with great functionality. You can see the battery life next to the Bluetooth symbol which is a neat upgrade on the M04S model. The hands free calls feature makes life easy, and the volume levels along with double tap redial function and decent quality microphone makes audio calls sharp and clear. All in all, you can expect amazing comfort, decent audio quality with well-pronounced bass and a remarkable battery life with this headphones. As a bonus, they are also easy on the eyes! With a price range of under $50, they make for a great pair of Bluetooth headphones that can be used long-term.

About the Company

Ausdom is a brand that deals with audio and video products, and has been running strong since 2014. Their main factory is in Shenzhen city, China and they have a good range of products at a cost effective value. The headphones focus on noise cancellation, wireless technology, and pure and good quality sound, paired with convenience and comfort. The products have good quality built and craftsmanship with the use of smart technology and simplified controls to make life easy.

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