Beats Studio3 Headphones – Review

The new Beats Studio 3 are wireless headphones that deliver an enjoyable music listening experience with PureBeats Studio3 Headphones Review Adaptive Noise Cancelling feature, which actively blocks all the unnecessary noises in the background and the headset provides a real-time audio calibration to maintain the clarity, emotion, and range. The headphones are set in a way that they continuously block the external voices and simultaneously responds to individual fit in real-time, and they also optimize the sound output giving the listener an experience that an artist intends. It comes with great battery life so there won’t be any issues with the long drives or planes.

About Beats

Beats electronics are popularly known as Beats by Dr. Dre. This is a subsidiary company of Apple Inc. which is exclusively into producing audio products. The reason beats are also known as Dr. Dre is that it was found by a rapper and music producer Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, the co-founder of Interscope Records. The original products of Beats Electronics were Beats by Dre headphones.

While promoting the materials, Dre often uses to refer to the line that the listener was unable to hear most of the music in almost all headphones and that it was Beats material that allowed people to, “hear what the artists listen to and the way ay music must be heard.” While comparing to the other gazillion companies producing audio products, beats are said to incline to produce a large amount of bass which catered a lot of followers, especially the one involves in pop music and hip hop.

Driven by the Apple W1 chip

Apple and Beats are adamant about changing the way everyone listens to music with the Apple W1 chip in the latest Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones.Beats Studio3 Headphones Review

  • Integrating the effective W1 chip enables the seamless setup and switching with the other Apple products* (This is a must to consider).
  • They provide a great battery life of up to 22 hours for making your experience hinder less.
  • The headphones come with full features playback with the effective ANC on, and the fast fuel technology for the patient less youth, i.e., a 10-minute charge gives you 3 hours of nonstop music, and if you turn off the ANC, the battery life boosts up to 40 hours.

Stay connected. Stay in the zone.

The studio3 indeed takes the listener to a parallel universe, but that doesn’t mean that you have to break the connection with the real world.

  • With these headphones, one can skip songs, take calls, activate Siri, and control volume by simply using the multifunctional on-ear controls.
  • The W1 chip also features great Bluetooth connectivity, with the effective classification of range and signal strength.
  • With the best performance delivery, Beats Studio3 impeccably syncs to the devices, so that your normal functioning of the day doesn’t affect.
  • The listener can move easily, keep the music going, and stay effective all day long.

Designed to fit you

This Beats headset is particularly designed for long term comfort and to match its great battery life up to 22 hours so that you can listen to your favorite playlist all day long.

  • The over-ear cushions are very soft combined with advanced venting along with trademark ergonomic pivotingBeats Studio3 Headphones Review for a adjustable and custom fit for any head shape.
  • The design is exceptionally durable, comfortable, and lightweight, perfect for making you lost in the wonderland of yours.

Let us discuss the specific features of the product Beats Studio3:

Design and Material:

Every person before buying the headphones looks for the design, and the material is used to make the headphones. These over-ear Beats Studio3 wireless headphones share and design resemblance with smaller and inexpensive on-ear solo range headphones. If the user is not uncomfortable with the great intimacy of beats studio3 design (with the undaunted vision of pleasurable summer listening), there is little to none fault about these headphone’s fitting. They don’t cause any uncomforted hotspots of pressure on the top of the head. The headband is easily adjustable. They don’t create any divots in your precious hairstyle. The supremacy of plastic reigns in this headphone as it always does when it comes to Beats. Although the matte finish elevates the classiness and glossy finish gives the best final touch. The headphones weigh around 260g makes them portable and handy for long travels too. Quality is impeccable with solid Material used. The matter is matte, metal accents and plush ear cups.

Audio Performance

The real-time audio calibrating serves a premium listening experience. For audio quality, when tried listening songs of every gene gave a good result. Be it BOB or Taylor swift or hip hop or the famous A.R Rehman. If there are guitar picks the mid-tones are found to be crisp. It is good with the bass too; the low frequency is kick-off on around 100 Hz. The vocals and beat boxing go well together, which is rare amongst the wireless headphones. The spatial separation featured in the headphones makes you feel like being in a live concert, loud and clear except removal of the background noise. The battery life increases once you turn off the ANC, and the wireless playback never seems to compromise with the audio quality. The audio on the headphones is effective and enjoyable. The audiophiles mightBeats Studio3 Headphones Review make a fuss (no offense) but all and all they are great fun to listen and not heavy basses, which makes it unique from another headphone.


The Studio3 are very comfortable and cozy without pressuring the head. They can be worn for a long period and doesn’t get hot fast. Not that everybody can make this observation, but as the topic is the comfort ability, the B&W PX, e.g., will wrap snugly around your ears, which will make more contact with the head. The beats always have a purpose behind every design choice.

The studio S3 are obsessed with passive noise attenuation, which means when you are wearing them and listening to songs, without having any tech feature turn on, they still do a pretty good job of blocking the unnecessary external noises. When we talk about the close contact, the headphones work like an earmuff (kind of like woolen muffler) which is well brilliant for the winter season can turn into a nightmare in the gazing summers.

  • They don’t cause pressure on top of the head, which means your hairstyle is also secure.
  • The plush ear cups are the hero as they are amazingly comfortable.
  • The headphones can be worn for a long time without hurting your ears.
  • It might get a little warm, but that is normal.
  • Soft over-ear cushions for comfort and decreased noise isolation.
  • The design is very lightweight; comfortable to help you forget all the issues of the world and get lost.

Durability and Warranty

 Beats is a subsidiary company of Apple. Their durability is very trusted worthy as they have a good legacy to maintain. Warranty of the headphones is one year; headphones come with a warranty card for further works. Beats Studio3 Headphones ReviewComing to durability, all the previous headphones have received positive reviews when it comes to durability.

As beats are exclusively producer of audio electronics, they keep comfort and durability with audio quality at supreme reigns. If you are thinking to buy the Beats studio3, you need not worry about the durability whatsoever. This is where the legacy and goodwill comes in handy for beats because it is a part of the Apple family.

Wireless capability and additional features

Beats took the wireless noise-canceling headphones and have tried to be better than the previous products seamlessly. When compared the studio3 to the previous model, this point was pretty clear. The model sounded with better clarity, and the noise cancellation worked like a charm. Although the difference might not seem huge, few users believe that the 2014 studio was better in audio quality.

Whenever the word “wireless” is heard the first resemblance made is freedom from those cables where the listener needs to be careful with the hands, you can’t dance or jump, but then came the wireless gaming mice specialist. The shedding of wire was a sign of liberation from the layer of technological friction. Studio3 has been a good wireless headphone as the syncing and pairing is seamless and flawless. It is a fact the less the effort a person needs to put the more he will like the product and Studi3 has that feature.

W1 Wireless Chip

Up to 22 hours of battery life allows full-featured all-day playback. Apple W1 chip for class one wireless Bluetooth connectivity & battery efficiency. Talking about the wireless feature, they sing seamlessly when plugged in the Apple ecosystem.

Connect with iPhone, instant connection; try syncing with the iMac, close to instant but still fast. But try playing it back with iTunes, you could remotely control with studio3. If everything best will be given in one headset what wouldBeats Studio3 Headphones Review they bring in the next model say S4? If you’re not a part of the big fat Apple acolyte, you get a fresh set of unnecessary headaches. But otherwise, this is a feature one might consider seriously before buying the product because agree or not this is a feature you won’t get anywhere else, because this belongs to apple.

The W1 wireless chip is the hero and villains of the headphones. Everybody knows the W1 chip is the gift beats get being a subsidiary company of apple. But without W1 wireless chip beats has not made any significant improvement if we talk about the studio3. They at best can be called a marginal, boot upgraded model.

Sound quality and Noise Cancelling

Keeping the battery up-gradation aside the two changes made are in sound quality and Noise cancellation. When compared to other headphones, this model sounded more natural, and they have stood up to their tag line saying the listener should listen to the music as the artist intends.

Bluetooth performance:

Bluetooth connection has received by far the worst reviews in Studio S3. The class 1 Bluetooth incorporated in the headphones doesn’t give the class1 facility at all, and they consume a lot of battery for a stronger connection.

There was one user who reviewed that if compared to the Bluetooth connectivity of Pixel, Beats has done a very bad job. With beats, there were repeated and consistent dropouts through Bluetooth Interface. When compared to Pixel 2 there was no such issue, as there were no dropouts even when used the same device with Wilkins PX and Bowers for that matter. And it is impressive how far Google came with Bluetooth performance over Pixel.

Problem with Apple is it doesn’t concern itself with usage scenario at all. It wants you to be a part of Apple ecosystem only, can’t prefer anything else outside their acolyte. If you want a flawless connection, get hooked up with iPhones or iPads. Studio3 doesn’t support the advance codecs of Qualcomm’s APTx HD also, which gets all the support from another rival.

Battery Life

This is where Studio3 gets an outstanding grade. It is supposed to give a satisfying 22 hours battery life when plugged into iOS devices with the noise-canceling feature turned on. If you turn off the noise-canceling feature, it boosts up to 40 hours. You don’t get anywhere near that if connected to android devices, you at best can make through 12-14 hours before needing the backup.

The joy one can get with the Apple peripheral and the Micro USB cable, pun intended. Apple once haughtily declaredBeats Studio3 Headphones Review that the headphone jack is obsolete on phones, and consistently persisted for shipping the headphones with the retrograde Micro USB port on them.

Presently if you want to charge your Pixel 2, Bowers & Wilkins PX and MackBook Pro, all you need is a single cable, but if you went into the Apple’s great ecosystem, you’d need three different cables. How convenient is it? Apart from the Apple acolyte, battery life is commendable; it works very efficiently. Just a 10 minute charging and gives you hours of music listening is the best given we don’t have the characteristics of being patient nowadays.


The headphones have several buttons, and despite having an asymmetrical look, they all located on the left side. If you click the B logo, it will play or pause the music. Click twice, and you’ll skip the song and clicked three times will get you’ll be back at the previous song. Above and below the ‘b’ button are volume up and volume down control. Although there is no marking to distinguish whatsoever that they are there. Try not ripping off the plastic off the box without reading, as if you do that you’ll have to figure everything on your own. On the base of the left ear cup is the 3.5mm jack so that you can plug in the incorporated audio cable with a mic and remote. Coming to the right ear cup, you’ll find that it looks the same but does nothing entirely. It’s just the logo. And before you ask, no, it doesn’t finish in a lightning cable and, no, it doesn’t arrive with a dongle, which makes ideal sense. Then there are five small LED lights and a power button that let you know approximately how much battery is left. Double-tapping the power button lets you toggle the active noise canceling off and on. At the very base is a micro USB port, which isn’t a USB Type-C because of reasons.

Noise Cancelling

The main point of getting these headphones is the famous Noise-cancelling Feature. You can kill the ANC on or in two different ways: one is by tapping the power catch twice, and the other is in the genuine Bluetooth settings application on iOS. On Android, you don’t have this alternative, everything you can do is flipping the AAC codec on or off if your gadget supports it.Beats Studio3 Headphones Review

The headphones by default have ANC feature on, and slowly it adapts to the environment around you and then works like a charm by blocking the unnecessary noise. If you’re watching YouTube Studio3 won’t delay your watching of videos either on iOS or Android for that matter. It is good news for every YouTube lover.

Who is Beats Studio3 ideal for?

A lot of users liked the Studio3 feels good in the hand, pretty comfortable and handy. If you’re part of the Apple family, you will head over heels in love with Studio3. It is flawless when plugged with the apple device. The battery life, audio quality, W1 wireless chip it is all good. It will be worth the money invested. The headphones are of matte plastic, soft which is smooth to touch. But they are not fingerprinted prone, which is surprising given the matte finish. Then comes the plush ear cups are also comfortable. The ANC feature is everything it said it is. The syncing and pairing is seamless.

What is in the box?

  • Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones
  • Warranty card
  • Universal USB charging cable (USB-A to USB Micro-B)
  • 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Carrying case


  • Matte or Glossy final touch.
  • Comes with charging cable and wired mode cable.
  • The battery lasts long
  • The syncing and pairing is seamless.
  • Sound quality is impeccable

The design and material are very comfortable. The battery life is something commendable as it longs for around 22 hours with ANC on and skyrockets to 40 hours with ANC turned off. The Noise-canceling feature does everything it promises from canceling the noises to make the music sound so lively; Studio3 has lived up to the expectation. The earplugs are soft, and headphone doesn’t get warm easily, which makes it a good headphone. It has a carrying pouch that comes with the headset, which makes it handy for long travels.


  • Not ideal for non-Apple users.
  • Bad Bluetooth connection.
  • The canceling feature is bad.

The headphone might feel a little heavy at the head. Despite being an asymmetrical model, all the buttons are on the left side, they could’ve utilized the whole area, but they chose not to. The android users might get pissed with the useless Bluetooth connection, but the apple people have nothing to worry. The bad part about being associated with the apple company is that they are not trying anything to make the people who aren’t part of the apple acolyte comfortable.


The new Beats studio3 are wireless headphone that delivers a piece of enjoyable music. These over-ear Beats Studio3 wireless headphones share and design resemblance with smaller and inexpensive on-ear solo range headphones. The Studio3 are very comfortable and cozy without pressuring the head. They can be worn for a long period and doesn’t get hot. Looking at all these features, the verdict at this moment for Beats studio3 is 7.0/10.

If you are a part of the apple family, you should buy this headset without hesitating but if you are an android user, we would recommendation you to explore other options. The headset provides great audio quality with the ANC feature it is the best in the competition. As Dre said that the person listening to the music on the headphones must feel the music as an artist’s intent, they have stood up to that quality.