Beats urBeats3 Earphones – Complete Review

Beats urBeats3 Earphones Review

Designed for the best experience the urBeats3 wired earphones, are features finely-tuned with the acoustic design is made to deliver an acoustic experience to the listener. The optimal ergonomic fit by the earphones gives you all-day comfort, and the tangle-free flat cable is the saviour for everybody, and the magnetic earbuds offer easy portability that helps you to stay on the go.

About the company:

Beats is a subsidiary apple company which is the leading brand of audio electronics found in 2006 by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine. Being exclusively audio electronics producers, Beats have their priorities straight by producing the premium earphones, headphones, and speakers. With the amazing products, they have introduced a new generation full of great experiments and opportunities of premium sound and entertainment. Beats have climbed the ladder of success and have always brought the emotion, energy, and excitement of playing music for all the lovers out there.

Some features of urBeats3 are:

Get the best

This designed earphone is made with the priority to give an exceptional listening experience to the users. The flat Beats urBeats3 Earphones Reviewcable wired earphones have tune-acoustic design along with the axially aligned driver made to deliver exclusively best sound output to you. To deliver the synchronized songs and to maintain the natural tonality irrespective of the kind of music being played on the earphones, they have a laser precision micro pressure balanced bass, along with dual-chamber acoustics.

Comfort to You

The first important thing expected out of an earphone is comforted, and keeping that in mind the urBeats3 is designed specifically with the ergonomic fitting with sleek style. For providing individual fit, the earphones come with a variety of options to adjust according to your convenience and isolate the noise alongside. The earphones also provide secure fit wingtips which provide stability irrespective of whatever you are doing. So all in all you get a comfortable fitting and the beats in one product.

Control in your fingertips

The one good thing about earphones is they don’t bother your phone, and beats have it all with a single push on the button you can control your music, answer your calls or activate the music with the help of the built-in mic. The flat cables keep the earphones tangle-free, and magnetic earbuds can be securely carried around the neck when not using the earphones. The makers have considered all scenarios to keep you comfortable. You can be tension free, and carry them any time you want in the compact case it comes with.

Let’s peek into some specific features now:

Design and Material

The signature feature of non-tangled flat cable effectively resists the tangling as much as it can but doesn’t completely neutralize them. However, this is not that big of an issue because if the earphone does get tangled, they Beats urBeats3 Earphones Reviewcan be untied easily because of the flat wire. Halfway up the ribbon, the earphone comes a black Y split where the cable diverges itself into two parts. Although few users have said that lack of cable management is often frustrating, it gets tangled in the bag or shirt for that matter.

Both of the housing of the earphones are bullet-esque, built and are designed keeping the brand name in mind loosely translated they are pretty classically designed, with of course the recognizable lower-case “b”. Now talking about the working of music inside the chamber is a driver that pumps the acoustic music through the angle shape nozzle into the ear canals. But the ergonomic design is pretty comfortable. Now, there is a chance that the earphones might not fir your ears, as said by few users, ensure to peruse into some third party opinion about the ear tips.

Untangled Flat Cable:

Now let’s get down at the famous flat cable and see what it has for us. So down the left line is an integrated mic, whose usage is implied to all and then is a three-button remote module, which honestly feels cheap because let’s face it the earphones belong to BeatsX. Listeners may use the control module to control the music and take calls. But here is the downside with beats earphones if you are an android user the volume controls aren’t made for you. So, no matter how dedicated they are to make you comfortable if you are not a part of the Apple acolyte, they will make you feel that shit. But looking at the bright side android users won’t have issues using the Google Assistant. Thank You, Beats!

The quality of the microphone is surprisingly pleasant.  The voice is only minutely muffled while using the microphone and its placement effectively success in negating the unnecessary noises from head-bobbing, which is a relief. The background noises get slightly diminishes, but if there is a car engine revved by you, it will be completely relayed to the speaking partner of yours, so keep that in mind for your betterment.

Audio Performance

If we speak in the frequency, responsive terms are more inclined to neutral-leaning, which is anticipated from beats but than the clarity is a bit deficient. There was one review that said that despite being in a quiet apartment with the earphones completely jammed into the ear canals, the experience is not the same you think you’ll get buying a pair of beat earphones. But the most prominent feature of Beats was, is and will always be the bass, it is their sound Beats urBeats3 Earphones Reviewsignature. Also, to get the best bass response, ensure that the ear tips of earphones make a cogent seal as that will help with noise isolation better. The only tip for isolation is cogent seal

Lows, mids, and highs

Okay this part has two sides, either you’ll hate the explanation or you’ll now all there is to know. The lows, mids, and highs are important to know in an earphone and the best way to tell that if you have a song to explain. So the song helping us out is Gregory Alan Isakov’s “Chemical begins”, with the solo guitar with light piano to underscore it. Now even with the absence of vocals or the secondary guitar, that enters later the guitar’s clarity lacks the lustre. Now try listening to F chord at 0:03, where the resonance of harmonic is hardly audible over the music of piano, which is simply accompaniment and not being played powerfully.

Now at 0:55 the first cymbal hit and the kick drums can be heard. The former is difficult to hear in the urBeats3, and you might miss it too if you’re not actively listening to it as it is masked with the kick drum. This is not supposed to be overwhelming, or anything yet is sound that way, whose credits goes to the sloppy audio reproduction.

All in all the sound quality is not bad, surprisingly Isakov’s voice is reproduced well, specifically when his register goes quite low at his final utterance of “gone” in the last moments of the song. So generally peaking if you’re a normal consumer of the music industry who isn’t much concerned with the sound quality that urBeats3 is fine for you but if you’re the discriminated listener, these are not for you.


Talking about the comfortability of the earphones, they are good at providing comfort. The nozzles are angled shape that make the longer listening music sessions comfortable.  Especially the ergonomic touch makes the earphones unique. As humans don’t have a universal shape of ears and everyone has a different shape, so for this issue, the beats have a solution by providing a variety of ear tip options that gives the individual fir and also blocks the unnecessary external noise.

Also, people are mistaken if you think comfort is confined to the feel of the product; comfort also depends on how handy is the product. UrBeats3 is pretty portable given the untangled flat cable which helps you in the frustrating moments of ‘buds are mindlessly tossed into a bag.’ Users are amazed by the details that the makers have gone into to provide the great quality of earphones. The variety of custom-fit is the hero in UrBeats3 that brings all the comfortBeats urBeats3 Earphones Review

with it.

They have gloated about the additional Earbuds, but when we speak about the “perfect fit,” we don’t mean that they get stuck on our ear canal that is an important feature which comes along with comfort. Beats was successful in keeping the earphones up in the ear with earbuds and nozzle angels, but they forgot to and the comfort feature, they hurt really bad and you cannot wear for a long time, for the sake of your ears.

Durability and Warranty

Every user is concerned about the durability of the product before buying it. These earphones are of Beats Electronics, and this says it all. Beats are known for making excellent quality products, given that they are not indulging in any other product except the audio electronics, durability should be least of your concerns. Although they do provide a warranty card with the earphones, so you don’t have to worry about it. And if one uses the earphones carefully, you don’t need to worry for a long time until they launch an updated version at least.

Additional Features


As we know the earphones are wired, users don’t have to keep your eyes peeled for the high-quality Bluetooth codecs. That informed the listening experience is more of an enjoyable process. The listening experience is better when your phone has a native headphone jack rather than requiring a USB-C dongle adaptor. The actual plug is gold-plated and kind of feels sturdy, but L-shape jack is preferred.


Let’ start the performance part with what beats has always been good at bass. Now the urBeats3 gave an interesting sound curve to the earphones. The bass is controlled and loud which perpetuated the stereotype yet again that Beats are indeed made for a bass lover. The mids are less clear, but one can manage there. However, what one cannot subdue is the highs are sacrifices for the low-end supremacy.Beats urBeats3 Earphones Review

While using it, the earphones make a good deal with the genres incredibly fun experience to listen to. It gets really hard not to dance or jump along the loud bass when one is listening to the favourite EDM or rap or any hip hop song for that matter, and at one point you will actually feel the drivers being pushed on your ear canal, which by reading might sound absolutely gross, but when you experience it you’ll know it is anything but gross. The issue is that the drivers don’t have stereo separation as it should have, which is unfortunate if you are a fan of classic rock. Songs like the Baba O’Riley by the who or Jimi Hendrix’s all along the watchtower are missing their binaural sonic signatures which are the essence of the song.


When discussing clarity, the earphones are laying in the middle as the mids and highs are pretty subduing when compared to the lows. Of course, the listener can still catch what the lyricist has to say but then the one who is suckered for the subtle piano tunes or the intricate guitar riffs, they will begin to muddle together and will lose the shimmer while being heard at urBeats3. That said it is a great pair for Bass lovers, not a great pair for classic rock people.

There is some problem with the cable wire, correction flat cable wire. Okay, so if you pause the music for a moment but don’t remove the earphones from your ears, you’ll hear a faint noise every time the cable rubs against the fabric of your shirt, which to be not sound rude is annoying as it is not a one-time thing it happens every damn time. Also one can say in short period this won’t have much of an effect but if someone is planning to wear this stylishly uncomfortable phones all day at work, they should prepare themselves for constantly pulling them in and out of your ears in order to avoid the annoying cable noise, alongside doing the regular office work of course.

Why you should you choose Beats urBeats3?

When it comes to Beats you wither love it, or you hate it, kind of like a white vine or the office.

The company very well knows the trick to elicit a visceral reaction-negative or positive. So, in spite of swaying you Beats urBeats3 Earphones Reviewthrough the all good stuff, let’s dive straight onto the review of the product.

Honestly, if you are not seriously into the earphone stuff and you just want to listen to songs, they are good but if you are a sucker for music, try something else. Beats provide the user nothing aside those additional pair of two ear tips, and the sound quality is just mediocre. That said, to be honest, most customers are attracted to beats, not for the supreme sound quality but the design, there is no debate about the fact that the design of earphones given by Beats is impeccable. It draws you complete towards it almost making you forget the real reason behind buying the earphone, which is to have clear the sound quality. If you buy the earphone lured by design, please don’t expect a good song listening experience and few users have a complaint about the durability, but that comes later in the line. For the listener who is in love with beats and tries keeping things wired, this is an affordable option for you compare to the rest of the company’s line up.

The flat cable is effective in combating the excessive tangling, and the magnetic housing keeps things into order when the user is not listening to songs. That said the sound quality is not that good, but the Bass response is fairly subdued compared to the previous products by the Beats electronics.

What’s in the Box

  1. Warranty Card with one year warranty
  2. UrBeats3 earphones, of course!
  3. Ear tips with four options for individual fitting.
  4. A quick start guide to lead you through important things


  • Precise and sleek design that attracts everyone.
  • The bass response is very strong.
  • They are highly compatible with iPhones
  • The nozzles are angles for individual fitting and comfort
  • The flat cable is tangle-resistant.
  • The magnetic earbud housing keeps the earphone stable.

The pairing with apple products is seamless. The flat cable is angelic with the tangle-free feature. The earbuds are comfortable. It comes with a case which makes the earphones handy. The bass response is very strong, no doubt when it is said that Beats is a bass lover’s best friend. Also, the audio quality is not disappointing. The connectivity is fair, and the multiple ear tips were, without a doubt, a practical addition made to the set of earphones.


  • The earphones are not suitable for a long period.
  • The mids and high subdue the lows
  • They are fairly expensive.
  • The volume doesn’t work for Android user.
  • The cable management is a big-time failure
  • Audible cable noise

It’s good for a bass lover, but the classic rock fan can as well throw them away. They are pretty expensive for the product they deliver. Volume control doesn’t work for Android users. So, one way or the other the Apple acolyte gets to you. They subdue the low compared to mids and highs. You can listen to the lyrics but not to the guitar or piano. They also fail in blocking external noise even if you jam them in your ear canal.


UrBeats3 are a good looking pair of earphones with decent sound quality and have a great bass response, which givesBeats urBeats3 Earphones Review an enjoyable experience for a shorter period of time. That said if the price range was little low this pair would’ve gotten different respect, but when you are associated with the Apple, the brand cost adds up first and then comes the quality and comfort feature. The only problem is when one knows that there is a better sounding product at a low price, it’s kind of hard to recommend UrBeats3.

To be honest, they are not that handy also, as we can’t take them to the gym or can’t hear at home more than 30 minutes as the head starts hurting. It is best only for when one has to wear a helmet. But of course, they have a certain value to the Bass-loving iPhone owners who are always looking for something little flashier even when that shine comes at the cruciating price of performance. They are worth an audition, but honestly, they are not making into the Rock N Roll hall of fame anytime soon on that price and audio quality.

As mentioned above the problem with the cable and the comfortability, neither problem are big enough to break the deal if you’re planning to wear them for a short period of time or occasional workout, but then if you’re planning to wear them all day long while working or if your office work requires constant calling and talking or for that matter if you are in research work and music helps you concentrate than this earphones are not for you.

Also being associated with the Apple acolyte, this is worth pointing out that the anchor for these beats earphones is the lightning connector. It is not confined merely to providing audio to the earphone, but it also provides them with a purpose: that said the UrBeats3 is like the middle child of every small family who has the Lightning connector based headphones. They are expensive but not as costly as say the fantastic 1More triple driver earphones, but then they’re a huge step up from Apple’s ultra-cheap ear pods that are coming packed with every new iPhone.

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