Behringer HPS3000 Studio Headphones Review for 2022

Budget headphones are always in demand due to their cost effectiveness and good sound quality. When made Behringer HPS3000 Review in 2020with components that offer impeccable sound delivery that’s akin to studio quality, the headphones become indispensable. The Behringer HPS3000 headphones have all the right elements and features to make for great budget headphones with studio quality sound and durability. These headphones are known for their high definition dynamic bass and transparent highs that makes listening experience all the more enjoyable. With comfortable and plush oval-shaped ear cups and thickly padded headband to support you and offer a snug fit, the headphones become convenient and comfortable to wear for long hours of uninterrupted listening. The traditional over-the-ear and closed back design offers good sound isolation, and the sleek metallic look with black and silver combo and the stylish Behringer logo makes you stand out.

Design and Size

These are traditional wired headphones that come with a non-detachable cable on the left side. The over-ear design with closed back ear cups completely cover the ears. The ear cups have an oval shape and are well padded along with the headband for a snug and comfortable fit. The flawless and trendy Behringer look enhances the design and aesthetical appeal of the headphones.

Although the headphones can look a bit bulky due to the thick padding and large ear cups, they are fairly light in weight, weighing only 0.64lbs with dimensions of 8.07×6.89×3.70 inches. The headphones have a single cable or cord that’s 6 feet long and tangle free. It is a pretty good length to allow you some freedom of movement while staying close to the device the headphones are paired with. As there’s no wireless connectivity, you don’t have to fear for unstable connections or distortion in the quality of the music.

The cord is pretty thin in diameter, and is a bit delicate and requires care. However, it is designed to be resistant to getting tangled. The connector of the headphones is L-shaped with 1/8 inch diameter and oxygen free copper wires. The headphones also come with a 1/4 inch adapter.

Unlike the cord, the headband has a pretty rugged construction that can withstand rough use and is pretty adjustable to give you a customized fit. You can adjust them in vertical dimension to make sure that the headphones don’t get displaced with sudden movements. The padding on the headband is sufficient enough to keep the head comfortable, but it doesn’t have a breathable lining to promote ventilation. Overall, the design makes them look quite luxurious and professional, which is always a plus point for budget headphones. This is majorly due to the plush silver plastic detailing.

Materials and Comfort

With high quality silver plastic that gives it an edgy, metal look, the headphones are pretty sturdy. The foam pad on the ear cups and headband make for a comfortable listening experience. However, they can flake over time with long periods of use and sweat/moisture damage. The good news is that these pads can be easily replaced Behringer HPS3000 Review in 2020when needed, so that you don’t have to replace the headphones if the foam pad wears out. The cord, as mentioned above, is somewhat delicate as compared to studio headphones. Special care is required to keep the cord tangle free and ensure that they don’t get in the way or are accidently tugged.

The headphones are very comfortable to be worn for extended periods. As there’s no battery or Bluetooth connectivity and the headphones are wired, you don’t have to worry about depleting battery or charging. This give an interrupted listening experience so that you can enjoy your favorite music all day long. With a plush and rugged headband that’s well-cushioned and thick foam pads around the ear cups, you will feel comfortable at all times. However, the ears can feel warm after long hours of use. It is recommended to give a few minutes break in between to prevent the ears from fatigue and unwanted moisture buildup that can damage the foam pad. The ear cups rotate and can be adjusted at an angle, as well as the vertical dimension, for a more customized and relaxed fit. This also contributes towards portability and makes it easy to pack in your backpack.

Sound Performance

Considering the price range of the headphones, the audio quality is exceptionally good. The frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 20 KHz which is pretty remarkable for budget headphones. The 40mm drivers deliver excellent sound quality. When the volume is turned too high, some users feel the sound to break or become slightly distorted. However, the low and medium volumes delivery seamless sound quality.

The lows are slightly muddy but the bass is dynamic with a defined ‘boom’ quality. The highs are also pretty satisfactory but leaves something to be desired when it comes to crispness, and may sound rather flat at high volumes. Overall, the ultra-wide frequency response and ultra-wide dynamic range are two shining qualities of these studio headphones when it comes to sound performance. It allows the listener to enjoy crystal clear sound replication of their favorite tunes with a good punch from the bass.

Another factor that effects the overall quality of sound and audio delivery is noise isolation and cancellation feature. While these headphones do not have active noise cancellation technology, the sound isolation is pretty decent. This is mainly due to the robust and well-fitted ear cups that provide a good seal against external nuisance, and also prevent sound leakage to a great extent. These headphones are ideal to listening or tracking, rather than mixing or recording. If you need a budget friendly and comfortable pair of headphones for an electronic drum kit, these would work perfectly.Behringer HPS3000 Review in 2020


These headphones are durable and sturdy for long term use as long as they are well-cared for. As these are solely wired headphones, the quality and durability of the cable is important. These headphone have a single sided cable that’s made from oxygen-free copper. This makes it resistant to the typical bothersome tangling which in turn extends the durability of the headphones.

The foam pads are replaceable if they become flaky, and the overall built and quality of the headphones makes it robust and durable. The headband has a rugged construction and doesn’t get damaged with repeated use or frequent adjustments. The product comes with three years limited warranty when the online purchase is registered, and a good customer service to back it up.

Connectivity and Compatibility

The headphones come with 14 inch TRS adapter for the 1/8 inch TRS connector. This makes the headphones compatible with most of the devices that support audio and video, such as MP3 players, mobile phones, mixing console and other such devise. As it is pretty versatile with its connections, you can pair the headphones up with most audio outlets. However, there’s only wired connectivity available and there’s no Bluetooth or wireless connection available with these headphones.

Additional Features

The product comes with a ¼ inch adapter, and leaves something to be desired when it comes to other technologically advanced features such as ANC, wireless connectivity or built-in microphone.


  • Cost effective and durable.
  • Good sound quality with high definition bass.
  • Comfortable to wear with well-padded ear cups and headband.
  • Three years warranty when purchase is registered.
  • Versatile compatibility.
  • Smart looking design.
  • Decent sound isolation and a snug fit.

Who Are Thee Headphones For?

Although these are studio headphones, they are priced at about $20, which makes them ideal for casual use rather Behringer HPS3000 Review in 2020than professional studio music. They provide a pretty decent sound isolation, so that you can use them for everyday errands and commute, or just to enjoy your favorite music/ TV shows and movies. The studio headphones are recommended for casual listeners who want to track and admire the bass in music.

Most users recommend theses headphones for modern music rather than old classical music due to its range and sound quality. These headphones are not recommended for those who are primarily looking to use them for phone calls, or for the gyms or the outdoors. This is because the wired headphone is not easy to manage with movement, and the cable gets in the way and causes disturbance. Also, the material of the ear cups and headband doesn’t provide the amount of ventilation needed for moisture control in cases of sports or exercising in the gym. So these are more of a casual use set of headphones.


These headphones are pretty amazing when it comes to sound delivery for the given price. If you are someone who is used to wearing earbuds or lightweight earphones, it might take a little getting used to, but you will enjoy the dynamic quality of music and the good range of sound isolation provided with these headphones, which is similar to the in-ear design. If you are looking for studio/professional quality headphones, you might be disappointed with some of the technical aspects and quality of audio on higher volumes, but for a causal everyday use, these headphones really live up to expectations both in terms of comfort and audio quality.

About the Company

Behringer is an audio equipment company running strong since 1989 and providing budget equipment for budding artists, audiophiles and music enthusiasts. They provide affordable products without comprising on the quality or durability. With a good warranty period and customer service, they aim at providing ultimate customer satisfaction and continually renews designs and technical advancements.

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