Top 10 Best Bang and Olufsen Headphones In 2022

A Danish brand founded in 1925, and one that’s etched into annuals of Danish history, Bang and Olufsen has Top 10 Best Bang and Olufsen Headphones In 2022delivered over 90 years of unrivaled technology. Bang and Olufsen’s very first commercial product, the Eliminator, was released in 1927 and started a revolution – allowing radios to be powered by the mains instead of huge batteries. As the brand began to take off, the business had to move to a factory in Struer from the Denmark attic where it all began. A few years in, Bang and Olufsen’s strategy evolved with a focus on style – making technical gadgets quite a pleasure to live with. Their products have since then been equally inspired by form and function. They explored new ways to expand their line over the decades, supplying radios to fighters against Germany in the war, producing electric shavers and record players, and even televisions that, when not in use, could be hidden from sight. At present, Bang and Olufsen is considered to be one of the major players in the electronics market – creating some of the most internationally-renowned and revolutionary products in the industry.

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Bang and Olufsen’s reputation in the field of audio equipment

Bang and Olufsen is one of the best-known headphone manufacturers around the globe, having earned their Top 10 Best Bang and Olufsen Headphones In 2019reputation with their unbelievable focus on quality and their unique approach to branding, based on a combination of innovation, impeccable design, and emotional customer focus. As a tech company, Bang and Olufsen has always been embracing emerging innovations and adapting their products according to the varying needs of their customers. The brand is focused on following a path set by their distinct values, such as authenticity, credibility, simplicity, and innovation. Bang and Olufsen strives to ensure that each of their products attains a perfection of sound. Their product creation process is kind of an imaginative alchemy – an artistic collaboration that transforms the elements of sound, design, and craft into a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts. The brand is known for their headphones and speakers that always stay true to the music being played – never compromising an artist’s original intentions. Bang and Olufsen is known to meet and exceed customers’ expectations, and they do it by ensuring that the materials and craftsmanship are outstanding. The brand’s soul is collaboration – they work together and constantly try to improve their products and look at the littlest of details. They want their products to actually reflect their passion.

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Types of headphones and audio equipment that Bang and Olufsen produces

Bang and Olufsen produces high-end headphones, speakers, music systems, automotive sound systems, televisions, and accessories like charging pads, headphone bags, charging cases, ear cushions, replacement earbuds, silicone ear fins, silicone ear gels, foam tips, and wall brackets.

Features that differentiate Bang and Olufsen from other brands

ICEpower technology, TrueImage algorithm, acoustic lens technology (ALT), adaptive bass linearization, angled Top 10 Best Bang and Olufsen Headphones In 2019drivers, proximity sensors, room adaptation, resonance-based sound design, phase-optimized filtering, thermal protection, and production “cloning” are just some of the outstanding technologies that could be found in Bang and Olufsen products.

ICEpower technology is Bang and Olufsen’s very own patented digital amplifier technology. Combining low energy consumption and extreme power with an outstanding sound quality, it reduces energy consumption by a factor of 10 compared to conventional technologies. This technology is advantageous to the environment as it reduces energy consumption, reduces weight, and reduces the need for materials for the cooling plates.

TrueImage is a patented Bang and Olufsen algorithm that’s at the heart of their advanced digital signal processing. TrueImage processes audio in a way that music is intelligently distributed to each speaker to deliver the perfect listening pleasure. TrueImage was developed to reflect Bang and Olufsen’s philosophy and ensures that the sound that reaches the listener is as natural and original as the way it was recorded.

Acoustic lens technology benefits from a 180-degree dispersion of the higher frequencies, which leads to uniformly reproduced sound characteristics in the loudspeaker’s front area – allowing the listener to place himself more freely while still getting an optimal listening experience. ALT’s objective is to reproduce the most natural sound possible, and that objective is actually achieved. With the help of ALT, sound covers more of the listening area and also reduces its reflections from the floor or the ceiling.

Adaptive bass linearization, on the other hand, helps deliver pronounced bass from small speakers. This is achieved by the technology harnessing surplus capacity in the driver and amplifier unit. Adaptive bass linearization extends a speaker’s bass output far beyond what the speaker would normally produce, as well as automatically adjusting it for excessive peaks. This technology also would not, in any way, damage the driver as it constantly and continuously Top 10 Best Bang and Olufsen Headphones In 2019monitors and adapts the bass response to the input signal – resulting to a significantly improved bass performance.

Angled drivers mean forward-positioned drivers at a slight angle as opposed to most headphones having drivers positioned at the center of the ear cups. With this kind of positioning, sound is fired slightly from the front of your ears instead of directly at your ears – resulting to a wider soundstage that tends to be slightly more in front of you. This kind of soundstage slightly mimics the soundstage you’d typically get with traditional loudspeakers.

Proximity sensors are also built into some of Bang and Olufsen’s headphones. This slick integrated intelligence will know when the headphones are taken off and will pause the music for you. Music will resume playing as you put the headphones back on. Aside from its main purpose, it also helps deliver a longer playtime.

With Bang and Olufsen’s room adaptation technology, superior sound is delivered from any position. This innovative technology optimizes the audio performance based on the speaker’s actual placement against a wall, in a corner, or even free-standing. A three-position switch is incorporated to help control the bass response of the speaker depending on the speaker’s placement in the room.

The resonance-based sound design helps counteract the natural resonances in the system – mirroring the natural resonance with an equal but opposite phase behavior in the digital signal processing (DSP) engine. The filter in the DSP and the behavior of the woofer results to no unwanted ringing in the entire system – meaning that the sound Top 10 Best Bang and Olufsen Headphones In 2019reproduces is controlled in both the frequency and time domain.

Phase-optimized filtering, on the other hand, controls the relationship between different drivers in order to distribute the correct signals and midranges, thereby optimizing the overall magnitude response of the entire system. The phase responses of each filter are individually tailored according to its particular function.

Thermal protection constantly and continually monitors the individual temperatures of all driver units and many internal components to keep the audio equipment at top performance all the time. If a component’s temperature approaches its thermal limit, Bang and Olufsen’s thermal protection technology comes in and adjusts the signals to protect the component.

Production “cloning” is basically an automated measurement performed on headphones and speakers before they leave the production line to ensure that their performance matches the master reference speaker. This is performed using several microphones that find small differences in the responses and create custom correction filters. The custom correction filters are then loaded into the digital signal processing, ensuring that each of their third-octave smoothed response matches that of the master reference speaker within 1dB between 20Hz and 20kHz.

Another great feature found in Bang and Olufsen’s products is their simplicity and style. Their designs are not overworked and are minimalistic – giving their customers unique and innovative shapes that are easy to live with. In addition to that, their headphones are made of high-quality materials and scream first-class construction.

Bang and Olufsen FAQs

  1. How is Bluetooth pairing initiated?

To initiate Bluetooth pairing in Bluetooth-enabled Bang and Olufsen devices, just turn Bluetooth on and select the Top 10 Best Bang and Olufsen Headphones In 2019device. Alternatively, on some devices, you may press the volume + and – buttons simultaneously for about 5 seconds to initiate Bluetooth pairing. The LED indicator on your device will turn solid blue when it has been successfully paired.

  1. How to reset a Bluetooth headphone and remove all paired Bluetooth devices?

To remove all paired devices from the headphones, just press and hold both the power button and the Bluetooth button simultaneously for more than 3 seconds. This will reset the headphones to its factory settings and it will be in pairing mode when you switch it on.

  1. How long will does it take to fully charge the earphone and its charging case?

The earphones’ battery and the charging case will take approximately 2 hours to be fully charged. A 20-minute charge for an earphone at low battery in the charging case will give it up to an hour of playtime. A case that is fully charged, on the other hand, will provide 2 extra earphone charges when on-the-go.

  1. Why doesn’t the automatic play/pause function work properly?

There are some apps that do not support the automatic play/pause features of Bang and Olufsen headphones (such as the Beoplay H8i/H9i). You may instead use the headphone’s middle button or touchpad to control the play/pause function. The way that the headphones are worn also affects the automatic play/pause feature’s functionality. For instance, playback will not resume if hair is blocking the ear cup, if a part of your ear is exposed, or if you hang the headphones around your neck.

Top 10 Best Bang and Olufsen Headphones In 2022 – Chart


Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price


  1. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H6 2nd Generation  Lightweight with adjustable fit $$$ 4.5 
  2. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4 Wireless Headphones  Up to 19 hours of battery life with Bluetooth $$$ 4.4 
  3. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8 Wireless On-Ear Headphone with Active Noise Cancelling  Up to 14 hours of battery life with ANC and Bluetooth $$$ 4.4 
  4. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H7 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones  Rechargeable and replaceable battery with up to 20 hours playtime $$$ 4.3 
  5. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Form 2i On-Ear Headphone  Iconic, retro-chic design $$  4.1
  6. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H3  Dynamic full tone sound design $$ 4.1 
  7. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H3 ANC In-Ear Headphone with Active Noise Cancelling  Dynamic full tone sound design $$  3.9
  8. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9 Wireless Over-Ear Headphone with Active Noise Cancelling  Rechargeable and replaceable battery with up to 14 hours of playback capacity $$$ 3.8 
  9. B&O PLAY by BANG & OLUFSEN – Earset 3i Headphones  High signal-to-noise ratio that delivers your music crisp and clear $$ 3.8 
  10. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H2 On-Ear Headphone with Microphone  Superior sound experience and inline microphone and remote $$ 3.8 


  1. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H6 2nd Generation

Bang and Olufsen H6 headphones are their most popular headphones. These excel in their price range with hard-to-acquire balance of fitment and comfort. H6 2nd generation is pretty much the same headphone with weightier bass. It is now cheaper than the original H6 too. Built out of premium materials, it aims for an enjoyable sound with great tonal balance. The laidback audio response relaxes you as does the fit. H6 2nd generation takes away the top spot on the best Bang and Olufsen headphones with their all-round capability.

Design and Features

Bang and Olufsen H6 2nd generation headphones redefine class. They have a handsome black set for anyone who likes traditional looks. The tan and silver ones are a stand-out piece though. They feature large round earcups that encircle normal-sized ears. The backplate of the earcups is done in plastic. A loop of plastic snakes around them and culminates in a plug for the cable. The earpads are made of memory foam and draped in lambskin leather. The headband looks slim on the outside but it has optimal padding inside. The top side of the headband is done in leather but the underside has a grippy woven fabric.

Out of the box, the H6 2nd gen B&O headphones weren’t comfortable. The headband has a noticeable clamping pressure. That is until the memory foam adapted to our ears. The wearing experience transformed and the headband also loosened a tad. After a couple of wearing sessions, these headphones become comfortable without losing their grip. So these also function as a gym accessory. They will not dislodge with running and vigorous movement. They also sit very discreetly on head. In spite of the large earcups they don’t stick out from the head.

These Bang and Olufsen headphones have removable cables. They come with two cables: one without remote and one with an Apple-friendly 3-button inline control. Both cables are 3.5 male-male and hence easy to replace. Both earcups of the H6 have the 3.5mm port, so you can daisy chain multiple headphones and share music. The earcups of H6 fold flat and it sits inside a cloth pouch for transport.


If you just want to sit and rejuvenate yourself with music, H6 2nd generation B&O headphones are the best to have. There’s no pretentious audiophile tinkering that you should accept as the norm, no over-enthusiastic bass, no bright details that fatigue your ears. They sound airy and open. The soundstage is vast and it houses a precise and spacious stereo image. You get a good sense of where the instruments are placed.

The bass is meaty and detailed in these Bang and Olufsen headphones. They are only trumped by Sennheiser Momentum with their substantial midrange and bass definition. The midrange of H6 is smooth and forgiving on lossy recordings. We would still suggest quality formats like FLAC for a meaningful listening experience. The treble is also polished. It has very little bite and no jagged edges. You can play these for hours without casing fatigue.

The upside of the Bang and Olufsen H6 is that they sound cleaner than Sennheiser Momentum. You will enjoy the breeziness in the thick of instruments like in classical music. H6 does emphasis bass in an ever-so-subtle way but bass does not steal focus in its sound signature.


  • Premium build with genuine leather and metal
  • Comfortable with memory foam
  • Great fit for gym
  • Effortless balanced audio
  • Clean and clear sound


  • No flat hardcase for carrying


  1. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H4 Wireless Headphones

B&O Beoplay H4 wireless headphones are Bang and Olufsen’s budget Bluetooth cans. They have stuck to the minimalistic design here although it is sonically exciting. Bluetooth operation is kept simple and yet effective.  These are comfortable to wear long-term. We even used them for our morning runs. The wireless connectivity is quick and hassle-free. What more can you expect out of one of the best Bang and Olufsen headphones?

Design and Features

The premium signature of Bang of Olufsen is written all over the Beoplay H4 headphones. It has the familiar round earcups that sit cushily on your ears. The leather that sheathes them makes soft contact with your ears. The headband is a metal curve with padding on the underside from ear-to-ear. Like H6, it has woven fabric on the inside which allows the top of your head to breathe. But the top side still has a leather coating in interest of maintaining its good looks. The headphones have a low profile and are noticeable only by their suave sleekness.

These Bang and Olufsen headphones stick with buttons on right earcups. Up/down buttons and a multifunctional button control all the operations on H4.  You can use the multifunctional button to activate Siri and Google Now. The same earcup also carries the charging point and a 3.5mm port. There’s also a mic which offers decent call quality. The earcups fold flat but they don’t fold up. Unfortunately, H4 does not come with a carry case which is disappointing at this price.

These B&O headphones use the latest Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless connectivity. This explains the considerable battery life of 19 hours per charge because the newer Bluetooth protocols are energy-efficient. It charges to full within 2.5 hours too. When discharged, you can also use it in the wired mode. A braided textile cable is provided in the pack


We were able to thoroughly enjoy the audio of H4 Bang and Olufsen headphones primarily because of the great seal. The soft plush earpads cut you off from ambient noise passively. So you can focus on the music. H4 has a nice enthusiastic audio response. The upbeat sound just gets you in an energetic mood. The bass reaches deep and plays with quantity and quality. The midrange carries the warmth too. Vocals and guitars get focus and rest on the solid foundation of the bass. The highs are detailed and have that sparkle which makes the audio so exciting.

As Bluetooth headphones go, these have a strong connection and do not compromise on audio quality over air. The audio sounds the same with and without wires. At this price, they could have also packed Active Noise Cancellation. They end up being a little expensive for the sparse features. But the audio is still in the big leagues. It would be a big bang for bucks if you can find a discount. H4 is compatible with the Beoplay phone app for Android and Apple. You can apply presets using the app and control the sound signature as you like it.


  • Energetic high-quality sound
  • Deep bass and sparkly treble
  • Minimalistic classy design
  • Bluetooth-capable
  • 19-hour battery life


  • Fewer accessories


  1. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8 Wireless On-Ear Headphone with Active Noise Cancelling

Bang and Olufsen H8 headphones have some of the best features that we have seen in wireless noise-cancelling headphones. They pack switchable ANC with an excellent battery life. The audio is clearer and more detailed than most high-end Bluetooth headphones. They are stylish and built with touch-based controls. Their Apt-X support and replaceable rechargeable battery are features often missed in Bluetooth headphones. Only problem is these are on-ear headphones which are comfortable only to a few people. Still, they qualify big time to be on the best Bang and Olufsen headphones list.

Design and Features

The H8 Bang and Olufsen headphones are uber-sleek on-ear headphones. They have those plush circular earcups that sit bang on the ears. The foam is coated in sheepskin leather that feels soft and amicable to the ears. The headband is done in metal as are the backplates of the earcups. The headband has leather coating on the top and padding sheathed in fabric on the underside. It weighs only 9 ounces and remains comfortable on the head even though it’s an on-ear model.

These Bang and Olufsen headphones are available in some real sharp colors: all black, grey/Hazel and tan/silver. They use Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless connectivity. Pairing and using is flawless with all devices we tried. The aluminum backplate has the gesture controls to easily control calls and music. The H8 can be used either in wired or in wireless mode. It is supplied with a cable. With ANC on, the battery lasts through 14 hours in Bluetooth mode. That is a considerable jump over the usual 8-10 hour battery lives.  Without ANC, it works 16 hours wirelessly.

Active Noise Cancellation feature can be switched on/off in both wired and wireless mode. So, obviously ANC works in wired mode all if switched on. In the wired mode, battery life is a whopping 35 hours with ANC on. In a flight, if they ask you to use cable, you can still use ANC. Some headphones switch off ANC automatically in wired mode.


The Beoplay H8 Bang and Olufsen headphones have a very energetic audio response. Whether you use it in the gym or through your day, it will deliver the songs with full fervor. So whatever the emotions of the song, they can be evoked in you as it is. H8 maintains the exciting signature in its Bluetooth mode. The audio gets better in the wired mode. This is not necessarily a bad thing.

The bass in these Bang and Olufsen headphones goes deep. The bass is supported well with expansive and defined sub bass. The midrange has a warmth which treats all genres well. We tried them for classical to EDM and the performed well with each genre. The treble has a bit of bite which is subdues by the ANC. The Active Noise Cancellation does not equal that of Bose QuietComfort 25. But it does drown out most of the low-frequency noise. If it weren’t an on-ear model, we might have gotten better seal.

Bluetooth connection has some shortcomings. The sound is susceptible to some kind of a rumble when your walk energetically. This is not an issue all the users notice so we wonder if it happens with only some pieces. Or if there’s some trick to the right fitment with H8.


  • Bluetooth and ANC-enabled
  • Gesture motion controls
  • Deep bass and sizzling bass
  • Replaceable rechargeable battery
  • Metal and leather construction


  • Rumbles when you walk and heel hits the pavement
  • No hard case


  1. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H7 Over-Ear Wireless Headphones

H7 Bang and Olufsen headphones are quality over-ear wireless headphones. They chuck the ANC of the H8 headphones but go for full-sized earcups. And we welcome the comfort of the full-sized earcups. As always, they feature excellent sound quality for Bluetooth connection. The latest Bluetooth protocols ensure an exceptional battery life. It is built with premium materials so it demands a high price. But there are good deals in the market. Deal or no deal, these are one of the best Bang and Olufsen headphones.

Design and Features

The Beoplay H7 Bang and Olufsen headphones sport large over-ear earcups. The earcups are padded with plush memory foam cushions. They are draped in lambskin leather. They feel luxuriously comfortable on the ears. The backplate of the earcups are anodized aluminum. The headband is completely metal. It has woven fabric on the inside but the topside is done in patterned leather. Even with it metal construction it weighs only 9.9 ounces. It is not as light as the Bose QuietComfort headphones but they are largely plastic.  The H7 is available in black, grey and tan/silver.

All the operations of these B&O headphones are through touch controls. Single taps on the right earcup can manage most of the functions. You might end up accidentally hitting play/pause while putting them on. You can make calls through the internal mic while connected to the phone. The H7 operates on a replaceable rechargeable battery. You get 20 hours music playback time out of it per charge.

The H7 do not clamp hard on the head. They cover up the ears just tight enough for good passive noise cancellation. It can also work in the wired mode when out of charge.


The H7 Bang and Olufsen headphones sound enjoyable simply because of the great seal offered by the around-ear earcups. The bass is substantial but well-defined and controlled. It doesn’t step into the midrange territory at all. The midrange is warm and based steadily on the bass fundamentals. The treble has some bite to it. It’s not apparent in all songs. But in some recordings the sizzle hits you hard.

These B&O headphones have an exceptional tonal balance. It compliments all genres well. The Bluetooth audio quality is exceptional considering Bluetooth compresses the audio while transferring. It’s hard to match such audio quality in a lesser budget but still these are above the affordable price range.


  • Highly comfortable
  • Lightweight for metal build
  • Refined audio with strong bass
  • Gesture controls


  • Comes with only a pouch, no hard case
  • Call quality could be better


  1. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Form 2i On-Ear Headphone

Have you ever gotten used to the foam on-ear office headphones that you would like them outside of work too? But they look so dull. Put your fears to rest because the Form 2i headphones from Bang and Olufsen are a distinctive-looking on-ear foam pair. These are uber-lightweight and outrageously cool-looking. They come equipped with an inline remote and mic. They are pricier than the usual headset but you are paying for the B&O swag here. They are quirky enough to make it to the best on-ear headphones list.

Design and Features

The Form 2i Bang and Olufsen headphones are one solid arc of plastic with reinforcement with metal coating on the surface. While these are sturdy, we wouldn’t throw them in our bag and expect them to survive the commutes. Two pieces of foam are mounted on the inside of the band. The way the foam is mounted, it swivels a bit to adapt to the ears. The headband has no padding and it doesn’t need any because Form 2i weighs only 3.2 ounces. It fits tight enough to stay on the head but no so tight that your ears hurt. Because of the metal surface, it may slide on your head, but that depends on your head shape and hair.

The cable of these Bang and Olufsen headphones is attached to both sides permanently. At chin-length there’s a 3button remote that’s compatible with Apple devices. The 1.2m long cord is the tangle-resistant kind. We wish the cable didn’t connect to both ears though. The iconic retro-chic design features in the MoMA, New York for its architectural brilliance. These are available in 6 colors, some of them downright classy and the rest look peppy and modern.


While such a slim and lightweight package as the Form 2i B&O headphones cannot deliver the power of H6 headphones, they invest in the clarity of sound. Compared to the cheaper and the more hi-end headphones, the bass is mellow here. It’s moderate in quantity but excellent in quality. People who like mellow bass prefer these than the headphones that bring up muddy and light bass.

Midrange has good resolution for the price. It benefits from the tightly-held bass. Treble is smooth without any bite. The overall audio is warm and substantial in a quiet environment like home or workplace. The Form 2i are for people who also want to keep an ear on the world around them because the on-ear foam only cuts out noise to a moderate extent.


  • Sleek and uber-stylish
  • Lightweight at 3.2 ounces
  • Clean and clear audio
  • 3-button inline remote
  • Very comfortable with good fitment


  • Headband can slide down
  • Double-sided cable


  1. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H3

The H3 Bang and Olufsen earphones are one of the most affordable in their line-up. These in-ear monitors carry the same stylish hallmark of B&O. We were totally captivated by the looks of the black/gold pair. They also have a 3-button inline control. They have highly resolved open audio. We found them comfortable both physically and sonically over long listening periods. It’s balanced and soothing tones deserve a place in the best Bang and Olufsen headphones list.

Design and Features

The H3 Bang and Olufsen headphones are totally justified in their price. If earphones are a fashion statement then H3 speaks volumes. The bold curves are carefully drilled with 23 holes each for an open sound. The driver housings are stainless steel which protects the 10.8mm drivers. The eartips are angled away from the driver casing for a more ergonomic fit. Even though the ear pieces are metal, they don’t weigh your ears down. It is available in four lovely colors.

These Bang and Olufsen earphones have come with eartips of four sizes: XS, small, medium and large. You get a good seal between the four sizes. The cord is a tangle-resistant type. It has a 3-button remote at chin length. You can choose between the Android version and the Apple version based on what platform majority of our devices work on. The cable terminates in straight 3.5mm jack. It is slim but strong and not easily susceptible to damage. The H3 ships with an airplane adapter. It also comes with a hard carry case, a first in the B&O line-up.


H3 Bang and Olufsen earphones have a neutral audio response that’s rare in IEMs. But neutral as they are, they are an exciting listen. The sound is surprisingly full and clean. There’s plenty of punch in the low frequencies. Bass pumps with authority and had slight mid-bass bump. It’s just boosted enough to make audiophiles fall in love with audio. But it doesn’t go far enough to irk the purists completely.

Although bass is exceptional, the midrange also shines with its details. It has depth and a warm tone that flatters most instruments. The highs are smooth and non-fatiguing. There’s plenty of space between the layers of audio. The instruments are placed far apart from each other so even complicated music is handled with ease. In the thick of instruments H3’s rhythm copes well and delivers all the details correctly.


  • Neutral but exciting audio
  • Sounds clean even with punchy bass
  • Metal ear pieces
  • 3-button remote Android/Apple


  • Expensive


  1. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H3 ANC In-Ear Headphone with Active Noise Cancelling

Bang and Olufsen wasn’t just going to let the stellar design and sound of H3 sell away just like that. They perfected the perfect by adding active noise cancellation. The H3 ANC earphones have the handsome architecture of the H3 and the added advantage of being quite. ANC is not pulled off to perfection but it does dull the low-frequency airplane noise. All in all, it makes a great case for being on the best Bang and Olufsen headphones list.

Design and Features

The H3 ANC Bang and Olufsen earphones have metal earpieces which prolong the life of these precious IEMs. The brushed metal certainly makes them look more grungy. The back of the ear pieces is precision-drilled with 29 holes for better soundstage. The eartips angle away from the driver casing.  By default, these earphones come mounted with Comply foam eartips. If this default size fits you foam will give you extra noise isolation. 4 sizes of silicone eartips are

The cable of these Bang and Olufsen earphones has a 3-button remote at chin length. Further down the cord, the ANC circuit hangs near the 3.5mm jack. It has an on/off button for ANC. The position of the ANC pod allows it to be tucked inside your pocket. Battery life is substantial at 20 hours playback time. You can also use H3 ANC passively in quiet environments.


The ANC of H3 ANC earphones works more subtly than the usual Bose fare. There’s less pressure on the ears. But the noise-cancellation is not as strong as Bose’s. With ANC on, the audio sounds wonderfully rich. The meaty bass is coupled with a refined midrange for a detailed audio. The treble has a small spike which makes extended listening a little fatiguing in ANC mode. But the ANC itself has that characteristic.

There’s a marked distance between the ANC and non-ANC performance. With ANC the audio sounds a bit more energetic and exciting.


  • ANC-enabled
  • Hs 3-button remote
  • Exciting and detailed audio
  • Metal construction


  • ANC could be better for the price


  1. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9 Wireless Over-Ear Headphone with Active Noise Cancelling

The B&O H9 wireless headphones are another great option for the traveling crowd and those with an active lifestyle. They look much like the older headphones with their classy finish. Their Advanced ANC knocks off ambient noise without affecting the clarity of the audio. With an excellent battery life as always, they win a spot in the best Bang and Olufsen headphones list.

Design and Features

The H9 Bang and Olufsen headphones have the familiar leather built with metal headband and aluminum backplates over the earcups. The woven fabric of the headband sits cozily over the head. There’s no unwanted clamp or pressure from the ear pieces. The earcups are round and go around the ears. The headphones look low profile.

All the controls of these Bang and Olufsen headphones are through the touch panel on the right earcup. The ANC can be powered off when not in use. It uses Bluetooth 4.2 for wireless connectivity. Apt-X is supported for better audio quality over Bluetooth. Battery lasts through 14 hours per charge with ANC on. It can be used in wired mode when the battery is down. Flight adapter, 3.5mm male-male cable and a carry pouch are provided with it.


Bang and Olufsen tries to find a compromise between ANC and comfort with their headphones. So the H9 does not provide Bose-like quiet which is sometimes too quiet. Instead they dull the outside noises while keeping very less pressure on the ears which is caused by ANC.

As audio goes, the H9 B&O headphones carry the characteristic weighty audio. There’s a definite bump in bass here. It has been gracefully added though. Bass doesn’t get pushy and spoil the mids here. Midrange is detailed and warm. Highs are intricate and smooth and create a pleasant listening experience.


  • ANC and Bluetooth-enabled
  • Apt-X enabled
  • Warm, bassy sound
  • Bold, premium build


  • No hard case
  • Does not fold


  1. B&O PLAY by BANG & OLUFSEN – Earset 3i Headphones

The Earset 3i Bang and Olufsen earphones are a capable sport earphones complete with the earhoops that keep them stable. They are constructed completely out of metal so they won’t get damaged so easily. Coupled with an Apple-friendly remote it is a complete package. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be on the best Bang and Olufsen headphones list.

Design and Features

The Earset 3i Bang and Olufsen headphones have beautiful form. The ear piece and the earloop are made of metal and covered in shiny rubber that makes the contact easy on ears. The ear pieces sit at the threshold of the ear. The earhooks go around the ears. The hook can be rotated out to fit ears from large to small.

The cable runs 1m long. It has a 3-button inline remote that’s compatible with Apple devices. The cord ends in a 3.5mm plug.


The Earset 3i Bang and Olufsen earphones offer a surprisingly natural audio. In interest of neutrality, these rein in the bass. The bass sounds light in comparison to the thrilling performance of H3. But since the audio signature is clean, you can boost any part of the frequency as you like. Because of the tight bass, there’s no distortion at loud volumes.

The midrange is littered with details. It responds fast to rhythm changes. The instruments are spaciously-spaced. The highs are smooth and easy on ears.


  • Adjustable earhook fit
  • Neutral dynamic audio
  • Metal construction
  • 3-button inline remote


  • Bass light


  1. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H2 On-Ear Headphone with Microphone

The H2 Bang and Olufsen headphones are the on-ear variety. They look compact and they offer the exception B&O experience at an affordable price by their standards. The premium build is supported with a sturdiness that keeps them worth their price. H2 brings variety to the best earbuds with mic list.

Design and Features

The H2 B&O headphones are quite lightweight at 5.3 ounces. These are on-ear headphones with circular earcups. The earpads sit flat on the ears. They are coated with lambskin leather. The headband is made of a strong composite material. The earcups can fold flat. These Bang and Olufsen headphones have a detachable cable which connects to only one earcup. It has a 3-button remote with Apple-friendly controls. They come with a cloth pouch.

For on-ear headphones they are quite comfortable. They have none of that clamp to hold them steady. They are available in 5 colors.


As with all the Bang and Olufsen headphones we have reviewed here, the H2 has a warm substantial audio signature. The tonal balance is impeccable. No part of the frequency response gets special attention. But all of them are detailed and get equal emphasis. There’s a slight bump in bass but it only adds to the body of the sound. The H2 also have a moderately good seal over the ears for on-ear headphones.


  • Detachable cable
  • Natural and enjoyable audio
  • 3-button control
  • Affordable


  • Might be tight on large heads
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