The Best Bass Earbuds for 2019 – Complete Guide

Best Bass EarbudsTo bass or not to bass is a big debate today. On the one hand, cheap earbuds boost their low frequency and besmirch the good name of bass. On the other, the best bass earbuds focus on creatively enhancing bass without compromising the tonal balance and details much. You know you have crossed over to good bass when it is well-defined and does not completely drown the details of midrange. So don’t let the faux-bass cloud your choices. We found the top 10 best bass earbuds that bring you all-round quality performance.  We have covered a large price range of durable earphones that will stick with you and pump in that deep and gorgeous bass. We have also written extensively about on ear and over ear bass headphones in a separate article.

Does it matter if earphones have frequency range below 20Hz and above 20,000Hz?

You might see the marketing gimmick on many headphones/earphones boxes where they claim their frequency range is 5-30,000Hz or 12-24,000Hz. If humans can hear frequencies only between 20-20,000Hz, how do these ranges make sense? For one, audiophiles argue that the extension of bass down to 5-12Hz is ‘felt’ in the ears rather than ‘heard’.  This might also indicate that the response is flatter in the 20-20,000Hz range. It might not roll off as early as 50 Hz.

Another twist in these frequency ranges on the earphone specs is tolerance. Some earphones mention the range as

30-20,000 Hz +/-10dB

Tolerance gives you a measure of the how much the frequency response deviates from the reference point within the specified frequency range. So 30-20,000Hz, +/-10dB means the response deviated by 10dB from the reference which is pretty high. This deviation could be in the mid or high frequency which appears as unpleasant coloring of music. Or it could be the bass roll-off.  Any tolerance above 3dB means that the response is inconsistent or most likely that the bass is rolling off much above the 30Hz mark. So the actual flat frequency response is actually in around 110-20,000Hz range.

As you can see here, the frequency response can be stated as 30-20,000Hz and it would be true without counting the tolerance. But the bass rolls off much above 30Hz, at around 100 Hz.

What is sub-bass and why is it important?

Sub-bass is a term thrown around in the headphone jargon quite often. While there’s a debate about where sub-bass ends and bass begins, we can concede that frequencies from 16-60Hz are called sub-bass frequencies. Although you can’t hear the frequencies below 20Hz, you can feel them. It brings strength and depth to the bass range. Even frequencies as small as 12Hz, when reproduced under ideal conditions can be heard by human ears.  So speakers are often paired with subwoofers which specifically produce sub-bass energy.

Bass typically adds body to the sound. Cheap earphones sound relatively tinny because of lack of bass. Bass makes the sound rich and fat. The best bass earbuds boost the mid-bass region in a measured manner. This brings the extra kick into the sound that makes EDM, Hip-hop, Techno etc. extra fun. They bring the visceral rumble into the audio response. Sub-bass frequencies rock your core. If bass rolls off after the sub-bass region, they have a more stable response in the bass region.

How to enhance your bass experience with earbuds?

The earbuds, due to their small size, have some limitations. Much of a subwoofer’s bass power comes from sound reflecting off the walls of the speaker and room. The deeper their bass, the more area they occupy. The bass earbuds don’t have the luxury of space. So the bass from these puny audio devices will never have that visceral effect you get with speakers or even open-back headphones.

But earbuds can simulate the immersive bass at a very convenient size and shape. Which is why they are still just as popular as the full-sized cans. They accomplish this by removing external noises from the equation. While active noise cancelling earphones are rare, you can get decent noise isolation from normal earbuds. Ensure that you select the eartips that fit your ear canal properly and seal you out against external noises.

The best bass earbuds are shipped with small, medium and large-sized eartips. Try each one in succession with music on and check which has the best fit. Such an eartips will lock the earphone properly in place and relay the full power of bass that the earbuds can produce. With hi-end earphones, you can buy Comply foam eartips. These squeeze into the ear canal and expand to fit the ear canal properly.

Make the sure there’s no equalization going on from the playback device. Do not push the eartips in too hard to get a full seal.

Which are the key features of high quality bass earbuds?

The best bass earbuds have been assorted from a range of earphones from the past few year right up to 2017. These have proven their mettle, audio- and design-wise. We selected them based on:

Audio: Bass impact is the first thing we checked in the best bass earbuds in 2017 here. It’s not just about the quality of bass. It’s about quality too. We checked how well-defined the sound in lower frequency is. The details in the bass frequencies are not compromised in these just for the sake of boomy bass. Boosting bass will definitely rob midrange of some details. But it should not completely muddy the mids.

Comfort: In-ear monitors are often uncomfortable for folks who don’t like eartips squirreling into their ear canal. They may end up suffering even more while trying to get a proper seal. The best bass earbuds have an ergonomic design that finds the sweet-spot in your ears easily. And they provide good noise isolation without being painfully tight.

Price: Quality boosted bass will often cost you a reasonable amount.  Dirt-cheap earphones are rarely good at controlling the extra bass. The best bass earbuds range moderate to high in the price coordinate. We made sure that they bring great value for money.

Durability: The best bass earbuds selected here have proved to be trustworthy in terms of their longevity. These will not fall apart as easily as the inexpensive earphones with deplorable bass.

Features: Many of these best bass earbuds are equipped with features like variable bass, comply eartips, noise-cancellation, removable cable etc. which earn them brownie points.








 1. 1MORE E1001 Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones Hi-Res certified with Triple Drivers$$ 4.2
 2. V-MODA Zn In-Ear Modern Audiophile Headphones Dynamic 8mm driver boosts tonal accuracy$$4.2 
 3. AKG K374 Premium High-Performance In-Ear Headphones Real aluminum housing provides superior acoustic dampening$$4.1 
 4. Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds High-quality dynamic speaker systems$$4.1 
 5. Panasonic drops360° Premium In-Ear Stereo Headphones Powerful bass with 12mm coaxial dual coil drivers$ 4.1
 6. Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headset Extra bass design and 12mm driver units$ 4.1
 7. JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs
 Extreme Deep Bass Ports and large 10mm Neodymium driver units$ 4.1
 8. Sennheiser CX 3.00 Black In-Ear Canal Headphone 18-ohm impedance transducers$3.9 
 9. Audiophile Earbuds In-Ear Headphones / Earphones Frequency range from 5 Hz to 31,000 Hz $$ 
 10. VAVA MOOV 11 In Ear Earbud Headphones with Dual Drivers Dual drivers enhance your music with high-fidelity audio$3.9 
  1. 1MORE E1001 Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones

1More is a San Diego-based firm that’s relatively less-known in the market. But audiophiles know them as a firm that delivers quality audio at reasonable prices without cutting corners. Their triple driver earbuds are opulently accessorized and loaded with powerful audio signature. The numerous fitment choices ensure that you feel the full force of bass with these. This is a premium earphone with an elegant inclination toward bass at an enviable price. Wild horses cannot keep them from being the best bass earbuds available in 2017. You may also check the list of the best audiophiles headphones.

Design and Features

1More Triple driver bass earphones are gorgeous-looking pieces done in simple colors. They have matte and glossy black curves with brushed gold or silver highlights. The driver housings are made of aluminum alloy in a conical shape. Eartips angle away from the ear pieces to create an ergonomic fit. The joint from the ear pieces to the cable is secured with metal tubing. The cable ends in a straight plug. It has a 3-button remote for volume up/down and playback. The last button also controls call answer/reject. These are very comfortable for continuous use without physically fatiguing the ears. They do prop out a little from your ears. So we wouldn’t recommend you wear these while sleeping.

These bass earbuds are accompanied by a suave carry case with magnetic snap. It is beautiful and functional at the same time. There are 6 pairs of silicon eartips ranging between 10mm-14.5mm in size. There are 3 pairs of foam eartips in 11mm-14.5mm size range. You are guaranteed to find the perfect seal amongst the range of sizes and types of eartips in the pack. They also hold these durable earphones tight in your ears and allow you to move around freely.  A color-matched airline adapter and shirt clips are shipped with it.


Each ear piece of the 1More Triple Driver bass earphones contains two balanced armature drivers and a single dynamic driver, hence the name. The 9 eartips that come with these allow you to get superior seal. As we mentioned before, this enhances the bass experience. But that’s not just why bass shines here. 1More E1001 packs the entire punch of drivers in the lower frequencies. The bass is reproduced naturally and with a lush and rich dynamic. The meaty low-end has only a touch of boost. The weight of bass you hear in the classical or hip-hop/dance genres is almost entirely as the original track intended. This is the kind of bass that audiophiles and casual listeners like equally well.  Only the purists who prefer to work upon a surgically clean sound signature can nitpick about E1001’s bass.

Midrange and highs get equal or more attention than bass. Bass does not bleed into the midrange or muddy its details. Rather, mids use and complement the low frequencies rather than vying for attention. The bass underscores classical scores and add depth and texture to them. Treble is sparkly enough to match the bass but not enough to be sibilant. The result is a balanced audio that is decadently fun. This is bass done right in every sense.

Even though these are pint-sized bass earphones, the audio delivery is airy and spacious. You get a sonic image of instruments placed well apart on the sound stage. The impedance is a tad high at 32Ohms but we had no trouble driving them from our smartphones with sufficient volume.


  • Powerful, deep, but natural bass response
  • Balanced bass, mids and treble
  • Sounds open and airy for an earphone
  • Triple-driver at very less cost
  • Excellent design and build quality
  • Comes with 9 sets of eartips: foam and silicone included


  • Not stable enough for workout


  1. V-MODA Zn In-Ear Modern Audiophile Headphones

V-Moda has a knack of combining the grungy quality with delicate sculpting. Their Zn in-ear bass earphones are V-Moda’s miniature equivalent of their top-notch headphones. These are little pieces of extreme strength that can endure some real rough handling.  The bass matches the bold outer design of the earbuds. V-Moda specializes in making a whole lot of low-frequency ruckus. These earn their top spot on the best bass earbuds lists all-round.

Design and Features

V-Moda Zn in-ear bass earphones uses Zinc alloy for the ear pieces. These are lightweight and comfortable in your ears. The eartips project straight out of the ear pieces. The diamondback cable is reinforced with Kevlar.  V-Moda claims it is 20x times stronger than standard cables of earphones. These are available in single-button or 3-button model. The volume buttons of 3-button inline control are compatible with iOS devices. The mic in either control works with both Android and iOS devices. The cable terminates in a 45° plug. This relieves tension whether you are holding the playback device or have it in your shirt pocket.

A bunch of accessories are shipped with these bass earphones. Since these are meant for an active lifestyle, you get a slew of accessories to serve the purpose. They come with 2 sets of Active Flex earhooks which route the cable behind the ears. This makes the fitment more stable. They also come with 3 silicon sets of eartips and 3 BLISS 3.0 eartips. These are meant to provide greater isolation and hence better bass response. The pouch is a leather affair with Batman-like shape.

The strength and durability of Zn and bass earbuds have been tested against Military-level quality standards. They come with a 2-year warranty and a customer-friendly lifelong policy. The fitment is excellent with just the plain curves. The mic is very clear and good for official communication.


V-Moda Zn bass earphones focus on keeping the audio response fun and enjoyable.  So they tend toward the warm, delicious audio response. The rich laidback audio is particularly punchy in the EDM and Techno genres. The low-end has a vibrance brought on by a small but calculated boost. This does not blur the lines between bass and mids. But the high mids are smoothened out a bit because of the bass details. That being said, the bass is well-defined without being digitally enhanced. Classical music benefits from this low-end weight which brings forward the instrumentation in this frequency range.

The treble of these bass earbuds is as extended as the bass. It is peppered with details. The vocals and guitars sit solid on the bass. They are bright without being grating. Because of their deliberate and warm sound, they take away the harshness of low-quality recordings. You can listen to them for hours without any sonic fatigue. Zn has excellent passive noise isolation properties. This makes it sound that much more enjoyable and full.


  • Kevlar-reinforced strong construction
  • Available in-button, 3-button models
  • Strong bass with no mid-bass muddying
  • Vigorous treble
  • Active Flex earhooks and noise-isolating earbuds for gym use


  • Expensive


  1. AKG K374 Premium High-Performance In-Ear Headphones

AKG has seen numerous successes in their headphones line. Do their earbuds match up? The K374 bass earphones will help you figure out. These are not as well-known as AKG’s top-of-the-line K3003. But they pack a punch in the bass at a very affordable price. They look elegant for the price. The sly boost of bass makes thme the perfect companions on a noisy commute by adding depth and weight to the sound. They can easily compete with earphones at the top of their price range, hence their place in the best bass earbuds list.

Design and Features

The AKG K374 bass earphones are available in silver/black and red/ black combinations, each carrying a certain magnetic appeal. The driver housings are made of aluminum which dampens the unnecessary harmonics for a cleaner audio response. The ear pieces are spacious and closed-back unlike many semi-open bass earphones. But they don’t extend too far back out of the ears. So they are low-profile once worn. You can easily sleep on your side with these on. The eartips project straight out of the driver casings. Three sets of silicon tips in 3 sizes are provided in the pack.

These bass earbuds are meant for music-lovers’ ears only. So they don’t carry an inline mic or remote. The cord is the thick, tangle-resistant type.  A semi-hard carry pouch with rounded corners easily packs up the K374. We noticed that they have excellent passive noise isolation. We could be in noisy environments without other people’s conversation grating on our patience. The fitment also suited us well, though that depends on the size of your ear canal.


The AKG K374 bass earphones are for the bass head. They have  a noticeable but tasteful bass boost, which is characteristic of earphones in this price range. The kick in low-frequency adds body to the sound. That, coupled with the noise isolation, makes sure you can hear the music even in a crowded subway. The bass frequencies aren’t overdone either. The casual listener will be able to enjoy everything from jazz to Techno without feeling that the sound is boomy or muddy.

The midrange of these bass earbuds gets good representation even through the bass. In rap songs we could catch most of the words even through the thick mix of beats underneath. The treble is smooth and suited for the bass lover’s taste. It does not take away the attention that bass commands. The tones are warm but balanced. So you can enjoy them for long hours. Because of the noise-isolation and tight fitment, you can use them in the gym or for daily workout in the park.

We found them comparable with $100 earphones in terms of audio details. The bass boost fumbles the details in the mid range when a complicated track plays but it not noticeable to anyone but a trained ear. Its engaging audio is great for everyday use.


  • Deep, exciting bass
  • Warm, balanced sound
  • Excellent noise isolation
  • Suave looks with low-profile design


  • No inline mic or remote


  1. Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds

Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision bass earphones are one of the cheapest on this best bass earbuds list. They look ordinary from a distance but they are a huge jump up over the stock iPhone earphones. These are pretty durable so a casual listener will get great bang for the bucks. The bass performance makes its all the more enticing. Unlike other inexpensive earphones, CX 300 II does it with style. Their value for money earns them a spot in the best bass earbuds list.

Design and Features

Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision bass earphones has upgraded from the previous version for better sound. But the design hasn’t changed much. They have the bulbous driver casings that are a remnant of the stock earbuds. But they are lightweight and jut out of the ears. The eartips emerge straight from the ear pieces. Sennheiser does not try to pull any ergonomic pretentious moves here. So these are pretty comfortable for everyday use.

Cables from both ears connect to a sturdy Y-junction.  The cable terminates in a 90°-bent 3.5mm plug which resists accidental tugging much better. The cable is 1.2m long and asymmetrical. The right cable is longer than the left one. The So, the former needs to be routed behind your head. While this is convenient for head movement, it stresses the left cable more.  The accessories are substantial for bass earphones of this price. There are three sets of silicon eartips in small, medium and large size. The pouch is classy and occupies very less space in the bag. It’s easily accessible too.

CX 300 II performs above average in terms of noise isolation too. They successfully seal out low-frequency noises like AC hum. With their 16Ohm impedance, they are easy to drive and achieve high volume to blot out mid frequencies too.


The true beauty of Sennheiser CX 300 II Precision bass earphones is their poised sound. They are definitely boosted in the low frequency but it is a mature kind of enhancement. It is not overdone like inexpensive earphones usually do. The mid-bass plumpness brings life to the music even in noisy workplaces. The rumbling low-notes create the perfect base for vocals and guitars. And this is refined bass with a good amount of details too.

The midrange is clear for both male and female vocals. The performance is highly resolved compared to earphones in the same price range. You feel like revisiting your old song collection just to listen to the new details. Classical and orchestral music are presented on a big soundstage. The highs are bright but not overtly so. Together they are finely balanced and tuned for much better performance than its price indicates.


  • Measured but exciting bass boost
  • Refined audio, highlights details
  • Good noise isolation
  • Affordable


  • No mic and remote control
  • Asymmetric wire is not for everyone


  1. Panasonic drops 360° Premium In-Ear Stereo Headphones

Panasonic drop360° bass earphones are moderately-priced but they scale up quite a bit over the stock earbuds. These look gorgeous and have proved themselves to be very durable. The basshead will love the sound of these earphones. The weighty audio is what we look for in the best bass earbuds of 2017. The fact that it’s easy on both the ears and pockets makes it bang all the more for the bucks.

Design and Features

The Panasonic drops360° bass earphones are classy-looking. The ear pieces are made of metal. The aluminum housing dampens the extra harmonics. The dual coil drivers take some room. The casing links to a second chamber which connects to the cable. The housing is done in silver and black. The eartips project out from the driver casing straight. The length of the ear piece is such that it sticks out a bit from the ears. So, most people won’t be able to sleep on their sides wearing these. The fitment is excellent for keeping them on during vigorous activities.

The cable of these bass earbuds runs 1.2m long. They are attached at an angle to the eartips which puts less strain on the joint when it’s accidentally pulled. The cable has a single button inline remote for Play/Pause, Call Answer/reject. The button works with all phones, Apple and Android. We would have preferred it had some volume keys too.  It terminates in an L-shaped plug. Eartips in small, medium and large sizes are shipped with the pack. The drop360° earphones are available in silver, red and blue colors. The latter two are little too dark for our taste, but it’s up to you. A travel pouch is also included, although it’s not up to the mark.


Panasonic drop360° bass earphones bring good sound for the price. Like most earbuds in the price range, these boost bass. But they do it with panache, because the music never sounds overly boomy or muddy. The details are not lost in the minor sculpting here. Purists will be miffed but the true connoisseurs of warm sound will be thrilled. The bass is feisty for all genres. This includes dance music, rock, jazz and classical. There is no distortion up to the top volumes.

All areas of the frequency response of these bass earphones coordinate well with each other. The bass forms a good foundation for the vocals. Both female and male voices are conveyed well and they don’t fight the bass for centerstage. The treble is carved to match the energy of bass. Together they balance the tone of the audio though it has a colored response.  The sound is crisp and clear. It is not tinny or lacking of depth.

The microphone of the drop360° bass earbuds works well. It relays the voices on both ends clearly.


  • Affordable
  • Aluminum build
  • Energetic bass and treble
  • Good presence of vocals


  • No volume navigation buttons


  1. Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headset

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra bass earbuds are well-known in the bass circuit. It is positively cheap for the level of audio we presented on the best bass earbuds list. Although graceful, these are built like a tank inside. Sony’s brand quality reflects in the longevity of the earbuds. It is built for comfort and fitment for an active lifestyle. The audio signature is mature for the price range. The extra bass is handled like a pro. It makes way for no boominess or distortion. Also check some of the best Sony headphones.

Design and Features

The Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass earphones are designed for an ergonomic fit. The curvaceous ear piece is designed to make its joint to cable very firm. The eartips are angled away from the driver casing. This is meant to hold them tight I the ear canal. We were able to put them on during gym and light exercise. They will not dislodge with a fair amount of head-shaking and shock. They are shipped with extra small, small, medium and large sizes of eartips.

These bass earphones have a 1.2 m long flat cable. Its structure makes it tangle-proof. The cable terminates in an L-shaped 3.5mm plugs. There is a one-button inline remote which controls music playback and call answer/reject. The design is built to last. The ear pieces, the cable and the plug are all strong and resistant to physical shocks. A very convenient carry case is included in the pack.

The ear pieces of MDRXB50AP bass earphones ensure excellent passive noise isolation via bass ducts. For a budget-oriented item, these yield excellent value for money, as far as its architecture goes. They are supported by the towers of comfort, fitment and durability.


The MDRXB50AP Extra Bass earphones are Sony’s way of connecting with the newer generation music that appeals to casual listeners. It suffuses extra bass into the audio signature very elegantly. The low frequencies are carved out without taking anything away from the midrange. The bass has a meaty presence with decent low-end detail. Casual listeners to audiophile, everyone will be able to appreciate the bass execution here. The kick drums are snappy. The bass guitar is smooth and holds up the fabric of the music. The bass is dynamic too. It can keep up with complicated music without smoothing out the details. The bass clips at the highest volumes when low-quality records are played.

The midrange of these bass earphones does not suffer at all. They are peppered with intricacies of the music, better than the price calls for. The vocals get their share of attention even over the enhanced bass. The treble response is smooth. The brightness of highs is curbed as many bass earbuds do. This keeps the focus on bass in genres like hip-hop and EDM. The soundstage is engaging and places the instruments such that you can feel them around your head. We enjoyed all genres of music equally well on these.


  • Highly durable design
  • Powerful and tight bass
  • Clear mids and crisp highs
  • Tangle-free flat cable


  • No volume control buttons


  1. JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs

JVC HAFX1X bass earphones can only be described by only one word: loud. The design is loud and the audio is JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivsboisterous. This is for the true bassheads who like to keep bass in the forefront. The bass comes at the price of some midrange too. But there are a few casual listeners who like the bold look and the even bolder music. JVC will not pipe down and that’s the spirit we like to see in one of the best bass earbuds.

Design and Features

The JVC HAFX1X bass earphones have a semi open-backed design. The back of the ear pieces are covered by a grille and then a band of plastic. This is an effort to tunnel the bass to epic proportions. The ridge at back carries the XX letters for their Xtreme Xplosivs brand name. The ear pieces are slightly bulkier than the stock earbuds but they don’t stick out of your ears. But it might not be the case for everyone. The eartips angled away from the driver casing for a more ergonomic fit. They jam well with medium-sized eartips for us.

The blood-red cable attached is another stand-out design feature. It does not have any inline remote. At its price we expected a mic and volume control. The 1.2m long cable ends in a simple 3.5mm jack. They are shipped with small, medium and large-sized eartips. The box of these XX buds is also built like a failproof protective lcrrie. The tough looks are in line with whole Monster Beats look that JVC is trying to recreate.


The JVC HAFX1X bass earphones pack a 10mm neodymium driver for their powerful bass. Its V-shaped response creates a zealous sound signature. Some people may find it overwhelming. So we recommend these earbuds only for the deranged bassheads. The bass is deep and impressive. The tinny sound we expect at this price never finds a presence here. We were surprised by the power of the low end at such a small budget. The bass doesn’t have the tightest response. It bleeds into the mids in certain areas. But the bass does have decent definition. The details aren’t lost in the bass-pumping. Bass does not distort significantly at the top volume.

The treble is similarly boosted to meet the extension of bass. It is vigorous and bright. A purist will be appalled at the sculpting going on here. But we were in for some hardcore bass performance. The only thing that takes a hit in these earphones is the midrange. Bass and treble steal attention from the midrange and muddy up the midrange details. But like we said before, this sound signature also has takers. HAFX1X appeals only to limited audience and this post is meant to cover all types of bass-lovers, mild to pounding.


  • Bold, deep and impressive bass
  • Funky design
  • Affordable


  • No mic or volume control
  • Mids take a backseat


  1. Sennheiser CX 3.00 Black In-Ear Canal Headphone

Sennheiser CX 3.00 bass earphones debuted to beat the Beats earphones. Only Sennheiser has a much better handle on sound. At its price, we were blown away by their performance. All through the evolution of their line, these continue to be one of the best bass earbuds in 2017. The lasting legacy of 3.00s comes from their long-lasting comfort, ballsy sound audio and affordable price.

Design and Features

The CX 3.00 bass earphones from Sennheiser are attractive in their build. The ear pieces are glossy black. The eartips angle away slightly from the center. The back side is flattened and highlighted in silver with the Sennheiser logo. If simplicity could ever be used to your advantage, the CX 3.00 is the perfect example. These are low-profile buds. They won’t stick out of your ears. You can easily sleep with them on. At the current price, we think CX 3.00 easily lives out its value in terms of durability.

We loved the cable of these bass earbuds. They are a hybrid between cylindrical and flat cable. They are thick like former but tangle-free like the latter. Overall these are easy to use compared to traditional cables. The 1.2 cord terminates in a 90° bent 3.5mm plug. There is no inline remote control. It does have a slider which allows you to open or close the cable under your chin. Four sizes of eartips are packed with these earbuds.  The carry case has a cable management tray inserted inside the box. We found it irksome to use this tray. So we took it out and use the box alone for carrying the earphones around.


The CX 3.00 bass earphones block out a good amount of outside noise. This itself boosts its bass performance. Sennheiser has laid down the bass here. It is given a leg up which makes sure bass dominates the frequency response. This is an earphone best suited for the bass-heavy genres like hip-hop, EDM, Techno etc.. In complicated mixes, the midrange is slightly overridden by bass. So details get lost in the transition. But bassheads are often in search of the visceral bass that CX 3.00 can bring to the table.

The treble is rounded to get bass more attention in this sound signature. Vocals and guitar are clear but with only average refinement. You won’t be hearing any new details in the songs here. That being said, bass is not boomy or distorted at high volumes. You get plenty of that low-end jazz and the rest of the frequency spectrum to make the music enjoyable. These bass earphones are also eons ahead of other bass earbuds in the market at its price.


  • Immersive and visceral bass
  • Cable management tray with box
  • Durable design
  • Flat tangle-free cable


  • No inline remote or mic


  1. Audiophile Earbuds In-Ear Headphones / Earphones

Audiophile bass earbuds have a generic name but their performance rises above that. The buds look too plain in theAudiophile Earbuds In-Ear Headphones Earphones first sight, but the hide the performance of bigwigs like Sennheiser. They are designed to be simple and fit like a charm. They can easily outcast your stock earbuds except for the lack of inline remote and mic. Being built for durability, these will last longer than the stock earbuds too. These are one of the best bass earbuds we found out of random e-shopping.

Design and Features

The Audiophile bass earphones are kind of stocky to look at. The driver casings are cylindrical and extend some way out of the ears. The annoying design decision is the ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ marking on the ear pieces in blue ink color. There’s a hint of silver on them and a gold Audiophile logo. The eartips emerge straight out of the driver casings. Three sizes of silicone tips are shipped with the Audiophile for better fitment.

The cables from both the ear pieces converge at a robust joint. The cord terminates in a straight plug. A shirt clip is shipped with these bass earphones for keeping the cable stable while moving around. We would have liked to see an inline remote control or mic. We appreciate that they skimp on the outer packaging. Because the earphones turned out to be of much better quality than expected from the outer cover. A cloth pouch could have been a great addition to the package.


Audiophile bass earphones are equipped with dual driver which are usually constituted in much more expensive earphones. These are rated at 16 Ohm impedance and are easy to drive to the maximum volume of 118dB. The audio quality overturns its bland looks. The audio signature is powerful and relatively flat. The bass extends deep into the lower frequencies. So you get well-defined punch, tight bass with suppressed energy. It can easily handle complicated tracks with a thick mix of instruments. This is the kind of bass most audiophiles crave for.

The midrange and highs are tonally balanced in these bass earbuds. The treble has spot-on brightness. The midrange detailing is at par with earphones twice its price. The audio is remnant of the Audio-Technica sound signature that we like in their best headphones. There’s no cable noise to distract you while you wear them to gym or daily workout.


  • Flat but exciting audio quality
  • Excellent fitment
  • Deep bass and refined frequency response
  • Can get loud


  • Beefy architecture


  1. VAVA MOOV 11 In Ear Earbud Headphones with Dual Drivers

VAVA Moov 11 bass earphones are a thing of beauty. The dual driver is sewn into an innovative design. This is a pretty accessory for you. It is quite affordable too. At its price, we could hardly complain. Style comes with substance here. You do not miss out on reliability for looks. The sound signature is built to impress, especially the bass-lovers. It has all hallmarks of the best bass earbuds list. We also have a complete list of the best bass headphones.

Design and Features

The Vava Moov 11 bass earphones have racetrack oval ear pieces. There are two grilled vents in the back rimmed with silver hoops. There’s a plastic bump on the side which locks into the inner ear and secures the fitment for energetic head movements. The eartips are angled away from the ear pieces for an ergonomic fit. We were impressed by the out-of-box construction. The way the cable is attached to the ear pieces reduces stress on the joints.

The cable of these bass earbuds is cylindrical. It has a 3-button inline remote for Play/pause, Call Answer/reject, volume navigation and track skipping. You can also activate voice commands through Siri or Google Now using the mic.  The cord ends in a 45° angled plug. Three sizes of silicone eartips are shipped with the box. They also come with a zippered semi-hard case.


The Vava Moov 11 bass earphones surprised us with the quality of sound. There’s some well-meaning bass here that casual listeners will love. It did not sound tinny with any kind of music: bass-heavy or otherwise. The bass is meaty. It does not thump at the expense of details of the midrange. There is no distortion at high volumes. The lower frequencies are dynamic enough to deal with tough songs.

The midrange and highs of these bass earphones have decent amount of details. They sound clear and crisp to the ears. Even audiophiles on a shoestring budget will be happy to give these buds a try. The warm luscious audio signature that Audio-Technica M50x or Sennheiser Momentum sports is recreated here on a smaller scale.


  • Innovative design
  • Weighty bass
  • Balanced, enjoyable audio
  • Highly affordable
  • Very durable


  • None

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