Top 15 Best Beats Headphones – Complete Guide

Dr. Dre felt for the audiophiles when he came up with Beats in 2006. There were headphones at the time, Best Beats Headphones 2018undoubtedly, but Dr. Dre felt the accurate beats missing from them, that robbed the songs of their true essence. There came the Beats to give a new dimension to the music world. An ideal pair of headphones would be one that is clear of distortions and blocks out rest of the world for endless, non-stop music.

Whether you music your way to your home, during working hours or at home a good pair of headphones promises the capturing of every beat. Beats headphones with its vast collection of headphones for every one that fits well with every pair of ear, you are surely to find one that will tune your life to the perfect rhythm.

How did Beats Surface?

Beats Electronics is a joint venture, hard work of two capable music wizards. Jimmy lovine, one of the partner, used to be a record producer working tirelessly on albums. His efforts and prudence made him listen to the music mixes he used to compile in his radio tower on his way back at the end of the day, so he could get the first had experience of his music as an audience. His field testing measures was the way he perfected the final sounds and created hits. It was perhaps this habit of refinement that provided the impetus to undertake this risk taking yet accruing adventure of coming up with absolutely disruptive brand that has become a signature brand of all the high sound quality lovers.

The competition was tough when the journey began as there were many high-end headphones on the market before Beats decided to change the course of sound industry, the only loophole in them being there one niche approach. Now fast forward to the present time and Beats has conquered the market with full zeal prompting Apple, another major company in the IT world, to buy Beats Electronics.

What Makes Beats Different?

Beats won hearts and became a name in no time due to the remarkable blending of branding and big sound. The Best Beats Headphones 2018makers were part of the music cadre, who crated records and shaped artists, increasing their reliability and trust in their creation. Their craftiness and willingness to make the best device that sifts through it the right tunes, beats, and rhythms made them think more like music producers than businessmen. The right set of mind and ideas hit the right cord. It delivered perfect sound, was made to give a chic celebrity look and turned into a popular demand of all times.

Wired Vs. Wireless Which One Should You Go For?  

Beats sound devices offer you equal sound quality no matter which kind of headphones you go for, however, the two types of headphones have their share of negatives and positives. The debate about wired or wireless headphones is ongoing and difficult to conclude, though we can have a look at how each can have an impact on your usage.

Warning: It will be a tough and close choice to make!

The answer to the question begins with the mode of your lifestyle. According to that you can make a list of questions, answering which you can make a better choice, one that will facilitate you without hampering any of your activity.

The key factors to make the distinction between the two.

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Audio Quality

Without a wire to keep on disentangling you get a wire-free experience keeping in mind the distance between you and the device, with greater distance there is greater interference. The sound quality is disturbed if the device gives a wireless signal matching the frequency of that of your headphones. The only solution being to keep your device nearby.

The wired headphones reduce the risk of interference so that there won’t be any trouble in the sound quality. The Best Beats Headphones 2018wired headphones offer high-definition audio quality, so you can enjoy great sound on your headphones at all times.

Battery Running Time

You don’t have to supply power to wired headphones, it just needs to be plugged into the audio device and used whenever you want to. the sound quality can be hindered but. Some of the wired phones use batteries to cancel out sound. Comparatively the wireless headphones always require batteries as their power source or they have a rechargeable battery option. There is a USB needed for that purpose.

The battery life of the two varies. With the Bluetooth ones giving a running time of about 40 hours.


Wireless and wired headphones both are portable but there are different varieties out there that provide greater convenience.

Bluetooth Headphones

Few of the wireless headphones can provide the quality of wired headphones, but most of them use Bluetooth that makes it difficult to reach the HD quality of their counterparts.

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Compatibility of the Two

You wouldn’t want to buy anything that wouldn’t work on your audio device. It is important to buy the headphones that are compatible with your device and serves the multiple function of music, chatting, and much more.

The wired headphones use 3.5mm of cable so that you can connect them to the device. No matter which headphones you pick make sure it is compatible with your device to save your time and money.

Both type of headphones come with their respective qualities, some having edge over the other one, nevertheless there is no reason for you to doubt the quality and performance of Beats headphones.

We can now move to our list of the top beats headphones that will guarantee you best performance without you missing a beat!

Top 14 Best Beats Headphones in 2019


Name Feature Price



Name Feature Price


1. Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones – Shadow Gray 22 hours of battery life $$$ 4.7
2. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Gloss Black 40 hours of battery life $$$ 4.6
3. Beats By Dre Solo 2 Luxe Edition On-Ear Headphones | Black (WIRED, Not Wireless) Ergonomic earcups $$$ 4.6
4. Beats Pro Over-Ear Wired Headphone – Black Noise Reduction $$$ 4.5
5. Beats Mixr Wired On-Ear Headphone – Black Ultra-flexible headband $$ 4.5
6. Beats Studio Wired 2.0 Over-Ear Headphone – Black Pivoting ear cups $$$ 4.4
7. Beats EP On-Ear Headphones – Red Dimensions 9 x 8 x 3.5 inches $$ 4.4
8. Powerbeats2 Wired Earbuds from Beats by Dr. Dre
Around-ear hooks $$ 4.4
9. BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Black 8 hours of battery life $$ 4.3
10. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD On-Ear Headphones – (Refurbished) Matte Teal
Dual cables, one with Control Talk housing $$ 4.3
11. Beats Executive Wired Headphone – Silver (Refurbished)
3.5mm audio cable $$ 4.2
12. Beats by Dr. Dre – urBeats Earbud Headphones
sans tangle 1.2m link $$ 4.2
13. Powerbeats Wired In-Ear Headphone – Black
Sweat resistant $$ 4.1
14. Monster Beats by Dr. Dre iBeats Headphones with ControlTalk – Black(Retail Packaging)
Wide-bandwidth driver $$$ 4.0

1. Beats Studio3 Wireless Headphones – Shadow GrayBeats Studio3 Wireless Headphones - Shadow Gray

Beats have been rolling out Bluetooth headphones one after the other and Beats Studio3 is another of the Bluetooth hits. It has Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature in it. The active noise cancellation monitors the ambient sound and generates a sound wave along with the played music to cancel it out. What gives the Beats Studio3 edge over its rivals is the Apple W1 Bluetooth chip. This chip is installed to allow it to pair by simply holding the headphone next to your iPhone or iPad making the transition via iCloud with any of the Apple Devices. There are many noise cancelling Bluetooth headphones that have an extensive battery life. According to Beats you get up to 22 hours with the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and Bluetooth ability. Without the ANC the time increases to up to 40 hours.



The amazing Apple’s W1 Bluetooth chip smooths out procedures that could otherwise would have been difficult and complicated. Bring the studio3 near your device and you will witness the absolute magic. Tap connect and there you go, all will be taken care of. For the Apple owners you will need to connect it once to the device only. Your active iCloud account and any other device that is operating using the Apple ID, they will be set up automatically, even your Apple Watch! They work as smoothly with the non-Apple devices as well, with an excellent range. You can move into other room without the signal dropping.

Control ability

Its perfect design comes with its share of foibles. The headphones come without the option of power-off and power-on. This means in order to conform whether they have switched off or not you will have to take them off and see the LED’s going off or on. The external microphones aren’t easy to use either. You have to take them off to get to hear the outside world. However, they fold up perfectly and you will be comfortable while wearing them. The headphone jack ensures you get to carry on with listening when the battery finishes.

All the controls are easy to figure out. The quality of the build is high, there is a steel band that makes the headphones endoskeleton and the scratch resistant matte plastic gives a supreme finish.

Battery life of the headphones is laudable. With the Active Noise Cancellation, you get 22 hours of battery life and without and the Bluetooth you get up to 40 hours of usage. This is remarkable.


With such a remarkable set of headphones at your disposal you have to be careful not to damage them. It has a casing, so you can safely out it in and carry around with nothing to twist and turn and break. The USB cable is there so that you can plug it into the device in case the battery of the headphones run out.

The Sound Quality and the Noise Cancellation

There is more to the Studio3 headphones. The W1 chip provides extra layer of processing to the headphones, this means the noise cancellation would ultra-efficient and effective. It is leak protected and compensated by the internal microphones during times when the earpads are unable to create an airtight seal around your ears. The soft over-ear cushions mean longer usage with protection of the ears as well. It also enables an advanced venting feature and flexible pivoting keeps the music in and noise out.

The two features make an effective pair to give you superior noise cancellation. The Sound quality is decent as well. The bass is less, overall the mids are perfectly balanced. They are loved for the noise isolation they provide and the top-notch sound quality.


  • The Bluetooth pairing is smooth
  • It has a great battery life
  • The quality of the build is laudable
  • It has a carrying case
  • Charging cable.,


  • The noise cancellation should have been more effective
  • For the price paid, the sound quality could have been improved

2. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Gloss BlackBeats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones - Gloss Black

A perfect invention of Beats placed on the market to crack it up, Beats Solo3 is doing wonders to the music. Although the sound and design haven’t seen much change than the conventional Beats Solo headphones, the upgrading of tech has done its work earning it the status of the perfect iPhone Headphones. The Beats Solo 3 give an exceptional battery run time without having to get entangled in the complex ball of wires. The premium sound makes every beat clear and refined. It has features that make it stand out and worth the price.


Design and Comfort Level  

There isn’t much change in the look of the Solo 3 and Solo 2. The frame of the headphones has barely seen any change, plastic and synthetic leather has been used for the pads and the frame. The glossy veneer fails to hide the plastic used for construction. Metal makes the interior of the headphones. You will find the headphones in matte version and several others as well is the glossy one fails to catch your eyes. The padding is done so that you can wear them outdoors or during workouts, in fact as compared to the Solo 2 squidgy rubber has been used rather than foam. This creates friction so that the headphones don’t slip off. Maybe you will be disappointed at first, but you will gradually come to love it for its usefulness.

The build of the Solo3 is firm and if you are expecting a soft, feather clasp then that is not happening. They are firm and so good for longer use. The headband distributes the pressure over your ears, but despite that after few hours you will feel the discomforting pain.

The W1 Chip

The wireless Beats Solo 3 are Bluetooth headphones. You will feel the difference when using it with iPhone and with an Android device. The W1 Chip communicates directly with the iPhone, popping up instantaneously within the vicinity of the iPhone device. The new level of system integration will make it an evolution. The battery life of the headphones is great, and the best thing is they are charged in no time. According to Beats itself, a 5 minutes charge gives you a running time of 3 hours. You can keep up with the battery life progress from the 5 LED display that appears at the quick press of the power button. It has a Micro USB plug, a reminiscent of the past, but useful nevertheless. You can still take calls and keep the control of the music in your hands.

Sound Quality

The quality of the sound is similar to that of the Solo 2. Making it a tough choice to spend extra bucks on it. The Bass of the great and hard-hitting as expected of the Beats headphones. It is a bit slow but can show its magic at the right places. A restrained treble, smooth mids, assures a strong bassline.


  • Loud, bold and energetic sound
  • A very great battery life


  • Bass is quite dominating
  • Shouldn’t be as expensive
  • Mid-range clogging

3. Beats By Dre Solo 2 Luxe Edition On-Ear Headphones | Black (WIRED, Not Wireless)Beats By Dre Solo 2 Luxe Edition On-Ear Headphones Black (WIRED, Not Wireless)

Beats Solo 2 is an upgraded and remodeled headphone by Dr. Dre that has come into the market with all the improved acoustics and sonic clarity compared to its predecessors. The Solo 2 has a flexible headband embedded in it with the up to the marks and highly preferred angled ear cups. Angled earcups make it possible for you to use the headphones for longer periods, as well as the material employed to make them dissipates heats, this minimizes sound loss and leakage. Before you get to much information without the detailed aspects of the features that are even more promising, let’s move on to the features section.


Reformed and New Sounds  

The Beats Solo 2 promises a dynamic sound that is more enhanced and wider in range than any of the models that came before it. Once you wear these you exactly understand the nature of magic done and the more superior sound quality of Solo 2.

Made for Comfort

You will get cushion comfort with Solo 2 on. They are light in weight and durable so that they last long. No squandering of money to get an exclusive experience. The smooth curvature of the headphones is a new addition that gives a custom-fit feeling. The ergonomically angled earcups are a natural fit to increase comfort and sound delivery. The dissipation of heat is helpful in containing the sound.


There are no visible screws that can cause cuts or make any cloth get stuck in the headphones. They are foldable which is a starring feature as it makes carrying the headphones without damaging them easy. The device can be placed at a distance and you can still enjoy premium sound. Take calls while sitting in the other room or when out with ease and without any effect on the sound quality.  The finishing is remarkable, giving the headphones an absolutely modish look.


  • Enduring
  • Great sound quality
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Noise cancellation and leakage could be improved

4. Beats Pro Over-Ear Wired Headphone – BlackBeats Pro Over-Ear Wired Headphone – Black

The Beats Pro headphones were designed to satisfy the music freaks. They are made for relentless and heavy-duty use and are mostly used in studios and clubs as they give remarkable audio each time. The sound is deep and responsive since no amplification or noise cancellation tech has been used. The two add other frequency into the sound jacking up the bass response. The original sound will win you over. The features will further elaborate the specs of the headphones.



The bright ear cup cushions will brighten your day and make the music journey more interesting. They cone with a bright white headband that matches the cushions of the earcup. Except for the red signature logo and the headphone everything else is bathed in matte silver. There are other colours available too.

The well-padded cushion will be soft on your ears and you can use the headphones for longer time. To keep up with the hygiene and immaculate appearance, the cushions are washable. Comparatively the headband was firm and under-cushioned. The metal bands can be felt that is uncomforting.

The Sound Quality

The response to different sounds is very genuine and authentic. The poor sounds stayed poor and the elaborated ones’ sound very good. The headphones give an insider’s look, the behind the scenes processing sounds are pronounced in and distinguishable, sounds we have never heard before. This will give the listeners and entertaining experience. With flat mids everything is exceptional.

Frame and performance

The robust built of the headphones makes it indestructible. Instead of using plastic, aluminum frame has been built with overstuffed ear cups. The noise is reduced owing to the heavy padding. The pivoting of the earcups and the padding together reduces the noise level so that no power switches or batteries are used. The headphones are to give you studio monitor experience.


  • Great exterior
  • Every detail is enhanced and excellent
  • The midrange response and treble response are good


  • Heavy
  • The bass response is disturbing

5. Beats Mixr Wired On-Ear Headphone – BlackBeats Mixr Wired On-Ear Headphone – Black

These are the lightest yet the loudest headphones ever. Inspiration of the headphones was taken from David Guetta, but every inch of the headphone resonates the Beats way of presenting music. All kinds of listeners would love listening on the headphones, but it will be a real luxury for the bass hunters. The features would help in exploring more horizons of the product.



Beats mixr is a combination of both sound and looks. With the growing years they have increased in prominence owing to their performance and chic look. The headphones do not outgrow your head despite being big. The earcups are pivoted on multiple points so that they fit on your head perfectly. Although the headphones fit in fine, they aren’t as comfortable as other headphones. Beats Mixr are mid-sized and the leather coated pads sit half on your ears. The headband pressure eliminates the comfort the soft foam underneath the pads could provide. This causes strain above your ears.

The Ear Cups and headband

The slim headband is barely padded and employs high-friction rubber. This is to keep the headphones on your head without slipping.  The cups are foldable. The bottom of each cup there is a jack input, you can keep the one cable connected while the other one can be connected to another device to share the pleasure of music with your friends!

Sound Quality

As with all the Beats headphones, mixr too has focused more on the bass. The dynamic drivers along with the tuning makes a great beat and refined sound. They can give the aura of a club with hits high sound and beats and can also provide the depth songs demand.


  • Great looks
  • Sound is better than the Solo range
  • Build is satisfactory
  • Has useful accessories in it


  • Average comfort
  • Expensive
  • More focused on bass and unbalanced

6. Beats Studio Wired 2.0 Over-Ear Headphone – BlackBeats Studio Wired 2.0 Over-Ear Headphone – Black

Beats Studio Wired 2.0 has come along with improvements by active noise cancellation and a streamline design. They come in many colours and are a little swanky. You can listen to music and take calls too. The adaptive noise cancelling technology is great to cut out the noise from the surroundings and give you a more inclusive and deep music experience. A built-in rechargeable battery provides 20 hours of noise cancellation and DSP.


Feel Every Beat

The beats studio 2.0 comes with the signature DSP software design to create a mesmerizing experience. To get the feel of every jingle, rock, hip-hop, electronic, and other sounds that the producers expect every sound system and headphones to deliver for the audience to rapture on and enjoy. If you miss any beat it is injustice to the hard work of thousands of music producers. You wouldn’t want that, do you?

Set the World on Mute Mode

To cut out the noise of the surroundings that could be noisy neighbors’ or the sounds during the daily commute the Beats Studio 2.0 is great. It has a dual mode Adaptive noise cancelling, it automatically strikes a balance between your music and the world outside. For a quieter world, the ANC increases the level noise cancellation on its own.

A Rechargeable Battery and Remote-Control Talk

The 20-hour rechargeable battery prevents wasting of energy. There is an auto on/off feature that turns off the headphones when it is unplugged. The visible battery Fuel Gauge is available to keep you updated of the remaining battery. There is a Remote Talk Control cable that controls for iOS, window devices, Android, and Blackberry. Functionality varies from device to device.


  • Active noise cancellation
  • Remote control talk
  • A rechargeable battery
  • Every sound is felt


  • Needs burn in it
  • Flashy, build
  • Overpriced

7. Beats EP On-Ear Headphones – RedBeats EP On-Ear Headphones - Red

Beats is known for two things: bass-substantial sounds and grandiose sticker prices and keeping in mind that it may not generally make the most balanced earphones, it unquestionably makes probably the most mainstream. The Beats EP is something else from the now Apple-possessed brand, however. Indeed, the bass is as yet given particular treatment, yet there’s a more adjusted sound to these on-ear contributions. The Beats EP are Beats earphones for the majority. Offering a more adjusted sound and less expensive sticker price than their elder siblings, they claim while as yet offering that notable logo that is so desired by many. They’re not impeccable, but rather at the cost they’re a strong advertising.


Designed for you

Beats EP on-ear earphone conveys impressively tuned sound. Its sans battery configuration offers boundless playback and its smooth, strong casing is strengthened with lightweight hardened steel. Beats EP is a perfect prologue to Beats for any music darling looking for a dynamic listening knowledge.

Build quality

The Beats EP, as the greater part of the more current Beats models, are well-assembled earphones that make utilization of top of the line materials in their plan. The ear containers are thick and the headband is adaptable and produced using a decent mix of plastic and metal. They likewise don’t have a ton of moving parts since they don’t overlay into a more minimal arrangement like Solo2 or Solo3. The whole edge isn’t metal, be that as it may, which is less solid than some other on-ears, however they won’t part from a few unintentional drops. Tragically, the non-separable link isn’t replaceable and will wear after some time which diminishes the EPs generally solidness.

Your premium sound earphones

Beats EP on-ear earphone conveys stunningly tuned sound the manner in which it was intended to be heard. Fueled by tweaked acoustics for extraordinary lucidity, expansiveness, and equalization, it’s the perfect prologue to Beats for any music sweetheart.


The Beats EP are agreeable earphones yet like most on-ears, they’re somewhat tight on the head. The ear glasses are conventionally very much cushioned however the unbending swivel pivot structure and moderately conservative headband don’t provide food well to all head sizes and shapes. This puts enough weight on the ears to cause weakness amid long listening sessions however they ought to be adequately agreeable for most audience members when utilized for two or three hours.

Get and-go

Beats EP is made to go wherever you do. It’s without battery configuration offers boundless playback and bother free settled link gives you a chance to center around the music. Simply snatch and go.

Durability and control

Beats EP is intense, lightweight and agreeable. Its solid edge is fortified with tempered steel and movable vertical sliders take into account customized comfort. Intended for regular utilize.These earphones have a straightforward and simple to-utilize control conspire. They have common three catch setup that offers call/music, track skipping, and volume controls. The catches are adequately responsive, despite the fact that the volume controls don’t convey as much input as a portion of the other in-line remotes we’ve tried


  • Sturdy build quality.
  • Good audio reproduction.


  • Slightly tight on the head.
  • Bass and treble delivery vary suggestively across users. Sensitive to glasses.
  • Poor noise isolation.

8. Powerbeats2 Wired Earbuds from Beats by Dr. Dre

Giving the sound Beats is known for in an exercise well-disposed plan, the blue Powerbeats2 Wired Earbuds Powerbeats2 Wired Earbuds from Beats by Dr. Drefrom Beats by Dr. Dre include double drive acoustics and are IPX4 sweat and water safe. Their customizable ear hooks, alongside the 4 sets of included ear tips, help guarantee an agreeable fit that will last the length of your exercise. The in-line RemoteTalk control and mic enable you to accept calls and control your music’s playback. A hardshell case is likewise included for capacity and transport.



Except if you’re the sort who promptly peruses the manual on opening up another item out of the blue, you may experience considerable difficulties finding the power catch on the Powerbeats2. It’s situated on the left earbud, on what might be the best when you’re wearing them. It’s actually conceivable to utilize this catch while wearing the earbuds, yet it’s a lot less demanding to turn them on, at that point put them on.


When opening up the case, we recognized a notice from Beats that we should charge the Powerbeats2 for no less than 15 minutes before attempting them on, and that 15 minutes of charge time would get us about an hour of listening time. Great to know.

In general battery life of the Powerbeats2 is expressed as six hours, and we observed this to be a genuinely precise gauge. While longer battery life would positively be welcome, the USB link fits effortlessly in the conveying case and it’s not hard to connect these for a couple of minutes all over to keep them charged. Debating on keeping them charged, make a point to kill these when you’re not utilizing them because there doesn’t appear to be an auto-off feature.


Dissimilar to many game centered earphones and like the first Powerbeats, the Powerbeats2 shun the now-well-known in-ear wings for around-ear snares. This is, for the most part, going to involve individual inclination, yet for what it’s value, I do favor the over-ear snares. This made for a simple fit, and I observed these earphones to be more agreeable to wear for expanded periods than earphones that safe themselves inside the ear.


  • Comfortable for long sessions
  • Around-ear hooks keep them secure


  • Boomy lower mids
  • Pricey

9.BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones – BlackBeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones – Black

Beats by Dre has for some time been a conventional earphone creator, however, the BeatsX is an alternate breed. That is on the grounds that as opposed to adhering to bass-substantial exercise earbuds or fiercely costly over-ears, the organization has conjured up another match of musically slanted in-ears for anybody officially tired of losing their fresh out of the box new Apple AirPods.

Despite the fact that they’re somewhat unique, the BeatsX gets a considerable measure from past Beats items. For instance, the earphones have a level, no-tangle link and outstanding similarity with iOS gadgets. However, they likewise cut out their own specialty as one of the main adjusted matches of earphones from the low-end cherishing organization The BeatsX are a strong combination of in-ear earphones. They probably won’t have the most noteworthy clearness out of the considerable number of earphones we’ve tried, yet that is something they compensate for with preeminent solace, brilliant iOS mix, and a shockingly viable Quick Charge include.



The Beats X are remote earphones donning a jewelry. All the hardware – and weight – sit in the two plastic ingots that will wind up resting by your collarbones, leaving whatever remains of the band a skeletal yet profoundly adaptable rubbery layout.

It’s a not too bad structure, one that doesn’t leave the jewelry feeling just as it’s squeezing your neck as others do. The Beats X likewise don’t ricochet around as you run. In any case, I found that they bit by bit turn to the directly sooner or later, likely in light of the fact that one side of the headphones is marginally heavier than the other. The complete is a blend of hard plastic and elastic all through. The ‘capsules’ and principle main part of the earpieces are plastic, and the necklace and end of every earpiece sport a rubberized complete for included contact.


The Beats X is just the third match of earphones we’ve used to highlight the Apple W1 chipset, the others being the Beats Solo 3 Wireless and Apple AirPods. It’s a chip that gives an iPhone a chance to perceive and converses with, these headphones more rapidly than a standard Bluetooth match. Notwithstanding, they additionally work fine and dandy with an Android telephone, which is the thing that I’ve been utilizing.

Remote security is fantastic, with for all intents and purposes no drop-outs or Bluetooth blips. These are among the most dependable in-ear remote earphones going.


The BeatsX have a clear and productive control conspire. The catches are responsive and give you the basic capacities for call/play/delay, track skipping, and volume control.


  • Great wireless performance
  • Fun sound
  • Easy for iPhone users


  • Not that detailed
  • Unrefined upper mids

10. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD On-Ear Headphones –  (Refurbished) Matte Teal

In 2008, ever-prominent sound frill giant Monster Cable reported an organization with amazing hip-bounce maker Dr. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD On-Ear Headphones - (Refurbished) Matte TealDre went for conveying another line of custom earphones intended to convey studio-quality sound to the majority. No doubt the organization’s objective to make another type of earphone audience has been effective, as today, the Beats by Dr. Dre mark is fiercely prevalent and consistently putting the weight on a portion of the other hip earphone creators like Skullcandy. With the Solo, we’re glad to report that Monster and Dre give an excellent arrangement of earphones that sounds just as smooth as it looks, and even offers iPod control and iPhone talking highlights that are oft-investigated by other earphone producers



Equipment astute, the Beats Solo HD are genuinely customary, however, don’t put a foot off-base. Made generally of shiny dark and delicate touch red plastic, they could without much of a stretch seem shabby however the complete is in truth great. There’s additionally a thick band of metal that goes through the center of the headband, giving it a decent equalization of solidarity and adaptability. Everything considered they straddle the needs of weight and construct effectively.


The on-ear padding cushions are finished with genuine calfskin and are delicate and comfortable. They are among the most agreeable on-ear earphones we’ve tried. On-ear earphones can cause inconvenience for those with more touchy ears, as they lay specifically on them, however, less so than normal here. The ear mugs swivel a couple of degrees both evenly and vertically, influencing them to conform to your head’s protuberances and knocks consequently, and dispensing with most fit issues every so often connected with this sort of earphone.

There’s only one odd decision to the Solo HD – the headband cushioning is done with a squidgy rubbery substance that any individual who played with a Stretch Armstrong, harking back to the 90s will recollect. We would have expected cushioned calfskin, yet this nearly sticky material gives the headband a chance to remain extremely thin while staying on your head dependably and giving great solace – despite the fact that we can’t bear witness to how it feels against a shaved head.

Sound quality

Commotion disengagement is genuinely great as well, the inch-thick cushions making a sensible seal between your ears and the outside world. This improves the Beats Solo HD suited than numerous over-ear earphones for use on open transport – something worth being thankful for given how every now and again we see them worn on trains and transports – however in-ear earphones or commotion dropping sets give another dimension of clamor decrease.


  • Right-angle jack
  • Dual cables, one with Control Talk housing
  • Good design


  • iPod control feature not functional on older iPhones
  • Muddy sound

11. Beats Executive Wired Headphone – Silver (Refurbished)Beats Executive Wired Headphone - Silver (Refurbished)

If you somehow managed to take a brisk visual overview of high-road earphone mold, you’d see two brands showing up over and over Apple, with its trademark white headphones; and Beats, with models, for example, the Beats Executive we have here.

The organization helped to establish by previous N.W.A. rapper Dr. Dre, has a strong reputation of creating attractive, a la mode and punchy-sounding earphones, yet the Executives stamp its first move into the high-flyer showcase. The Executive conveys a more refined soundscape than we’re accustomed to getting notification from Beats and joins it with dynamic clamor dropping innovation and a metal casing. In any case, is that enough to charm music darlings with more-recognizing tastes?



The Beats Executive is made for going on long drives and significantly longer flights. The jars delicately measured our ears in supple false calfskin and cushiony froth. We didn’t encounter a trace of inconvenience amid a two-hour tram ride. The earphones never squeezed or included any weight all through the excursion, including when we inclined toward the metal seat bolsters.

Because of the aluminum and hardened steel segments, the Beats Executive gauges a strong 11.6 ounces.


Beats dropped the sweet hued plastic form utilized on its other earphone models and slipped into something more grown-up. The Executive is involved smooth, brilliant aluminum with charcoal-dark calfskin covering the headband and earcups.

The highest point of the cowhide wrapped band is stepped with a stately silver Beats logo. The organization settled on the shrewd choice to do without the blasting red lowercase “b” on the earplates for a downplayed charcoal dark and-silver treatment. The earphones are likewise accessible in the unadulterated dark for a considerably more rich look.

The earphones are multi-pivoted along the metallic end of the headband. The principal pivot twists internal towards the headband. The second pivot enabled us to lay the earcups level, so we could overlay the Executive into a more smaller shape for snappy capacity in the included dark hard case. The case fits effectively in a knapsack or medium-sized satchel.

The earcups fit cozily over our ears, hiding them in the delicate froth, sheathed in manufactured cowhide. Pulling down on the lower headband uncovers a couple of tempered steel extenders to guarantee an appropriate fit.

Battery Life

As per Beats, the Executive earphones can last up to 25 hours on a couple of AAA batteries. That is 10 hours shorter than the Bose QuietComfort 15’s, which most recent 35 hours on a solitary AAA battery. We wore the Executives for more than four hours (a round-trip visit to our home in Liverpool), and the earphones were all the while going solid.


  • Loud, balanced audio with big bass
  • Long battery life
  • Elegant, refined design
  • Comfortable fit


  • Active noise-canceling creates subtle hiss
  • The music dies when the battery does
  • Expensive (NEW)

12. Beats by Dr. Dre – urBeats Earbud HeadphonesBeats by Dr. Dre - urBeats Earbud Headphones

On the off chance that you haven’t seen the exacting sea of individuals all over wearing Beats by Dr. Dre, at that point possibly you ought to have your eyeballs checked. Beats By Dre has a differed lineup, with numerous VIP supported models and expensive premium sets. The urBeats resist those patterns, offering the exemplary Beats structure in a basic bundle with not very many laces.

Beats urBeats are headphones with an inline remote and mic. They are the most reasonable headphones in the organization’s line-up. Beats items are gigantically well known yet they remain a polarizing organization among customers. Their bass-overwhelming reaction, normal form quality, and high sticker price has numerous individuals scrutinizing their intrigue. We’ll be taking a gander at whether they merit the venture or not.



The urBeats certainly look great. The very design makes them resemble a gun projectile, which is proper for an item from Dr. Dre. The earpiece hues are accessible in an extensive variety of hues: Space Gray, Black, Red, White, Gold, Gray, Rose Gold, Silver, and Nicki Pink. Huge numbers of the plans have a differentiating shading for the links, generally white, red or dark. Huge numbers of the hues are intense and the general look is exceptionally unmistakable. In the event that you need something that creates an impression, these are a decent choice.

Three-catch remote

The three-catch remote and mic situated along the link are planned for use with iOS gadgets. It’s anything but difficult to utilize and will control calls, play/respite, and volume. In the event that you are running an Android gadget, the volume controls won’t work, despite the fact that you can at present utilize the focal catch for play/delay directions. The mic rejects surrounding commotion and undertakings your voice to your guest great.

Tangle-free Cable

The Beats urBeats have a level, sans tangle 1.2m link, with a link attached to modify where the link parts. The sans tangle assemble conveys so it is anything but an issue to store them and bring them out. The link is more slender than the comparative level link on the pricier Beats Tour 2. The link ends in a straight 3.5mm jack, which will oblige telephone cases.


  • Forward presentation
  • Deep bass
  • Well-constructed


  • Balance is too bass-heavy
  • Narrow dynamic range
  • Lacks detail

13. Powerbeats Wired In-Ear Headphone – BlackPowerbeats Wired In-Ear Headphone - Black

Headphones went for the trendy shopper are not hard to come by nowadays, but rather one would imagine that the last place individuals are worried about device style would be the rec center. Nonetheless, a lot of makers are putting money on the conviction that you need gorgeous tech regardless of how damp with sweat you are, henceforth the Powerbeats by Dr. Dre Sports Headphones from Monster. These headphones offer a protected fit, incorporated iPhone controls, and a smooth look- – but on the other hand, they’re expensive for exercise earphones, and they don’t appear to be especially strong or sweat-safe


Made for you

The Powerbeats earphones accompany a pleasant, hard-sided conveying case and a shirt cut for joining the link on your individual. This will prove to be useful for the individuals who need to utilize the coordinated mic with a cell phone. The precious stone formed module likewise bears volume controls and a solitary catch for noting calls and in addition changing playback on any iOS gadget (Play/Pause and Track Forward/Reverse).


In execution testing, we weren’t actually frustrated by the sound offered by the Powerbeats, nor were we overwhelmed. Sound comes through as clear and sensibly warm, with a little oomph on the low end. Indeed, the headphones are equipped for a better than average low-end punch, however just in the event that you push the earpieces straightforwardly into the ear, which isn’t the manner by which they’re intended to be worn. These earphones are structured not to shut out outer clamor, which is something worth being thankful for any individual who works out outside


Beast has the style down with the Powerbeats. Any individual who loves the look of the general Beats by Dr. Dre line will unquestionably be attracted to these athletic earbuds. Eye-getting chrome earpieces are connected to a smooth dark arm enhanced with the mark lowercase “b” logo. Elastic snares are appended to each ‘bud, keeping them solidly set up amid runs and high impact exercise. Beast incorporates three sizes of silicone tips to help with the solace and attack of the in-ear part of the headphones.


  • Stylish
  • Good performance
  • Sweat resistant


  • Not durable
  • Not comfortable

14. Monster Beats by Dr. Dre iBeats Headphones with ControlTalk – Black(Retail Packaging)Monster Beats by Dr. Dre iBeats Headphones with ControlTalk - Black(Retail Packaging)

iBeats are the most up to date combine of In-Ear Headphones to be discharged from the beats by dr. dre and Monster joint effort. They likewise happen to be the least expensive combine of headphones in their arms stockpile of earphones. These ‘financial plan’ In-Ear Headphones and I utilize that term freely, are pointing their barrels at those little white ear buds from Apple. Beast and beats by dr. are is trusting that you’ll drop those white buds in junk can where they have a place, and rather you’ll get an opportunity to genuinely encounter what your music should seem like, without totally using up every last cent.



The iBeats are offered in white, dark, chrome, and dark aluminum. Those hues allude to the metallic earpieces—the link and the Beats logo are red on all models. The precious stone formed ControlTalk remote control and mic for iPhones and iPods is arranged on the left ear’s link. It’s not the best arrangement, as it’s difficult to see when wearing the headphones, and with the remote’s surface involved catches that alter volume and playback, or answer telephone calls, it’s anything but difficult to press the wrong one by the mix-up.

The ear tips offer a safe fit and even seal out some surrounding commotion, latently. The tips come in white or dark—contingent upon which shade of headphones you decide on, and there are seven in an unexpected way measured sets (two of which are flanged instead of adjusted) incorporated into the Monster and Beats-logo-marked defensive pocket, alongside a shirt cut.

Sound Quality

The iBeats is intended for those people who need to encounter preferred sound quality over what you get with those level white earbuds that come bundled with another iPod or iPhone. iBeats conveys by giving the white buds a decent whipping. It surpasses past those Apple buds by creating better bass, mids, and treble. It additionally gives clients some stable segregation relying upon which ear tips you pick.


The iBeats anyway exceed expectations in solace. The In-Ear Headphones are greatly comfortable and lightweight. Furthermore, they stay put, regardless of how moderate or quick you walk and following an hour or so you overlook they are even in your ears. The likewise don’t distend out of your ears as other earphones do.


  • Comfortable
  • Has Controltalk
  • Best design


  • Not durable
  • Sound quality is just ok