The Beats Executive is a pair of circumaural headphones, or over-ear headphones that should and do sit around you ear. Aimed at the business class of music lovers the Beats Executive has traded its typical color comforts for a classy black and steel-like finish.

The ear cups and the headband have enough black leather padding while there is also a lot of metal show made from anodized aluminum. However, it does not give up on the brilliant red in the cable or the logo emblazoned on both the ear-cups. Also like all other Beats headphones, the Beats Executive Headphones also folds into a compact set that can be packed away in a portable casing making travel easier. It comes with two cables, one with a microphone and remote for mobile-phone users; and the second without any of those. They can be attached to the left ear-cup. The cables are adaptable to airplane adapters with a 6.3 mm jack converter, and come with an extra ¼ inch adapter and a pair of AAA batteries.

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Features of Beats Executive Headphones

The outstanding feature in any Beats headphone has in so far been its take on bass; and so it is with the Executive. While the thumping of the bass is commendable, much still remains to be desired compared to the pocket pinch suffered. The lack in terms of sound balance continues even with this new entrant. Another point of worry is that it causes a solid vacuum around your ear, which forces sound distortions. Push the ear-cups back, and the air pressure causes more distortions before the driver finds the correct position.

Now the batteries are for the new advantage that comes with the Beats Executive Headphones: noise cancellation. As a new feature to the Beats range, the noise cancellation does fairly well, but it is not match for the one from Bose, leaders in this segment. There is also a hiss when the noise cancellation is turned on which is largely significant when listening to music in a quieter environment. The batteries powering the noise cancellation are packed into the left ear-cup and the cover is held by a magnet. The switch to it is placed on the right ear-cup. The batteries are not rechargeable and are believed to render a 25 hour service but it also depends on your usage of the feature as well as the manufacture of the batteries. This might be a bit of problem caused by lacking of porting and can cause some damage on the long run.


It depends on what you are looking for. If style and comfort is your main priority, then the Beats Executive Headphones would be the best option for you, as its distinct metallic frame and comfortable headband make a big difference.. However, they make it a bit heavier as well. The weight of the Executive is 340 grams whereas the Studio model is just 100grams! In terms of sound, their performance is quite similar, as they both use the same noise-cancelling technology which delivers high audio integrity with crystal clear highs, extremely accurate mids, along with a strong distinctive bass.  Finally, their price is quite similar with the Executive being a little bit more expensive.

<<Click here to see the price, specs and reviews of Beats Executive Headphones>>
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