Beats Pro Headphones Review

Beats Pro Headphones 1A great pair of headphones is a definite prerequisite for artists, music producers, musicians, sound engineers, DJs, and people who take sound very seriously. A regular or normal pair of headphones would not give the same results as a professional or studio type headphones. They are classed in an entirely different category as studio or professional headphones require a flat bass response in order to fine tune or equalize the sound better and as such allow the listener to hear the music as it was intended to be – without the colorization or additional flavoring added into it. This is why most music enthusiasts and producers are on the lookout for the perfect pair of headphones for the studio sound and scenario. Those that tend to be more durable, more powerful than regular headphones, and can be sufficiently used even if the studio is located in a place that is congested or surrounded by other rooms or buildings. It is important to find the right kind of headphones for that sensitive studio or professional experience and Beats by Dr. Dre offers it’s very own professional Over-ear Headphones – The Beats Pro Over Ear Headphones. It’s a perfect Over ear headphones for a distinct kind of hard core music lovers who take the sound experience really seriously.

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Sound Performance

Beats Pro is designed to deliver music as it was intended to by the musician or producers and these headphones mostly perform best to R&B/ Hip-Hop genres.

  • Bass – controlled, tight, textured. It has a powerful punch that can be strong but does not tend to overpower the rest of the frequencies. In order to get a better bass response to get better sound quality, a bass equalizer might need to be employed.
  • Excellent audio quality with warm or neutral midrange frequencies. Uninhibited and accurate which delivers well bodied acoustics and vocals.
  • Sound stage is clear and has good depth plus treble is smooth and well balanced.
  • Noise cancellation – because of the heavy ear padding and pivoting ear cups, it serves to block out noise effectively without the need to flip a switch.
  • Sound leak: moderate but at high volume mostly at 75% or more, the sound would leak and it might disturb your neighbor or housemate especially if you’re listening to a loud hip hop or rock genre.

Beats Pro Headphones Review

Design and Build

Beats Pro are designed to indestructible and durable. They are made of gunmetal Aluminum, no cheap plastic or frayed materials were included. This pair of headphones were made to last for a long time.

  • Eye catching, aesthetic design.
  • Has a nice presentation and organized look when first unboxed.
  • Well built – Durable and gunmetal aluminum frame that’s formidable and resistant to vibration.
  • Matte finish is impeccable and makes the headphones look well-made and of high quality.
  • Headband
  • Top of the headband is sufficiently padded and can be worn comfortably at extended periods.
  • It’s adjustable – can be adjusted to the desired length.
  • Clamping force can be extensive – These headphones are very adjustable so almost any sized head could fit them.
  • Ear pads – Covered with high quality synthetic leather and sufficiently padded, plush for great comfort.
  • Ear cups
  • The lowercase Beats logo is emblazoned in red on each ear cups.
  • They are properly labelled – (R) for right and (L) for the left ear cup.
  • Ear cups swivel or fold inwards for easier storage and makes for an excellent DJ studio headphones.
  • Drivers/speakers on each ear piece is larger than normal.
  • Detachable or removable – can be cleaned for hygienic purposes.
  • Each earpiece has ports that can serve as input/output.
  • Cable – thick, red, tangle free and coiled to provide sufficient extra length.

Beats Pro Headphones Review

Additional Features

  • 5mm jack at the bottom of each ear cup
  • It doubles as both an input (from sound source) and an output to send audio to another pair of headphones.
  • Has twist to detach or secure function –Audio cable will c=not be detached easily.
  • ¼-inch adapter attached to the coil – because it is tethered to a cable it will never get lost.
  • A protective pouch – made of soft material with soft suede lining.
  • A cleaning cloth with “advanced Aegis Microbe Shield technology“.


  • Dual port that can act as input/output port – whichever port the audio cable is connected to the other becomes an output port to connect another headphone to share music or movie.
  • Rotating or swiveling cans allows the user to converse with other people and hear what they are saying without taking the whole headphones off.
  • Excellent, sturdy build and durable with gunmetal frame.
  • Drivers are big so they require a lot of power to function sufficiently.
  • A good studio DJ headphone.
  • Cable is detachable.


  • The connection for other headphones, however, is loose and could easily detach if you move around.
  • Ear cup size might not accommodate all ear sizes.
  • Not recommended for people who wear glasses – they can be a tad uncomfortable because of the clamping force.
  • Clamping force can cause ear fatigue if worn for long periods.
  • More expensive than normal studio headphones.
  • Because of the size of the cans or ear cups they can get a bit hefty – this makes them less portable than regular earphones.

Beats Pro Headphones Review


The Beats Pro Over Ear Headphones are an excellent pair of headphones recommended for DJ sessions. If you are looking at quality/ durability and sound quality ratio, there are other lower price headphones that would give you a better sound quality. But if you are more into having a pair of headphones that will last and just an average listener who wants to invest into a nice pair of headphones and you can afford them then the Beats Pro and Beats Mixr will be good for you.

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of Beats Pro Headphones>>

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