Beats Solo HD Review 2014


The Beats Solo HD is one of the first edition of headphones from Monsters in association with Dr. Dre. While it performs exceedingly well in the design front, there is so much left wanting in terms of sound. Design detailing incorporates the brilliant color combinations of red and black in glossy plastic.

You would assume that since it is plastic, it might be shabby, but you will be impressed by the finish. There is also the massive Beats logo on both ear cups. The headphones are on ear, so the ear cups sit comfortably on the ears without the slightest hesitation. The cover is made from real leather and the positioning ensures a fair amount sound isolation. The headband, also made from plastic has minor extension options that help in folding the headphones flat and packing them in. also, the headband has, instead of regular padding, a sticky kind of material that helps to hold the headphones firmly on the head. There is also a thick band of metal that runs along the headband, giving it more balance, strength and flexibility.

However, the positioning of the ear cups, although they move both horizontally and vertically to some extent, can be a tad bit tedious over long periods of time. Another big win for the Beats Solo HD is the cables. Strikingly red, maintaining their top notch designing sensibilities, the cables are also tangle free. The cable inserts in a 3.5 mm jack located in the left ear cup; and are available in two different variants. There is one with an in-built microphone and track control, which they call the ControlTalk. It contains a small module in the glossy black finish with the microphone and call answer button. This button also doubles as playback controls for iPod and iPhone. With one click, for play or pause the music; two clicks skips to the forward track; and three clicks skips to track backwards.

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Features of Beats Solo HD Headphones

With regards to sound, the Beats Solo HD, like all other Beats headphones have a thumping bass. However, even the lower frequencies are not well adjusted and are quite capable of rendering murky sounds. It can be overwhelming that one may adjust to, eventually. The mid and high ranges, however, are muddy. Albeit it is an eye catcher, and heads are expected to turn when you walk down the street with them on; but sound quality wise, they are fine for their price range but there are other Beat models that score higher on quality of sound.

The Beats Solo HD is one of the most popular and yet reliable on-ear headsets in the marketplace. Its technical characteristics are as follows:

  • Ear cups, cord and headband have the same colour with the well-known reflective Beats logo on both ear cups
  • Available in 9 colours – from white to monochromatic purple
  • Clear highs and deep, rumbling lows in high-definition, underpinned by Beats’ flagship bass sound
  • Durability at the heart of product design – made with highly flexible material, and reinforced with a metal strip to make sure it never comes apart
  • Compact enough to fit in your bag – although not foldable
  • Built-in microphone which allows you to easily switch from calls to music and vice versa
  • Compatibility with the vast majority of smart and digital devices including –  iPod Nano (4th Generation or later), iPod classic (120GB, 160 GB), iPad Touch (2nd Generation or later), iPhone 3GS or later and iPad.


  • This pair of headphones are definitely for you if you want to use your headphones daily and are looking for a quality and robust product
  • Beats is certainly one of the best brands out there (if not the best one!) and despite their popularity, Beats still live up to the expectation of top quality headphones
  •  You are not budget-restricted and are looking for a well-known product that you want to keep and use for at least a couple of years
  • You consider the design and style of your headphones equally important to their sound, and are not looking for a “Studio” product
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