Beats Tour 2.0 Headphones Review

Beats Tour 2.0 Headphones Review“Big Sound, Small Package” – a promise embossed on the box when you first unbox your Beat Tour 2 package. It is a pair of headphones that boasts of delivering the impressive Beats sound signature in a relatively smaller and lighter bundle. This pair of headphones is something that you can carry around with you and will work together with that innovative new gadget, capable of handling almost all types of music genres and touted to be one among the first earbuds to stand their ground against over ear headphones – whether you’re just running errands, doing daily chores, on a run or a work out, or just relaxing around the house, or rocking out, the Beat Tour 2 is comfortable to wear and just all around a great fit for that impeccable listening experience.

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Sound Performance

This is a re-engineered and revamped version of the original Beats Tour and considered slightly superior to it’s predecessor. Sound quality is highly subjective but this pair of In Ear headphones is great with most music genres delivering powerful and well balanced sound.

  • Bass is lesser than the previous version and can be muffled if the volume is turned up to 80-90%.
  • Closed type – enables the headphones to deliver a full range of sound with crisp highs and powerful lows.
  • Noise Isolation – Not too strong because a fair amount of sound leakage can still bleed out. They can shield you for nearby ambient noise but does not have active noise cancelling properties so it will not cut out the noise completely.
  • Sound Clarity – The bass may overpower the other music but an equalizer can come in handy.
  • Soundstage – slightly improved so sound is clear with acoustics and vocals.

Design and Build

Beats Tour 2.0 Headphones ReviewSmaller and more compact, Beats by Dr. Dre is known for it’s neat and quality packaging. This makes for a cool and highly anticipated unboxing experience. It comes in four colors: red, black, grey, and white. It’s bold and vibrant colors make it stand out and is specifically made for ipod/iphone/ipad, and android devices but the function of the inline microphone might vary with other devices.

  • Very well built and well-designed set of earphones.
  • Made of quality plastic – durable and sturdy, has passed the most rigorous testing that ensured that this is made to last despite strenuous use and activities.
  • Ergonomically designed – lighter weight and smaller design for fit and comfort.
  • Ear buds
  • Flattened, disc-shaped earbuds–decked out in the signature lowercase “b” logo.
  • Glossy white finish compliments the chrome along with plenty of red accents to go with it – depending on the color scheme that you choose.
  • The drivers embedded are small and sit comfortably on flat, tab-like holders.
  • Made of hard quality plastic and clear chrome casing to see inlay of drivers.
  • Structured to angle inwards towards the eardrums – to drive and deliver sound right into the ears.
  • Properly labelled with (R) right and (L) left letter indicators – to distinguish which earpiece goes to which ear.
  • Cable
  • Tangle-Free Cables: made of flat high quality rubber that follows the chose color scheme of the earphones.
  • Ultra-flexible – fine thick rubber cable that resists knotting and tangling.
  • Sturdy and stays flat despite of the numerous times that they are stuffed inside the pocket or placed inside the carrying case.
  • 5mm jack – very small and L-shaped. It allows the headphones to be used in an array of smartphones and devices. It’s ninety degree L-shaped design makes it easier to connect and decreases the chances of the jack being broken off.

Beats Tour 2.0 Headphones Review

Additional Features

  • Carry case
  • Hard shell, small with fine finish.
  • Zippered with a clip to secure zipper also – prevents the zipper from accidentally being opened on it’s own.
  • It’s small size makes it easier to carry around and can be pocketed for safekeeping.
  • Soft inner lining with extra flap or pocket for other accessories.
  • 4 pairs of multi-sized ear tips
  • 3 sizes: small/medium/large plus one flange ear tip for better fit – they can be stored in it’s own sleeve tip pouch for safekeeping.
  • Ear tips spell the difference between a good or great sound because a right fit will mean better isolation from ambient noise, better bass response, and sound balance. Finding the perfect fit is a matter of trial and error to find the best fit for the size and shape of the ear.
  • Comfy or secure fit wing tips
  • Also comes in 3 sizes: small/medium/large
  • Silicone, fin shaped tips that sit on the outer shell of the ear.
  • Fit will ensure that the headphones will stay in place, no matter the activity.
  • In line mic/remote – allows to take control of your smartphone, Apple device without taking it out. You can skip/rewind tracks, play/pause or even answer or hang up phone calls, or even decrease or increase volume.


  • Stylish and comfortable to wear.
  • Sweat and water resistant – can accompany you on your workout or while you’re on a run.
  • Seamlessly switch between call and media with in line remote.
  • Cable remains flat and tangle free.
  • Well-built and sturdy – can withstand the toughest workout and extreme weather.

Beats Tour 2.0 Headphones Review


  • Treble can be a bit harsh and overwhelming.
  • Microphonics – Whenever the cable is moved, there is a faint resulting noise overheard even with the earphones plugged in the ears.
  • Expensive than the average headphones.


The Beats Tour 2 is a great pair of headphones to have with you while doing everyday mundane things. It has a comfortable and secure fit especially with the secure fit wing tips that ensure that they stay in your ears even with the rigors of exercise or workout but only if you are willing to shell out an exorbitant amount of money. Although the earphones are fairly decent and extremely well built, they might not be worth the price they’re worth but if you’re looking for a stylish pair of headphones that can deliver powerful sound and want to invest in something that is better than your previous Beats tour than this new version should be for you.

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of Beats Tour 2.0 Headphones>>

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