The Best Bluetooth headphones

The Best Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth logoThe power of wireless connectivity has created a revolution in the world of digital media. Bluetooth and infrared has taken over the digital revolution to such heights, that the new generation is literally impatient with on-demand entertainment. From the tangled and confusing mess of the wired headphones, headphones have become sturdy and long lasting. Bluetooth headphones are the current trend wherein people are more inclined towards the factors of convenience and durability. Whether it is to work out or to enjoy the routine tasks of watching shows and full length movies, the Bluetooth headphones makes the overall experience more pleasant and enjoyable. Even though the wired headphones are the commonly seen headphones amidst the masses, the Bluetooth headphones are also creating waves in the electronics market.  Before we review some of the best Bluetooth headphones, let’s got back to basics, and explain what the Bluetooth technology is.

Headphones with Bluetooth technology work using radio waves rather than wires or cables in order to connect with your headset with any smart device, as an I-phone, a tablet or a laptop.  Bluetooth is defined, as a wireless short-range communications technology standard, which can be found in millions of products that are used by people all over the world everyday. A pair of headphones with Bluetooth technology, incorporates a very small computer chip which contains the Bluetooth radio, as well as a software which enables connectivity between a wide array of electronic and smart devices.

One of the main differences between Bluetooth and Wireless headphones is the proximity of its connection with other devices. The rule of thumb is that Wireless Headphones usually have a longer connection proximity with other devices, whilst the best Bluetooth headphones have a shorter connection proximity. However, most Bluetooth headsets are promoted as Wireless and vice versa. In essence, Bluetooth, represents a wireless technology, which has been patented, commercialized and managed by Bluetooth SIG.

The following are the best Bluetooth headphones:

1. Bluedio H Turbine

The Bluedio Turbine Headset is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. They have an iconic powerful bass resonance provided by 57mm ultra-large dynamic drivers, turbine style housing and Bluedio’s iconic surging low-frequency shock. With the robust high speed CPU of Bluetooth 4.1 operating system, the headphone boasts a long usage time of 40 hours of music, 45 hours talk time, and 1625 hours (approximately 67 days) standby time. Acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction reduce ambient noise while speaking. The headphones are manufactured of Custom fit supra-aural soft earmuffs and artificial protein leather earmuffs that ensure long-lasting comfort. The headphone also has voice prompts in four languages. Their price below $4o makes them one of the best pair of headphones in terms of value for money.


Brilliant well-balanced sound

Light, compact and stylish

Priced 7 times less than the average headset with similar features


Available in limited colours

2. SMS Audio Sync

The SMS studio sync by 50 earphones has Bluetooth aptX technology for high quality sound with impressive dynamic range.

These headphones feature professionally tuned 40mm custom drivers, offering users the best in studio mastered sound without the hassles of wires. The headphones come with an Ultra-plush memory. They also have foam oval fit cushions that are comforting to the ears and create no pain for long-hour use. The durable and adjustable headband has a compact and foldable design wiz aptly designed to suit most of the head shapes. The headphones also have a detachable cable with a 3-click microphone and a hard shell carrying case for easy transport.


Impeccable sound quality

Modern and stylish design

Highly durable


They are bigger than the average headphones

3. Bose AE2w Bluetooth Headphones

Bose AE2w Headphones are the first wireless headphones from Bose. AE2w Bluetooth headphones offer full, natural sound and a comfortable, around-ear fit plus freedom of movement. The headphones have a range of 30m and feature the exclusive TriPort technology, which enables full-range sound from a lightweight design. The AE2w headphones provide seven hours of run time and 200 hours of standby time. Also, they are easily rechargeable with the included USB cable. The best Bluetooth headphones control module lets one connect wirelessly to an iPad, Smartphone or other Bluetooth devices instantly. Buttons on the control module include power, volume and multifunction. The button on top operates iPad functions such as play/pause and track controls for music and videos. The headphones are designed with features and materials that provide lasting quality. The cushioned ear cups and adjustable headband let one wear the headphones comfortably for hours. The ear cups also fold flat.


Exceptional sound

Offers high levels of comfort

Compact and portable


Their minimalistic design is not suited to everyone

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