Bose MIE2i Earphones Review

Bose MIE2i Earphones Review

Bose MIE2i EarphonesThe most common issue that we encounter with In-ear headphones is the fact that they have a tendency to fall out of the ears at one point or the other. This can be extremely frustrating especially when you’re rocking out to your favorite tunes or listening to the newest song by your favorite artist while at home or at work or taking a leisurely walk outdoors.  Bose, a premier name in consumer electronics has always had the customer’s best interests at heart and has found a way to solve this and still provide utmost comfort with earbuds that provide the distinct, unique Bose sound. They give you the Bose MIE2i Earphones, the second generation In-Ear type of headphones from their product line. It comes in 3 versions:

  1. iE2 which is a normal regular type of in-ear headphone.
  2. MIE2 which is a mobile version with in line microphone and remote.
  3. MIE2i which has a built in mic and remote plus iphone/ipod controls. This is specifically designed to work with Apple devices.

What makes Bose In-ear headphones unique is the StayHear tips that is designed to sit comfortably on the outer ear and the tip shoots sound outwards into the ear canal unlike regular ones that are jammed right inside the ears. They guarantee that the In-ear headphones can be comfortably worn for long periods without discomfort and they will stay in the ear without the risk of them falling out. It even boasts that it takes a great amount of force to take them out so you are confident that the earbuds will stay in your ears even with tough and rigorous activities. Stability and comfort fulfilled while enjoying your favorite tracks anywhere you go with the Bose MIE2i In-ear headphones.

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Audio Performance:

     Bose MIE2i Earphones  ­­­The Bose MIE2i Earphones delivers a sound more natural than its predecessor.

  • It does not need any artificial enhancements or colorations and in order to get the best sound quality (and not be overpowered by the bass), Bose recommends that EQ must be set to flat or off because if not it would cause sound distortions with overblown highs and lows.
  • It is designed in such a way that bass can be augmented and is pleasantly full but might lack depth.
  • Proprietary TriPort technology – makes the sound well balanced and dynamic to deliver top notch and realistic highs/lows.
  • Treble – can be a bit harsh that it might not be able to give too much precise detail on vocal or acoustic instruments. Vocals might not be too sharp or clean.
  • In terms of call quality with the in line mic – voice is delivered crystal clear, not muffled or does not come off as sounding like the caller is underwater. Sound clarity is very incredible with the benefit of a clear conversation, hearing what the other line is saying in stereo instead of from just a single earpiece or mono.
  • Noise cancelling is extremely negligible because the earbuds are open style and so outside ambient noise can interfere with music appreciation.

Build and Design:

     Bose MIE2i Earphones  The Bose MIE2I In-Ear Headphone has an elegant and is well build. It is designed and manufactured to last long and can be worn for hours. The design might be very subjective and might not appeal to most people since the patented StayHear tips might look a little weird.

  • Manufactured with long lasting materials, it brags of possessing a sturdy design that passed the tests of strength and durability. It can keep up with the toughest training or workout.
  • The cables are made of strong plastic that was enhanced for flexibility and durability to withstand the hardships of everyday use. It has a chic black and white theme.
  • Ear buds – made of enduring stainless steel and plastic. Each earpiece is properly labelled with (R) right and (L) left to indicate which earbud would fit each ear.
  • Proprietary StayHear tips – comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, or large. They are made of soft, flexible, silicone gel that clips securely to the earbuds of each earphones to provide the best fit and comfort to user. They are designed to sit or nestle comfortably on the outer ridge of the ear, conforming or molding to the shape of the outer ear.
  • 5 mm jack – gold plated and L-shaped which can be connected to media devices.
  • In-line microphone/remote – buttons are tactile and responsive.
  • Adjustment slider – useful in adjusting cable to desired length, can be pulled up/down to either increase or decrease the length of loose cord in between each earpiece.
  • Clothing clip -secures cables to clothes for added stability and helps manage the cable. It is extremely useful during grueling activities or when you have to use just one earpiece.

Additional Features

  • Accessories: Black matte carrying case – for storage; comes with 6 different ear tips (3 Stayhear: small/medium/large and 3 normal ear tips: small/medium/large).


  • Provides a comfortable fit and sound quality is nice with the distinct Bose sound.
  • StayHear tips provide excellent stability and comfort for the active lifestyle.
  • Designed specifically for Apple devices – gain mastery over your iOS devices with the in-line microphone/remote that allows you to take calls with a touch of a button and the three button remote which enables user to control tracks on the playlist – skip, rewind, play or pause your favorite tunes.
  • Warranty is great – Bose can replace item quickly and customer service is superb.


  • Protective carrying case is big and bulky for the size – cannot be pocketed comfortably especially if pockets are small and there are no pockets or small compartments in the case.
  • Cords – if not properly managed would tangle from time to time.
  • The inline mic’s proximity to the earpiece is too close that sometimes it would be easier to just take mobile device out.
  • Adjustment slider can only reach up to the in-line mic.

Bose MIE2i Earphones


       For the price that you would be paying or this type of In-ear headphones, there should be a lot of other options for the same sound quality at a slighter cheaper price but the name brand and quality is still at par. It would still provide a powerful performance and a comfy, snug fit. This type of design allows the ear breathing room and can be worn for hours without ear fatigue.

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