Bose Quiet Comfort 3 Headphones – Ultimate Review

Bose Quiet Comfort 3The stress of everyday life can sometimes take a toll on a person, what with work, family, and personal problems running through one’s mind, sometimes it only takes one quiet isolated moment to recover and think things through. A time to appreciate the finer things in life and find ourselves sitting in a corner with an awesome pair of headphones to blast out tunes that can sooth and rejuvenate or even motivate and uplift one’s spirits. Or for those long hours of tedious travelling, do you ever find yourself reaching for your music enabled devices to listen to your favorite songs, just to pass time and entertain yourself? Bose, a premier name in consumer electronics has always set the standard for delivering quality sound with their products and they have taken relaxation to the next level with their noise cancelling line, one of which is the Bose QuietComfort 3, a step up from the previous generation, QuietComfort 2. Released in June 2006, this is their first ever on ear headphones, designed to deliver the same extolled performance as the around the ear QuietComfort 2 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones in a smaller, more compact on ear design, giving you the same total noise reduction, quality, comfort. This can be worn anywhere – work, home, or travel and can be connected to any portable audio system. With the Bose QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones, listening to your favorite songs has become more rewarding.

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Audio Performance

The Bose QuietComfort 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones has combined several features that make it on par with the acclaimed Bose name.

• Proprietary TriPort technology found in the tiny vents at the ear cups – provides clear, crisp highs and uninhabited lows.

• Active Equalization – enables fine tuning of frequency to deliver outstanding audio.

• Proprietary signal processing and audio reproduction technology – provides a more realistic performance that makes it seem like the singer or performer is singing right next to you.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphone Technology – pinpoints and significantly decreases noise to enhance the acoustic details of the music that is pumping through the ear cups.

Bose Quiet Comfort 3These features make the headphones an excellent companion anywhere you go. From the loud noise of airplane engines or the drone of incessant conversation, they enhance the appreciation of tiny overtones of sound to provide a full distinct sound quality with the rich and powerful Bose sound signature with a not too distinct bass, decent mids and highs.

Build and Design

A small and compact design. It is made mostly of soft leather-like material with its on ear design. It is Bose’s smallest noise cancelling set of headphones.

• Headband – the top is made of soft gel-like padding to protect the top of the head, adjustable and covered with soft leatherette. It can seem thin, flimsy, and breakable but can be bent lightly but still remain stable. They exert mild pressure for the perfect seal.

• Ear Cups – rotatable (in one direction only) to fold flat for easy and convenient storage. Detachable ear cups if in case they get dirty and need to be replaced. They are also padded with memory foam and the whole ear cups are covered with leather-like material to mold or conform directly over the ears to form a tight seal and prevent sound from leaking out.

• The smaller, more compact on ear design makes wearing glasses less of an impedance to wearing the headphones.

• Battery operated – detachable and rechargeable battery on the actual ear cups itself.

• Bose Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology are also found on the ear cups – enables noise to be reduced while preserving and enhancing sound quality leaving you with just the music that you love.

• Power light indicator on the ear cups to determine the need whether to charge the battery or not.

• Detachable audio cable.

Bose Quiet Comfort 3These headphones with their dense, stylish design is a powerful item all on its own. The battery boosts of over 25 hours battery life and the accessories included in the package are appropriate and useful. Not to mention the fact that it is an award winning pair of headphones, having numerous titles under its belt when it was first released giving accolades to the Bose product name.

Additional Features:

• Carry–on case/ Travelling bag – it has a separate strap to increase portability of the headphones. Hard shelled with soft lining and an outside pocket for other documents/cables.

• Some include a spare battery with an awesome 6 plug adapter which means it can be charged anywhere/anytime.

• Accessories: battery, audio cable, dual plug adapter/airplane adapter, battery charger (wall charger), audio cable with mic for hands free calls, and 3.5mm plug which allows the headphone to connect to a variety of audio devices such as CD/DVD/MP3 player/desktop/laptop, and courtesy cards that are on the carry on case.


• Provides an escape from the mundane work and allow the user to immerse themselves into the sound stage of their favorite tunes with its noise cancelling technology.

• Very portable and carry on case is not too cumbersome.

• Oval shaped ear cups compared to traditional circular headphones to promote better fit and better seal.

• Very light weight and compact.

• No need to increase the volume to enhance clarity because it provides clear, great sound.


Bose Quiet Comfort 3• There is no volume control on the headphone so it has to be done on device itself.

• It will heat up ears more than in-ear headphones on long journeys.

• Thin cables that might snag or break.

• Expensive


The Bose QuietComfort 3 is an excellent noise cancelling headphone that can provide you with a chance to immerse yourself with your tunes by working to actively identify noise and provide a realistic sound to your favorite music. It can be on the expensive side but it does produce a clear, great Bose sound.

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of Bose Quiet Comfort 3>>
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