The Best Creative Headphones In 2019 – Complete Guide

CreativeCreative has done some real creative work in the field of audio DSP and digital entertainment. They are credited with the creation of Sound Blaster sound cards which redefined the audio arena. With such prodigious legacy behind them, Creative set out to create headphones. They have all types of peripherals in their line-up eg. Over-ear headphones, in-ear headphones, clip-on headphones, gaming headsets, bass- heavy headphones, balanced headphones, top-heavy headphones, you name it. Their Aurvana line has seen some truly magnificent designs with the Aurvana Air going on to win a Red Dot award for its architecture. The best Creative headphones can couple sophisticated looks with matching audio quality. Even their low-end headphones are designed to have anostalgic charm.

Are Creative Headphones any good?

The Game Blaster innovators, creators of splash-proof portable speaker, T30 wireless etc. and you ask if they are any good? They know their sound and they experiment with it. Headphone is not exactly their niche as much as they  for Sennheiser or V-MODA. They have designed a number of audio signatures for their different products – especially for gaming. Their physical designs are also widely different. From the suave-looking Aurvana Platinum to the plain-Jane Sound Blaster Jam, they have something for everybody’s personality. Based on your audio tastes and tech features you are likely to find a good Creative headphone for yourself.

Which are the best Creative headphones?

The comparison of different Creative headphones was difficult as they design such varied cans. But we picked the 7 best Creative headphones that should appeal to wide audiences based on the following points.

Audio:Creative has some interesting sonic signatures which have been captured in value-for-money headphones. They can get you jiving to their thundering bass or musing to their clarity and details. They have some of the best mids in their price ranges which partners with an equally feisty bass.

Design:Design is a bittersweet aspect with the best Creative headphones. Some of them are insanely cool-looking. A couple of them are not all that comfortable. Comfort is subjective, but we can be absolute about their stellar looks.

Features: The best Creative headphones have a well-rounded spec. They usually add some salient points to their specs to earn the worth of their price. Gongs like ANC, Bluetooth, Memory metal etc earn them brownie points

Cost: The headphones listed here were found to satisfy the amount you pay for them. They bring you good value on the money you down on them by creating a good balance of design, audio and features.

7 Best Creative Headphones In 2019 – Chart

1. Creative Sound Blaster Jam Ultra-Light Bluetooth Headset Sound Blaster JAM$$4.3 
 2. Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones Oxygen-Free Copper cable$$ 4.3
 3. Creative EP-630 Earphones Deep bass with balanced tones$$4.3 
 4. Creative WP-350 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Integrated with NFC$$ 4.0
 5. Creative Aurvana Air Active Clip-on Earphones EaseFit ear-hook$$4.0 
 6. Creative Aurvana Platinum Wireless Headset Advanced Active Noise Cancellation$$$3.8 
 7. Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 Plus Ultra-comfortable Noise-isolating In-ear Earphones Precise Balanced Armature driver$$3.8 
  1. Creative Sound Blaster Jam Ultra-Light Bluetooth Headset

Best Creative HeadphonesCreative Sound Blaster jam headphones fill up the void in good quality Bluetooth headphones arena in their price range. At their meagre price their audio can match up the balance and grace of much more expensive cans. The fact that they add decent wireless connectivity to this equation easily buys them the best Creative headphones spot. They work well for all types of music-lovers.

Audio Performance

The Sound Blaster Jam headphones from Creative have a one-tap bass enhancement option. Creative delivered a knock-out punch to all the competition with this tactic. With bass mode on, not only is the bass more powerful, it remains tightly controlled too. Bass thumps with a sharp attack and handles sub-bass with swag. At their price, this is almost too much to be expected.

Midrange and vocals stand out equally well with these Creative headphones. They do not have to compete with bass to grab attention in hip hop songs. Treble gets its say whenever the song demands, completing the circle of audio balance. Soundstage spans only enough space to make the songs sound pleasant.

Design and Features

The Creative Sound Blaster Jam headphones have a very basic design. They look simple, almost elegant, almost cosmetically challenged compared to their peers. However, they are not shabby-looking, just plain. These are on-ear headphones with foam earpads to cover your ears. Headband doesn’t have any cushioning. On the upside they are very lightweight and comfortable on the head.

Bluetooth connection stays on for 12 hours per battery charge on these Creative headphones. That’s considerable in their cost coordinate. They have one call/play back button, a Bass boost button and volume/track navigation buttons.

Additional Perks

The Creative Sound Blaster Jam headphones have an integrated mic for making calls. They can also be sustained via an NFC connection.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Bluetooth and NFC capable
  • 12 hours battery life per charge
  • Track navigation can be done by holding down volume buttons
  • Bass-boost mode available
  • Tight bass in both modes
  • Powerful bass in bass boost mode
  • Good bass-mids-treble balance
  • Decent soundstage


  • No padding on the headband
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  1. Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones

Best Creative HeadphonesThe Creative Aurvana Live headphones created some stir in the audiophile world. They signify one of Creative’s more imaginative periods. They have the audio signature that partners well with all genres of music. So these can be used by the casual listeners as a step up from the sound of stock earbuds. They tend toward a more educated and nuanced take on audio, earning them a place in our best Creative headphones list.

Audio Performance

Bass has a warm presence in the sonic response of the Aurvana Live! Headphones by Creative.  The deep rumble of bass continues up to a good extent up the spectrum, subsiding before tainting the mid region. It’s punchy without being bloated out of proportion.

Midrange of these Creative headphones also demands the same limelight. It is as much a guilty pleasure to listen to the rich mids as to bass. The elaborate detailing takes the vocals to next level. Treble is the calmest of the three partners. It’s more neutral and resolved, forming an acceptable V-shaped graph. Soundstage has more dimension to it than the other Creative headphones mentioned in this list.

Design and Features

As with their other headphones, Creative has stuck with a low key appearance with the Aurvana Live! Headphones. They are all done up in simple black with the earcups being shiny. Earcups are fairly large, racetrack-oval shaped. They are not over-large as some chunky Sony cans are. Aurvana could probably take a fair amount of abuse but not too much. Earpads are made of leatherette and may make your ears warm after prolonged hours of use.

These Creative headphones use a double-sided fixed cable that ends in a 3.5mm jack.  Comfort depends on you, but because of their low weight, you can use them without any annoying pressure building on your head.

Additional Perks

As a surprise addition, the Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones come with an extension cable that can be connected to your home stereo equipment. It also terminates in a 3.5mm jack. A ¼ inch adapter is provided separately.


  • Fun , smooth sound
  • Powerful bass
  • Rich mids
  • Deep and wide soundstage
  • Detailed treble
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • No Sound leakage
  • Comes with an extension cable and 6.3mm studio adapter.


  • Build quality needs to be improved
  • Sound isolation could be better
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  1. Creative EP-630 Earphones

Best Creative HeadphonesCreative EP-630 earphones remind you that you don’t always need to shell out big greens to get balanced audio. In the era where everything and everybody believes in showing off the materialistic gongs like extra bass, these IEMs stay rooted in the traditional concept of a natural sonic output. At their price, this kind of high-mindedness is appreciable. Which is why, they land straight in our best Creative headphones list.

Audio Performance

Bass has an impactful presence in the audio response of the EP-630 Creative earphones. It rumbles with quantity on its side, so much so that a less patient purist may condemn them as being bass-heavy. In reality, they have tightly reined in the bass. It does not spill into mids to muddy their notes. There’s no distortion even at high volumes.

What truly distinguishes these Creative earphones is the fact that their mids is also rich and warm. They provide cushy enjoyment to the ears, leaving no space for complaints. Highs are also pretty clean with no harshness hitting them.

Design and Features

Owing to their affordable price-tag, the Creative EP-630 earphones have an ordinary design. But they isolate ambient noise really well. The eartips protrude straight from the driver casing and sit inside the ear canal.  Each earpiece is marked ‘L’ or ‘R’ for proper imaging.

The cable of these Creative earphones raises some concerns with regards to their life. However, their longevity depends on how you treat them on a daily basis.

Additional Perks

The EP-630 Creative headphones come in 3 peppy colors and the usual black and white colors. All variants except the black model have white wires.  They are accompanied by two other sizes of eartips.


  • Great noise isolation
  • Balanced sound
  • Impactful bass
  • Rich, warm mids
  • No sibilance or distortion
  • Comfortable to wear
  • 5 colors available


  • No inline mic or remote control
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  1. Creative WP-350 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Best Creative HeadphonesIf anybody is looking for a no-frills Bluetooth wireless headphone that doesn’t have ‘Bose’ or an unreachable price stamped across it, then you have arrived at your destination. The Creative WP-350 wireless headphones are all-rounders in terms of doing everything fairly well. They are not outstanding in any respect but they get the job done and get all important fronts covered. That kind of consistency is sure to land them in the best Creative Headphones list.

Audio Performance

Creative WP-350 headphones have quite the quantity of bass. Although, it’s not overpowering or loose, it definitely adds a lot of punch to the low end. Since they are on-ear cans, it’s a revelation to see that kind of bass in there. Mids are detailed enough and highs have no hint of sibilance. While these do not have the balance of an audiophile-preferred headphone, they sound good overall. They are for the casual listeners more than the serious music hobbyists.

Bluetooth always robs the headphones of some audio quality because of file compression. But these Creative headphones sound at par with the wired headphones in their price segment.

Design and Features

WP-350 Creative wireless headphones are built better than the Creative Jam headphones above. They are supra-aural headphones with foam padding on the headband and soft cushions on the earcups. They isolate you from the external noises well. However their racetrack-oval shape covers more space on the ears and may warm your ears up.

Bluetooth connectivity has 8 hour life per battery charge. The connection holds goodmost of the time, on these Creative headphones within the specified range of 33 feet. Call, playback andtrack/volume navigation buttons are located on the left earcups.

Additional Perks

The earcups of Creative WP-350 headphones fold flat for wearing conveniently around the neck.


  • Good-looking headphones
  • Decent battery life and range
  • Above-average noise isolation
  • Good Bluetooth sound quality
  • Has integrated mic for calls
  • Has good quantity of bass
  • Natural mids and highs
  • Earcups fold flat


  • Causes sweat build-up
  • Can’t be used in wired mode
  • Comfort is nothing extraordinary
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  1. Creative Aurvana Air Active Clip-on Earphones

Best Creative HeadphonesBeauty must go skin-deep, it is known. However one look at the Creative Aurvana Air clip-on headphones is going to turn you. Crafted with memory metal, it would have been physically painful for us to keep these out of our best Creative headphones list. They are so dainty, they will make you feel crude. The audio is not nearly as spectacular. But being a sport headphones, there are other perks.

Audio Performance

The Creative Aurvana Air headphones are best suited for midrange or high-friendly music. Bassheads especially will find them a bit lacking in the low-end. Bass is present and punchy but just doesn’t have as many details in comparison with the top-end of the frequency spectrum. However, at their current price they are still a steal.

Mids and highs are much more detailed in these Creative headphones. Their refinement steals the show when you play rock or jazz music with bass providing the right amount of support. Soundstage is not as great as you would expect from a clip-on to be.

The Aurvana Air was actually debuted as premium headphones. So their clarity is designed to match that prize. For this reason, you fill them to a great peripheral for gaming as well. They afford very good positional cues.

Design and Features

The true victory of the Aurvana Air Creative headphones is their architecture. The delicate blueprint has to be handled carefully although they are pretty durable for regular use. These have earpieces that sit on the ear and memory metal earhooks. The swiveling design can be easily altered to your size by adapting the memory metal and rotating the over-ear hanger to suit your requirements. These hooks hold on to your ears without much pressure as the weight is mostly concentrated on the earpiece.

The cable of these Creative earphones emanates from both the ear pieces and terminates in a 3.5mm plug. At their price right now, you will fall for them, head over heels.

Additional Perks

The Aurvana Air Creative Headphones come in a fancy display-cum-storage case and an elegant carry case.


  • Outstanding, award-winning design
  • Comfortable and secure fitment
  • Memory wire, rotating earhooks
  • Can be used as sport headphones
  • Can be used as a gaming headset
  • Punchy bass
  • High-clarity mids and highs
  • Decent bass extension


  • Bass could be better refined
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  1. Creative Aurvana Platinum Wireless Headset

Best Creative HeadphonesCreative Aurvana Platinum wireless headphones are a pleasure to look at. Done in the unconventional combination of brown leather and dull silver highlights, these cans are as fancy as they can get. They aren’t quite as durable but they have one too many features. If you have some easy cash, these are definitely worth trying out, hence their place in our best Creative headphones list.

Audio Performance

Aurvana Platinum headphones from Creative feature the Active Noise Cancellation functionality. They block out a major portion of the outside noise when used in wireless mode. The amplification that the volume gives their audio brings out their pros. Bass has more depth and less power in Aurvana Platinum than the other normal Aurvana headphones.  This contributes toward a flatter response.

Midrange follows the same balance as bass. It also gets the same kind of attention as bass. Highs have the crisp quality to them. They roll off before any sibilance affects them.

Design and Features

The Creative Aurvana Platinum headphones are Bluetooth and NFC-integrated cans. The exterior exudes durability but users have complained that these are not all that reliable.  Foam and fake leather provide most of the support to your head.

Bluetooth can survive 15 hours without using ANC. Wired connection does not allow the use of ANC. These Creative headphones can be used to share music with other Creative Bluetooth headphones like Aurvana Gold through Creative Multipoint facility. All buttons for the functionalities are situated on the left earcup.


  • Tonally Balanced sound
  • Punchy bass
  • Lively mids
  • Deeper wider soundstage that CAL!
  • Bluetooth and NFC-enabled
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Multipoint Music sharing facility
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Build is not all that durable
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  1. Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 Plus Ultra-comfortable Noise-isolating In-ear Earphones

Best Creative HeadphonesAurvana is meant to be Creative’s fancy line-up of earphones and headphones. The Aurvana In-Ear2 Plus headphones make a delectable package because of their premium looks. Audio struggles to match up with that but that decision also depends on the musical tastes of the listener. Overall, we judged them to satisfy the base requirements for being on the best Creative headphones list.

Audio Performance

Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 headphones leave us in a dilemma as to whether they are more focused on bass or on mids. Both low and mid frequencies perform well. Bass is punchy, not overwhelming.  It forms a nice underscore to the mids in most songs. Midrange is smooth with details done only just so. Orchestra music is treated well in a fairly open soundstage.

Highs are the only issue with these Creative earphones. They tend to get sibilant at high volumes. Treble does not have the details to match up with bass and mids. It ends up muddying the waters, so to speak.

Design and Features

The Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 are stylish earphones. Perhaps that’s the most redeeming point in their case. The driver casing throws off a dull glint of metal. They are also open-back earphones, which is rare, with a metal grille covering the back of their driver casings.

The cable of these Creative earphones has an inline remote and mic. They end in an L-shaped 3.5mm jack.

Additional Perks

The Aurvana In-Ear2 Creative earphones are shipped with an airplane adapter, a cleaning tool and a carry pouch.


  • Good bass, both in quantity and quality
  • Smooth mids
  • Decent soundstage
  • Sleek architecture
  • Cable comes with mic and remote
  • Airline Adapter and cleaning tool included


  • Not enough value for money
  • Terrible treble
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