The Best Denon Headphones In 2019 – Complete Guide

DENON DJDenon is steeped in the ideals of Japanese workmanship and work ethic. They use the same single-minded focus in crafting their audio that we have come to associate with their culture. They have many headphones in their lineup spanning audio signatures and prices. Denon has the innate ability to soothe audiophiles, creating some of the most underrated headphones. They have given the time-tested cans a run for their money. Denon believes in acing the neutral audio signature. But recently they have also been experimenting with bass-boosted audio that interests the causal music-lovers as well. As they branch out, their line of superlative headphones continues.

How good are Denon headphones?

Denon headphones do natural sonic response really well. They have has many an audiophile hooked to their sound. They evoke memories of classic headphones like Audio-Technica M50x, Sennheiser HD25 etc with their flaws ironed out. Denon headphones have also seen some exquisite physical architecture which would remind you of the nobility from Victorian era.

Which are the best Denon headphones?

There were many Denon headphones to choose from. But these 7 headphones emerged as the clear winners amongst their brethren based on the following factors:

Audio: The best Denon headphones have the two major types of audio responses. Most of these cans have a natural sound that flatters all kinds of music genres. They play almost like the original recording, bringing the rich details out for all to hear.The others have enhanced bass that can pep the music up from its laidback stance for the go-getter crowd.

Build: The top Denon headphones feature premium materials like Mahogany wood, Aluminum metal and some plastic. The appearance of varnished wood ear pieces alone can make you hand out your money. Spoked Aluminum speaker plates grant the DJ headphones club-ready looks. The newer Music Maniac Denon headphones have a plastic architecture which is lightweight and hep for the younger crowd.

Cost: The best Denon headphones make all efforts to catch up with the price they demand. Most of them vindicate their cost with well-defined looks, delectable audio and additional features. Their current prices are too good to be passed over.

Accessories: The best Denon headphones come with different sizes of eartips, replaceable earpads, detachable cable and such convenience features.


Headphone Type
Headphone Type
 1. Denon AH-D7000 Ultra Reference Over-Ear Headphones Over-ear$$$ 4.4
 2. Denon AH-MM400 Music Maniac Over-Ear Headphones Over-ear$$$4.4 
 3. Denon HP700 High Performance Professional DJ Headphones Over-ear$$ 4.4
 4. Denon AH-D340 Music Maniac On-Ear Headphones On-ear$$4.4 
 5. Denon AH-C400 Music Maniac Black In-Ear Headphones In-ear$$$ 4.3
 6. Denon AH-D600 Music Maniac Over-Ear Headphones Over-ear$$$ 4.3
 7. Denon DNHP1000 Super DJ Headphone Over-ear$$4.3 
  1. Denon AH-D7000 Ultra Reference Over-Ear Headphones

BEST DENON HEADPHONESDenon D7000 headphones remind you that music truly is an amalgamation of science and art. These ridiculously detailed headphones fathom all the minutiae that make up good music and decode how this art is made so beautiful. These headphones play all genres equally well, simply because music sounds like it was intended and who doesn’t like having Beth Gibbons crooning intimately in their ears. That’s how the best Denon headphones roll.

Audio Performance

The buttery depths of the Denon D7000 headphones captivate you with whatever music you play with them on. These are highly refined without sounding too bright.  They are untouched by the clinical nature which ails many an audiophile cans like Sennheiser HD800. With a frequency response of 5Hz-40,000Hz, these Denon headphones have unbelievable treble and bass extension.

Bass rumbles hard in the Denon D7000 headphones. It is controlled with deep reach into the sub bass realm that lends a strong underscore to your music. Bass is so good that it almost makes you believe it is spiked, but D7000 have a ruler-flat response. Mid-range is elaborately textured and grabs your attention. Orchestral and classical music can be set in a massive soundstage in spite of the fact that the D7000s are closed back headphones.

Design and Features

Denon D7000 headphones look stunning because of their mahogany wood earcups. The highly polished appearance that’s worthy of corporate offices reflect their high price tag. The brand name is carved over the earcups in dull gold glint. Earcups and headband are padded with plush, soft leather which annihilates all clamping pressure.

These Denon headphones are more tuned to portable playback devices with 25 Ohm impedance and higher sensitivity than the D5000s. They come with a tangle-free robust 7N OFC cable coated in elastomer fabric that we saw in the earlier models in this line.

Additional Perks

Denon D7000 headphones come with a hard case that indicates their high stature.


  • Stunning sound
  • Fantastic bass-midrange-treble balance
  • Great extension on both bass and treble
  • Exciting but refined sound
  • Sound leakage is very low
  • Flatters all genres
  • Very classy looks
  • Varnished Mahogany earcups
  • Low impedance and high sensitivity, can be driven by smartphones, MP3 players
  • High quality sturdy cable


  • Noise isolation is not good
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  1. Denon AH-MM400 Music Maniac Over-Ear Headphones

BEST DENON HEADPHONESDenon’s newest MM400 headphones would not look out of place in the suave interiors of a private jet. These are sophisticated headphones with classy look and high-end audio that bang big for bucks even at their price. We have seen nothing like the architecture of these cans which look like work of an artist rather than an engineer. Their audio is in the same league and will work for listeners of all types, as the best Denon headphones do.

Audio Performance

After blundering around a little bit, Denon seems to have reclaimed their natural sonic response with the MM400 headphones. They are utterly neutral, no emphasis on any one element. We don’t notice any particular frequency range standing out because they are all equally brilliant.

Bass has a meaty hold that enraptures you by its powerful performance. They are not bloated so midrange stays clear. Midrange sounds spacious and has the smooth texture of quality cans. Treble is clean and detailed but rolls off slightly before getting harsh on these Denon headphones.

Design and Features

Most of the blueprint of MM400 Denon headphones is bathed in Aluminum and wood. Earcups are wooden with small metal backplate that carries the Denon name. The arms are mainly Aluminum. Earpieces are the racetrack-oval shape and padded with soft pleather, as is the headband.

These Denon headphones feature detachable OFC cables : one with microphones and the other without. Both end in 3.5mm jack. A Denon Audio application can be used on your phones to tune the music to your taste.

Additional Perks

A carrying pouch and a studio adapter are part of the box of the Denon MM400 headphones.


  • Natural neutral response
  • Powerful un-enhanced bass
  • Beautiful, smooth mids
  • Non-sibilant clean treble
  • Soundstage and imaging is also impressive
  • Collapsible design
  • Stunning looks
  • Wood and Aluminum-crafted
  • Detachable cables: both with and without mic supplied
  • Studio adapter is also provided


  • Could have a better soundstage to match open-back cans
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  1. Denon HP700 High Performance Professional DJ Headphones

BEST DENON HEADPHONESDenon HP700 DJ headphones are highly underrated headphones from the audio masters. These headphones are pitted frequently against the Audio-Technica M50x headphones which is a compliment in itself. The opinion is divided and a fair amount of audiophiles prefer the D700 over M50x, propelling it straight to our best Denon headphones list.

Audio Performance

The HP700 Denon headphones respond differently to different amplifiers, so it is up to the user to find the right fit. With the correct amplifiers, their true nature can be compared to the A-T M50x headphones. The main point of contention between the two is bass. M50x has more impactful bass with pretty good extension in the low end. On the other hand, Denon HP700s work in a 10Hz-30,000Hz range. They extend pretty deep into the sub bass realm. They seem slightly more reined in with the right amplifier.M50x are also a tad more agile than the D700.

These Denon headphones have a good presence in the mids. Treble are balanced equally with them but they can get harsh with the bad recordings because of their clarity and extent.

Design and Features

Like most DJ headphones, Denon HP700s are well built and strong in the face of casual usage.  The structure is mostly made of plastic with a metal backplate behind speakers.They look macho in their outlook with ostentatious bolts and hinges.Earcups are cushioned with circular earpads that fit softly over the ears.

The cable of these Denon headphones is a coiled strong affair and measure 47 inches in length.                A threaded 6.3mm adapter is packed in the box.

Additional Perks

The Denon HP700 headphones have swiveling earcups. They rotate 90 degree to fold flat. The arms of these cans are also articulating and fold to be compact.


  • Natural sound with tight bass
  • Intelligent instrument separation in wide soundstage
  • Almost M50x-like audio
  • Robust design
  • No clamping pressure
  • Earcups fold flat
  • Collapsible design
  • Coiled 47-inch cable
  • Studio adapter included


  • Noise isolation is only so-so
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  1. Denon AH-D340 Music Maniac On-Ear Headphones

BEST DENON HEADPHONESDenon D340 headphones are at being marketed at a delightful price right and sit ready to be grabbed up. These headphones sport the neutral audio signature that Denon knows how to do right. They will get the orchestra and classical lovers giddy with euphoria over the deal they are getting.

Audio Performance

Midrange is the clear winner in the sonic output of Denon D340 headphones. They flatter all types of vocals with lot of refinement and clarity. The mids sound very natural and even exciting for the fans of classical genres. Bass is tight so it does not spill into the mids or muddy them which is why they sing straight into our best Denon headphones list.

The other feast-for-ears is provided by the highs in these Denon headphones. They follow a delicate line between detailed and sibilant. Treble is fairly clean and almost bright in its presentation. Since they have an impedance of 36 Ohms, you can try using an amplifier to kick the sound quality up a notch.

Design and Features

Denon must have been going for a subtle look with the D340 headphones. Turns out it is too subtle.  Still, some folks will like the black/white contours. They feature plush oval, black earpads with white stitches. Clamping hold is not as tight as their peers. Even though the headphones are supra-aural they don’t cause any discomfort by squeezing on your ears.

These Denon headphones have a detachable cable. The hardy cord has an inline remote and ends in a 3.5mm angled jack. The casing of the jack is not bulky like in some headphones and fits easily through phone cases. This is usually not the case with L-Shaped plugs.

Additional Features

Apart from the detachable cable, the Denon D340 headphones are shipped with a studio adapter and a pouch with a carabiner clip.


  • Neutral, flat response
  • Bass is tight
  • Midrange is clear and detailed
  • Smooth highs
  • Subtle appearance
  • Comfortable fitment
  • Detachable cable
  • Studio adapter
  • Pouch with carabiner clip


  • Bass is slightly recessed
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  1. Denon AH-C400 Music Maniac Black In-Ear Headphones

BEST DENON HEADPHONESDenon C400 earphones try to resurrect the magic of their full-sized professional cans. They make neutral and detailed audio seem like Denon’s birthright. Usually such a feat is difficult considering the limited capabilities of small real estate in the IEM. But Denon faces that challenge head-on. However, be warned that the price-tag is steep and some economic considerations are called for.

Audio Performance

Denon C400 IEMs show you a decent extent of bass in the low-end, satisfying your cravings of sub-bass. Bass bloat is non-existent making room for clean, tight bass. There’s a slight distortion of in the bottom end of the frequency spectrum when you play distinctive bass-heavy tracks. This is a bit of a bummer for the price.

Midrange is astonishingly neutral and sounds heavenly in the open soundstage of these Denon IEMs. Highs are crisp without any sibilance affecting them. Consequently these two regions take the attention away from the bass.

Design and Features

Denon C400 earphones are unusual to look at. They are built with a unique design that can be kept from the best Denon headphones list. Constructed out of black and silver the driver casing resembles a crane’s head. The cable is color-matched ina classy way with the earpieces.

One gripe we have with these Denon earphones is that they do not have detachable cable. So if you are rough on the cords and end up damaging them, you have just plunked major greenbacks down the drain. The cable seems pretty sturdy and has mic and inline controls.

Additional Perks

A hard case, a 6.3mm studio adapter, carabiner clip, foam and silicon eartips are packed away with the Denon C400 earphones.


  • Neutral, flat response
  • Decent extension on either side of frequency spectrum
  • Rich midrange and crisp highs
  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable fit with the correct eartips
  • Case, carabiner clip and eartips included


  • Expensive
  • Cable is not detachable
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  1. Denon AH-D600 Music Maniac Over-Ear Headphones

BEST DENON HEADPHONESDenon tried to pull a Beats with their D600 headphones. Although heavy on bass, they aren’t quite as out of line as most Beats headphones. They play music with a rigor that can pep up your day. Audiophiles are not going to like them but they must be just what a non-fussy music lover may want. Of course they have to be rich, because these cost an arm and a leg.

Audio Performance

Denon D600 headphones have some big bass to offer. They completely transform your mood with the energetic music that can get you off your feet and shake a leg, something only one of the best Denon headphones can do. But bass tends to get a little out of hand and bleed into mids in some tracks. If this is deal breaker for you then chuck the thought of buying them right away.

What makes these Denon headphones relatively worth their price is the wide open soundstage and bang-on stereo imaging. Together these factors bring a vigor to the music that is hard to get out of clinically clean audio. Treble also has nice extension to keep up with the bass.

Design and Features

Denon D600 headphones go for a unique design which seems to be caught between the flashy appearance of our time and the dignified European style that Denon used to have. The conflict in their business is clearly reflected in the architecture of these headphones. They stick off of your head grabbing people’s attention towards your humongous cans. But on the upside, they are pretty comfortable with cushy cushions on the ear pieces.

The cable dual-sided cable of these Denon headphones is removable. They supply one 1.8m cord with mic and another longer analog cord.

Additional Perks

A studio adapter and a pouch are included with the Denon D600 headphones.


  • Enhanced bass
  • Fun sounding headphones
  • Huge soundstage and good stereo imaging
  • Comfortable design
  • Detachable cables
  • Comes with mic and without mic cables
  • Studio adapter is included


  • Mids are recessed
  • Bass is bloated in some tracks
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  1. Denon DNHP1000 Super DJ Headphone

BEST DENON HEADPHONESIf you are a basshead then Denon HP1000 DJ headphones will serve you well. Even though the bass has some loosely-reined power, these headphones do not push it over the edge like Beats. They are much more careful with other parts of the frequency spectrum. DJs who think more bass gets their music in the groove, these Denon headphones will be the answer.

Audio Performance

Bass is in your face when you use the Denon HP1000 DJ headphones. They rumble with quantity with any track, which makes music fun. Bass definition gets muddy because of it bloating. This flaw can be discerned by a practised audiophile but casual listeners will be blessed by their ignorance.

Midrange is refined and clear in these Denon headphones. Any mess made by the overpowering bass is remedied by the assertiveness of the mids. Upper end sounds smooth without any harshness.

Design and Features

The Denon HP1000 headphones have a similar look as the other DJ cans in the HP line. They have the tank-like construction which DJs can put through the paces of their regular use. The structure is plastic and metal. We have to accept that they look really fierce with the metal hinges and speaker plates.Earpads are circular and gentle on your ears. They can be replaced for Velour pads if that’s how you like it.Ear pieces can fold flat to hang comfortably around your neck with the earcups facing your chest. The entire headphones can be folded to half its size for portability.

The cable is specially reinforced to not succumb to the pressure of daily usage.

Additional Perks

The HP1000 Denon headphones come with a sleek carry case, studio adapter.


  • Enhanced bass
  • Forward mids to keep up with bass
  • Smooth highs and treble with good extension
  • Sturdy construction
  • Stylish looks with engraved metal speaker plates
  • Folding design
  • Earcups fold flat
  • Carry case and adapter included


  • Bass is spiked and hence muddy
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