Top 10 Best Earbuds Under 200 in 2019 – Ultimate Guide

best earbuds under 200

You’re probably tired of listening to the poor sound of those cheap earbuds that come free with phones or other devices. However, on- or over-ear headphones are not the ideal solution too if you want to carry your music everywhere you go. Moreover, the high-quality ones are not budget-friendly.

So, your best bet in such a case is to upgrade to a high-quality pair of earbuds. There is a wide array of earbuds available from many brands, and people love these portable devices for their excellent sound quality and the convenience of carrying music everywhere.

Different models of earbuds vary in their features – from noise isolation to weather- and sweat-resistance and Bluetooth connectivity. The best products in the line should feature outstanding audio quality, feel comfortable for extended periods, and stay functional for a long period. Check out the major factors you should look for while shopping a pair of earbuds:

High-Quality Sound

The best earbuds provide high-quality sound that keeps a harmony across all the frequencies – bass, mids, and highs. Most cheap models struggle in delivering a good bass response, but the high-quality ones overcome the barrier.

However, you still can’t expect them to deliver the spacious, deep sound of high-range headphones. Still, good earbuds provide detailed sound including an excellent range in all areas – highs, mids, and bass.

Excellent Fit

The fit is equally important because you don’t want to adjust it constantly while jogging in the park or riding the subway while going to work.

Traditional buds nestle gently into regular-size ear-hole and fit nicely because of their rubber or foam tips. However, some models are designed to sit into your ear canal comfortably, forming a very tight seal.

Audiophiles surely love that in-ear style, but some people feel uncomfortable due to isolation from background sound and the way the buds put pressure on the ear canal.

The fit also depends on the type of tips, which are mainly available in foam, rubber, and silicone. The squishy foam tips give a better seal to your ears, but the rubber tips are more breathable and easier to clean. On the contrary, silicone tips are available in bi- or tri-flange styles that mold deeply into the ear canal, offering better background isolation.

High levels of Comfort

Comfort is the key when choosing a set of earbud. Whether you purchase it for occasional purposes or for wearing every day, you should check if it is comfortable to wear. A good pair of earbuds won’t put a strain on your ears despite using them for hours.

Earbuds: Pros

  • They are lightweight and portable, as you can carry them everywhere and just stash in pockets when not in use
  • Fit nicely into the ear canal
  • Provide a tight seal for excellent noise isolation
  • Perfect for exercise
  • Cheaper than over- and on-ear headphones

Earbuds: Cons

  • Inferior sound quality to pricier on- and over-ear headphones
  • Wires get easily tangled though some models come with flat tangle-free wires

Various Types of Earbuds

Scores of earbuds are there in the market, and different models come with different features and styles. Some of the most common types are discussed below:

Conventional Earbuds

The traditional cheap earbuds sit in the outer ear and create a loose seal. You have to turn the volume louder in noisy environments because of their low noise isolation capacity.

Compared to other earbud types, they produce low-quality bass due to their lack of seal.

Sports Earbuds

Sports earbuds are designed with great grip and fit so that they stay in your ears during a workout or practice. You can run, do exercise in the gym, or play games while listening to music or podcast in those buds.

Most sports earbuds come with the sweat-resistant feature so that you don’t feel uncomfortable even during an intense workout. They usually deflect rather than absorb sweat to stay clean. Some models offer clips to keep the headphones on during activities.

Many also have the Bluetooth option, allowing you to listen wire-free and accept calls without pausing what you are doing.

Noise Cancelling Earbuds

These earbuds use battery-powered technology to cancel out incoming noise by creating inverse sound waves. They are perfect if you want to enjoy your music in peace while traveling in public transport or an airplane.

The earbuds cancel out the low-frequency background sound, but you can still hear the sound of loud music, human voices, and all other noises with inconsistent frequency.

Usually, the earbuds having the combined feature of active noise cancellation and passive noise isolation offer the best results.

In-Ear Monitors (IEM)

The IEM earbuds are usually designed for casual listening with your personal listening devices. They’re not designed to block out loud ambient sounds. So, they are not great choices for using on stage.

You’ll lose the clarity of sound if you turn them up too loud to cover the lack of background noise isolation.

However, the sound quality, isolation, comfort, and fit of the IEM earbuds mainly depend on the type of ear tips they use.

Bluetooth Earbuds

You can have two types of Bluetooth earbuds – either completely wireless or available with a short cable. Both the models allow you to connect wirelessly with your personal devices. These earbuds transmit sound within a small range.

Some Bluetooth models offer extra features such as tracking distance or oxygen consumption that come in handy during fitness exercises.

Differences between Top Range and Cheap Earbuds

The earbuds that come free with your phones are crappy and don’t produce good-quality sound. The same applies to cheap earbuds available under $50 range.

If good sound is your priority, spend extra bucks on buds that promise superior and first-rate audio quality. Keep adding to the price tag, and you’ll find that your earbuds’ sound is getting fuller, producing less distortion when you crank the volume, and providing a noticeable improvement in the bass quality.

Models priced between $150 and $200 deliver the best sound, and almost everyone can appreciate their richness and clarity.

Besides, good-quality earbuds offer tighter seal that not only cuts out the surrounding noises but also delivers better bass and more detail across all audio frequencies. The seal of the cheaper models are rather loose, so they’re susceptible to sound leakage. Besides, many people may find them uncomfortable because of loose fit inside the ears.

Another prominent difference between the two types is high-priced earbuds come with a remote built into the cable. It features a microphone and allows you answer phone calls, change the volume, and skip tracks easily. You are not likely to get this feature in cheap earbuds.


 1. MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 High-Fidelity In-Ear Headphones High-fidelity silver-plated OFC audio cable$$$4.2 
 2. V-MODA Zn In-Ear Modern Audiophile Headphones Noise-isolation, microphone-feature, sports-and-exercise$$$ 4.0
 3. Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones Sweat- and weather-resistance using hydrophobic acoustic cloth$$$4.0 
 4. BeoPlay H3 by Bang & Olufsen Lightweight$$$4.0
 5. MEE audio M6 PRO Universal-Fit In-Ear Monitors Universal-fit noise-isolating in-ear monitors$$ 4.0
 6. Sony MDR XB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headset Android-phone-control$$4.0 
 7. Bluephonic Zone running earbuds Noise Cancellation, Microphone$$ 3.9
 8. ActionPie VJJB-V1S High Resolution Heavy Bass In-ear Headphones Superb Sound with High Definition$$3.8 
 9. SONXTRONIC XDR-1000 Premium Fashion Earbud Headphones Ultra-Comfort Soft Flexible Perfect Fit Earbuds$$3.8 
 10. TaoTronics TT-BH07U Bluetooth Headphones Stereo, Noise Cancellation$$ 3.8
  1. MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 High-Fidelity In-Ear Headphones

Best Earbuds under 200The MEE Pinnacle P1 in-ear headphone should be your first pick if you’re an on-the-go music lover and have ears for upscale sound quality.

It is the company’s flagship headphone that came to perfection after two years of effort behind the design, engineering, and refinement. The team at MEE knows how to tune the audio presentation to connect with the music lovers immediately. The engineers also focused on quality, which results in a sturdy earbud ready for your abuse.


The Pinnacle P1 comes with three pairs of foam eartips, 6 pairs of silicone eartips, two cables, a single-button remote control, and a stereo adapter. There’s also a premium hard case with magnetic flip cover to carry everything.

The earbuds show a higher level of durability and resistance against distortion because of its zinc-alloy construction. Their build is super sturdy, and you should better worry about the floor if you accidentally drop them!

The earbud can be worn anyhow you like – the cable hanging straight down or looping over the top of the ears – because of its ergonomic design.

It features high-impedance, so you’ll need a strong source to power it with. You can either use a good-quality dongle or purchase an audio-centric smartphone.

Sound Quality

The audio coming from the Pinnacle P1 is balanced and consistent in nature. The ideal tonal balance won’t let you feel fatigued even after listening music for hours.

You’ll quickly identify the deep bass as one of the significant features of the earbud. The bass is noticeable even in the lowest notes, which are lucid enough to exhibit a wide range of tonalities across the bass range.

The Pinnacle P1 can compete with the ones with higher price tags in terms of soundstage and spatial imaging. However, its mids and treble are less detailed as you can’t expect the miniscule resolution of the top-tier headphones.


The Pinnacle P1s provides an excellent fit. The Comply foam tips will give you the best attenuation of external noise and the purest sound. However, the basic silicone tips are easier to use and clean.

Each of the buds nestles neatly into position. They provide the utmost comfort, and you won’t feel fatigued even after wearing them for hours and listening to music and podcasts.


  • Solid zn-alloy build
  • Provides excellent fit and comfort
  • Balanced musical tuning and soundstage
  • Exceptional clarity and detail for the price


  • Lacks bass sometimes
  • Loses clarity while playing heavily-compressed music tracks
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  1. V-MODA Zn In-Ear Modern Audiophile Headphones

v-moda-zn-in-ear-modern-audiophile-headphonesV-MODA Headphones is famous for manufacturing high-end mobile audio products that feature excellent sound quality. The new Zn Audiophile Headphones are on target if you’re wondering if the in-ear style carries the company’s signature sound!

The build quality of the earpieces is solid, and its sound quality appears to be vibrant, robust, and lively.


V-MODA treats their products as fashion accessories. So, the Zn In-ear Headphones are not an exception as they come with impressive design and looks. It comes with the earpieces, a metal y-splitter, a 3-button remote, and extra sets of eartips.

The earbud features a striking design emphasized by the ornate sculptural detailing on the metal area. The cord also looks cool with a fabric weave called DiamondBack.

The company claims the cable to be twenty-time stronger than the standard type. It can endure the rigors and abuse of everyday use like a pro. In fact, the earbud’s construction is on par with a MIL-STD-105 military standard.

The Zn’s construction is mostly plastic, which doesn’t feel very expensive either. However, the headphone still manages its premium look because of the thoughtful and unconventional use of the liquid zinc metal.

Sound Quality

Just purchase a V-MODA Zn headphone and lets the music speak for itself!

It delivers loud sound, with a great balance across the tonal frequencies. As a result, you won’t feel discomfort while listening to overly compressed tracks as the Zn makes the harsh tones tolerable for the ears.

Its rich bass response will amaze every music lover. It is an incredible feat for an earbud priced under $200 to produce such bass detail and depth. The soundstage is also broad, and noise isolation is good. You can comfortably use it on a subway or public places.

The sound quality is so good, and the eartips fits so comfortably that you can listen to music for long periods at a stretch. Listener fatigue will never be an issue.


Earbuds depend on eartips for a great fit and good quality sound. V-MODA has found a middle ground between the isolation effect of foam eartips and booming bass of silicone eartips.

However, the Zn provides the best combination of robust bass and noise isolation with BLISS 3.0 Fittings, a pair of custom silicone eartips. There is also a set of thinner silicone eartips for enjoying bass with a less impact.

It also comes packed with sports earhooks that keep the buds attached to the ears during jogging or doing exercises for a long time.

The eartips are easy to remove, replace, and clean. The earpieces have metal mesh to protect the sound tube from earwax.


  • Handles massively compressed recordings like a pro
  • The sports earhooks help reduce cable noise tremendously
  • The cables are tangle-free


  • Noise isolation is not top quality
  • Expensive
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  1. Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones

bose-soundsport-in-ear-headphonesThe Bose SoundSport In-ear Headphones tick all the boxes when you think of a budget-friendly earbud that is capable of delivering premium quality.

The earbud is super-comfortable, sweat-resistant, and gently stays in your ears. It may not provide the best of audio quality, but you can’t ignore its striking design and great fit. Besides, it’s a relief for those people who want to enjoy the sound quality of in-ear headphones without jamming the tips into their ear canals.


The SoundSport earbud comes with 3 pairs of eartips in three different sizes, a 3-button remote, a matching protective carrying case, and a clothing clip.

The earbud has a sturdy build and carries an athletic look. You can use it during your daily activities and rigorous workout, for its sweat- and weather-resistant design ensures maximum comfort and the StayHear tips guarantees staying in place all day long.

The durable cable is a bit shorter than the standard length because you obviously don’t want it to dangle down during your activities.

Sound Quality

The Bose SoundSport pumps out great sound across all genres. It transmits every detail of a music track – from punchy drums to a vocal’s upbeat voice – clearly to your ears.

You may crave for more bass, especially when the volume is low. However, the result seems to be satisfactory if you crank up the volume to eardrum-crushing levels. In a word, it delivers a crisp, clear, and overall balanced sound. The bass is a bit weak, but the quality is perfect for the price.


The buds will sit loosely into your ears, but the StayHear tips will keep them in place not matter what you are doing. It comes in three different sizes with silicone tips and C-shaped wings.

The silicone tips sit in your ear canals while attaching them to the C-wings will keep the earpieces in position when you are moving. They feel super light on the ears and never fall out during a workout.

The Bose SoundSport comes with improved durability and splash-resistance with its sweat- and weather-resistant design. However, It’s not waterproof, and you can’t use it for swimming.

These earbuds don’t provide a tight seal to your ear canals. So, they’re not useful for noisy environments as they let a lot of ambient sound in.


  • Provides overall balanced sound
  • The build is rugged and stable
  • Sweat- and weather-resistant
  • Sleek, sporty design


  • Doesn’t provide a tight seal, therefore not suitable for noisier environments.
  • Relatively weak bass
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  1. BeoPlay H3 by Bang & Olufsen

beoplay-h3-by-bang-olufsenThe premium BeoPlay H3 earphone by Bang & Olufsen is on point when it comes to entertainment, though it misses the polished touch of a deluxe pair of in-ear headphones. However, it will not still fail to impress you with its refined Scandinavian design.

The earbud produces an accurate sound that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. If you want an elegant earbud that gives a solid performance at a decent price, the BeoPlay H3 is a great option.


Available in three different colors, the BeoPlay H3 is compact and lightweight but offers durability with a stainless steel build. It carries a subtle design that is likely to blend in more than stand out, but you still won’t miss the fine details such as the 23 tiny air vents that allow for a more open sound and better acoustic performance.

A three-button remote-and-mic unit on the cord provides extra features. You’ll also get four pairs of soft rubber eartips in four different sizes. The eartips seal off the ear canal well, resulting in a secure, light feel.

In addition to the eartips, it comes with a drawstring protective pouch. Another significant advantage of BeoPlay H3 is that the cable is tangle-resistant.

Sound Quality

The BeoPlay H3 delivers an almost balanced sound signature – not too much bass or overly bright and detailed highs. However, once you set the EQ at the correct level, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite tracks at crystal clear highs.

There’s no lack of detail and depth in the mids, but they still maintain clarity. This feature makes listening to rock music in this earbud a delight to the ears!

Bass is clean and tight too, and there’s no shortage of low-frequency thuds even after cranking up the volume level. However, the more you listen to its warm, easygoing sound, the more you will crave for a tad more precision in the low-frequency performance.


The fit is an important aspect when looking for in-ear headphones, and the BeoPlay H3 won’t disappoint you. It comes with 4 different sizes of in-ear tips, and they fit so well that they don’t fall out so easily. They’ll simply stay put whether you run or lift weights.

The earbud feels lightweight and seals very well in the ears, and you won’t feel tired even after wearing it for long hours.


  • Delivers an accurate, mids-focused sound signature
  • Well balanced across the frequency range
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to listen over long periods


  • Disappointing for massive bass lovers
  • The highs are not detailed or overly bright
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  1. MEE audio M6 PRO Universal-Fit In-Ear Monitors

mee-audio-m6-pro-universal-fit-in-ear-monitorsBudget earbuds are like the covers of a classic song; you’ll find one worth listening for every 20 duds! MEE M6 PRO is the 20th one that is worth giving a try, but it’s not quite the ‘PRO’ that its name suggests.

The M6 PRO is a nice-looking budget-friendly earbud that can be a regular companion for your daily entertainment. However, if you are looking for a ‘punch’ in the audio quality, go for one that is more impressive both rhythmically and dynamically.


The MEE M6 PRO makes a good first impression. It sports a lovely design, and its impressive looks can easily compete with the in-ears with three-figure price tags!

It has well-made transparent housings. The build looks premium, which is engineered for real-world durability.

It’s an all-in-one in-ear earphone for the stage, gym, and street, providing complete entertainment with two detachable cables, a 3-button remote, 7 pairs of extra tips including one pair of premium Comply tips, and a protective carrying case to carry your music wherever you go.

Sound Quality

The MEE M6 Pro is warm sounding earbud that provides decent clarity across the frequency ranges. The highs are not fatiguing but can get sibilant sometimes, especially if the music tracks are sparkly and energetic.

You can hear the vocals loud and clear with an extended bass response. Besides, it delivers the detailed and crisp sound of background instruments.

The M6 PRO’s noise isolation feature is on par with universal in-ear monitors. It works well and with the Comply isolations tips included, you’ll be able to shut out a lot of the outside world.


The M6 PRO is super comfortable to wear. It is lightweight and designed for extended listening sessions. So, you can keep them in your ears for hours, and can even sleep without hurting your ear canals.

All the tips are made to fit, but use the comparatively softer Comply tips if you want a superb fit, high level of comfort, and better noise isolation.

It comes with two detachable cables. One is a headset cable with buttons for volume control, remote, and microphone, and the another one is a stereo cable with memory wire loops, which offer a more secure fit than the customary pop-in-and-out buds. Wear the earpieces upside-down with the memory wire loops around your ears, and you’re good to go!

The stereo cable is strong and tangle-resistant. Besides, the earbud is sweat-resistant so that you can use it for any activities.


  • Clean and clear sound
  • Good bass depth
  • Impressive design
  • Comply tips provide good noise isolation


  • The overall rhythmic balance is not top quality
  • The memory cables can be a pain to fit properly
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  1. Sony MDR XB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headset

sony-mdr-xb50ap-extra-bass-earbud-headsetThe Sony MDR-XB50 is a dream for every music lover who appreciates a budget-friendly earbud that fits well and sounds decent. It has some minor defects, but it provides better sound quality than what you can expect from a headphone priced in the range of $30.

The Sony MDR-XB50 delivers quality sound with plenty of bass response, an anti-tangle cord that doesn’t get twisted into knots, and a convenient design that stays in position even when you’re moving.


Looking a bit heavy and clunky, the MDR-XB50 definitely creates a presence. It’s not the smallest of its kind, but it’s fairly lightweight and fits better than most of the earphones of its range.

The earbud has a strong construction. The length of the cable is good, which feels exceptionally durable too, and its flat design makes it convenient to get caught up in music, not in tangles. A handy soft carry pouch is also included to store your new favorite headphones.

Sound Quality

You can’t expect a perfectly balanced sound from an earbud at such a price point, but the MDR-XB50 delivers the best when it comes to bass. Play a music track with a lot of bass, such as a hip-hop song or EDM, and you’ll get instantly hooked!

The overpowering bass can make the mids and treble sound a bit recessed. Nevertheless, you can make them sound more clear and detailed with a bit tuning of the EQ.

The earbud is best for playing today’s pop songs, considering that they all pump out an insane amount of bass. It will also give decent performance if you play the ‘quiet’ type of songs.

However, the MDR-XB50 messes up everything if you play low-quality songs. Play anything lower than 320Kbps, and you’ll be annoyed by the ripping-like noise created by the bass shutting down the mids and trebles. It does not get better even if you try to lower the bass a bit.


The MDR-XB50 comes with three different sizes of sports fins and eartips that provide an exceptional fit with a nice tight seal. The seal is crucial for maximizing bass performance.

They are extremely comfortable despite their slightly bigger size. They fit snugly inside your ears and stay put while walking around or working out at the gym. However, expect some slippage while running, depending on how well they fit into your ears.

You won’t feel fatigued despite wearing the earbud for extended periods. It also does a good job blocking out background noises. If you are looking to isolate yourself from your environment, the MDR-XB50 is a good choice.


  • Provides good bass
  • Sounds decent and fits well
  • Sweat-resistant
  • Affordably priced


  • Doesn’t perform well with amps
  • Doesn’t have a good-looking design
  • Average performance
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  1. Bluephonic Zone running earbuds

bluephonic-zone-running-earbudsIf listening to your favorite music tracks is a part of your daily ritual, you won’t get a better option than the Bluephonic Zone Running earbuds.

The wireless design and Bluetooth option with extended battery life give you the freedom to tune to your favorite songs whether you’re running, working out, biking, dancing, or commuting to work.

The Bluephonic Zone earbuds stand apart from the competition with their high-fidelity stereo sound quality and a multitude of advanced features. And, you can get them at a budget price point!


The Bluephonic Zone carries a sleek appearance and comes in three different color options – black, white, and red. Its minimalist design is compatible with modern lifestyle.

Bluephonic keeps everything to the minimal with no extra wire or buttons. There are just a few functional buttons located on the right ear bud. This is where you can control your music by skipping tracks, playing, pausing, etc., or make phone calls since there’s a built-in microphone. The absence of a remote with control buttons saves you from the discomfort of a cord bouncing on your neck.

Bluephonic Zone earbud is optimized for an active lifestyle. It can withstand sweat and water, and therefore, last longer than ordinary headphones.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Bluephonic Zone headphone is simply amazing. It gives a stellar audio performance with the integration of the latest EDR Audio and APTX Beats Technology.

It ticks all the boxes to be in line with a top-range earbud – broad range of sound, incredible clarity, and superb highs. The bass lovers will really love the bass response that is rich and deep without being overpowering. Crank up the volume to the maximum level, but you won’t notice any distortion in the sound.

The CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology cuts out background noise so well that there won’t be anything to interfere with your music. Just put the earbud on and focus on your task.


The eartips are soft to touch and smooth, fit correctly without requiring you to make any adjustment. However, if you’re having trouble sizing them, try the three extra sets of eartips of varying sizes.

The built-in flexible ear hook keeps the buds securely wrapped around your ears. So, if you are regular runner or gym-hitter, you don’t have to be worried about headphones knocking out during these activities.

The noise isolation of the Bluephonics Zone is not foolproof as it allows some outside noise in. If you require more noise isolation, simply use the foam tips.

The Bluetooth range is 33-foot, and the battery will give a backup of more than 8 hours. So, you have enough freedom to enjoy your music or podcast wherever and as long as you want.


  • Detailed and clear sound
  • Bass response is good
  • Convenient wireless design
  • Extended battery life
  • Sweat-resistant


  • Slightly heavier (4 ounces) than top-of-the-line wireless earbuds
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  1. ActionPie VJJB-V1S High Resolution Heavy Bass In-ear Headphones

actionpie-vjjb-v1s-high-resolution-heavy-bass-in-ear-headphonesThe unique design and sound quality of VJJB V1S in-ear headphones took everyone by storm right after their release. Priced in the range of $30, it is an excellent budget option for people who love to listen to vocal-oriented music with subtle bass content.

Although the brand markets the earphone as ‘heavy bass,’ its shallow bass response will disappoint the bass-heads. The bass is enough and appropriate for the price tag but not suitable for enjoying bass-heavy electronic music.


The translucent design and the combination of gold and gray colors have attributed an interesting look to VJJB V1S earbud and given it a certain steam-punk vibe.

Its metal casing has a high-quality feel and makes the build durable along with reducing vibration and noise so that the users can concentrate on their music without any external interference. The heavy-duty construction is also tested for abuse of on the go listening.

Its cord is thick, robust and comes with an anti-tangle technology. The earbud has only one button for pause, which some people may find inconvenient but it definitely makes the design less cluttery.

Sound Quality

Just like the appearance, the sound quality is another aspect where the VJJB V1S excels many of its competitors under the same price range. It delivers crystal clear audio, free from the gross tonal inconsistencies found in most cheap earphones.

Although not exceptionally sharp, the highs are quite vivid and precise. The mids are warm and produce a surround-sound experience. The bass is accurate, but the response is shallow, and the presence of sub-bass is almost negative. You can also detect distort bass sound on songs with deep bass.

However, the earbud is designed to reduce vibration and noise, and it also suppresses high-frequency glitches. So, now you can listen to your favorite music tracks with the utmost clarity.


The VJJB V1S may look a bit bulky, but it is actually lightweight and is ideal for listening during everyday activities.

It is also comfortable to wear as the shape of buds offers a firm hold and eartips provide a tight seal. Six pairs of extra eartips come with the original package. So, you can choose the set that fits your ears the best. They hold up well during running, jogging, or similar activities.


  • Excellent for vocal-oriented music
  • Sounds exceptional on the mids and highs
  • The bass is remarkably quick
  • Made of high-quality components
  • Affordable


  • Sound quality won’t please the audiophiles
  • The bass is quite shallow and shows subtle distortions
  • Can use a few more features
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  1. SONXTRONIC XDR-1000 Premium Fashion Earbud Headphones

sonxtronic-xdr-1000-premium-fashion-earbud-headphonesThe SONXTRONIC XDR-1000 Premium headphone is here to impress you with its quality build and amazing audio performance. They deliver better than your expectation from an earbud at such a low price point (less than $20).

You can easily spend 2- to 10-fold more money for an earbud, but the quality will be only nominally better. If you want a low-price in-ear headphone without sacrificing much of quality, SONXTRONIC XDR-1000 Premium is the best choice.

The lightweight earbud is comfortable to wear, and you can use it everywhere – from traveling to doing household chores and listening to music at night without disturbing anyone else.


Despite the low price tag, the SONXTRONIC XDR-1000 doesn’t look or feel cheap. Instead, it has a surprisingly beautiful and shiny look with a solid build. You won’t find any noticeable weak spot in the design. The junctions of the cables, which fail quickly in most earbuds, also look solid and better than other products at the same price range.

The cable is soft to touch, and SONXTRONIC claims it to be non-tangle. It features a fast forward/play/pause button for better control of music. It comes with ‘Gold Plug’ that fits most brands including Apple devices.

Sound Quality

In terms of sound quality, the SONXTRONIC XDR-1000 is surprisingly good in many areas if you consider the price tag. The overall sound is slightly muddy (which is almost ignorable), and the highs lack a bit of clarity, but it still delivers pretty good sound.

Just fine tune the EQ a bit, and you will have balanced, clear, and thumping bass; smooth mids; and good highs to a certain point. In fact, its brilliant bass response is surprising, and you can truly enjoy the bass-heavy music tracks with this earbud.

The buds are comfortable, and no harsh or fatiguing feeling will bother you. Just don’t expect the quality of a $300 headphone, and SONXTRONIC XDR-1000 will give you a pleasant surprise.


The tips of the earbud fit greatly on regular-size ears. However, you can also try the extra three pair of eartips to get the best fit and utmost comfort. Wear it for a long time, and it will keep you entertained without putting a strain on your ears.

The cable is soft and tangle-free. Besides, it does not produce annoying microphonic sounds when rubbing against your clothes.


  • Good sound quality considering the price tag
  • Provides punchy bass
  • Tangle-free cord
  • Cheap


  • The highs lack clarity
  • The overall sound is a bit muddy
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  1. TaoTronics TT-BH07U Bluetooth Headphones

taotronics-tt-bh07u-bluetooth-headphonesA noise-cancelling Bluetooth headset that also delivers high-quality sound is not cheap. However, the name TaoTronics gives relief to those who are on a budget or those college students whose wallet always looks anorexic.

The TaoTronics TT-BH07U is an excellent choice for its noise-canceling ability, high-quality audio, and rugged design. Besides, when you add the low price on the top of everything, it becomes simply irresistible.


Constructed with a high-quality metal finish, the TaoTronics TT-BH07U sports a pretty basic design. Its black color and sleek, compact design does not call for attention, and it remains almost invisible if you wear it with your hair down.

Its construction is pretty solid, and the cord length is just right whether you keep it behind your neck or not. It is easy to operate as there’s adequate space between the volume and middle buttons.

Sound Quality

The TaoTronics TT-BH07U produces an extremely clear sound that won’t let you miss a beat even in a noisy environment. The CVC sound isolation technology reduces ambient noise very well, allowing you to enjoy your ‘quiet’ music time no matter where you are.

It delivers strong bass, so strong indeed that the mids and highs get lost in the bass a bit. However, you can equally enjoy the songs with a hefty amount of bass and the lyrically driven melody tracks.

In fact, the sound quality is better for casual listening and during your daily activities. Besides, the 30-foot Bluetooth range allows moving around the room freely.


The TaoTronics TT-BH07U earbud fits securely into your ear canals. You can also wear it around your neck, and it will stay put because of the magnetic clips. In fact, it will stay securely in the proper position whether you’re sitting idle or doing physical activities.

Each earbud comes with 3 pairs of eartips and earhooks each at three different sizes. So, you can easily choose the size that fits your ears. The best thing about the fit is that the earhooks keep them stay put when you run, as it’s annoying to stop workout for adjusting the headphone frequently.


  • Good sound quality for the price
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Stay put even during running or sports activities
  • Inexpensive
  • Bluetooth range is around 30-foot
  • Battery life is 5 hours


  • The design is pretty basic
  • Bass can sometimes be overwhelming
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