Top 15 Best Earplugs for Musicians & Concerts in 2022 – Complete Guide

Are you a musician that loves his/her jamming sessions? While hearing the right music is important while being a Top 15 Best Earplugs for Musicians & Concerts in 2022 - Complete Guidemusician, it is equally important that you protect your ears.

Somewhere along the way, you must also have encountered advice on why you must wear ear plugs. But you decide to shun them- only because you wanted the entire live experience, and ear plugs couldn’t give you that (at least you thought so).

If you’ve been nodding to everything so far, here’s some great news. Recent advancements in technology have now made it possible to wear ear plugs and enjoy a more enhanced experience. All while protecting your ears!

This article lists down 15 such high quality ear plugs for musicians and concerts. Before we get there, let’s quickly brush up on the fundamentals to understand what ear plugs are, and why your ears need them.

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Key features of great ear plugs

While there are a lot of things to consider before buying an ear plug that suits you well, here are the three basic, mostTop 15 Best ear plugs for Musicians in 2019 important features:

1. Sound reduction

A good pair of ear plugs should reduce volume considerably, without muting it. The safe decibel range for the human ear is considered to be below 85 decibels. While a normal conversation is about 60 decibels, an average drum set produces an average of 100 decibels. The sound volume in a rock concert can reach an average of 120 decibels – which is 30 decibels higher than the safe limit for human hearing.

Regular ear plugs designed for musicians can lower anywhere between 12 to 15 decibels of sound, while advanced ear plugs can even reduce the volume up to 30 decibels. The amount of noise reduction you choose depends on what your needs are. If you are a DJ, it is wise to opt for maximum noise reduction, while if you’re a musician playing acoustic instruments, you may want to opt for minimal noise reduction.

2. Sound quality

A good pair of ear plugs must be able to reduce harmful decibels efficiently without lowering music quality. They must be able to provide fair and flat attenuation, while preserving the entire spectrum of the music source.

Unlike regular ear plugs that muffle the sound, musicians must choose ear plugs that preserve sound quality. The ear plug must be able to give you the full experience of listening to music while reducing volume. Nowadays, ear plugs are able to enhance music quality and help musicians get a better experience of how their instrument/voice sounds and blends along with other instruments.

3. Snug and comfortable fit

Ear plugs must fit as though they are designed for just your ear. If you are a touring musician, you must look for ear plugs that provide a good blend of quality and comfort. If you’re a regular concert goer, go for ear plugs that last you several hours of singing, dancing and non-stop music.

Comfortable ear plugs follow the shape of your ear lobe, are constructed with materials gentle on the wearer’s ears. The ear plug you’re considering to buy must be light and comfortable to wear, and not a nuisance to your ears.Top 15 Best ear plugs for Musicians in 2019

Points to consider while buying ear plugs

While the most important things to consider while buying ear plugs are quality of sound, sound reduction and comfort, here are some additional pointers for when you make your purchase.

1. Fit and ease of use

A great ear plug is easy to wear and remove, and often has little extensions to put them in place. Ensuring the right fit often makes a world of difference in the way you perceive the music around you. Only the right fit provides your ears the protection the ear plug is designed to offer.

2. Reviews and recommendations

Oftentimes, reviews and recommendations are a great place to find more information about the product. These reviews come from real users, and taking feedback from a trusted network gives you more confidence about your buying decision.

3. Quality and cost

Always, work on getting the right balance between cost and quality. The most expensive ear plugs are not necessarily the most best ones for you, so it is important to independently assess the quality as well.

With the higher the level of noise protection needed, the need for better quality increases. This may also cause an increase in cost.

4. The right brand and supplier

Choose a trusted brand for your ear plugs. Usually manufacturers sell ear plugs through different suppliers. It is recommended that you choose a trusted supplier (through reviews and recommendations) to receive your products.

5. Try on

If you have a chance, always try on different ear plugs before you buy them. This will help you choose better.

6. Standards, Ratings and Certifications

The ear plugs that you buy must meet basic requirements for international standards for design, safety and Top 15 Best ear plugs for Musicians in 2019performance. Ensuring that your ear plugs meet the right safety and performance standards will go a long way to ensure your health and working of your device.

Also consider the parameters such as SNR and NRR ratings, decibels, frequencies and other criteria.

7. Your industry

As a musician, you have a wide range of choices to select from ear plugs designed specifically for musicians. These ear plugs ensure that all ranges of frequencies are heard, without any compromise in quality. Even in the music industry, you can select ear plugs with different NRR (Noise Reduction Ratios) based on the kind of music you work with.

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Simplifying technical jargon

Here are some of the top technical terms you will encounter when you buy ear plugs. Let us attempt to understand what they mean:

1. Attenuation

Attenuation is the process of reduction of noise energy. Flat attenuation means an equal reduction of sound across all frequencies. Musicians should wear ear plugs that provide flat attenuation in order to enjoy all nuances of music.

2. NRR (Noise Reduction Ratio)

NRR stands for Noise Reduction Ratio. NRR refers to the effectiveness of the ear plug to reduce sound exposure to the wearer. NRR is measured in dBs (decibels). Higher the NRR, greater is the noise reduction.

3. SNR (Single Number Rating)

SNR stands for Single Number Rating. This value compares the different levels of attenuation offered by various devices designed for hearing protection. Higher the SNR, greater the level of attenuation offered by the device.

4. Decibel (dB)

Decibels are also mostly referred to as dBs. Decibel (dB) is a unit of measurement of sound intensity. dB level measurement happens on a log scale.

Now that you know the basics, let us explore popular ear plugs in the market specially designed for musicians:

Top 15 Best ear plugs for Musicians in 2022

1. Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts
dual-sizing options $$$ 4.7
2. EarDial HiFi Earplugs
3. Earasers Hi-Fi High Fidelity Earplugs with Case (Medium)
Reduces 19db of harmful high frequency peaks $$ 4.6
4. Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs
enhance sound quality and clarity $$ 4.5
5. Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Classic Earplugs for Musicians
Special music filters $$ 4.4
6. Reverbs High Fidelity EarPlugs
3-flange silicone design $$ 4.3
7. Zildjian HD EarPlugs – Light
Multiple filters (NRR 11/14) $$ 4.3
8. Hearprotek Noise Reduction Music Earplugs
Transparent, discreet and unnoticeable $$ 4.3
9. Mumba High Fidelity Concert Earplugs
filters up to 24 decibels $$ 4.2
10. Etymotic High Fidelity Earplugs
most cost-effective high-fidelity $$ 4.2
11. Audiomate High-Fidelity Earplugs with Metal Keychain
Versatile and varied uses $$ 4.1
12. Mudeela High Fidelity Concert Earplugs
Two-layer shell with radian design $$ 4.1
13. Decibullz – Custom Molded Earplugs
Thermo-fit design $$ 4.0
HEAROS High Fidelity Musician Ear Plugs 14. HEAROS High Fidelity Musician Ear Plugs
Soft medical-grade silicone $$ 4.0
15. Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs by EarJoy
Good noise reduction capacity $$ 3.9

1. Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts

Bring life into the concert again while also protecting your ears, with these minimalistic earplugs from Eargasm!Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts


These high-fidelity Eargasm ear plugs offer brilliant ear-protection for musicians from loud on-stage noise. While they are excellent for on-stage use, the ear plugs are also a good fit for concerts, bike-riding, and airplane travel.

The attenuation filters in these ear plugs are designed for even noise reduction while maintaining the full spectrum of sound. This means that though the volume is reduced significantly, the quality of music is still the same, and that there is no unnecessary muffling effect.

The ear plugs have an NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 16dB and offer up to a 21 decibel noise level drop.

Comfort and fit

The Eargasm High Fidelity ear plugs come with dual-sized shells, conforming to normal to large ear canals. They fit snugly and prevent any extra noise from entering the ears.

Made with hypoallergenic soft Silicone, these ear plugs do not cause unnecessary pain, itching, pressure, or discomfort to your ears. The ear plugs are tiny and discreet, and have lengthy pull out tabs for easy removal.

These Eargasm ear plugs effectively reproduce sounds at lower volumes, and reduce noise effectively without compromising on quality.

The ear plugs come in a handy aluminum canister that can be easily latched on to your keychain. The case is intuitive, with an anti-slick interior for easy ear plug removal, and also comes with a rubber seal for water and dust proof storage. It also features external threading so as to prevent damage to the ear plugs while opening and closing the same.


  • Provide uniform noise reduction while maintaining quality
  • Selectively attune noise but pass conversation
  • Have multiple uses – Suitable for musicians, bikers, concerts, air travel and more
  • Offer dual-sizing options
  • Snug fit
  • Comes with bonus aluminum case
  • Portable and ingenious aluminum case


  • May not be ideal for daily/prolonged wear, as they may cause irritation.

2. EarDial HiFi Earplugs

Consistent, reliable, and highly comfortable- the EarDial HiFi Ear plugs are all you need for complete ear EarDial HiFi Earplugsprotection!


The EarDial HiFi ear plugs offer a reliable and flat attenuation response, reproducing all the aspects of the original sound, yet filtering out harmful decibels effectively.

This means that you can comfortably drive, talk to friends, and enjoy music during a concert, without causing any harm to your ears. With its precise noise filtration capacity, it helps keep the sound quality intact while removing harmful decibels.

These EarDial ear plugs come with a handy app that’s compatible with both iOS and Android. The app helps you keep a track of the level of sound in the environment, and its impact on your ears.

With a number of reviews stating that these EarDial ear plugs have increased music capacity, there is no reason to not need these ear-friendly devices by your side!

Comfort and fit

These high-fidelity ear plugs are highly comfortable and give adjust with your ears for a snuggled up fit. On top of this, they are highly transparent, unlike the other funny looking ear plugs that stick out of your ears! With their low-profile design, they are very discreet and blend in with the color of your skin.

The comfort level reported with these EarDial ear plugs is high, making them ideal to wear for extended periods of time – in concerts, while driving and during sports events.

These ear plugs are made out of soft, hypoallergenic silicon material, which are perfect for the most sensitive ears.

They also provide intelligent earwax protection while protecting the filters, keeping them clean and untouched by dirt and grime from the wearer’s ears.

The EarDial HiFi ear plugs come in a compact aluminum case that is easy to carry. It also comes with a strong and well-made lobster clasp for your keychain. EarDial also provides an additional luminescent sticker to use if you were to accidentally misplace your ear plug case in the dark.


  • High comfort levels – Discreet and low-profile
  • Earwax protection for filters
  • Brilliant attenuation response without sacrificing sound quality
  • Additional Luminescent sticker
  • Comes with compact aluminum case
  • Includes ear-safety app


  • Suitable only for average-sized ear canals (If your ear canals are larger than regular, these maybe a tad smaller for you)

3. Earasers Hi-Fi High Fidelity Earplugs with Case (Medium)

Turn an annoyingly loud concert night into a fun night with these Earaser ear plugs!Earasers Hi-Fi High Fidelity Earplugs with Case (Medium)


These ear plugs are another great choice for reducing high volume sound, without compromising on the quality.

The Earaers ear plugs are comfortable, soft, and provide you with a gentle and clean attenuation response. These devices claim a reduction of 19 decibels of harmful high frequency peaks to produce clean, low-volume sound that’s of the highest quality.

These Earasers ear plugs offer medium attenuation capacity. They offer a flat frequency response of +/- 4.5db; 125Hz-8KHZ and attenuate your surroundings in a transparent and musical way!

Comfort and fit

Soft and comfortable, these are perfect for musicians, on the road wear and for loud night clubs and concerts. The ear plugs feature Earasers’ intuitive Smart Seal technology, thus offering a fit that’s snug and comfortable. Made from soft, medical grade silicone, they’re transparent and neat in construction.

These ear plugs have tiny plastic antennas that stick out of the wearer’s ears. While these are meant for correct positioning of the ear plugs into the ears, these look slightly fragile and may stand a chance of breakage down the line.

The soft material they’re made of is perfectly suited for soft cartilages, and makes them wearable for extended periods of time.

These ear plugs come in a plastic container to store them on an everyday basis. They also include a heavy-duty metal case for portability on the go!


  • Good protection against noise without sacrificing quality
  • Soft , transparent and neat construction
  • Comfortable to wear over extended durations
  • Smartseal technology for good fit and seal


  • Tiny plastic antennas prone to breakage
  • Price is slightly on the higher side

4. Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs

Minimalistic and simple to use, the Vibes High Fidelity ear plugs offer clean, low-volume sound!Vibes High Fidelity Concert Earplugs


The Vibes ear plugs reduce decibel levels by up to 22 decibels without compromising on sound quality. These noise-cancelling ear plugs are fitted with cutting edge, efficient attenuation filters for high-fidelity sound reproduction.

These ear plugs do not block, muffle out or cancel out the sounds like ordinary foam ear plugs, but efficiently filter out certain frequencies for a clearer and safer sound experience. They lower the levels of harsh sound, thus protecting the ears from strain and discomfort.

Equally reducing decibels across all frequencies, the ear plugs allow for clear sound to come through.

The Vibes ear plugs are perfect for music festivals, sporting events, dance clubs and music sessions, and are known to enhance sound quality, resulting in a truly immersive and rich music experience. They are even great for people sensitive to sound, also including individuals with autism, TBI, Tinnitus, ADHD, Concussions, etc.

Comfort and fit

Vibes ear plugs come with a clear glass outer shell and form fitting silicone ear buds with a low-profile construction. These ear plugs are light and more discreet looking, giving off a much cooler vibe as compared to other bulky ear plugs in the market.

They come in three different sizes (Small, medium and large), to help fit all ear types and sizes. They are soft, made with hypoallergenic silicon, and are designed for a snug and sealed fit for all ear types.

Constructed with carefully selected materials for increased comfort, durability, and longevity, these ear plugs are built to last.

The Vibes ear plugs can be worn for extended hours without much discomfort. The ear tips are washable, and the plugs come with a pocket-sized portable case for easy carrying while you’re on the go!


  • Reduce decibel levels by up to 22 decibels
  • Low-profile and discreet looking
  • Comes in three sizes for guaranteed fit and comfort
  • Can be worn for extended hours
  • Helpful for individuals with sound sensitivity
  • Comes with handy, pocket-sized case
  • Known to enhance sound quality and clarity


  • May require practice to wear and remove from ears

5. Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Classic Earplugs for Musicians

Enjoy crystal clear, high-quality music with the Alpine acoustic filter system!Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Classic Earplugs for Musicians


The Alpine Classic Ear plugs feature an acoustic filter system which offers brilliant hearing protection for musicians, children, travellers, clubbers, motorists, and people with sound sensitivity. These ear plugs guarantee optimal attenuation of harsh sound without loss in clarity.

These Alpine filters reduce the volume of the sound source to a safe level. It also ensures the sound quality remains excellent, and that you can still keep a conversation going, with the ear plugs on.

This pair of ear plugs comes with two different sets of music filters, with medium and high attenuation rates. They have outstanding sound characteristics and are interchangeable whenever desired.

If you’d like a three interchangeable filter system (low, medium and high), we recommend that you consider the Alpine Pro ear plugs for increased selective absorption.

Comfort and fit

The Alpine ear plugs are air permeable, allowing a steady passage of air into the ears. Hence, there is no detached feeling when the ear plugs are inside your ears.

These have a short stem and are virtually invisible while inserted inside the ear. The ear plugs have a transparent body that blend in with the color of your skin, making them discreet and not-very-noticeable.

These ear plugs aren’t made from Silicone, but out of Alpine ThermoShape material. This special hypoallergenic material is soft, flexible and durable. It is designed to take the unique shape of the wearer’s ear canal with the generated body heat.

This pair of ear plugs comes along with a dual compartment luxury travel box. This box is shock-resistant and made from aluminum. With two compartments each to store the ear plugs as well as the filters, the box makes it extremely easy to carry the ear plugs with you wherever you go.

Great for musicians, these are also greatly recommended for airplane travel, concerts, pubs, and on the road.


  • Acoustic filter system for good hearing protection
  • Two sets of interchangeable filters (medium and high)
  • Made out of Alpine ThermoShape material for a snug and custom seal
  • Includes dual compartment luxury travel box and ear plug applicator
  • Great for individuals with sound sensitivity
  • Air permeable for added comfort


  • If you use a string to keep the ear plugs together, you will not be able to use the ear plug applicator

6. Reverbs High Fidelity EarPlugs

Discreet, functional and effective, the Reverbs ear plugs are great for customized sound-reduction!Reverbs High Fidelity EarPlugs


The Reverbs ear plugs are offer premium hearing protection for DJ’s, musicians, airplanes, motorcycle rides, for attending concerts, and basically in any environment that requires hearing protection. With a selective noise cancelling feature that blocks out background noise, the ear plugs effectively preserve music and voice quality.

Like the previous pair of ear plugs, this one also comes with two filters for varying attenuation levels.

Instead of interchanging the filters, the set includes two separate ear plugs (color-coded) with two separate filters depending on the level of noise reduction needed. One filter has an average noise reduction of 28 dB, while the other one offers an average noise reduction of 20dB.

These precision filters provide just the right amount of sound reduction while preserving audio quality and voice clarity.

Comfort and fit

Made out of hypoallergenic, high-grade natural silicone, these ear plugs are safe and comfortable for use over prolonged periods of time.

They also have an optional stem extension so it’s easier to wear and take them off, and also a minimalistic low-profile design with high transparency.

The Reverbs high fidelity ear plugs come with a 3-flange silicone design that fits most ear sizes. They are virtually invisible on the human skin and discreet enough for daily use. The two pairs of ear plugs come in a durable aluminum case for portable use.


  • Two sets of ear plugs included for different levels of attenuation
  • Versatile use (Perfect for musicians, DJ’s, travellers, riders, etc.)
  • Safe and comfortable
  • 3-flange silicone design for a greater fit
  • Discreet, minimalistic and transparent
  • Optional extension stem
  • Comes with a durable aluminum case


  • Tend to leak in sound if they’re not a good fit for your ears.

7. Zildjian HD EarPlugs – Light

Spare the damage to your ears, yet listen to all the highs and lows of your favorite music on stage!Zildjian HD EarPlugs – Light


The Zildjian HD Ear Plug set has three pairs of ear plugs and filters offering two attenuation levels for varying levels of noise reduction. The two filters offer NRRs of 11 and 14 respectively, as well as improved sound clarity in loud environments.

These ear plugs offer a great degree of ear protection, and helps prevent your ears from ringing, after a lengthy and loud session on stage.

The filters lower the volume comfortably without cutting off the necessary mids and highs. They help you hear the music fully, but in a quieter way. They effectively filter out unnecessary noise, but still allow conversations to pass through.

Comfort and fit

The Zildjian HD ear plugs are made from soft, durable and strong hypoallergenic silicon material. These can be worn all through the day comfortably, without the fear of them falling out.

The three ear plugs come with a durable carabineer ear plug case that comfortably clips to your bag or key ring. Thus, you may carry it wherever you go in your premium anodized aluminum case, and a pair of ear protectors is always ready and handy for use.

The Zildjian HD Ear Plugs are sturdy, solid, yet gentle and low profile. They offer a simple, minimalistic and snug fit, and prevent extra sound from leaking inside the ear.


  • Filters evenly across the spectrum
  • Three pairs of ear plugs included with two separate attenuation filters
  • Soft, durable and snug fitting ear plugs
  • Includes a premium anodized aluminum case for portability
  • Low-profile and minimalistic, making them discreet on the wearer


No cons to mention

8. Hearprotek Noise Reduction Music Earplugs

Love all the music you hear, with the Hearprotek Noise-Reduction Music Ear plugs!Hearprotek Noise Reduction Music Earplugs


The Hearprotek music ear plugs have high-quality acoustic filters to help bring down the overall volume of sound, while also filtering background noises at a safe and comfortable level. These ear plugs preserve the sound clarity and sharpness of music, without muffling or cutting down on high frequencies.

The filters ensure that you hear varied sound frequencies and also easily hear people, carrying on a conversation effortlessly.

This ear plug set consists of two sets of ear plugs of two different sizes (small & standard), which feature 20 dB protection filters. The additional set of ear plugs ensures that you have an extra one at your disposal in case you happen to lose your original pair.

These Hearprotek music ear plugs are great for professional/amateur musicians, orchestra participants, music instructors as well as conductors, for attending concerts and music festivals, nightclub and bar workers and concert crews. These plugs can help reduce the risk of developing music-induced hearing loss and ensure that their hearing isn’t compromised over time.

These ear plugs offer excellent and enhanced music experiences for audiences, allowing them to truly enjoy the music they hear. Also, the ear plugs can help musicians hear their own instrument well and how it blends with others.

Comfort and fit

These Hearprotek music ear plugs are constructed from a hypo allergic, non-toxic silicone material for extra comfort during prolonged usage without any itching or allergic reactions.

They have an ergonomically curved body and a two flange tip that follows the curve of your ear canal for a snug and comfortable fit.

Also, their low-profile build and translucent plug shells are very discreet and minimally noticeable. They offer a high degree of comfort and seal well, thus preventing any extra sound from leaking in.

The Hearprotek music ear plugs are washable and reusable, and come in a durable aluminum case with a carabiner that fits easily on belts and bags.


  • Feature high-quality 20 dB protection filters
  • Two ear plugs of different sizes included
  • Ergonomic body for comfortable and sealed fit
  • Transparent, discreet and unnoticeable
  • Washable ear plugs
  • Include durable aluminum case


  • You get two ear plugs, but they’re of varying sizes. (So, you can use just one comfortably)

9. Mumba High Fidelity Concert Earplugs

Keep annoying and dangerous background noises at bay, with this pair of high fidelity concert ear plugs from Mumba High Fidelity Concert Earplugs Mumba!


The Mumba High Fidelity ear plugs feature an advanced filter technology that helps reduce noise up to 24 decibels. These maintain the full spectrum of sound and also protect your ears against harmful and unwanted noise levels.

These ear plugs are great for concerts, musicians, DJs and drummers, and do not muffle music like regular foam ear plugs do. Delivering safe, clear and crisp sounds at safe volumes, their innovative acoustic filtering technology helps in reliable sound reduction.

Comfort and fit

This set includes a pair of standard sized ear plugs along with filters and an extra set of smaller sized shells.

These ear plugs are soft, reusable and hypoallergenic, and are safe for your ears. They are also soft, incredibly lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

The Mumba high fidelity ear plugs fit well, just like custom molded ones. They are very small and have a low-profile construction, and function as moderately discreet noise reducers.

These come in a plastic container as well as an aluminum container along with a carabiner, helping you hang them on a keychain and carry around easily.


  • Advanced filter technology that filters up to 24 decibels
  • Fit like custom molded ear plugs
  • Come with an extra shell (of smaller size)
  • Soft, light and comfortable ion the ear


  • Slightly noticeable, may not be very discreet

10. Etymotic High Fidelity Earplugs

Keep your ears safe and healthy, with the affordable Etymotic High Fidelity ear plugs!Etymotic High Fidelity Earplugs


If you’re looking for something affordable, light and replaceable, the Etymotic Ear plugs are perfect for you. These high fidelity ear plugs has a design that replicates the natural sound response of the ears, making sure only the volume is lowered and that the sound quality is as good as original.

They evenly reduce noise across all frequencies, delivering a total noise reduction of up to 20dB. These ear plugs use an acoustic resistor and tuned resonator to replicate the sound the way a human ear would hear it.

These are great to help reduce the risk of ear damage from high-noise venues like theatres, concerts, parades, airshows, and motorsport events. It is also great for musicians, allowing them to hear their own instruments, and how they blend with others.

The Etymotic ear plugs replicate the natural response of your ears, preserve sound quality, and ensure that the sound is clear and not muffled.

Comfort and fit

This Etymotic ear plug pair comes in two size variants (Standard or Large). The standard size is usually recommended for average ears. The standard plugs are one-size-fits-most, ready-fit, and offer a strong seal.

These affordable ear plugs also come with a black neck cord, to conveniently hang around your neck and prevent misplacing them. An additional case is also included for portability, and can be easily carried in your backpack, back pocket or purse.

The Etymotic ear plugs offer high fidelity response and are great for attendees at clubs, motor sport events, concerts, at construction sites, aircraft personnel, industrial workers, truck drivers, and any other loud performance venues.


  • Affordable, light and handy
  • Good attenuation over all frequencies
  • Up to 20dB noise reduction
  • Comes with a neck cord and a portable case


  • These reusable ear plugs can weaken and break over heavy use.
  • Not recommended for swimming, gunfire or while sleeping

11. Audiomate High-Fidelity Earplugs with Metal Keychain

Protect your ears from harsh noise levels without missing out on any of the fun!Audiomate High-Fidelity Earplugs with Metal Keychain


This pack includes two interchangeable ear buds (standard and small), which makes it a great hearing kit for the entire family.

The Audiomate high fidelity ear plugs are ideal for lowering dangerous decibel levels while keeping sound quality intact. Regular noise reduction plugs only have an NRR of 16 decibels or less, while cheap foam ear plugs muffle sound. These Audiomate ear plugs offer a true NRR of up to 27 decibels and are packed with high fidelity attenuation filters.

These ear plugs help you protect your hearing without missing out on the true acoustic experience. They are specially designed to lower damaging decibel levels without causing the least interference to sound fidelity.

Great for concert goers, at workshops, band practice sessions, construction sites, live games, and while on the road, the Audiomate’s high fidelity noise-attenuation filters effectively reduce noise volume without distorting quality. This means that you can hear and communicate without hassle, and also pick up all the distinct frequencies and sounds while you create or listen to music.

Comfort and fit

These Audiomate ear plugs were designed for utmost comfort. Super soft and made of silicone, these are hypoallergenic and keep irritation at bay. The plugs are carefully molded to help them fit comfortably inside the ear canal.

The ear plugs come with a heavy-duty keychain carrying case with a rigid metal construction. This case has a waterproof gasket and a brass O-ring, to keep your ear buds dirt as well as moisture free.

Also, the Audiomate ear plugs have quite a low-profile, minimal, and sleek construction. They’re fitted with understated pull tabs that make for fumble free wear and removal. These ear plugs also sport well-designed ventilation channels that ensure proper air flow to the ears.


  • Highly comfortable and provide great fit
  • Offer true NRR of 27 decibels
  • Versatile and varied uses
  • Comes with a heavy-duty and waterproof construction
  • Low profile and discreet
  • Air ventilation channels for easy breathability


  • Removal tabs could be slightly bigger for increased comfort

12. Mudeela High Fidelity Concert Earplugs

Give yourself the most immersive musical experience ever with Mudeela’s high fidelity ear plugs!Mudeela High Fidelity Concert Earplugs


Worried you can’t hear music or conversations while wearing concert & musicians ear plugs? Mudeela’s newest patented attenuation filters can better filter out harmful noise while preserving sound quality, allowing you to hear what you want to hear clearly. MUDEELA’s hi-fi concert ear plugs filter out the harmful noise, while preserving the source’s most authentic sound quality.

Your ears get the best protection with Mudeela’s high fidelity ear plugs, which evenly reduce harmful noise to normal levels and soften the sound source. With effective filtering of up to 27 dB, your ears will never be tortured again at loud events or while at work with the Mudeela’s concert ear plugs.

These concert ear plugs use the latest dual-action attenuation filter, which filter noise and soften sound quality better than ordinary ones in the market.

Its two-layer shell with radian design fits the ear canal better, allowing the concert ear plugs to completely fill the ear canal for better noise reduction and to keep the ear plug firmly in the ear.

Comfort and fit

With its new radian design that fits more into the ear canal and the soft material built for a comfortable touch, the Mudeela ear plugs are perfect for prolonged wear.

Its low-profile design makes the concert ear plugs invisible, and the appropriate smaller size design make the high fidelity ear plugs fit both standard and small ears.

There are three different types of ear plugs included with every set to meet your different needs. These are high fidelity ear plugs for concerts, musicians, drummers, DJs, live music festivals, motorcycle riding and work.

Mudeela’s high fidelity ear plugs come with a portable case for safe storage and are very easy to clean and maintain.


  • Retains authentic sound quality
  • Noise filtering of up to 27 dB
  • Include dual-action attenuation filter
  • Two-layer shell with radian design for better fit
  • Low-profile, minimalist design
  • Includes portable case for safe and easy portability and storage


No cons to mention

13. Decibullz – Custom Molded Earplugs

Enjoy all the music you can, with the Decibullz custom molded earplugs!Decibullz – Custom Molded Earplugs


Decibullz are perfect for shooting, traveling, working, loud concerts, and help reduce noise while maintaining a comfortable hearing range.

These ear plugs offer up to 31dB high NRR and optimal ear protection in different environments.

The ear plugs have a thermo fit design that can be molded and remolded as many times as desired. Ear plugs need to properly seal themselves inside the wearer’s ears, and any gap could cause the performance to go down drastically. This is why, the Decibullz thermo-fit design is ideal to achieve that perfect fit. These can be customized to the shape of the ear canal, and the molding process can be repeated until the desired fit is achieved.

Comfort and fit

These ear plugs use a unique thermo-fit design, easily shaped to your ears for unsurpassed fit and comfort. The molding process is simple, takes minimal time and effort, and seals well into the ear canal.

It simply requires heating the Decibullz thermoplastic molds in boiling water, letting them cool for a bit, and shaping them to your ears. If you don’t get the perfect fit the first time Decibullz are the only custom ear plugs that are re-moldable.

Decibullz Custom Molded Ear plugs are easily and quickly fitted to the exact shape of your ear. This creates a perfect fitting ear plug that will never hurt, fall out and yet will provide superior noise isolation.


  • Versatile and suited for many different environments
  • Offer up to 31dB NRR
  • Custom molded to fit the exact shape of the ear
  • Thermo-fit design that seals well on molding
  • Remoldable as many times as desirable
  • Offers color options


  • The molding process might seem a little complicated
  • May not be suitable for longer durations of wear

14. HEAROS High Fidelity Musician Ear Plugs

Relish the nuances of music without causing damage to your ears!HEAROS High Fidelity Musician Ear Plugs


The Hearos noise cancelling ear plugs deliver flat attenuation so you hear music as it is intended, but with elimination of up to 12 dB of potentially damaging sound.

These ear plugs seal out damaging noises with 3 form-fitting flanges. HEAROS High Fidelity Ear Plugs reduce noise by 20 decibels; protecting your hearing from city traffic, band practice and construction equipment.

HEAROS High Fidelity Ear Plugs are designed to separate damaging noise from the music so you hear every bar as the performers intended. Our revolutionary attenuators reduce noise by as much as 20 decibels without distorting the range of sound. Hear conversations, arias and guitar riffs with crystal clear resonance with these comfortable ear plugs.

Constructed under rigorous quality control protocols for noise reduction you can rely on, these must-have musicians’ accessories strike an uncompromising balance between performance and comfort.

Comfort and fit

These ear plugs are inconspicuous and comfortable enough for all-day wear.  Built with soft, medical-grade silicone that is hypoallergenic and stems that are transparent to blend in with your natural skin tone, these are virtually invisible.

The Hearos noise cancelling ear plugs come in a free carrying case that keep them at your fingertips on a jacket pull, or in a gig bag or backpack. This helps you protect your hearing at nightclubs, as well as while mowing the lawn or practicing at the firing range.

HEAROS High Fidelity Ear Plugs are virtually undetectable because they are made of translucent silicone with transparent stems, making them practically invisible. They blend in with your skin tone for discreet wear, and offer a comfortable fit and ergonomic design.

Because the triple flanges are soft and pliable, they instantly conform to the contours of your ears, allowing you to wear them comfortably for all-day music festivals as well as cross-country motorcycle rides. Every pair of HEAROS High Fidelity Ear Plugs comes with its own pocket-size keychain storage case so you are ready wherever an impromptu jam session breaks out.


  • Elimination of up to 12 dB of potentially damaging sound, reduce noise by 20dB
  • Features 3 form-fitting flanges
  • Soft and transparent, blending in with your natural skin tone
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • Includes a free carrying case and keychain storage case


  • May need replacement every few years as the fit may loosen over time

15. Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs by EarJoy

Know how crystal clear music sounds, with these noise cancelling ear plugs by EarJoy!Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs by EarJoy


These Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs by EarJoy are great for noise cancellation, and can be used during swimming, sleeping, and basically at any high-noise venue.

The EarJoy ear plugs are brilliant for musicians too, and will help them protect their ears from overpowering music, and also hear how their instrument blends in with the other instruments.

This fully optimized set of 4 ear plugs are versatile, and help protect your valuable hearing. With their incredible versatility, these ear plugs can be used to get the best possible protection in any situation.

Comfort and fit

This is a set of 4 optimized silicone ear plug pairs that offer maximum comfort and are barely noticeable inside the ears. They come with a functional connection cord for easy removal. These EarJoy ear plugs are so light, flexible and comfortable, that you wouldn’t remember that you’re wearing them.

The additional 3 pairs of Earjoy ear plugs are for learning, sleeping, working or traveling. The pairs are color coded based. While the white ear plugs are generic and may be used anywhere, the blue ones are recommended for swimming and the black ones are for use while sleeping.

This EarJoy ear plug set also includes a practical case for easy transportation and portability.


  • Includes 4 sets of ear plugs (for different uses)
  • High quality build
  • Good noise reduction capacity
  • Includes functional connection cord for removal
  • Comfortable and minimal visibility
  • Extra case for portability


  • May require some initial adjustment to get comfortable with.

Additional tips for ear protection and ear plug maintenance

Here are some additional ear safety tips for musicians and inputs on how to maintain your ear plugs:

  • Stay informed about how loud music and harmful noise can be dangerous to your hearing. Know when to consult your doctor about hearing issues and keep track of the volume levels of the music you play.
  • Do not stand in front of speakers. This can increase the impact that loud music has on your ears. Standing to the side of the speakers can help lessen the impact the sound has on your ears.
  • Reduce the amount of time your ears are exposed to loud music. Give yourself and your ears breaks between sessions.
  • Put the windows down when you drive. Exposing your ears to the wind while driving at high speeds and for longer than five or ten minutes can damage your hearing.
  • Use orchestral shields or screens to bring down sound transmission and reflection. Using a sound level meter app can greatly help you monitor the sound levels in your environment. If you are a music teacher, you can consider avoiding hard and reflective surfaces in your teaching environment. Opting for curtains, drapes, carpets, concrete walls, and metal cabinets can help absorb unnecessary sound. Consider taking multiple breaks between sessions, and try reducing class duration.
  • Choose the strength of your filter based on the level of protection you would need. If you are a drummer that needs a lot of ear protection, go for special filters with higher values of NRR.
  • Ensure that your ear plug is comfortable enough for the temperature and humidity of the place you work in. Most good ear plugs are breathable, i.e. they allow a good amount of air flow to your ears.
  • To ensure proper care for your ear plugs, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.
  • Check the ear plugs for wear and tear on a regular basis. Replace the ear plugs that seem to no longer be wearable.
  • Skin dust and oil can damage ear plugs. Use a soft brush to clean them periodically.
  • If your ear plugs are washable, wash them on a regular basis. Squeeze the extra moisture from them and always air-dry.
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