The 15 Best Gaming Headsets In 2019 – Complete Guide

 0best gaming headset gaming headphones v1If you play a lot of video games, you’ll know that nothing creates a more immersive experience better than realistic audio. Whether you’re whacking bad guys on your computer, or beating the NBA World Champions on your game console, it just wouldn’t be as fun if all you had to listen to were badly rendered sound effects and muddled dialogues. Of course, you can always hook up your rig to a set of speakers— maybe throw in a few satellites here and there, set up a monster of a subwoofer—to get you ready to bring your A-game.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a soundproof game room. Play your video games loud and often enough and you can expect your neighbors to come knocking at your door so that they can “politely” express their lack of appreciation for all the noise you’ve been making. Or maybe, they’ll just ask you to keep it down. Either way, you know you can’t save the world or rescue the princess with the threat of angry, sleep-deprived neighbors hanging over your head. You need to get yourself the best gaming headsets.

By using headphones—or if you play co-op games, headsets that let you talk to your teammates—you can fully immerse yourself in the virtual game world without totally bothering the people around you. Gaming headphones and headsets help keep all the distractions at bay, allowing you to focus on becoming the first to make it to the finish line, on completing your mission, or on finally leading your NBA team to the playoffs.

So what exactly are gaming headphones and headsets, and how do you know which pair to choose?

Characteristics of the Best Gaming Headsets And Headphones

Whether you’re relaying instructions to your squad, or listening for enemy footsteps, having good quality audio can be the difference between winning and losing. Gaming headphones are pretty much souped up models that have been designed to provide gamers with exceptional sound. You can think about gaming headphones as regular headphones that are simply being marketed to have been made for gaming purposes, but you can’t argue the fact that most of them really do have superior specs than your run-of-the-mill cans. Combine the superior sound quality with a high-sensitivity microphone and voilà—gaming headset.

If you’re looking to score some sweet headphones to listen with, or a reliable headset that sounds incredibly clear while you’re talking your lieutenant’s ears off, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for. There are audio equipment, and then there are gaming audio equipment, so you need to know the characteristics that define a good pair of headphones or headsets.

Audio Performance and Quality

Whether you’re shopping for the best gaming headsets or headphones, you obviously want to bring home a product that not only does what it’s supposed to do, but does it extremely well. For most gamers, it’s not just about the quality of sound that’s coming from your gear. What’s important is the headphone’s ability to make you believe that the sounds are coming from different directions. It’s known as “soundstage”, and you can think of it as the audible equivalent of depth perception. It lets you tell which way the enemy was coming from, or if they’re reloading and vulnerable to attack.


It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re busy piloting spaceships and blasting enemy strongholds to kingdom come. By the time you finish the mission and destroy the alien moon base, yours ears would be sore from wearing a headset over long hours of gaming. Hence, it is important that the audio product you come home with not only sounds good, but feels good too. Find a pair of headphones or headsets that have heavily padded earpieces for maximum comfort. If your ears are sensitive to certain materials such as foam, leather, or rubber, it’s best to steer clear of products that make use of them and start looking for better, more comfortable alternatives.

Communication Features

When you play in groups—as you would with most MMORPG’s and co-op games—you don’t want to sound like you’re going through a tunnel whenever you try to talk to your friends online. The headset that you choose should have a good microphone that is capable of establishing clear and reliable communication with your peers. If you play in the sanctity of your room, where there usually isn’t much background noise, you can opt for a highly sensitive mic that effectively picks up and relays every word you say in crisp detail. If you opt for a pair of headphones, you’ll have to spring for a separate table or clip-on microphone.

But whether you go for a headset or a separate mic and headphones assembly, you need to be able to make sure that your message gets through to your squad or clan in the clearest and most distortion-free way possible.


As with just about every consumer electronics product that you buy, you’ll want your headphones or headset to last a while before they need to be replaced. Get yourself a solidly built product and avoid having to buy new ones every few weeks or so. Durability might come with a hefty price tag, but it’ll be worth it, as long as you know how to take care of your stuff. Not even the most durable headphones or the best gaming headsets can stand up to a force as destructive as an irresponsible user.

Value for Money

Any well-built audio product gives you good value for money right off the bat, as it saves you a considerable amount of money that you might otherwise spend on repairs or worse, replacement. You also get outstanding value for headphones or headsets that offer unique features such as bass boost, remote controls, or Bluetooth connectivity. The bottom line is you’ll want a pair of headphones or a headset that is built well and offers great features for a fairly reasonable price.

Wired Or Wireless?

Another common point of discussion whenever the subject of gaming headphones and headsets is brought up is whether to go for a wired or a wireless audio product. If you’re wondering about whether to go for one or the other, here’s a helpful tip. If you want better sound quality all around, choose wired headphones. Hands down, they are the better choice if you prefer quality over convenience. Plus, you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues, dropped connections, or wireless interference.

On the other hand, if you move around a lot while playing, and you hate getting tangled and tripped up by those seemingly endless audio cables, then feel free to go wireless. They may not sound as pristine as their wired counterparts, setting up could sometimes be problematic, and you’ll need to plug in and charge their batteries every so often, but they will definitely give you the freedom to tuck and roll, or dive for cover while engaging hostile forces.

So the question is:

Do you choose wired dependability or wireless freedom? The choice is yours. Game on!

If you are already decided to avail your new headset, here are the list of the best gaming headsets in the market In 2019:

1. Sennheiser PC 363D Gaming Headset$$4.9
2. Bose QuietComfort® 25 Noise-Cancelling Headphones$$4.8
3. Sennheiser PC 360 Pro Gaming Headset$$4.8
4. Sades® SA-708 Professional Gaming Stereo Headset$$4.6
5. iDeaUSA® AtomicX Bluetooth Wireless Headphones$$4.5
6. Razer Kraken Over-Ear Headphones
7. SoundBot® SB271 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones$$4.5
8. Sony MDR-ZX110 ZX Series Stereo Headphones$$4.5
9. Kingston HyperX™ Cloud II Gaming Headset$$4.3
10. Oblanc SHELL200 Stereo Headphones$$4.3
11. Datel PS3 Game Talk Pro 2 Wireless Headset$$4.2
12. SoundBot® SB240 Wireless Headset
13. Estone Over-Ear Stereo Gaming Headphones$$3.9
14. ECOOPRO® G4000 Over-Ear Stereo Gaming Headset$$3.9
15. Sound Intone Max 2015 Professional PC Gaming Stereo Headset$$3.8

Top 15 Best Gaming Headsets and Headphones On The Market Today

1. Sennheiser PC 363D Gaming Headset

Sennheiser PC 363D Gaming HeadsetOffering digital 7.1 surround sound, large velvet earpads, and a professional-grade, noise-cancelling microphone, the PC 363D from renowned German audio equipment manufacturer Sennheiser combines superior audio quality with luxurious comfort. It has a durable plastic headband that offers a snug over-the-ear fit, and a lengthy 3.2m fabric-wrapped audio cable. You can see how great the PC 363D looks, but wait until you hear how it sounds.The PC 363D boasts of a highly sophisticated spatialisation feature courtesy of its pre-included 3D G4ME1 USB sound card. This nifty little piece of hardware gives the best gaming headsets its ability to offer superior stereo separation and convincing positional audio effects. Turn the spatialisation feature on when you want to fully immerse yourself in the game, or turn it off when you just want to listen to your music. High-end gaming gear are a bit of a rarity, but the PC 363D exceeds all expectations.

The PC 363D is packed with features. Aside from the much-talked-about 3D G4ME1 USB sound card, it is also fitted with a highly flexible boom mic that has a convenient mute function. Just lift up the boom arm and you’re automatically off the air, eliminating all the fidgeting and scrambling for the mute button that somehow seems to disappear every single time you have a need for it.

BUT. Sennheiser spared little expense in developing the PC 363D, and you can sense that when you look at the price tag. The headset costs a little under $300, and even though it’s worth it, some folks just don’t have deep enough pockets to even give it a second look. However, if you don’t mind paying for top-notch audio equipment, then the PC 363D might just be the perfect product for you.

2. Bose QuietComfort® 25 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Bose QuietComfort® 25 Noise-Cancelling HeadphonesMoving away from the executive-style of its predecessors, the QuietComfort® 25 gives you outstanding audio performance in a more fun and fully personalized package. Designed to be the perfect mobile companion for your smartphone, the QuietComfort® 25 works just as well on your computer, tablet, or video game console.It may look a bit different from its predecessors, but you can be sure that the QuietComfort® 25 still carries not only the signature Bose look, but also the exceptional sound quality that the brand has become known for. Powered by a single AAA battery, the QuietComfort® 25 lets you listen to your tunes in clear, crisp detail. Its inline mic and remote were originally designed for compatibility with iPhones and other iOS devices, although newer models now offer full Android support.

Living up to its product name, the QuietComfort® 25 shows that intelligent design and good build quality pairs nicely with realistic, distortion-free audio. Thanks to to its active noise-cancelling feature, the QuietComfort® 25 gives you a full-bodied sound that lends well to most music genres and video game effects. Plus, when the battery runs out, you can still listen in standard quality. Or, use the headphones for simple noise reduction, on days when you just want to tune the world out.

Costing a little under $300, the QuietComfort® 25 is definitely far from affordable. But then again, very few high-quality Bose products are. Also, while it is great that you can customize your headphones by using the Apple-friendly ColorWare Design Tool—which lets you have your pick from a selection of 52 colors and apply them to different parts of the product—having to pay $100 more to do so could just be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s—or your piggy bank’s—back.

3. Sennheiser PC 360 Pro Gaming Headset

Sennheiser PC 360 Pro Gaming HeadsetIf the PC 363D is a little over your budget, Sennheiser gives you a slightly more affordable, but in no way less exceptional, alternative in the PC 360. It has almost the same capabilities as its 7.1-channel counterpart, only it features an open-back design instead of the PC 363D’s noise-isolating ear cups. It has a flexible, auto-muting boom mic that helps reduce ambient noise, large ultra-soft ear pads, and a cushioned headband for maximum comfort.The PC 360 delivers an outstanding audio performance at a frequency range of 15Hz – 28 KHz. It lets you listen with such quality and realism, complemented by a deep, rich bass. The volume control is conveniently located on one of the ear cups, so when things get too loud for you, you can turn the audio down and follow the natural human instinct of reaching for your ears. Genius!

The open-back design of the PC 360D lets you keep your head and ears cool even in the heat of battle. Audio performance is exceptional, whether you’re blasting aliens, watching a movie, or listening to the new Justin Bieber album. The $250 retail price isn’t so bad, especially when you consider how good the PC 360 sounds and how well it’s put together.

The downside to the cool, open-air build is it does little when it comes to noise isolation. It also means you don’t get the same spatial positioning effect that you would with the PC 363D. You still get a bit of the 3D effect from simple stereo separation though, but it isn’t enough to let you distinguish incoming sounds—how far the enemy is and what direction is he coming from—with pinpoint accuracy. That’s something that could potentially turn fans of first-person shooters off.

4. Sades® SA-708 Professional Gaming Stereo Headset

Sades® SA-708 Professional Gaming Stereo HeadsetCreated by Sades®, an American audio equipment company that specializes in top-quality gaming headsets and headphones, the SA-708 offers superior performance and intelligent design in an product that costs a lot less than its closest competitors. It has powerful 40mm neodymium iron boron drivers that allow it to deliver outstanding audio at a frequency range of 20Hz – 20 kHz. Its 2.2m cord is nearly twice as long as the standard, and its 3.5mm plugs work with just about every type of computer, phone, or game console.The SA-708 features bi-cast leather cushioned ear pads and headband for maximum comfort. It has a high-sensitivity electret condenser mic that lets you discuss game strategies with your squad, or talk over popular VoIP services on your computer. The mic, while not as flexible as some would like, can easily be tucked away in a special recess on the left ear cup if you just want to listen to music or watch a movie. It comes in black with a variety of color accents, including red, green, and blue.

The SA-708 retails for just a hair under $15, which is unbelievably low for the best gaming headsets, making it the perfect gift for kids and for people who focus more on gameplay rather than on taking care of their gear. Sound quality is excellent whether you’re blowing up enemy bases or talking to your Aunt Sally about coming over for the holidays on Skype.

The stiff mic only goes up and down, which limits its flexibility and prevents you from putting it closer to your mouth. Audio reception is pretty decent though, so moving the mic closer to your lips might not even be necessary. Also, the lengthy cable is great, but Sades® could have included a simple cable management system. As it is, you might find yourself tripping over them more often than you’d like to. The volume control pod is also a little big, considering it only has two functions: adjusting the volume and turning the mic on and off.

5. iDeaUSA® AtomicX Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

iDeaUSA® AtomicX Bluetooth Wireless HeadphonesGamers seeking a wireless alternative to their dependable yet cumbersome wired headsets will love the AtomicX Bluetooth Headphones from audio equipment manufacturer iDeaUSA®. It has a clean and simple design that gives it a modern, sophisticated look, and delivers an exceptional audio performance at a frequency response of 20Hz – 20 KHz. The AtomicX is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, notebooks, and video game consoles.The AtomicX is powered by a rechargeable battery that gives you up to a rated 11 hours of playtime and 250 hours on standby. When the power runs out, just plug the headset via USB port for about 3 hours and it’ll be good to go. The AtomicX connects via the latest Bluetooth ver4.0 protocol, and is effective at a maximum range of 33 feet. It has a built-in mic for hands-free calling, and an intuitive 3-button control panel mounted flush on the side of one of the earcups. iDeaUSA® also provides a 3.5mm audio cable out of the box in case you want to use the AtomicX on non-Bluetooth devices.

Costing less than $40, the AtomicX is proof that top-quality Bluetooth headphones need not be expensive. Considering its superb sound and comfortable design, the AtomicX provides excellent value for money. When not in use, the headphones can be folded on both ends, turning it into a neat little package that fits conveniently inside the provided EVA case.

The trouble with wireless Bluetooth headphones is that connection can sometimes be iffy, and unfortunately the AtomicX is no exception. And while its audio performance is admirable, it still falls slightly short of what wired headphones are capable of delivering. But if you’ve already set your sights on going wireless, and you’ve set your expectations to a more realistic level, for its price, the AtomicX from iDeaUSA® is an absolute bargain.

6. Razer Kraken Over-Ear Headphones

Razer Kraken Over-Ear HeadphonesIf you’re not that much into online multiplayer games, and you’d be perfectly content playing with a pair of headphones on, the Kraken from gaming equipment and accessories manufacturer Razer readily fits the bill. Delivering an incredible audio performance at a frequency range of 20Hz – 20 KHz, the Kraken is arguably one of the better-sounding products in its price range. It is outfitted with powerful 40mm neodymium drivers, which are responsible for the Kraken’s crisp highs, decent mids, and deep low frequency tones.Lightweight but durably built, the Kraken offers some of the most convenient and comfortable design features in its class. Razer clearly had comfort in mind when it outfitted the Kraken with extra-large, cushioned ear cups and a fully-padded headband. The ear cups also conveniently fold in for storage. The non-removable, 1.3m audio cable terminates in an analog 3.5mm headphone jack. If you have been looking for reasonably priced headphones that sound great and are fairly comfortable to wear, the Razer Kraken makes for a good choice whether you’re playing games or listening to music.

The lightweight design is definitely one of the more appealing qualities offered by the Razer Kraken. Audio quality is great, and the headphones certainly have an expansive range of sound. The ear cups also offer a pleasantly surprising amount of noise isolation, allowing it to faithfully reproduce low frequency sounds with very little distortion.

The Kraken retails for around $60; a bit high considering the lack of a headset features. Also, if you were hoping for spatial 3D audio positioning, you’d be disappointed. Still, the Kraken remains a pretty decent choice for gamers and music lovers who choose quality over affordability.

7. SoundBot® SB271 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

SoundBot® SB271 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless HeadphonesOffering wireless convenience via the newest Bluetooth ver4.1 protocol, the SB271 from American consumer electronics manufacturer SoundBot® makes for a really great pair of headphones that deliver amazing audio and exceptional value for money. It has a frequency response of 20Hz to 20 KHz, and supports A2DP, AVRCP, and HS/HF Bluetooth wireless profiles. It is equipped with a high-sensitivity mic for hands-free calling, as well as fully cushioned ear cups for optimal comfort and noise reduction.Weighing just under 3 ounces, the SB271 is one of the lightest Bluetooth headphones available on the market today. It is compatible most Bluetooth-enabled gaming platforms—such as your laptop, console, smartphone, and tablet—and has an effective range of about 33 feet. The SB271 runs on a 320mAh lithium-polymer battery that gives you up to 12 hours of playtime, and up to 250 hours on standby. All of the multifunction controls and the micro USB charge port are located on one of the ear cups, leaving you with a minimal design that is both simple and functional.

Don’t be fooled by its weight; the SB271 is incredibly durable for a product its size. Its flex headband design, as well as its hidden arm mechanism, help provide maximum comfort, flexibility, and mobility. It retails between $10 and $50, which is a fair price range considering its great sound, its lightweight construction, and its intuitive design.

As great as the minimal look of the SB271 is, it does feel a little too minimal. It is as light as a feather alright, which is great, but its thin headband doesn’t provide a secure fit. You’ll have to keep adjusting the headphones over your head if you move around a lot while playing. Also, the SB271 doesn’t come with audio cords for wired listening. You can only listen with it via Bluetooth.

8. Sony MDR-ZX110 ZX Series Stereo Headphones

Sony MDR-ZX110 ZX Series Stereo HeadphonesJust because a product was manufactured by one of the biggest consumer electronics companies in the world doesn’t mean that it has to cost you a fortune. Case in point is the MDR-ZX110 ZX Series Stereo Headphones from industry leader Sony. It costs less than $20; yet it delivers the same high-quality audio that the brand has become known for. Its 35mm neodymium magnets help give it a frequency range of 12Hz – 22KHz, allowing it to provide the crisp highs and low bass tones that you hear in most video game genres.The MDR-ZX110 features a swivel folding design that makes it more portable and easier to put away after you’re done playing Diablo on your computer, or Clash of Clans on your tablet. It has a sturdy, self-adjusting headband, as well as fully cushioned ear cups for maximum comfort and better noise isolation. The MDR-ZX110 is fitted with a flat, tangle-resistant audio Y-cable that terminates in an L-shaped stereo mini-plug. If you’re looking for an affordable product that bears the name of a brand that people trust, feel free to check out the MDR-ZX110.

The MDR-ZX110 gives you the acoustic performance of a well-tuned piano, for the price of a harmonica set. Let your games come alive as you listen to every grunt, every roar, and every battle cry in crisp detail. Considering its remarkable sound, convenient portability, and intelligent design, there is no doubt that the MDR-ZX110 is an absolute steal for its price.

Players of MMORPGs and co-operative games—who need to talk and communicate with other players in the virtual realm—might be better off opting for the MDR-ZX110AP headset instead, as the MDR-ZX110 does not have a microphone that they can speak into.

9. Kingston HyperX™ Cloud II Gaming Headset

Delivering outstanding audio that is characterized by clear and spatial virtual 7.1 surround sound, the Cloud II from Kingston HyperX™ Cloud II Gaming HeadsetHyperX™ aims to provide gamers with just about everything they need in a headset. HyperX™ is the high-performance product division of leading independent memory manufacturer Kingston Technology. The Cloud II costs around $100, and offers a myriad of features that rival those of products that cost twice or even three times as much. It delivers superb sound at a frequency response of 15Hz – 25 KHz, and is actually one of the HyperX™ division’s best-selling audio products today.The headset comes with an advanced USB audio control box, which has a built-in DSP sound card and gives the Cloud II its 7.1 virtual surround sound processing capabilities. It also has a detachable mic, along with a number of useful extras that you won’t normally get from the best gaming headsets in this price range such as velour ear cushions, an airline adaptor, and a handy carrying case. As far as comfort goes, the Cloud II beautifully combines memory foam cushions and leatherette padding in order to create a truly luxurious finish. The HyperX™ Cloud II comes in Red, Pink, and Gun Metal.

The cost is happy middle considering its excellent feature set. And while the Cloud II does not have inline or onboard controls, the USB sound card does. This keeps you from accidentally pressing what you shouldn’t when you’re just trying to adjust how the headset fits over your ears.

There are a few features that the Cloud II could have done better with, such as active noise cancellation and a detachable audio cord. You need to be mindful of where you put the detachable mic down, as it is small and notoriously easy to misplace.

10. Oblanc SHELL200 Stereo Headphones

Oblanc SHELL200 Stereo HeadphonesProduced by an audio equipment company that takes a rather old-fashioned approach to manufacturing, the SHELL200 Stereo Headphones by Oblanc offer a rich stereo sound courtesy of its huge 50mm audio drivers. It has a frequency response of 20Hz – 20 KHz, delivering an exceptional audio performance that goes nicely with your high-definition audio sources, such as your home entertainment systems, smartphones, and video game consoles. With the SHELL200 headphones in your arsenal, you get to listen in clear detail whether you’re storming into enemy bases, watching YouTube videos, or listening to your most-treasured NSYNC album.Available in a variety of designs and color combinations, the SHELL200 series headphones provide you with large, cushioned ear cups, tangle-resistant audio cables, and an inline mic for hands-free calling. The headphones have a closed-back design that greatly enhances passive noise isolation, while simultaneously improving low frequency response. Its 1.6m-long audio cable terminates in a gold-plated 3.5mm plug that helps establish a more stable connection. The SHELL200 headphones retail between $80 to $130, which is reasonable considering its exceptional build and performance.

The SHELL200 series headphones offer plenty of design options, while still maintaining the same outstanding sound profile. Oblanc also gives you a few useful freebies not usually included with headphones in the same price range, such as a 1m-long mic/line audio cable for computers and laptops and a handy rubber key tag.

While big audio drivers often mean big sound, they also result in big gear. The SHELL200 headphones are huge, a little on the heavy side, and a bit awkward to transport. Also, it can cause some discomfort on your ears if you wear glasses.

11. Datel PS3 Game Talk Pro 2 Wireless Headset

Datel PS3 Game Talk Pro 2 Wireless HeadsetIf you’re in the market for a reasonably priced wireless gaming headset that provides immersive audio and crystal clear lines of communication, the Game Talk Pro 2 from British gaming equipment and hardware peripherals developing company Datel might just be what you’re looking for. Featuring large, cushioned ear cups built into a rugged and lightly built frame, the Game Talk Pro 2 gives you outstanding audio from your computer or PS3 console. It costs around $80, and is a great buy if you want quality, convenience, and affordability.The Game Talk Pro 2 comes with a wireless audio transmitter, which plugs into the AV MULTI OUT port of your PS3, although the headset will pair just fine with your smartphone, tablet, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It has a built-in, rechargeable lithium ion battery, as well as a micro USB charging cable; eliminating the need for those AA batteries that you never seem to have enough of. It even has digital special effects that let you customize your listening experience. The Game Talk Pro 2 combines superior sound with a comfortable, noise-cancelling design that lends itself well to just about every game or music genre out there today.

The headset feels robustly built, and its 40mm drivers give a pretty good audio performance once you have a stable wireless connection going. Pricing seems reasonable, as most headsets in that price range are wired. The Game Talk Pro 2 also has dual volume controls and a mic mute.

As with most wireless audio systems, the Game Talk Pro 2 can sometimes be susceptible to dropped Bluetooth connections. It might not be that big of a deal, but getting disconnected in the heat of battle can be extremely annoying.

12. SoundBot® SB240 Wireless Headset

SoundBot® SB240 Wireless HeadsetIf the minimalistic approach of the SB271 failed to impress you, then maybe the sporty appeal of the SB240, also from audio equipment company SoundBot®, is more your speed. The foldable, back-hang style wireless headphones provide outstanding sound quality whether you’re out running in Central Park, or along the beaches of 1942 Normandy, while storming past enemy lines in Battlefield 4 on your Xbox One. It has a frequency response of 20Hz – 20 KHz, and pairs with just about any Bluetooth-enabled audio source that you might have.The SB240 connects via Bluetooth v2.1+EDR class 2, and supports A2DP, AVRCP, and HS/HF profiles. It provides active noise cancellation, allowing you to talk through the built-in mic and carry out clearer, more intelligible conversations. The headset is powered by a 400mAh lithium-polymer battery, which gives you up to 20 hours of talk time and 400 hours on standby. Onboard controls are located on left ear cup; they let you answer or end calls, adjust the volume, and skip tracks using an intuitive 5-button layout. The SB240 is also sweat- and waterproof, which means you can take it with you to the gym should you ever decide to start exercising IRL.

The back-hang style and the pivoting ear cups help form a secure but comfortable fit around your head. You can run, jump, or duck for cover, and you can be certain that the best gaming headsets will stay exactly where they should be. Also, you can get the SB240 for as little as $15 online, making these incredible headphones an absolute bargain.

While its flexibility is unquestionable, its durability can sometimes feel suspect. Occasional rattling and squeaking between the plastic headband and ear cup mounts can be annoying, more so if you wear glasses. It’s still a pretty good audio product for its price, though.

13. Estone Over-Ear Stereo Gaming Headphones

Estone Over-Ear Stereo Gaming HeadphonesWith massive neodymium magnets powering its dynamic 50mm audio drivers, the Estone Gaming Headphones are capable of creating a vivid sound field, delivering a remarkable audio performance with a frequency range of 20Hz – 20KHz. It features an onboard rotary volume control dial, a one-button mic mute, and brilliant LED lights that help brighten the mood and highlight the atmosphere of the game. But aside from their outstanding sound and iridescent design, the Estone Gaming Headphones are known for their comfortable fit.Featuring lavishly cushioned ear pads and adjustable headband, the Estone Gaming Headphones conform to the size and shape of your head, letting you play in such comfort that you won’t mind wearing them for hours on end. The ear pads are wrapped in a durable, leathery material that is not irritating to the skin, and the flexible headband exerts just enough pressure to maintain a secure fit around your head. The Estone Gaming Headphones are also outfitted with a lengthy 2.2m braided audio cable, giving you more freedom of movement while playing your favorite video games.

The Estone Gaming Headphones sound great, and offer an amazing level of comfort not normally seen in its price range. It retails for little more than $20, giving you outstanding value for money considering its exceptional sound, great features, and superior comfort.

Aside from letting people know where you are in a dark gaming room, the glaring LED lights serve no real practical purpose. They are borderline gaudy and superfluous, but they do add to the cool factor if you’re a fan of Tron and Daft Punk. Well, maybe. Also, while the built-in boom mic picks up sound just fine, it only moves up and down. It’s not flexible enough for you to move it closer to your mouth if you wanted to.

14. ECOOPRO® G4000 Over-Ear Stereo Gaming Headset

ECOOPRO® G4000 Over-Ear Stereo Gaming HeadsetIf you’re looking for a professional-grade gaming headset that retails for less than $25, the G4000 from enterprising consumer electronics manufacturer ECOOPRO® makes for a prime option because of its affordability and its wealth of outstanding features. The G4000 is equipped with large 50mm dynamic drivers that help it deliver an amazing audio performance, at a frequency response of 20Hz- 20 KHz. It has a well-thought-out design that lends itself well to convenience, functionality, and extreme comfort. If you play a lot of video games on your PC, the G4000 is an affordable headset option that you simply can’t overlook.The G4000 features a padded self-adjusting headband and soft, polyurethane leather ear cups that give the headphones superior comfort and outstanding noise isolation. It also has bright LED lights that enhance the overall gaming experience, as well as convenient on-board volume controls that let you turn the volume down when the game starts being too intense and a little too loud for you. It has a lengthy 2.2m audio cable, which is a lot longer than what more expensive headsets have to offer.

The G4000 offers one of the most impressive audio performances for a product in its price range. Its large, cushioned ear cups form a tight but comfortable seal over your ear, thus improving noise isolation and bass response. If you’re looking for a great pair of headphones that you can use on your computer, for its price, the G4000 is absolutely worth a look.

Unfortunately, the ECOOPRO® G4000 seems to have been built specifically for your PC. At the moment, these headphones are not compatible with some of the newer game consoles, such as the PS4, PS3, and Xbox 360. Also, the flashing LED lights have no practical use.

15. Sound Intone Max 2015 Professional PC Gaming Stereo Headset

Sound Intone Max 2015 Professional PC Gaming Stereo HeadsetWith its soft, cushioned ear cups and adjustable headband, the Max 2015 from international audio equipment manufacturer Sound Intone offers a comfortable fit and superb noise isolation. The ear cups form relatively good seal over your ears, which keeps ambient noises at bay and improves bass response. The effective noise isolation, as well as its 40mm dynamic drivers, allow the Max 2015 to deliver a superb audio performance, making it ideal for PC gaming and for  listening to music.The Max 2015 is also fitted with a high-sensitivity, noise-cancelling microphone that eliminates background chatter, letting you communicate with your team more efficiently. The mic is adjustable, and can be rotated to almost any position that you are most comfortable with. And when you’re not playing games on your PC, the mic can be tilted up and out of the way if you just wanted to listen to music or watch a movie. The Max 2015 also has a convenient inline remote that lets you adjust the volume without you having to be in front of your computer.

Costing just a little under $30, the Max 2015 offers outstanding sound and comfy features at great value. It also comes with a 2.4m audio cable, which is nearly twice the length of what other headphones in the same class and price range can offer.

While the best gaming headsets work great on your computer, it’s a different story altogether when it comes to game console. Without the necessary adapters, the Max 2015 might not work with your PS4, PS3, or your Xbox 360. Compatibility issues notwithstanding, the Sound Intone Max 2015 is still a great choice if you’re looking for good headphones for under $30.

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