Top 10 Best Guitar Headphones Amplifiers in 2020

In the red of your youth it’s easy to disregard noise and sleep through 20 trumpets blaring at you. But imagine a day when your headTop 10 Best Guitar Headphones Amplifiers in 2017 is splitting with a headache that latched on to you early in the day. You just want to get some shuteye but the guy in the apartment above just won’t quit vacuuming. The rage rises in you slowly and completely. This is the same emotion that bubbles through your neighbors when you start grating out Santana on your guitar. So in the interest of peace in public, we bring you a list of the 10 best Guitar headphone amplifiers, widely known as “amps”. They allow you to keep your practice private with headphones on without compromising on the guitar audio. You will still be able to learn the nuances of your guitar-play without making people around you want to strangle you.

What is a Guitar headphone amp?

A guitar headphone amp is an electronic amplifier that takes the feeble sound of the guitar as you play and produces enough volume for a bigger speaker or headphones. It allows you to hear the details of your music. So you can pick up where you are going wrong and make amends. Apart from the amp, it also has internal effects to highlight certain frequencies in the playback based on the genre you are playing from.

There are different types of guitar headphone amplifiers to choose from:

Micro/bug amplifiers: These are tiny USB stick-sized devices. They plug directly into the guitar. They have an output port for connecting to the headphones. This way, the amplified audio from your guitar is routed directly to your headphones. Even your spouse sleeping next to you won’t be disturbed. Eg: Vox Amplug AC30.

Mini amplifiers: These are guitar amps slightly larger in size than the bug amps. They can be propped up on a table or a small space. They connect to the guitar and the headphones via different cables. They are powerful enough to be connected to speakers. But they usually also have a headphone port for some silent practice. They have more variety of presets and options than a micro amplifier. They will be more powerful as well. Eg: Line 6 Pocket Pod.

Box amplifiers: These are larger more powerful amplifiers that connect to various outputs. Some of them have a headphone-out as well. These are packed with features like various sound effects, recording and amp simulation.  They may also have pedals that trigger multiple effects. Eg: Fender Frontman.

Amped Headphones: In the interest of portability, some headphones carry the same amplifier circuit that bug guitar amps do. They connect directly to the guitar, amplify the audio and supply it to just your ears. These can be an excellent way to practice provided the headphones have the type of audio response you desire. There will be limited options to change effect here, if they are there at all. Eg: Vox am Phones.

We cover the bug amplifiers and the mini amps in this best guitar headphone amps list. These are portable and have all the functions required to practice on the go without much extra gear.

How to connect guitar headphones amps?

To connect the guitar to headphones amps and headphones:

Bug amplifiers: The bug amplifiers have a jack that connects to the guitar directly, no cords required. On one side they will have a 3.5mm port where you can directly plug your headphones. It’s a cakewalk to use them.

 Mini amplifiers: These amplifiers have a port for connecting the 6.3mm(1/4”) male-male guitar cable from your guitar. They have one more port which is either 6.3mm(1/4”) or 3.5mm(1/8”). Plug your headphones into the latter directly. If you find the port to be larger than your headphone jack, it’s a 6.3mm port. Buy a 3.5mm-to-6.3mm converter which is easy to find in radioshack. Connect this adapter to the headphone jack and plug it into the amp.

Which are the best headphones to use with headphone guitar amps?

To understand the first burst of music from your headphone, it’s best to use a headphone with neutral sound signature. These are headphones where no part of frequency is unnaturally boosted. So the audio you get out of them is clean and accurate. There are a number of headphones across budgets which fit the bill:

  • Audio-Technica M40x
  • Sennheiser HD598
  • Bowers and Wilkins P7
  • Sennheiser HD600
  • AKG Q701

Any decent reference headphone would help. Do note that these headphones do not emulate the sound of your speakers. So you won’t know what the audio sounds like live. But these are good accessories to practice guitar quietly at home.

To get the emulated speaker sound, you should either buy an amplifier with speaker emulation feature on their headphone out. Or you can use a guitar/computer PC interface that will allow you to simulate and even record guitar.

Which are the best guitar headphone amps?

Guitar amps are many in the market. But not all of them have headphone ports. And many of them are large and cumbersome to carry around. In the best guitar headphone amps list, we picked out 10 amps based on:

Audio: We checked how the best guitar headphone amps performed in comparison with the speakers. Did they amplify the audio properly without eating away the details? How far could they emulate the speaker audio? Is the volume and gain level enough to clearly route the guitar audio to you? All these questions were answered for each product.

Portability: Headphones usually have only 3-10feet cable. With large amplifiers your range of movement is limited. With these small guitar headphone amps, you can move more freely and channel your inner artist. Smaller amps are also easier to pack for practice between gigs.

Tone Settings: How much can you play with the audio of your guitar headphone amp. Can you set gain, volume, delay?  Does it have in-built effects that can be applied to your playback? The best guitar headphone amps have a reasonable number of tone settings that get you in the creative mood but don’t distract you.

Power: We checked how the best guitar headphone amps were powered. Having battery-powered amps that also work on DC power makes practice much more enjoyable. You don’t have to worry about losing charge on the amp.

Other features: Some guitar headphones amps come with a port to plug in the mp3 player and practise with the tracks. You might also get recording and tuning features. Each such perk gained brownie points from us.

Top 10 Best Guitar Headphones Amplifiers in 2020 – Chart

 1. VOX AP2AC amPlug AC30 G2 Guitar Headphone Nine selectable effects $$4.7
 2. Line 6 Pocket POD Mix and Match amps and cabs $$ 4.6
 3. Donner Classic Rock Pocket Mini Guitar Headphone Amp Amplifier with Rechargeable Battery Up to 15 hours battery life $$ 4.5
4. Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Guitar Mini Amp, Aqua 1 9V batteries  (included) $$4.5 
5. BEHRINGER V-AMP 3 USB audio interface included $$4.4 
6. NUX Classic Rock Guitar Plug Headphone Amp 40 hours continuous play time $$4.3
7. Monoprice 611502 Mini Headphone Amplifier for Guitar, “Tube Overdrive” 1/4″ TS plug $$4.2
8. JOYO JA-03 “Tube Drive” Sound Effect Mini Guitar Pocket Amplifier with Headphone Output Mp3 input jack:3.5mm $$4.1 
9. Nady AxeHead Miniature Headphone Guitar Amplifier – Built-in amp simulation with gain, tone and volume controls – includes headphones splitter, and USB charging cable 3.5mm audio cable $$4.1 
10. Mugig Mini Guitar Amp for headphones, Metal Effect and Rechargeable guitar Amplifier for Heavy Music, Portable With Mp3 and Earphone Input Jack $$ 4.0

1. VOX AP2AC amPlug AC30 G2 Guitar Headphone amp

The Vox amPlug created a big splash in the market because of its enviably small size and feature. With the Vox amPlug 2 guitarVOX AP2AC amPlug AC30 G2 Guitar Headphone amp headphone amp, they have introduced some well thought-out changes that converted many a guitarist to upgrade. This pocket-worthy package with versatile tone options and effects is a miracle box for the guitarists. In spite of its size, the connection options are not limited. Its battery operation lasts long enough to foster your creative vibe. Wild horses couldn’t have kept it from the top spot on the best guitar headphone amp list.

Design and Features

The Vox amPlug 2 guitar headphone amp roughly measures 3 inches in length and 1.6 inches in width. It can be easily carried in your shirt pocket or even on a neck tag. It has a 180°-folding plug which can be whipped out while connecting. It retracts when not in use. This plug goes into the guitar port directly. You can revolve it a reasonable amount such that even when plugged in, all the buttons are accessible. On one side you have the power button. On the opposite side, there’s the 3.5mm port to which the headphones connect. The top edge has the gain, tone and volume wheels and the FX button. It also has the aux port.

This guitar headphone amp has 9 effects built into it. These include chorus, reverbs and delays. You use the FX button to select the effects.  For this size, this is stunning. It also comes in 6 models tuned from bass to classical rock, metal, blues, clean and lead. It operates on 2 AAA batteries. Without any effects, these last through 17 hours. With an effect on, these will last 11 hours. It does have an auto power off function after 30 minutes of idling which helps save power. Through the aux port, you can connect an mp3 device and practice playing with the tracks. The power button also switches between normal, low mid-boost and high mid-boost effects.


For a tiny device, the Vox amPlug 2 guitar headphone amp is a feisty little device. The demos online will show that it packs a lot of punch. It can simulate the tones of the full-sized $1200 AC30 at a small scale. The precision and tonal quality is pretty similar to AC30, if not as powerful. It can introduce the crisp raspy overdrive that we expect from box and stomp amplifiers. Playing around with the gain and tone wheels helps you manage the clarity of the sound. The wheel clicks help you select equal levels on both gain and tone wheel. Volume wheel allows you to play ear-blasting music on your headphones.

We were surprised to find that the built-in effects actually performed and gave their own touch to the music. The audio comes clear and without any static.


  • Highly efficient clear sound
  • 9 effects, tone/gain/volume wheels
  • All effects work as advertised
  • Rotating plug
  • Aux input to play with track
  • 6 sound signature models


  • Durability can be improved to suit the rough use by musicians

2. Line 6 Pocket POD

The Line 6 Pocket Pod guitar headphone amp is rocks as a mini amp. Not too small to hold substantial features and power and Line 6 Pocket PODneither too large to be a pain is how we would describe it. It also helps its street cred that its one of the most popular guitar practice amps. With 32 amp models and numerous effects, its specs just shine on and on. Some editing features open up whole new opportunities of using this amp. If you are in the practice phase of your guitar obsession, this is one of the best guitar headphone amps.

Design and Features

Shaped like a watercolor tray, the Line 6 Pocket Pod guitar headphone amp is a shiny red accessory. It is 5” x 3.5” x 2”. It weighs a mere 6 ounces. Instead of a half-baked effort at designing, they have added large knobs built for tactile advantage for drive, effects, delay and channel volume. Each knob has a scale around it which helps you set exacts levels and remember them. There’s a four-way patch navigation button. It is very flexible as it allows you to browse the patches based on band, style and user.

This guitar headphone amp saves 300+ presets which is a feat at the size and price. You can play with the amps to create 32 amp models and 16 cab models. To some extent, these simulate the tone and feel of speaker cabinets, microphones and studio room effects.  You can play with the models to find the correct speaker+mic combination for you. It has 16 built-in effects. It can also be connected to your PC via a USB interface. Using the free Vizex software, you can create your custom effect. You can download more custom toned created by guitarists world wide as well.

The Pocket pod works on 4 AAA batteries. You can also use the accompanying 9V DC adaptor for continuous power. We love that it provides both portable and long-term practice options power-wise. The unit only draws power when the guitar lead is connected. This makes it power-efficient. It has a headphone output, an external speaker output and a Line input for when you want to play with tracks.


Right out of the box, the Pocket Pod guitar headphone amp proves why it bangs big for the bucks. The traditional Line 6 audio is reflected here as well. For its size, it packs quite the punch. With the style patch, you get to use clean, crunchy and even heavy patches. There are over 100 presets created by famous artists which are available for you use. Patches inspired by certain songs are also available for practice. The volume level can really soar with this amp. We drew very less volume while our headphones were connected. The overdrive patches may have a little too hot bass. But that’s about the only audio nitpicking.

The strength of the Pocket Pod is how well it has integrated the presets and effect into such a small device without compromising on quality. All the audio settings sound exactly as intended within the power scope of the amp.


  • 300+ workable presets
  • Handy control knobs
  • Powerful for the size
  • Aux input to play with track
  • Works on Batteries and DC adapter
  • 32 amp and 16 cab models helps you simulate sound


  • None

3. Donner Pocket Mini Guitar Headphone Amp Amplifier

The Donner Pocket mini guitar headphone amp is reminiscent of the Vox amPlug in size and shape. But it differs greatly in how it uses Donner Pocket Mini Guitar Headphone Amp Amplifierthe real estate on its body. One thing that works staunchly in its favor is the price which less than half of the amPlug 2 when Donner goes on sale. Having Rechargeable batteries is another perk for people who don’t like the AAA battery system of Vox amp.  It’s a highly portable device that tunes itself right into the best guitar headphone amps list.

Design and Features

The Donner Pocket mini guitar amplifier is only slightly smaller than the Vox amPlug 2 in dimensions. It’s a cuboid 3.14 inches long and 1.2inches wide. It weighs a puny 1.7 ounces. It’s a true pocket device that you can carry around for your gigs. The plug does not rotate like than of the amPlug 2. So it’s not as easy to store. But it’s still handy. The upper surface has three LED lights to show battery life. Three lights mean 80-100% charge, two lights indicate 50-79% charge and a single light indicates 20-49% charge. The fourth light tells you that it’s connected via USB. You can connect it to the PC/laptop for charging but NOT for recording.

This guitar headphone amp has a 3.5mm port to connect to headphones. This port can also be used to connect to a sound system. The aux-in port is to connect to a playback device so that you can practice with a track. There are three wheels for drive, tone and volume. It is available in different audio response models based on genre: classic rock, heavy metal etc.. Battery is said to last up to 15 hours per charge. It comes with a splitter, a USB-micro USB cable and a stereo audio cable. For the price it’s a good haul of accessories.


The Donner Pocket mini guitar headphone amp is a great practice amp. Its sound signature is very different from the classic audio of Vox. The extra amount spent on amPlug 2 goes into the audio details. The Donner amp is clear and revealing for the price. The tone and driver setting really helps in balancing the audio. Fiddle with these levels until you get the right mix of audio on your headphones.

For its price, you can hardly go wrong with Donner. More serious guitarists should step up to box amps with headphone out for private practice.


  • Lightweight handy amp
  • Has a batter meter
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Reasonably good audio
  • Aux input to play with track


  • Plug does not retract

4. Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Guitar Mini Amp

Danelectro Honeytone N-10 guitar headphone amp is so cutesy that we are instantly attracted to it. But we are in the business of Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Guitar Mini Ampsound not looks. Up close when we heard it we found that its audio is just as attractive. Not only do you get surprisingly loud audio, the overdrive is crisp and clear. It is a powerful portable amp with a little more strength than your bug amplifier at the price of a bug amplifier. What’s not to like in one of the best guitar headphone amps.

Design and Features

For an inexpensive guitar headphone amp, the Danelectro Honeytone N-10 hides its price well. We checked the aqua model that looks like a cross between a vintage radio and a vintage toaster. It is about the size of an alarm clock at 5” x 4.5”. Danelectro claims that you can hang it off the belt loop because of the attached belt clip. The large belt clip will hold the amp steady but it looks weird on the belt of anyone one a really large person. It has a leather handle on top and three knobs. A battery indicator lets you know about the battery life.

This guitar amp has a headphone out, a 1/4” input jack and an AC power jack. You can power it using an included 9V battery or buy the Danelectro DA-1 adapter. It can also be plugged to a mic. You have to connect the guitar to it using the guitar cable. The headphone out can be connected to a speaker for loud practice. You can hook it up to bass, acoustic and electric guitars. The 9V battery included may come in a plastic wrap. Unwrap to get power initially.


The Danelectro Honeytone N-10 guitar headphone amp is a powerhouse of performance. We maxed out the volume the first time and were scared out of our wits with the first note. These can get LOUD, so be careful with the headphones on. The distortion shows some beautiful finesse even in something so affordable. If you are a decent guitarist, you can entertain a small crowd easily with this amp. It sounds smooth and sweet. The mids get a good share of attention.

Another thing to watch out for is the volume/distortion balance. If you don’t get it, you’ll end up with annoying static. Even if you get gritty sound initially, changing your playing scene and the dialing in the volume, tone and overdrive will work wonders.


  • Highly affordable
  • Huge sound
  • Wicked distortion effect
  • Can connect to all types of guitars
  • Adorable-looking


  • Eats up the 9V battery fast


The Behringer V-Amp 3 is a slightly large, fully-featured guitar headphone amp. It still fits our mini size requirement, hence its place inBEHRINGER V-AMP 3 the best guitar headphone amps list. This amp is racked with effects and presets all over. It is compatible with MIDI interface and has all the editing and monitoring potions on-beard. And all this is packed in an affordable package. Behringer has economized in various ways. If you handle V-Amp 3 well, you will get excellent returns on your investment.

Design and Features

The Behringer V-Amp3 guitar headphone amp looks like the elder sister of Pocket Pod. It has the same glossy red paintbrush plate shape except there are way too many controls on the Amp3. It has 32 amp models and 15 cab models. Together, the combination of tones produces 480 unique tones. That’s not counting the memory space for 125 for extra styles that you might otherwise download to the device. It has an aux-in port, a USB interface, a headphone out, and an optical S/PDIF out. It is accompanied by the UCA222 USB audio interface and the free energyXT2.5 Digital Audio Workstation for recording purposes.

This guitar headphone amp takes care of all your monitoring needs on board. You need to connect to the laptop only to record. It offers studio-grade multi-effects like reverb, chorus, flanger, auto-wah, echo etc. You can also plug in your mp3 player and practice with the track. The best way to navigate through the function of this amp is to find the preset that almost matches your taste and then program the rest of your tone. It is also up for live performance. You can run it directly to the mixing board or go via an amp.


The Behringer V-Amp3 guitar headphone amp is shockingly good for the price. Although the controls are a little confusing without the full manual from the website, you eventually get to the good part, i.e. using this amp. It’s a healthy investment for quiet practice as well as small recording and live playing gigs. The tone of this amp is exceptionally full and satisfying, clean and properly overdriven. You spot noticeable difference in various presets and amp/cab models.

This guitar headphone amp has been in the market for over 12 years now. Other stuff with fancier feature have come. But the reliability of V-Amp3 as a semi-professional amp still remains.


  • Exceptionally loud and clean sound
  • 480 presets, 32 amp models and 16 cab models
  • 125 custom presets
  • Editing and monitoring functions
  • Affordable for the features
  • Has optical S/PDIF out and USB


  • The outer cover is plasticky and fragile

6. NUX Classic Rock Guitar Plug Head phone Amp

The NUX guitar plug headphone amp is an excellent affordable alternative to Vox. Those who need just the minimum options out ofNUX Classic Rock Guitar Plug Headphone Amp the Vox amPlug2 but its solid audio, the NUX lives up to the mark. Sound-wise, it’s a mighty catch for the price. It has also innovated on its structure as opposed to other amps in the market that look just like the amPlug 2.  But just like amPlug, it’s highly portable and perfect for quiet practice. It aces itself on to the best guitar headphone amps list.

Design and Features

The Nux Plug guitar headphone amp is shaped like a large audio jack. At the place where the plug would protrude, there’s the actual plug to the guitar. The top face has the power LED and the power button. Do remember, when you keep it in the pocket, there’s a chance it will get pressed and power on the device. The ports and other controls are across the spine of the device. This configuration is easy to access when plugged into the guitar. We do miss the retracting plug of the amPlug though.

This guitar headphone amp has a headphone-out port and an aux-in port. This allows you to play with tracks directly into your headphones. There are gain, tone and level wheels, all of which perform the functions they are assigned to. It works on 2 AAA batteries. 2 alkaline batteries can last through 40 hours of action. It’s slightly larger but lighter than the amPlug 3.


The Nux Plug guitar headphone amp impressed us out of the box with its rich, clean tone. It sounds cleaner than the Joyo JA-03. For practice purposes, it sounded much like the Vox amp. It’s easy to balance the volume of the mp3 input and the guitar on the Nux amp. You can set it once and forget all about it. The crispy rasp of guitar plays well and with enough volume on this amp.

If you don’t want the extra effects of Vox, go with this amp.


  • Inexpensive
  • Convenient design
  • Easy to set tones
  • Portable and battery-powered


  • Headphone plugs with large housing will not sit tightly in the headphone-out port

7. Monoprice 611502 Mini Headphone Amplifier for Guitar

The Monoprice 611502 guitar headphone amp is a stunning device for its measly price. It is half the cost of most bug amps in theMonoprice 611502 Mini Headphone Amplifier for Guitar market. But it sounds exceedingly well for the price. It has all the basic features of a bug amp. The battery life is also decent. When it comes to the best guitar headphone amps collection, it checks all the right columns.

Design and Features

The Monoprice 611502 guitar headphone amp is designed along the line of Vox amPlug2.  It has the same cuboidal body with a ¼” TS plug jutting out. This connects directly to the guitar provided the guitar has this port. It has both the headphone and aux port. So you can play guitar along with the track while practicing. There are gain, tone and volume wheels to alter the audio of the amp. It works on 2 AAA batteries. You have to buy them yourself as they are not included in the pack.


From bass to rock, the Monoprice guitar headphone amp is a formidable device. You get good clean sound and crunchy tones with simple adjustments on this tiny device. We can’t judge such an inexpensive device too harshly. But we don’t have to because the audio bangs big for the buck. There is rarely any distortion or static with this device. The gain doesn’t introduce much grain into the audio. It needs to be plugged in tightly for its best performance.


  • Inexpensive
  • Clean to raspy sound
  • Decently detailed audio
  • Good battery life


  • No batteries included

8. JOYO JA-03 “Tube Drive” Sound Effect Mini Guitar Pocket Amplifier 

If private practice is all you are after, the Joyo JA-03 guitar headphone amp is your answer. If you are on a budget economically orJOYO JA-03 “Tube Drive” Sound Effect Mini Guitar Pocket Amplifier size-wise, it is your staunchest companion. We often splurge on guitars and find it hard to spend on an amp on top of that. The Joyo JA-03 is a budget-oriented option. It has the limited functions that are suitable for practice. We wouldn’t use them for serious gigs though. That being said, they offered enough value for money to be on the best guitar headphone amps list.

Design and Features

The Joyo JA-03 guitar headphone amp looks a lot like the Vox amPlug except this one is slightly smaller. It measures 3.35” x 1.57” x 0.79”. It weighs only 1.9 ounces. It is aesthetically more pleasing than the Vox amp with its Chrome highlights. A shadow of the words ‘Tube Drive’ goes on the top surface. Other than that it has a straight plug that goes into the guitar port. It’s not retractable so storing the amps is a little awkward. There are two ports: one for the headphone-out and one for the auxiliary in. You can plug in the mp3 player and play your guitar along with the track.

The headphone-out of this guitar headphone amp can also be connected to the speakers as well. It has the gain, volume and tone wheel to adjust the sound. There are no effects. It does come in three models: metal, tube drive and super lead. It can e connected to all sorts of guitars without distinction. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries which are included in the pack.


The Joyo JA-03 guitar headphone amp might look like Vox but it’s different in terms of performance. You get a clean output for practice. The details that matter and the kind of loudness you want is all there. It just doesn’t sound as rich as the amPlug 2. It does sound like a tube bass amp with decent clarity. With gain prop up all the way, you will find it a bit grainy.

However, JA-03 is a practice amp and it performs adequately for that purpose.


  • Affordable
  • Aux-in for practising with music
  • Portable
  • Different sound signatures available


  • Grainy at high gain

9. Nady AxeHead Miniature Headphone Guitar Amplifier

The Nady Axehead guitar headphone amp shares the same design as the Donner amp. This is another price-effective amp made forNady AxeHead Miniature Headphone Guitar Amplifier practice purposes. We wouldn’t propose this for any kind of pro or semi-pro practice because you need to hear more details than that. It has limited but useful adjustments and the ability to stream the track to practice with. The uncomplicated performance is all we looked for in one of the best guitar headphone amps.

Design and Features

The Nady Axehead guitar headphone amp looks a lot like the Donner amp. It is a rectangular device with the guitar plug sticking out from one side. The plug is fixed in its position. We are nitpicking but we love the rotating plug arms of the Vox amPlug 2 which is sadly missing here. It has an LED queue to indicate battery life. There are wheels to increase gain volume and tone.

This guitar headphone amp has a headphone-out and an aux input. This can be used to play along with tracks. It has a rechargeable Lithium ion battery. It holds for 15 hours of continuous play. You can plug in into any type of guitar with the output port. It comes with the charging cable and a splitter so that you can share your music.


The Nady Axehead guitar headphone amp has a decent audio output for the price. It doesn’t have the tonal richness of the amPlug 2. But the tone is plenty clean for practice use. The tone has a good range going from clean sound to heavy metal. It also gives you fewer options compared to Vox in terms of sound signature so it’s less confusing.


  • Affordable
  • Battery meter
  • Clean to raspy sound
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Sound could be cleaner in bass guitar

10. Mugig Mini Guitar Amp for headphones

The Mugig Mini guitar headphone amp is a miniature version of the NUX amp. It is portable and has a rechargeable battery. It is oftenMugig Mini Guitar Amp for headphones available at a reduced price. The sound is decent for the price. And you get enough options to alter the audio to your liking. There’s nothing like one of the best guitar headphone amps for some lonesome guitar practice.

he Mugig Mini guitar headphone amp is a miniature version of the NUX amp. It is portable and has a rechargeable battery. It is often available at a reduced price. The sound is decent for the price. And you get enough options to alter the audio to your liking. There’s nothing like one of the best guitar headphone amps for some lonesome guitar practice.

Design and Features

The Mugig mini guitar headphone amp is a sleek device. Its jet black surface has clear markings of where each control is. It carries a power button and power LED flanking the headphone-out port. It has the gain, tone and volume wheels on the top. On one side of these is a USB port for connecting power source. And the other side has an aux.-in for connecting mp3 players to play along with. The battery lasts through 4.5 hours per charge which slightly incompetent compared to other amps on this list. The plug for the guitar protrudes from the opposite edge.


The Mugig mini guitar headphone amp earns its price with its heavy metal audio. It has the perfect punch for an electric guitar. The tones are clean and can be distorted with the wheels on the top. For the price, it delivers accurate audio. The volume gets loud enough for you to understand the details of your playback and correct the mistakes.


  • Sleek design
  • Clearly marked controls
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Aux-in for playing with the track


  • Low battery life
  • No extra features for the price
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