Top 10 Best Headphone Stands in 2019 – Complete Guide

Best Headphone StandsIt’s not a glorified banana hanger – it’s a headphone stand for your precious and quite pricey headphone. This seemingly uncomplicated device took a long time to finally make it to the list of desk essentials, but if you are an audiophile or if music and sound make up a huge chunk of your work or gaming routine, then a reliable and smart headphone stand should definitely be part of your desk items.

Key advantages of headphone stands


Like many gadgets, headphones could get a little cumbersome and messy. If you leave it on your desk often, it becomes an awesome contributor to your growing wire nest. A headphone stand may be a small apparatus but it makes a lot of difference in keeping your desk tidy and clean.

Having a designated storage space for your headphone keeps the clutter on your work or gaming space manageable. That’s one less heap of tangled wires to deal with. And it is a proven fact that uncluttered desks will keep you more relaxed and productive throughout the day.


A headphone stand will also ensure you get the most from your headphone experience. Having proper storage keeps your audio device in tip-top shape. You avoid broken wire and damaged earphone problems so your gadgets functions at its best for a longer period of time. Plus, you knock them off the desk and smash them on the floor less often when they’re hung nicely on the stand.

If you are looking to keep your personal entertainment devices in good running order, then an appropriate headphone stand is a small additional cost to pay.


If you are the type who keeps gadgets and headphones in hard cases or original boxes, then your stuff must be well cared for. But you know how time consuming and inconvenient that could be as well, especially when you suddenly need to put the headphones on but you are taking forever to remove it from its boxed nest. Although not as safe as a hard case, a headphone stand gives you a means to store your headphone without the time-consuming hassle of unwrapping every time you need it. if you work closely with audio files, this is definitely a time-saver and maybe a stress reducer as well.


Stands are typically crafted with simplistic design using different types of materials. While the functionality does not vary greatly among these different materials, the durability, quality and aesthetic credence often do.


Different types of plastic can be used to craft headphone stands. Plastic is easier to mold so you get a lot of varieties in design and shape. It is also much cheaper than most other stand materials like wood or aluminum, so plastic stands are great options when you are looking for more economical ways to store your headphones decently on your desk or shelf.


The downside of plastic stands is that they do not really hold up weight too well. If you keep a solid or bulky headphone, the better choice is to go with metal stands since these are often more durable and stable. Metals such as aluminum are among the most common types of modern headphones. Aluminum and similar metals are perfect if you like modern and minimalist designs that explore different themes in understated patterns. Premium headphones are often made of metallic materials, which may cost a little more than the plastic or other materials but also tend to be more durable and better built.


Aside from metals and plastics, other materials such as wood and PVC are also popular for making headphone stands. If you like the play in material, you can explore headstands crafted from wood or leather, most of which may not be as durable as metal stands but definitely have more aesthetic appeal.



Regardless of the material used, a good headphone stand should have good build and at the very least be made of decent material. Is the stand pieced together seamlessly? Do the components work the way they are expected to function? Does it stay firmly upright and does it leave no marks on your desk? Are there no rough edges that could cut you when you can’t pay too much attention? Most importantly, can it hold up your headphone firmly at a space that’s convenient for your work flow?

From the onset decide how much extra expense you are willing to trade for quality, and understand just how high quality your stand needs to be. The quality of the stand that you need varies directly with the quality of the personal entertainment package that you keep. If you are invested in high-quality headphones for leisure or work, then find a piece that gives justice to your premium headphone. If you are like to keep your stand more economical, then find something that is quite decent for its price.

This top 10 list has a few for either option, with a few more choices in between to give you a good idea about which headphone stands are best in the market.


When it comes to audio gadgets, durability is a big deal. There are literally hundreds of thousands of headphones and headphone stands being marketed these days. Most of these are dirt cheap yet disposable and only good for a few weeks of use. In the long run, you suffer from low quality output, constant inconvenience and real waste of good money. Factor in the amount of time you spend every time you need to get a new one to replace broken ones, and you realize just how costly cheap buys could get.

If you want to make sure your headphone storage stays functional for a longer time, check out the build, the quality of the material, and the design of the product. Check out the maker as well, if they have a reputation for high-quality and durable items in the past, then your stand is more likely to stand the test of time.

Moreover, a stand that works well with your workspace or desktop lay-out is more likely to survive the daily grind in the long run than one that feels like an awkward juxtaposition to your space.


Last of all, headphone stands come in different styles, and it’s important to choose one that works best for your activities and aesthetic preferences. Modern or minimalist metal stands are often bestsellers because they are space savers, chic, and reliably sturdy. However, wooden stands with artistic or creative feel are also great if you like to keep your desk functional and classy. There are also anchor hangers and leather stands if you have a taste for unconventional and post-modern designs. Afterall, who is to say headphone stands could not stand out as conversation pieces?








 1. LUXA2 HO-HDP-ALE1SI-00 E-ONE ALUMINUM HEADPHONE STAND Rubber soles at the base of the holder provides a safe and stable foundation$$4.8 
 3. WOODEN OMEGA HEADPHONES STAND/HANGER/HOLDER – WALNUT FINISH Designed to beautifully display your prized headphones$$4.4 
 4. AVANTREE UNIVERSAL SOLID STEEL HEADPHONE STAND HANGER WITH CABLE HOLDER The soft silicon top pad will hold your headphones while keeping them in pristine condition$$ 4.4
 5. QADIRA WOODEN HEADPHONES STAND-HANGER-HOLDER – WALNUT FINISH Unique contemporary art design that fits most headphones$$4.4 
 7. AMOVEE ACRYLIC HEADPHONE STAND GAMING HEADSET HOLDER / HANGER – BLACK This universally-sized headphone stand will display headphones of all sizes$$4.1 
 9. MOCREO HEADPHONE HANGER, HEADPHONE STAND, HEADSET STAND (BLACK) The bent and longer hanger keeps your headphones from dropping$$4.1 
 10. VOGEK UNIVERSAL ALUMINUM HEADPHONE STAND – SILVER Full body premium aluminum construction and passed anodic oxidation treatment$$4.1 

If you are looking for a stand to store your Beats, Skull Candy, Plantronics or DJ Silver, LUXA2’s E-One Headphone Stand has got all your functionality needs packed in an ultra-urbane, sleek silver package.


LUXA2, maker of digital devices and tools, is a master in crafting real gems out of ordinary items. With a core belief in simplicity as the highest form of sophistication, the mobile and tech accessories label designs and makes innovative premium accessories like the E-One aluminum headphone stand.

The headphone stand bears a full body aluminum construction made from top quality material, so it is decidedly firm and stable, yet light enough to move around on your desk.

The clean base and slender stem are diamond cut with CNC precision to maintain a scratch-free premium finish to its metallic surface. In addition, the base is outfitted with secure and steady rubber soles to make sure that it stays put and leaves no marks on the surface of your desk.

The base is also weighted down at 1.2 lbs, just enough to comfortably sit on your desk without wobbling. You can store your full-sized headphone and not worry about it crashing to the desk or even the floor.


Another great feature of LUXA2’s E-One is its full aluminum body. The full length of this 4.5 x 4.1 x 10.4 inch stand is basically crafted from the same malleable yet sturdy metallic material. aluminum lasts longer than more metal alloys because it isrust-free, non-magnetic and does not easily catch fire.

In addition to the metal’s innate durability, E-One’s aluminum surface has a scratch-proof diamond cut surface which preserves its functionality along with its premium aesthetic value.


E-One has a convenient and open design that makes it compatible for any type of headphone, whether lightweight audio phones or full-sized cans for serious gaming and professional use. The whole 10.4-inch stand is cut seamlessly into one solid component from its 4.5 x 4.1 inch base to its 2-inch rubberized hook. It’s a one piece item that pops out from its box ready to use with no assembly required.

The minimalist design looks even sleeker with its silvery gray hue and geometric patterns. The design is decidedly edgy, but the corners have been smoothened up and are actually comfortable to touch.


  • Stable base
  • Durable aluminum material with scratch-free base
  • High quality build
  • Rubberized base avoids marks or dents on surface
  • Weighted base for greater stability
  • Slender build saves desk top space
  • No assembly required


  • Holds only 1 headphone at a time



The Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand is not really just a stand, it is a device. If you are a fan of pure sound and multifunctionality, then this item should be up next on your list.


The Headphone stand is built with premium aluminum material, just like LUXA2’s E-One headphone stand. Like the E-One, this USB headphone stand has a solid and well-finished build as well as a pretty stable 1.2 lbs base. With the rubberized grip on the base, the stand sits firmly on the desk top without leaving ugly marks on the surface. The rubberized grip on the hook also ensures that the headphone is safely

Unlike the E-One, Satechi has a lot more features to speak of. For instance, the stand can function as an extension flash drive port. It totes three USB 3.0 ports that are also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices. Satechi lets you connect your stand with your pc througha 3 ftusb cable and serve as an external USB hub.

There is also a 3.5 mm port for the headphone, so you can plug-in conveniently and enjoy quality sound from your connected device.


There is no question of the Satechi USB Headphone’s excellent functionality. But does the good stuff last long enough to be worth the investment?

The body is crafted from premium aluminum, so it is decidedly durable and solid. This is a necessary feature for the USB stand, otherwise all those functionalities are wasted. The ports themselves are made of solid premium materials and are neatly tucked into the circular base.

The stand’s design was engineered to prevent it from tipping over even with full load, so there is less likelihood of breakage or damage due to normal wear and tear.

Given the stand is positioned on a flat surface away from too much action, there is no reason why it should not give you storage and connectivity satisfaction for a very long time.


The 10.25-inch headphone stand has a simplistic modern design that makes it universally compatible with any headphone in the market. Nonetheless, each sleek component bears multiple functionalities.

The base has a circular design that is strategically positioned to prevent the stand from toppling over when the desk shakes or wobbles. It is rigged with rubberized grip and has a textured finish for a more premium feel. The USB ports are neatly tucked into the front side of the bezel and look rather full but not overly crowded or busy.

The stem is slender and sleek as well, solidly planted on one side of the round base to ensure proper balance when the headset is stored. The hook has a secure design that keeps even 2 headphones safely in place. The design is reinforced by a layer or rubberized grip to ensure that the headphones are stored securely.

A clip on the backside of the stem manages the headphone cables so they do not get tangled up with everything else on the desk.Overall, it is a pretty solid and handy tool for keeping your gadgets organized and taken care of.


  • 3 USB 3.0 ports compatible with 2.0 and 1.1 devices
  • 3 mm audio jack
  • Built-in cable management capability
  • Steady base with rubberized grip
  • Secure hook with rubberized grip
  • Premium Aluminum build
  • Simple modern design


  • Requires some assembly



Great headphone hangers are not limited to conventional metal stands. The Wooden Headphone Stand with Walnut Finish by Omega adds a creative touch to the idea of headphone stands.


Aside from the fact that it is quite stylish, this wooden headphone stand by Omega is also crafted from high quality laminated wood and provided with premium walnut veneer finish. Laminated wood is basically made from different wood pieces engineered together to form a lightweight yet sturdy material.

The base is protected with felt pads that keep the stand steady and the table free from scratches or marks. While the width of the stand makes it quite stable, it still feels quite light and may easily topple over when knocked around often enough.


Though the design idea is excellent, the walnut coating is a little delicate and is easily scratched so the daily wear and tear may eventually show on some areas after a considerable amount of time in use. This is easily mitigated though with an extra layer of protective coating like shellac or varnish. Polyacrylic coating does a great job for this purpose as well, and even turns out with a beautiful premium finish if the spray job is done decently.

You will have to do the coating yourself because the product comes with a rather rudimentary finish which is in itself pretty with a rustic touch. The issue is just that it is not very likely to last long if left under that condition. The material itself is less durable than metal and strong plastic, but should not be a big bother as long as you care to handle it with care.


Formed from a single piece of 7 by 5-inch laminated wood that is half an inch thick, the headphone stand curves into a 10-inch tall U-shaped design with a rounded top and a slender base, which traces the inside curvature of most headphones available. The shape lets the headphone sit snugly on the stand while the walnut veneer provides an elegant finish to the handy item.

While the design is interesting, it is limited in terms of compatibility with different makes of headphones. The curvature of the stand usually fits most headphones without any issues, but there are some headphones that will not fit well with this design.

Overall, it is a creative and fresh way to keep your headphone safe and add a touch of modern sophistication to your desk.


  • Modern creative design
  • Walnut finish
  • Snug fit
  • Padded base
  • No assembly required


  • Lightweight base without added back support
  • Not durable for long-term use
  • Surface easily scratches
  • Not universally compatible



The Avantree Universal Solid Steel Headphone Stand Hanger with Cable Holder is on the cheaper end of the price spectrum, but it does have special features to offer for a stand that is both economical and functional.


Though it is called a steel headphone stand, it is actually a steel and silicone stand. That may be both a good thing and a bad thing.

The stand is made up of three components, a steel L-shaped stem, a contoured headphone rest and a cable storage base. The stem or arm is made of high-quality steel and is as strong as any metal stand. It is L-shaped so the arm is connected to the leg which supports the base and the whole structure in general.

The headphone half-inch rest on the other hand is made entirely of silicone material, which is great because it is flexible enough to support any model of headphone with a height within 25 cm and headband width within 4 cm. A slight problem is the tendency of silicone to come off from the steel frame, which is not a good thing at all especially if you have a pricey headphone that needs utmost care. If reinforced with a pretty strong adhesive however, it provides a great space for storing full-sized headphones that you need to use quite often.

The base is also made of silicone, molded to form a gilded round base that serves as a basin for storing your headphone’s rolled up cable. The great thing is that the silicone base is scratch-proof so you don’t have to worry about chipping paint or ugly scratches, the thing is silicone is floppy and if it forms a base for a stand or anything at all, it often does not provide a stable foundation. Avantree addressed this with the L-shaped steel frame so the front to back stability is out of question. The base’s strength on either side is another story though. With an extra hard jolt, the stand can very well topple down on its side. If you want to make the base more stable though, it is just a matter of reinforcing the silicone base with something wider and sturdier stuck to the metal leg. But then, it is your decision if it is worth the extra works.


In terms of durability, steel is undoubtedly strong and durable. Silicone is long-lasting too, since it is less likely to break or fall apart in time. However, it is also difficult to stick silicone to anything for long, so the headphone rest may need attention from time to time. Given it is only needed for light to moderate use, then it can still last a pretty long time.


The stand has both good design aspects, and a few others that could use some upgrade. The silicone rest is great for universal fit, if only Avantree could find a way to keep it permanently stuck to the stand’s steel arm. And the silicone base provides a cosy space for cable management, but seriously needs to get a more stable foundation, like a wider steel leg, so it doesn’t topple over to the side every time you grab for your gadget.


  • Durable steel stem
  • Scratch-proof silicone base
  • Flexible silicone headphone rest
  • Economical
  • Gilded base for cable storage


  • Stability issues due to slender leg



At first glance, this looks like a twin option to Omega’s Wooden Headphone which is featured higher up the list. But no, this headphone hanger has its own perks as well. A perfect place to keep your best headphones.


Although the two stands seem very similar in design and both are coated with Walnut finish, the Wooden Headphone Stand by Qadira is actually made of real lightwood unlike Omega’s veneer. The finishing on Qadira’slook a little lighter and more raw, which gives it a distinct quality of its own.

The craftsmanship is almost the same, which leans towards the classic with a little bit of rustic touch. This one however does not scratch as easily and looks quite smooth and well-done on the edges although there are inevitable small spots that could have used more sanding or an extra layer of coating.


When it comes to durability, wood still does not stand up to par with steel and aluminum. Still, lightwood is more reliable than laminates and most plastics. Even though the Qadira stand is half a pound lighter than Omega at 1.1 lbs, the material still earns more points for durability. When treated with the right amount of care, wooden stands like this one could still last for quite a long time.

The base is padded with rubberized soles on the most strategic places to keep the bottom from getting worn off and the desk top from getting damaged or scratched.


Both Qadira and Omega measure 10 inches in height 5.5 inches across, which means that it has a slimmer facade than the other wooden stand. This could mean a higher likelihood for getting knocked over to the side easily, but the stand’s width tries to compensate with its slightly broader 5-inch width. The nearly squared base structure helps keep the stand in a more stable position despite its slender design.

Like the Omega, this stand is quite stylish and high-end, and would be an excellent addition to any desk that likes creative minimalist items. Moreover, this stand is a one piece deal so it comes out of the box ready for use without any assembly required.


  • Elegant contemporary design
  • Lightwood with walnut finish
  • Snug fit
  • Stable padded base
  • No assembly required


  • Not universally compatible
  • Lightweight design and has no back support
  • Not as durable as steel or aluminum



For people who like to team up and do things together, here is an interesting piece of awesomeness that was designed for urbane tandems like you. Introducing to you the Headphone Stand Organizer and Support Rack Display for 2 Headphones by JackCubeDesign.


The support rack comes in easy to assemble components made from premium metal, glass and synthetic leather material. When the parts are put together, they form an urbane, slender yet highly functional hanger for storing your favorite headphones.

The long rectangular base is piece of metal material layered with a strip of cut mirror which makes for great effect though not necessarily sturdy. The stem is a pair of metal rods that are bolted into place on the mirror base and holds up the leather-coated hanger for the headphones. The leather is synthetic, and though it looks tough enough for everyday wear and tear, is not as good as genuine leather.

All three components are bolted solidly in place, and the stand in general is firm and sturdy enough for storing any type of headphones.


Though ingenious in design, this headphone stand is not as durable as its full metal or one piece counterpart. First, there is high tendency for the mirror to break. Mirrors afterall are fragile materials and not the best choice if you want a piece that lasts a long time.

Synthetic leather as well is not a very durable material if you are looking at long term use that is a couple of years or more. The rods themselves are quite slender and not as strong as one-piece metal stems that have a broader width.

That said, this stand could still last beyond its imaginable useful life if treated with enough caution and delicacy.


Despite its flaws, this headphone stand is a clear winner when it comes to aesthetics and design. The mirror base gives an exciting twist to the idea of headphone stands. It makes everything twice as awesome.

The metal rods create excellent balance for the leather hanger, which could house two headphones simultaneously. The hanger is universally compatible with any type of headphone and could accommodate 3 or 4 small ones if necessary.

The stand requires some careful assembly at the onset, but is easy to put together using the attached instruction guide.


  • Urbane design
  • Stable base
  • Universally compatible hanger or rest
  • Space saver
  • Houses 2 or more headphones


  • Less durable components
  • No built-in cable management feature
  • Requires some time for assembly



The Amovee Acrylic Headphone Stand and Gaming Headset Holder is another great option of you like great looking items with an urbane touch. The design of this stand is similar to the Omega and Qadira wooden ones but is built with tough acrylic material.


The stand is made from sturdy, smooth and glossy acrylic material that is opaque black. The acrylic sheet is quite thin but is strong enough to hold its curved form. It is even quite flexible, so it does not break easily when squeezed or pulled apart a little. That is the upside of acrylic plastic stands.

The downside is that it is very lightweight. And so, it gets knocked over very easily, whether it has a headphone on it or empty. If you happen to swipe it with the back of your hand unintentionally, it topples over almost instantly. If you make sure to keep it out of the way though, this should not be a frequent problem.


As stated earlier on, plastics such as acrylic polymers are quite inexpensive compared to aluminum or steel but are also less durable because they are lightweight and tend to break when applied with pressure. Needless to say, this is not something you can expect to keep for very long unless you handle it with extra care.

You can put in on your desk where you rarely tinker with anything, away from too much commotion. That could work depending on your desk set-up, though it may also be less convenient to you since the ergonomics of your work flow tend to get broken when you have to fish for your headphone on this acrylic stand.


In fairness to Amovee though, they have worked to address the stand’s weak points. For instance, they’ve made the stand a little thicker to better retain its form and avoid bending out unnecessarily when it carries a heavier headphone.

The form has also been enhanced to make it more ergonomic and stable, as far as acrylics are concerned.

Aside from the stability issues and low durability, it is quite a stylish headphone stand. Its design allows for universal compatibility. Your Sennheiser, Sony, Beats or Bose headphone will surely fit comfortably over this stand’s curves. And for sure, you will love the urbane high-end look.


  • Urbane design
  • Space saving
  • No assembly required
  • Neat


  • No built-in cable management feature
  • Lightweight and topples over easily
  • Not as durable as wood or aluminum
  • Base not padded



You gotta give it up to Geekdigg’s Gaming Headphone Stand twice – once for the unique creative look and another for its multifunctional design.


This is also an acrylic headphone stand, so in terms of material quality, it is at par with the Amovee stand. However, this one has more functionality features to boast about and certainly a more stable base than the other stand.

The acrylic arm reaches up to 10.3 inches culminating in a secure hooked headphone rest at the top. The arm is sturdy and neat, although it is still prone to breakages if not properly maintained.

The base fortunately is wide and stable though crafted also from the same acrylic material. It even has non-skid pads on each corner in the bottom to make sure it stays put and leaves no ugly marks on your desk. This stand feels very solid and firm, so you do not have to worry about knocking it over by accident.


For a gaming headphone stand at its price, this is already a very smart buy. The material may be acrylic but Geekdigg made sure that the design maximized the potential of its material. the square base provides a secure foundation so there is less likelihood of damage from crashing stands.

In addition, the stand comes with a 24-month guarantee so you can have it replaced if any of its parts get damaged within the period.

The separate components do not come off easily either, since they are securely screwed together in place and a couple of spare screws even come with the package.


But what is truly outstanding about this stand is how it holds multiple functionalities in a very simple design. The arm has a built in cable organizer with a 3.5 mm jack at the back that lets you loop your cable neatly in place when they are not in use. This gives you a much neater desk and protects your cables from damage.

On the front side of the arm, there is also a convenient cellphone holder to keep your smart phone safe and within reach while you work. It only works though when your headphone is not stored on the hanger. Otherwise the two gadgets compete for the space.


  • Built-in cable organizer with headphone jack
  • Convenient cellphone holder
  • Smooth and modern acrylic material
  • Stable and padded base
  • Easy assembly


  • Acrylic not as durable as wood or metal
  • Good for 1 headphone only



The Mocreo Headphone Hanger Stand is good for people who like to keep more than one headphones accessible in the work desk or gaming space.


This headphone Hanger Stand by Mocreo is also made from acrylic polymer. The material is premium quality and does not easily bend like the Amovee. It also helps that the rectangular and symmetric design makes for a stable and attractive build.

The stand is made of three acrylic components screwed together  – the rectangular base, the sturdy arm and the long symmetrical and hooked stand that holds one headphone on either side of the stand. The whole thing comes together well and looks rather high-end.

The only downside is the glossy surface that easily attracts dust and finger marks. The package includes a handy brush for this very purpose, so you can sweep away dust and annoying marks easily to keep your stand looking great.


As with other acrylic stands, this one needs to be handled with greater care if you want it to last longer because acrylics and plastics in general are not exactly long-term stuff. The design helps somehow, because a more stable and ergonomic design contributes a great deal to an item’s useful life. Still, it matters from person to person how well this stand could last. It depends on how well you treat it while it serves it purpose.


The rectangular acrylic stand is roughly a centimeter thick but is very strong. It has non-slip pads that protect your headphones from crashes and keeps your desk top unharmed as well. Though slender in build, you can very well use it as a smart phone bay or storage space for office trinkets and small supply items.

The arm is thick and strong, but slender enough to fit into the stand’s slim profile. It does a great job providing stable support for the headphone hanger that is screwed on its top. The headphone hanger are excellent as well, with secure angles to keep the headphones safely nestled yet easy to access from an arm’s length away.


  • Stable and ergonomic design
  • High-end chic look
  • Holds at least 2 headphones
  • With strong non-slip base
  • Cellphone holder and supplies storage space


  • Acrylic not as durable as aluminum and wood
  • No built-in cable management feature
  • Prone to dust and finger marks



The Vogek Universal Aluminum Headphone Stand is a no-fuss modern stand with minimalist core design. If you want a stand that works really well without unnecessary addendum, then this one is one to check out. You would always want to keep your best Plantronics headphones safe on this stand.


When it comes to quality, premium aluminum stands like this are often the best buys. This Vogek Universal Headphone stand is constructed from premium aluminum and even underwent anodic oxidation treatment to protect its premium build from constant wear and tear. The build itself is excellent, with all components strong and finished to pleasant smoothness.


There is no question as to the durability either, since all components are made from solid aluminum, which is scratch-proof and rust resistant. The base is matted with protective rubber to keep the base in great condition and avoid damaging your desk top.

The round base also acts as a balanced and firm foundation so your headphone is secure in its hanger.


The design is pretty minimalist. Your stand has one purpose, to keep your headphone secure and easy to access. Vogek’s aluminum stand does its one job pretty well.

The headband rest is roughly 3 inches long and is textured enough to keep the headband unharmed but safely tucked away. The arm stands at 10.8 inches, which is high enough for storing any type of headphone that you have.

The base is wide enough to provide stable support without taking up too much space. At 13.6 ounces, it is also weighted enough to resist falling when the desk wobbles or shakes.

One of the downsides is the lack of cable management feature and audio jack for the wire. However, there is enough space in the headphone rest and the base of the arm to loop the wires neatly and keep them from turning into a messy tangle.


  • Durable aluminum build
  • Stable padded base
  • No-fuss minimalist design
  • Secure headphone rest
  • Space saver
  • Universal compatibility


  • No built-in cable management system
  • Holds only 1 headphone

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