Top 15 Best Headphones for Running In 2022 – The Complete Guide

Headphones are always a good idea when it comes to traveling, reading, and trying to relax or to find some Top 15 Best Headphones for Running In 2022 - The Complete Guidesolitude. Another major utilization of headphones is while working out. Thus, headphones for running come quite handy.

As the name suggests, running headphones are especially suitable while working out and being active. They exceed basic headphones by specific qualities such as а more comfortable fit, better connectivity, durability, and most importantly – improved sound quality.

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Types of Headphones for running

One can distinguish three different categories of in-ear headphones, also known as earbuds, which are widelyTop 15 Best Headphones for Running 2019used for running.


First of all, of course, are the wireless earbuds. As the name suggests, completely wireless headphones are not tied to a wire and do not have any hooks to hang around your ears. This is a major advantage, as they weigh less and do not restrain the movement while running. This provides endless opportunities while being active without the need to coordinate every single move with the presence of a cable.

However, this lack of cable presumes that wireless running headphones are dependent on a battery which can affect the time one is using them. One can use these types of headphones for approximately 4 hours before a battery refill is needed. Moreover, some of the most expensive models are completely cable-free and this might not be the best option for people on a budget who want to purchase headphones for sports.

Wireless but with Ear Hooks

The second type of headphones for running is, again, with wireless earbuds but they also include an ear hook. The ear hooks provide further stability while running thus making the headphones more appropriate for active sportspeople. The hook can also stock an antenna for better connectivity, and even a battery that allows the headphones to last longer. A huge advantage of this type of headphones is the price, as it is lower than the price of completely wireless headphones.

Earbuds Connected by Wires

Don’t be mistaken by the name, earbuds connected by wires are still unattached to your phone. Instead, they are connected to each other by wire or band. The wire is also used for storing the microphone, the antenna, and the battery. This ensures a more powerful battery that could last approximately 8 hours which is enough time not only to enjoy your workout but all other types of daily activities. What is more, the price is significantly lower which makes them the perfect option for those on a tight budget.

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Key Features of Running Headphones built to last

Below are the most important features of high quality running headphones, which are built to last for a long time and provide a great audio performance.

Top 15 Best Headphones for Running 2019

Decent Design

The first thing that comes to our mind is the design. If you are searching for a stylish and modern, yet minimalistic look, then choosing completely wireless running headphones is the right move. These headphones fit directly into the ears and are almost completely invisible, depending on the model and the preferred color. This design makes them suitable not only for running but also when commuting to work, while traveling, and even while being at home.

If you prefer better stability and a more secure fit of the earbuds, then opting for a design with an ear hook, or earbuds connected by wires is recommended. This type of design is more noticeable however still remains stylish, as the headphones are not tied to your phone by any wires.


While running, people are usually exposed not only to sweat but also to outdoor weather conditions, including rain. Therefore, it is advisable to select headphones that also include water resistance in their characteristics’ list.

Battery Life

This comes without any doubt – better battery durability means enjoying your headphones longer. As previously mentioned, completely wireless running headphones often don’t last too long which might be a setback, especially if you like to spend more than a few hours outdoors and away from a power plug. On the other hand, headphones with earbuds connected by wires last much longer thus making this a major advantage for those who like to listen to music not only while running but also during other everyday activities.

Comfortable Fit

The fit of the earbud is crucial for everyone who would like to invest in running headphones, as the comfortable Top 15 Best Headphones for Running 2019fit allows you to enjoy the headphones to the maximum. Some runners prefer to have a secured deep fit that also blocks all external noises, so they can enjoy their music to the maximum, while others opt for a natural loose fit that also aids in keeping track of ambient sounds while running outside. This is also a strictly personal preference, so make sure to do your research on the type of fit before purchasing.

Sound Quality

If you are planning to invest in wireless headphones for running, make sure to opt for those with supreme sound quality, as the main purpose of every set is, after all, to provide good sound. Most people are into listening to music while running or working out in order to concentrate better and stay motivated. Therefore, reconciling with mediocre headphones that support bottom-end and mid-range tones is not preferable, since one would remain unsatisfied with the sound quality.

Noise Cancelling Level

As previously mentioned the level of cancellation of the surrounding noises depends very much on each one’s personal preferences and is in direct correlation with the type of fit of the earbuds. So take this in mind when choosing.


Durability is always a key feature no matter what are you purchasing. Therefore, we advise you to select headphones that are not only durable in terms of battery life but also in terms of product life. You can also check whether your preferred option offers a guarantee, as thus you would be far calmer when making the purchase.


Connectivity equals mobility, so consider the range of the headphones. This is the distance that your headphones are still connected to your phone and are able to function properly while being apart from the device. Generally, the rule here is longer connectivity distance, longer running scope.

Top 15 Best Running Headphones in 2022

1. AfterShokz Air Open Ear Wireless Headphones visible from up to 500+ feet  $$$  4.7
2. Powerbeats3 Turf Green Wireless Earphones up to 12 hours of battery life $$ 4.6
3. AfterShokz Titanium Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones DESIGNED FOR LONG-TERM WEAR $$ 4.6
4. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones Recharge Time 2 Hours $$$ 4.5
5. Bose SoundSport Wireless Sport Headphones
easy Bluetooth and NFC pairing $$$ 4.4
6. Bose SoundSport Headphones
Sweat- and weather-resistant $$ 4.3
7. Beats by Dr dre Powerbeats2 Bluetooth Headphone (Refurbished)
6-hour playback  $$ 4.3
8. TBI Pro Best Workout Wireless Sports Earphones up to 240 hours in standby mode $$ 4.3
9. TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
40mm large-aperture drivers  $$ 4.2
10. Mpow Waterproof Wireless Sports Earbuds
18-month warranty $$ 4.2
11. Levin Wireless Sports Headset
Hi-Fi stereo quality $$ 4.1 
12. LETSCOM Bluetooth Sports Earphones Built-in mic  $$ 4.1 
13. Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones LIFETIME SWEATPROOF WARRANTY $$ 4.0
14. Letsfit Wireless Waterproof Sports Earphones One-Button Control $$ 4.0
15. Mpow Flame Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones
Optimum Comfort & Secure-fit $$ 3.9

1. AfterShokz Air Open Ear Wireless Headphones

Design and Fit

If you are an athlete or really keen on sports and you love listening to music while being active, then Trekz Air AfterShokz Air Open Ear Wireless Headphonesis the perfect wireless headphones for you. Designed by keeping the everyday routine of athletes and sportspeople in mind, this set provides you with the comfort and convenience you need while running, working out, or doing other activities.

The Trekz Air earbuds are tied together by a wire that goes right behind your head and remains hidden thus making the headphones almost invisible. The wire also ensures a comfortable and secure fit that allows unhindered movement for every active person and prevents the earbuds from falling out.

The wraparound design is 20% lighter in comparison to other headphones which is of utmost importance in order to foster flexible and unnoticeable fit that does not bother you with unnecessary weight. Thus, one can use the Trekz Air headphones all day long without being irritated by unwanted weight.

The headphones are designed to be water- and sweatproof to prevent any possible damages due to moist. The beautiful Canyon Red color adds a modern and stylish touch that fits different styles and occasions of use.

Sound, Connectivity, and Durability

Trekz Air features the novel bone conduction technology that allows music to react your hearing through your cheekbones while at the same time ensures that your ears remain completely open to surrounding noises. This is from great importance, as being aware of the surrounding environment is a key feature to your personal safety during long-term usage or while being outdoors.

The headphones can easily be connected to your smartphone by Bluetooth and are compatible with both Android and iOS. The headphones have a Bluetooth v4.2 connectivity which makes them suitable to be connected to every device that uses a Bluetooth v3.1 connection or higher. The premium audio experience of the headphones allows you to experience the rich diversity of sounds, deeper bass, and improved noise cancellation while listening to music.

Last but not least, the battery ensures that you will enjoy your favorite tracks for six hours. The battery type allows a fast charge of approximately 2 hours, and a standby mode up to 20 days.


  • Modern lightweight design and a comfortable fit;
  • Waterproof and sweatproof;
  • Up to six hours of continuous music;
  • Improved sound and noise cancellation;
  • Fast charge.


  • Earbuds are connected by a wire, which might be considered a disadvantage.

2. Powerbeats3 Turf Green Wireless Earphones

Design and Fit

If you are looking for durable and stylish wireless running earphones, the Powerbeats3 is going to do a perfect Powerbeats3 Turf Green Wireless Earphonesjob for you. These wireless earphones come with an attractive design and offer perfect fit no matter what your specific requirements may be.

The ear tips of these wireless earphones are available in four different sizes to match your specific needs. Designed the ergonomic way, these wireless earphones allow for a clear and dynamic sound that is powered by its dual-driver acoustics. You can choose from the available ear tips options to enjoy a comfortable and personalized fit. The flexible and secure-fit ear hooks are there to ensure better stability.

Sound, Connectivity, and Durability

The powerbeats3 can take calls for you, control music, and also activate Siri with the RemoteTalk. You can pair it up with Class 1 Bluetooth to ensure perfect experience of wireless listening.

It features a maximum of 12 hours battery backup which is enough to last during several workouts. The secure-fit ear hooks are there to ensure maximum stability and comfort through these workouts.

The Fast Fuel tech allows these Powerbeats3 wireless running earphones to give you one hour playback time with only a 5-minute charge. It comes with Noise Isolation water and sweat resistance to make sure even your tough training sessions are handled to perfection. Besides, it offers high-performance, dynamic sound to push things to another level.

The sweat and water resistance features also make it as durable as you’d like. No matter how much the exposure is, your water-resistant earphones won’t malfunction and you will enjoy a lasting experience.

It comes with a carrying case that accommodates it when not in use. It helps ensure that you do not lose your earphones somewhere when you are not using them. It can be charged with a Universal charging cable which comes in the package as well.

There’s a quick start guide to help you understand how you can start using the product.


  • Multiple ear tips to offer a comfortable and personalized fit
  • Ergonomic design to allow for clear sound and a perfect fit
  • Dynamic sound with dual-driver acoustics
  • Sweat and water resistance for ultimate durability


  • The L/R symbols are barely visible
  • They come with a tiny case and you may struggle to put your earphones back in it

3. AfterShokz Titanium Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

Design and Fit

One of the top manufacturers of wireless earphones, AfterShokz brings this wonderful piece of wireless AfterShokz Titanium Wireless Bone Conduction Headphonesrunning earphones that features latest tech and can serve you in a variety of different situations.

These wireless earphones boast of bone conduction technology as well as an OpenFit design that enable them to deliver quality sound through the cheekbones. Your ears will stay all open to any ambient sounds to ensure maximum awareness of the situation when you wear them for longer periods.

They have been designed specifically for longer wearing periods. These wraparound headbands have been built flexible and lightweight for ensuring ultimate comfort no matter how long you wear them.

Sound, Connectivity, and Durability

These modern running earphones come with latest Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity offering multipoint pairing conveniently and allowing you to pair it up with Android and iOS devices.

For a premium sound and audio experience, you can’t find a better product on the market than these wireless running earphones from AfterShokz. You get to experience rich bass and a wide dynamic range with PremiumPitch technology. On the other hand, LeakSlayer tech is used for reducing natural sound leakage so that you get the best possible audio on-the-go.

You get long battery life and a compact fit allowing you to listen to your favorite music continuously and attend calls for up to six hours.

The EQ presets help boost the bass and minimize vibration while you’re on the move. They feature dual noise cancelling microphones to get rid of any surrounding noise while effectively enhancing your voice.

The product is quite durable and meets the IP55 standards to resist sweat, moisture, and dust throughout your workout routine.

There are voice prompts that help you through different functions like power, play, pair, and talk. 2-years warranty ensures that you never lose anything in the deal.


  • Uses bone conduction technology and an OpenFit design to enable high quality sound to go through your cheekbones and keep the ears open
  • They’re built flexible and lightweight for ensuring ultimate comfort over extended periods of wearing
  • They offer long battery life for extended use
  • EQ presets help increase bass while decreasing vibration
  • 2-years warranty


  • If you haven’t used bone conduction earphones ever before, you might find it a different experience to adjust to.

4. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

Design and Fit

These Bose Soundsport wireless running earphones have been designed sturdy and comfy to offer you a perfectBose SoundSport Wireless Headphones listening experience time and again. They come with exclusive stayhear tips that make sure the headphones stay in their place comfortably as you work out. They have been designed attractive in Citron color and make sure no wires come in your way as you use them.

You can keep moving at a pace of your choice while powerful audio keeps you entertained. The stayhear tips are meant to offer extreme stability and comfort no matter what type of usage you may have.

They’re built with soft silicone and have a unique shape that is tailored to ensure a secure fit which stays put giving you a perfect feel every time.

Sound, Connectivity, and Durability

These wireless running earphones use Bose active EQ to make sure that you get balanced audio no matter what volume setting you’re using. It offers you the convenience of wireless connectivity and also comes with simple NFC and Bluetooth pairing that’s made easy through voice prompts.

As you’d never want to spend any time in determining how you could be able to reach the music you want to listen, these wireless earphones come with a free app that helps you with that. It allows you to connect easily and switch between your devices without any hassles. You can always use personalized settings through its intuitive interface.

When it’s connected to your chosen device through NFC and Bluetooth pairing, you can use its inline mic as well as remote control for taking care of volume, accepting calls, and skipping tracks as you like.

It’s quite a durable product that comes with weather and sweat resistance. You get somewhere around 6 hours of battery life on a single charge.


  • Exclusive stayhear tips that make sure the earphones are kept in place comfortably during workouts.
  • Completely wireless experience
  • Built with soft silicone to offer a comfortable experience every time you wear them
  • Durable earphones with sweat and water resistance


  • You may face a few issues like sudden shutdowns, charging problems, etc. after the warranty period has elapsed.

5. Bose SoundSport Wireless Sport Headphones

Design and Fit

Let’s introduce you to the Bose SoundSport Free earphones that offer a truly wireless experience and make Bose SoundSport Wireless Sport Headphonesyour perfect companion as you run or perform your workouts. They have been tailor made for those toughest of workouts you perform in your fitness routine.

Engineered precisely to offer a clear and powerful sound without any wires at all, these earphones give you the personal best each time you use them. They offer you all the freedom in the world to move around easily while listening to your favorite music or receiving calls. It’s a power-pack for your music needs and you should always have it handy all the time.

The earbuds included in the package are completely weather and sweat resistant. They have an IPx4 rating and feature three pairs of stay hear+ sport tips offering a secure and comfortable fit. So, you have something available in a perfect size as your needs.

Sound, Connectivity, and Durability

These wonderful Soundsport earphones come integrated with dual-microphone array which is located in its right earbud. With this, you can use the earphones during calls while connected to your smartphone with Bluetooth support. You can hear the audio from the calls only through right ear bud.

An update made to its firmware recently has improved the audio video synchronization for users who are on iPads, iPhones, and different other Bluetooth devices offering AVDTP 1.3 support. The feature is available through the connect application. Wireless-bluetooth makes all the connectivity possible.

Each charge provides you with a play time of 5 hours at most with an extra 10 hours possible with its charging case. One complete charge takes 2 hours time.

An interesting feature of the connect app is “find My buds” which makes it possible to locate your earbuds in case they’re lost somewhere. So, that’s some added convenience.


  • Engineered precisely to offer a clear and powerful sound without any wires at all
  • Weather and sweat resistant earbuds make for a perfect experience every time
  • They feature three pairs of stay hear+ sport tips offering a secure and comfortable fit
  • Dual-microphone array integration for call support via Bluetooth connection


  • These aren’t the noise cancelling earphones, so you can expect some noise from the surroundings to affect your experience

6. Bose SoundSport Headphones

Design and Fit

Bose is a reliable name in the audio industry that manufactures state of the art audio equipment and this in-ear Bose SoundSport Headphonesheadphone is just a perfect example of the quality they often deliver through their product line.

Bose SoundSport running earphones deliver clear and deep sound for your favorite music and they are built in a perfect design which makes them durable enough to last through your hectic routine.

It uses TriPort technology which offers crisp highs with lows that sound natural. The design of these earphones is weather and sweat resistant. It helps make sure that the earphones survive through the rigorous use you put them through.

With StayHear tips, these earphones will sit in your ears comfortably. There’s a variety available in designs as well and they all include inline microphones and a remote. The tips can easily conform to the ear shape of the user and won’t get out no matter how long you wear the earphones.

Sound, Connectivity, and Durability

The earphones come with inline microphones and remote control to easily switch between music and calls with selective iPhone models.

To ensure durability and lasting experience, these earphones come with a matching protective case. You can store them in it when not in use. The acoustic ports are positioned in a way that they resist weather and sweat easily. There’s a special hydrophobic cloth meant to keep all the moisture out.

The earphone is compatible with a range of Apple products with its audio cable. There are some iPod touch, iPad and Mac models with which it works fine as well. In fact, it works with all the iPad models and you don’t need to look further if you want an earphone the gives you the best of quality, durability, and compatibility.


  • Delivers clear and deep sound
  • TriPort technology offers crisp highs with natural lows
  • With StayHear tips, these earphones will sit in your ears comfortably
  • It comes with a special hydrophobic cloth meant to keep all the moisture out


  • It’s not a noise-canceling earphone

7. Beats by Dr dre Powerbeats2 Bluetooth Headphone (Refurbished)

Design and Fit

This Powerbeats2 earphone is the real class in audio tech and comes with its own set of unique features to rule Beats by Dr dre Powerbeats2 Bluetooth Headphone (Refurbished)the industry. It offers powerful bass as well as noise isolation in both the earbuds and delivers a wonderful listening experience.

Designed specifically for the athletes, the earphones offer great performance through rigorous outdoor and indoor workouts. It is compact and lightweight and offers flexible earhook to offer all the comfort you need along with a secure fit.

Its sweat and water resistant design complying IPX 4 standard makes it a perfect choice for athletes during workouts and also in normal routine.So, now everytime you are exercising, this headset will make sure that the earbuds don’t keep popping out of your ears and ruin the fun.

Sound, Connectivity, and Durability

With these Powerbeats 2 earphones, you can literally take your workouts wherever you like. The Bluetooth earphones allow you to connect with devices at a distance of 30-feet at most. So, you can move around freely everywhere as you like and can also focus on the workouts you perform without having to worry about losing connection.

It is a durable product that comes with IPX4 sweat and water resistance from its earbuds to tangle-free cable wrap. There is over-molding on RemoteTalk control and wraparound cable for a perfect no-slip grip. It makes sure that you don’t have any issues as you change the volume.

The earphones come with a rechargeable battery that offers 6-hour playback time. Besides, there’s a quick charge feature as well that offers 1 hour additional non-stop playback with only 15 minutes of charging. Isn’t that amazing!

As you unpackage the earphones, you get Powerbeats2 wireless headphones with mic, RemoteTalk wrap around cable, Cable management clip, Universal micro USB cable, 3 pairs ear tip fittings, and a quick start guide to get you going the minute you receive this headphone.


  • These are compact and lightweight earphones
  • A flexible earhook helps with achieving a secure and comfortable fit
  • They have a water and sweat resistant design complying IPX 4 standard
  • It gives you an extensive connectivity range around 30-feet
  • It offers 6-hours playback time and one hour extra with 15 minutes quick charging


  • When you turn the sound to full, it may be too loud to your liking sometimes

8. TBI Pro Best Workout Wireless Sports Earphones

Design and Fit

If you are looking for a secure fit during your workout, then these advanced Bluetooth running headphones are TBI Pro Best Workout Wireless Sports Earphonesobviously the best option. Coming with small, medium, and large sizes ear tips, these best running headphones will securely remain in place whether you are jogging, running, or exercising.

They also have a new 2019 upgraded 170mAh battery that will guarantee you up to 240 hours in standby mode and over 12 hours of nonstop music/talking time with just one single charge. This means, with less charge time, you can enjoy long-lasting music.

Wherever you go, these unique running headphones will take care of your music. Moreover, the package includes one pair of memory foam earbuds, carrying case, micro USB charging cable, user manual, and Bluetooth cable with a cable clip.

Sound, Connectivity, and Durability

Apart from being compatible with most iPhone, Smartphones, and Android, they have a high fidelity sound quality with QCC 3003 chipset and aptX codec. These Bluetooth running headphones will also give you a more stable connection with their new Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

Unlike the Bluetooth 4.1, these modern versions come with more stable and faster signal transmission, lower power consumption, and clearer sound quality. To ensure that they last long, they have fully waterproof IPX7 protection that will shield them from any damage that may emanate from rain and ordinary water spray.

Even if you are drenched in sweat after a running, this protection will ensure that they remain in good working order. So, those who are passionate about their work out routine and love to have some vibrant music to pump them up as well, this bluetooth headset is the perfect item one could be looking for!


  • It has great sound quality.
  • With Bluetooth 5.0 technology it provides a more stable connection.
  • Since it’s fully waterproof, it prevents damage from rain and ordinary water spray.
  • The best battery that offers up to 12 hours or music/ talk time.
  • Comfortable and adjustable hence ideal for running or any kind of workout.
  • Memory foam earmuffs.


  • Some customers have had issues with its construction.
  • It’s unnecessarily difficult to push the correct on/off close, skip and volume buttons.

9. TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Design and Fit

TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones comes with active noise canceling functionality that reduces TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphonesdistractions and environmental noise by up to 25dB for an immersive auditory experience that can give you up to 15 hours of music and playtime.

With its press of in-ear monitor button, you can clearly hear subway or airline announcements and any other things that are around you. Also, it has a built-in Micro electrical system or MEMs that offers crisper phone calls by providing a clear voice transmission.

Although its noise-canceling functionality will allow you to concentrate on what you are doing, if you want to come back to reality, you can simply use a press of a button. More so, it has a monitoring mode that you can activate so that you don’t miss important subway or airline announcements or even what the talking is all about.

Its package includes TaoTronics ANC headphones, six earbuds with two already installed, four ear hooks with two already installed, airline adapter, travel pouch, micro USB cable, and user manual.

Sound, Connectivity, and Durability

Apart from its dual inline remote controls to give you acoustic experience, this unique running headphones also has a sleek, durable aluminum alloy with a black matte finish that will literally provide it with extra durability plus a stealthy elegant look.

Whether it’s the sound of passing cars, the ongoing TV show or the chatting of the neighbors it this noise-canceling running headphones will ensure that everything is tuned out. Once the noise canceling functionality is tuned, the earphones will reduce all the noise around by even up to 25Db. They also have a very good auditory experience that will last for even up to 15 hours per charge.


  • Elegant and durable design.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Long battery life.
  • Monitoring and ANC mode.
  • Good sound quality.


  • Its cord is a little bit short
  • The remote controls are heavy on the wires.
  • With ANC on, the battery drains fast.

10. Mpow Waterproof Wireless Sports Earbuds

Design and Fit

Mpow D7 [Upgraded] Bluetooth Headphones 10H Playtime has Built-in CVC 6.0 noise-canceling mic that notMpow Waterproof Wireless Sports Earbuds only minimizes the environment noise but also provides you with crisper sound for hands-free talking.

With its strong battery, this upgraded Mpow D7 Bluetooth running headphones will provide you with 12 hours hands-free calling or more than 10 hours of audio playback if it’s completely charged. This means you don’t have to worry about having a dead battery when running, jogging, or during both indoor and outdoor workouts.

These IPX7 Waterproof running headphones are both sweat and water-resistant to offer you a worry-free use in rain and sweat.  So, it’s suitable for running, hiking, gym workout exercises among all other sports.

Besides, it has wide compatibility hence making it compatible with most Bluetooth devices including tablets, computers, Android and iOS phones, and TV. Plus, it comes with a cable clip, ergonomic ear hooks, one pair memory foam ear tips and shirt clip to offer stability and secure fit for different ears.

Sound, Connectivity, and Durability

This headphone comes with CSR chip, premium speaker, and advanced Bluetooth 4.1 technology to produce decent bass, enhanced sound quality, and HD Stereo sound.

More so, since it’s both sweat and water-resistant, it’s not only durability but also reliable. Moreover, to ensure that it’s stable and durable every product comes with two years warranty and 45 days money-back guarantee.


  • It has an upgraded battery that provides over 10 hours of playtime.
  • It comes with sweat guard technology to protect it from sweat and make it last longer.
  • Full range of high-quality audio sound and HD stereo sound.
  • Improved comfort while wearing it.


  • It does not come with a way to check the power of the battery.
  • Average sound quality.

11. Levin Wireless Sports Headset

Design and Fit

Are looking for more playtime hours or just want to enjoy music all day? If so, then Levin Bluetooth 4.1 Levin Wireless Sports Headsetrunning Headphones has an advanced 4.1 Bluetooth technology CSR 8635 CHIPSET that will offer you lower latency and faster transmission.

With its wireless range of up to 10mm, you can enjoy music and skip-free phone. As a versatile running headphones, it’s compatible with Samsung Galaxy, iPad, iPhone, Google Nexus, Sony Xperia, Tablets, and Android phones.

It also has an amazing design that will not only make it sweatproof and lightweight but also eliminates cumbersome wires flapping or tangling around while jogging, running, working out, or even circling.

Its ergonomic design also provides a snug fit to ensure that they do not fall off your ears even when you are running or jumping. Apart from being completely comfortable, it’s also totally waterproof. Additionally, it’s improved, and new lithium polymer battery will give you continuous enjoyment of music for up 12 hours and 13.5 hours playtime after only a 2.5 hours charge.

This means it’s ideal for running long distances, mowing, jogging, exercising, working out, and much more. The contents of the package include two earpads, Dylan marathon headphone, USB charging cable, user manual, and travel case. It also comes with a 12-month warranty hence you don’t need to worry once you but it.

Sound, Connectivity, and Durability

It has superior Hi-Fi Stereo that will offer you a superior crystal clear sound. This means it works great for audiobooks, soundtracks, and relaxing sounds. You just need to stay away from wires and noise, and you’ll enjoy the purest music.


  • Advanced Bluetooth 4.1 technology to provide lower latency and faster transmission.
  • Sweatproof and lightweight.
  • Superior Hi-Fi stereo to offer you one of the best sounds.
  • The long battery life of 12 hours playtime and 13.5 hours of talk time with just a charge of 12.5 hours.


  • As compared to others, it has power built quality.

12. LETSCOM Bluetooth Sports Earphones

Design and Fit

Whether you want to make clear calls or enjoy an incredible sound quality, nothing should hold you back. This LETSCOM Bluetooth Sports Earphonesunique running IPX7 Waterproof headphone comes with internal Nano coating and sports earbud design that protects the headphones from sweat and heavy rain throughout intense running or exercise.

This means whether you are running, jogging or just exercising, you can enjoy all your activities as long as you have them. For a foolproof operation, it has control buttons that will allow you to pause and play music, skip tracks, adjust the volume, activate the voice controls and answer and end calls with just one simple operation.

More so, since it has strong built-in polymer lithium battery, you can enjoy even up to 8 hours of audio playtime/talk time. This is enough to power your running or workouts for up to seven days.

Its ergonomic and lightweight design, small, medium, large size of gel tips and soft silicone ear hooks will ensure that you enjoy secure and comfortable wear even during the most intense running and workout activities.

Sound, Connectivity, and Durability

LETSCOM Bluetooth running Headphones IPX7 Waterproof has an 11mm vibrating diaphragm, CVC noise cancellation, built-in mic for stereo sound and superb bass sound that offers high fidelity audio sound and clear low and high volume that makes calls stable and clear. In addition to being comfortable, it’s stable hence can last long. Due to its great sound quality, you’ll comfortably make calls during your busy days.


  • It arrives completely charged and ready to use.
  • Conversations and podcasts from computers.
  • Great music quality
  • String battery life
  • They only require 2 hours of charging for long audio playtime of up to 8 hours.


  • When charging them, you have to disconnect them from the devices
  • It’s not easy to redial the previous call.

13. Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones

Design and Fit

If you need one of the best performances running headphones, then this is a great option. Phaiser BHS-530 Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth HeadphonesBluetooth running Headphones have bullet-shaped comply T-400M memory foam tips that offer total isolation from any external noise.

Coming with a built-in microphone, picking up the phone calls is very easy regardless of the time. For instance, whenever there is an incoming call, the music will be paused briefly and played again when the call ends.

Likewise, like the previous versions, this unique running headphones are designed in such a way that it’s free from any water damage. Protected with Liquipel Nano coating buds, Phaiser running headphone will still entertain you with cool soundtracks under any rainy or sweaty condition. More so, for every one time of charging, it will offer you up to 11 hours of playtime.

To provide a secure fit, it has a special behind the head wearing style that holds your earbuds in place during any rigorous workout. Its flexible memory wire will also take the shape of your head and give you a perfect seal for a good listening experience.

Some of the contents of the box include carrying case, Phaiser FlexCore BHS-530 Bluetooth Headphones, small medium and large earphone tips, user guide and charging cable.

Sound, Connectivity, and Durability

It has a Bluetooth 4.1 technology combined with 10mm speaker to create powerful bass plus a super accurate HD sound. With its waterproof system, you don’t have to worry about whether it’s durable or not as this is guaranteed.


  • Built-in microphone
  • Special behind the head wearing to offer a secure fit
  • Sweatproof to protect it from any water damage.
  • HD quality sound.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.
  • No cord or any other thing that can get in the way.
  • Once worn they actually stay on your ears


  • Awkward fit that may hurt the ears
  • Buttons designs are so small.

14. Letsfit Wireless Waterproof Sports Earphones

Design and Fit

Whether you are looking or the best headphones for the gym, running or workout, then Letsfit Wireless Letsfit Wireless Waterproof Sports Earphonesrunning Headphones is a very good choice. It’s designed such that it’s a pair of waterproof running headphones that’s also sweat resistant.

With its noise cancellation modern technology, it will work well at preventing any disturbance that might come from the external environment. Also, it comes in various sizes hence choosing the one that suits you well is quite easy. This will ensure that you are always secure and comfortable while wearing it.

Also, it has a long battery life that allows you to use it for even up to 8 hours after only 2 hours charge. The amazing thing is that you can always see the remaining percentage of power on its display hence, you cannot be caught off guide.

With its one-button control, you can enjoy full control of your music, manage incoming calls, pause, and play, on your phones. Designed with three different ear tip and ergonomic design, neckband design it will ensure that it’s secure, comfortable and no wires get tangled.

More so, its Bluetooth is easy to use with other devices. What’s contained in the package includes Bluetooth headphones, carrying case, six ear tips, micro USB charging cable, wire clip, user manual, 12-month warranty, and 45 days replacement refund.

Sound, Connectivity, and Durability

The best thing about this running headphone is that it produces one of the best sounds so you can enjoy nice music with it for a very long time without getting distracted. It comes with a CSR chip and Tuned driver that delivers superb bass and HD Stereo sound. More so, with its 4.1 and CVC6.0 noise-canceling technology, you’ll enjoy clear calls.


  • Superior sound quality
  • IPX7 waterproof that protects it from sweat and ensures that it has a long life.
  • Long battery life provides up to 8 hours of playtime.
  • Comfortable and secure ergonomic design
  • Make calls without any interference
  • Twelve months warranty and 45 user refund.


  • You can’t use the controller with the earbuds simultaneously.

15. Mpow Flame Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

Design and Fit

If you are looking for superb sounds of music, then Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones will offer you one. Mpow Flame Waterproof Bluetooth HeadphonesSince its lightweight, it’s perhaps the most comfortable wireless running headphones. Coming in four different sizes including XS, S, M, L, one optional wire clip, one memory foam ear tips and carrying case, this is one of the most secure running headphones in the market.

Similarly, its ear hooks will work well in ensuring that it is secured and protected from falling. This means whether you are jogging, running, or working out, you’ll definitely feel more comfortable. More so, it can be paired quickly using easy steps to any smartphone or other MP3 players.

Its package contents include Mpow earphone, three regular ear tips, memory foam ear tips, cord clip, EVA carrying case, and one charging cable. It also has an 18-month warranty and 45 days money-back guarantee. Overall, it’s designed with IPX7 waterproof protection system, deep bass, good soundtrack, and stylish look hence making it the perfect running headphones to use.

Sound, Connectivity, and Durability

This unique running waterproof headphone comes with advanced CSR chip, well-tuned driver and Bluetooth 4.1 technology that ensures it produces richer bass stereo sound and good clarity together with enhanced wireless connection and faster pairing.

Also, for improved durability and worry-free use when running or during workout exercises in light rain, it has a reliable sweat and waterproof Nano coating. This means it will withstand all the running, jogging, yoga, hiking fitness, traveling, and all the other exercise activities. You can actually do all these without worrying.


  • Great sound quality
  • Has a Previous song volume, and the next song button
  • Clear call quality
  • Earphones stay well without falling
  • Since the phone recognizes fast pairing is quick.
  • The good noise cancellation feature
  • Solid Bluetooth connection


  • Not good for those who have small ears
  • Ear hooks cannot be adjusted
  • USB charging cable too short.
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