Top 10 Best Headphones for Girls and Women in 2019

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Much as we debate about gender equality, there’s a physiological difference between guys and girls. This calls for dissimilar trends, even in headphones. Top-notch headphones for girls have to be built taking their petite bone structure into account. And of course, they should also go with their haute couture dresses. Many headphones in the market feature the elephantine earcups which simply look silly and keep falling off. Brawny cans on girls’ heads remind us of frivolous oversized vintage hats. But many gorgeous peripherals for the ladies invest more in looks than the audio. Which is why we decided to get our hands dirty. After a long research, we handpicked the best headphones for girls and women based on the following criteria:

  • Size Surmise: The delicate frames of women make the prime consideration. Headphones for women should be smaller than the regular headphones at their smallest adjustment. Otherwise they will keep slipping off the ears and end up at the bottom of the night stand for the rest of their plastic life.
  • Audio Accomplishment: Women have a keen ear for details. Their moods can swing with the roar of bass, the liquid beauty of mids or the scintillating brilliance of treble. These headphones for women have demonstrated admirable sonic performance given their architectural constraints.
  • Elegant Body: Some headphones fit women alright. But they perch there like cyclopean accessories that threaten to kill your hairstyle. The best headphones for girls and women are built more elegantly. Their graceful designs are not overdone with excessive leather padding but have enough cushioning to keep you comfortable.
  • Fly colors: Women have a more sophisticated taste when it comes to colors. They will experiment with neon and metal highlights just as they play with bass and treble. Our headphones for women sport some eye-popping colors and even artistic combinations.

So ladies, take a peek at our list of best headphones for girls and women, and wallow in melodic pleasure.

Top 10 best headphones for girls and women in 2019 – Complete Chart

 1. Beats by Dre Mixr On-Ear Headphone$$4.4 
 2. Symphonized NRG 2.0 Premium Genuine Wood In-ear Noise-isolating Headphones$$4.3 
 3. Philips SHL3160PK/27 Headphones$$4.3 
 4. Ailihen I35 Stereo Lightweight Foldable Headphones $$4.3 
 5. Sony MDR-XB200XB Extra Bass Series On-Ear Headphones $$ 4.3
 6. Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones: Sport Running Gym Exercise Headsets $$ 4.3
 7. iBeek Metal Earbuds Bass In Ear Earphones Stereo Cell Phone Headset with Microphone & Remote Control $$ 4.3
 8. Polaroid PHP8500PK Neon Headphones with Mic $$ 3.8
 9. Leme EB30A Wireless Bluetooth over the ear Headset with microphone $$ 3.8
 10. Noot Kids Headphones with Microphone for Girls On-Ear Headset $$3.8 

1. Beats by Dre Mixr On-Ear Headphone

best headphones girls and womenBeats has quite the reputation in bassy underbelly of music. Dr. Dre’s winning move presents us the Mixr, an on-ear DJ headphone. Beats Mixr has some unorthodox design that adapts best to women’s smaller ears. As usual, Beats goes all out on looks.Those, the proclivity for women’s ears and music sharing ability can make it any woman’s crazy companion and our choice for the best headphones for girls and women list.

Beats creates fashion statements and Mixr is no different. We discovered it in around 12 colors including a shocking pink and a femme fatale black/dull gold. Mixr drives powerful sound with its 40mm drivers. Beats are known to be distinctly bass-heavy. Fortunately Mixr is more balanced compared to some other lines of Betas products. But it still lets bass standout in its audio lineup. Mids and highs are boosted to match and the details get lost in the fray. But Beats Mixr  still make pretty good DJ headphones in that they can give you a clear idea of what your audience might be hearing. The architecture of these headphones is optimal for smaller heads. The on-ear earcups are moderately built and hang from a swiveling pin hinge. This allows the earcups to land comfortably on your ears.Each ear piece has a 3.5mm port. You get two detachable cords with these headphones: one with inline control and another coiled cable for DJing use without inline panel. You can connect a cable to one of the earcups and use the second auxiliary port for daisy chaining these headphones with other headphones. This way you can share music with your friends.  Ear pieces are covered with protein leather that sits lightly on your ears. Headband is modeled out a rubberized material. The swiveling arms can rotate 180 degrees and fold to reduce the footprint of these Beats headphones. The folded headphones can be packed away in the accompanying hard case.

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2. Symphonized NRG 2.0 Premium Genuine Wood In-ear Noise-isolating Headphones

best headphones girls and womenEarphones that look like they walked out of the Renaissance era? Symphonized NRG 2.0 can add to your feminine appeal with the polished looks. Handcrafted from real wood, they remind you of gentry and coquettish play of proper ladies. And to top it they provide immersive sound nestled in wood that makes you feel like concert hall has come home.

Symphonized NRG 2.0 works with all sorts of Apple devices, Android phones, tablets, mp3 players etc.. Wooden casing holds Neodymium drivers. The ear pieces are connected to a sturdy holder that extends some way on to the cable. Cable is a nylon braided resilient affair. It is sleek and tangle free. It has an inline panel for mic, volume, track navigation and activating voice controls. The cable terminates into an angled 3.5mm jack which is much more reliable than a straight jack. These best headphones for girls and women come with an earthy-looking stylish jute drawstring pouch to store them. Sound quality is a pleasant surprise at its low price point. The hi-fidelity audio is rich and deep with balanced bass. Acoustics retain their natural touch due to wooden housing. It comes with three sizes of eartips. With the right eartips these earphones can isolate ambient noise pretty well too. Microphonics from rubbing against your clothes may creep in the sound output a little bit.

Symphonized NRG 2.0 headphones come in various shades of wood, eartip colors and cable colors combination. They will definitely go with professional attire with a sound that is value for the money. Those are enough reasons to place these earphones in our best headphones for women and girls list.

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3. Philips SHL3160PK/27 Headphones

best headphones girls and womenWe consider it serendipity to find such an affordable Philips headphone which is fondly christened SHL3160PK/27. They are good looking cans with a lightweight architecture. You get them in six engaging colors. These headphones have been carved out of plastic which makes them sit light on small heads, typical of women. Less pressure on head also means you don’t come off as bad-hair-Betty after using them.

These Philips headphones have round earcups sheathed in adequate padding that allows your ears to breathe. Most headphones that cover your ears create sweat pits that are too steamy to manage. But the breathable material in SHL3160PK/27 prevents that. Earcups have metal detailing at the back which accentuates their classy contours. The rotating ear pieces can be folded flat and stowed away for easy storage. Headband seems to have no padding which worried us little bit. But the effects won’t be apparent until you use them long enough. Sound quality is decent and noise isolating. The entire frequency spectrum sounds crisp and clear. Noise isolation is moderate and allows you to hear conversation directed at you. This is an important trait if you plan to use these headphones at work. Cables descend out of both earcups. There are no inline controls. These headphones are for the unadulterated experience of listening to good music.

Women often find the over-the-head models to be extremely bulky. But these Philip headphones have more finesse. Which is why, they make it to our best headphones for girls and women list.

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4. Ailihen I35 Stereo Lightweight Foldable Headphones

best headphones girls and womenWith Ailihen I35, we are indulging outright in high fashion. These are huge cans but the colors win us over. You have 5 combinations including light blue/pink, purple/pink, black/orange, black/purple and grey/yellow. Ranging from feisty to ice cool, the looks of these budget oriented headphones land them pronto in our best headphones for women and girls list.

The earcups are over-ear type with colored accents. They are padded with real leather cushions that shelter your ear in softness. The headband is wadded as well for comfort over prolonged use. Ear pieces fold over to collapse the headphones. This an easy structure to store. The microphone is internally built into one of the ear pieces. It’s an omnidirectional mic adept at picking up conversation from wherever you speak. A braided cable descends from the left earcup. This cord is durable and tangle free because of the braided nature. I35 headphones are compatible with all general audio devices like your prized Iphones and tablets. They have noise cancelling ability which makes both input and output audio clear. Although, not the cans for discerning audiophile, they do pretty well in their cost coordinate.

Women prefer headphones that don’t extend a mile off their heads. Ailihen takes particular care to make I35 slick-looking without compromising on ergonomics. No wonder we chose it for our best headphones for girls and women list!

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5. Sony MDR-XB200XB Extra Bass Series On-Ear Headphones

best headphones girls and womenSony MDRXB200 is a woman’s best friend in that they will fit you like glove. They seem to have taken the size difference of women’s heads seriously. Add entry level price and post entry level audio to that equation. What more can you ask of one of the best headphones for women and girls?

Sony is a trustworthy brand that aims as austere looks so we were taken aback to find MDRXB200 headphones with colored highlights that can pass as girly. Audio quality has the kick of bass that the ladies look for, to kick start their day. Since women are very thoughtful creatures, it will be of your interest that these headphones have very less sound leakage. The sound doesn’t bleed into the ears of your neighbors. You can listen to Justin Bieber without being judged for it. Bass does not overwhelm mids which are clear and high. Sub bass region can do better though. Although lightweight, Sony MDRXB200 headphones can survive the ordeal of teenage use. The earcups and headband are plushly lined with padding for comfortable use. Earcups fold flat for easy storage. The headband can be adjusted if your head is a bigger size. The serrated cable is built to avoid tangles. There’s no mic or inline control. This headphone is purely intended to listen to great audio.

These Sony best headphones for girls and women get on with all your devices for regular use. Pick these up for Sony’s signature build and audio quality with a zing of extra bass.

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6. Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Headphones: Sport Running Gym Exercise Headsets

best headphones girls and womenEvery woman needs a set of running headphones, at least until the New Year resolution lasts. And it’s a good day when you find a nifty earphone that is wireless and doesn’t look monstrous. Mpow Cheetah brings us such an accessory at a meagre cost and five colors. Bargain, we say!

As Mpow Cheetah is a running headphone, it features the ear hook design of earpiece. It’s an in-ear headphone where the eartips are tilted away from the driver casing. An ear hanger is mounted on this casing which goes around the ear and connects to the other side via a cable. The ear hook holds these headphones firmly in place as you do your 30 paces to a curvaceous figure. It uses Bluetooth 4.1 with AptX to drive wireless connectivity. The stereo sound that you get out of these wireless earphones signifies the importance of latest Bluetooth technology. Mic is built in. Whenever you get a call or your battery is about to drain out, the Mpow Cheetah headphones vibrate to alert you. They have a kicking battery life of 8 hours and 180 hours standby time. You can wear these for all your outdoor activities or even at home. Put your phone on the counter and move around to get all your work done. Bluetooth connectivity is smooth.

Mpow Cheetah has all the smart characteristics to make it to the best headphones for girls and women list: the looks, the price, the wireless connectivity. Take our money already!

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7. iBeek Metal Earbuds Bass In Ear Earphones Stereo Cell Phone Headset with Microphone & Remote Control

best headphones girls and womenAttention, we are crossing over to overtly feminine domain. iBeek reeks feminine. No, literally. Its wire is perfumed. That kind of attention to detail can propel a concierge to hotel manager role in no time. Built in sleek metal and tones of gold, white or pink, these metal earbuds from iBeek is a womanly indulgence with music.

These are in-ear earphones with ear guide that goes into the ear canal. The driver casing behind the eartips are made of metal and cause no discomfort. Extra eartips in sizes small, medium and large sizes accompany them in the box. The wire is made of a translucent material. Inside you can see coiled wires of silver and the color of earphones you chose. Overall, this is very pleasing for the eyes. There is an inline control that holds the mic and buttons to answer/reject calls, playback and track navigation. You could encounter some microphonics during the call. These earphones are compatible with Iphone, Ipod, Ipads , Android devices, tablets, mp3 players etc. Their sound quality is good worth for money. All across the frequency, the sonic quality is crisp and clear. There’s no distortion. With the right size of eartips you can isolate your ears from some ambient noise as well.

iBeek Metal Earbuds look premium for their distinctive metal build. But they are really cheap. If you are looking for a glam option, this earphone should definitely be on you best headphones for girls and women list.

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8. Polaroid PHP8500PK Neon Headphones with Mic

best headphones girls and womenPolaroid draws heavily from the concept of shocking. You can see that in the color line-up of its PHP8500PK headphones: shocking pink, mersmerizing blue, titillating orange and many more. Add to it the fact that these cans don’t look like giant audio weapons perched on your head and you have got yourself a lady-like accessory.

Looks-wise Polaroid PHP8500PK headphones are self-confessed to be loud. The ear pieces and headband are generously padded with soft cushion. The over ear padding isolate the ears against external noises. The headband has a lot of room for extending the size. The smallest size will fit preteen girls making these headphones an amazing gift for them. Braided cords descend from both ear pieces. One side has an inline mic and play/pause button. The cable ends in a 3.5mm jack that will work with all Apple devices, Android phones, mpr3 players, tablets, PC etc.. These headphones can be folded to fit into the tiny bags for your baby girls.  Their low price does not mean the audio has been compromised. The sound output comes clear when you listen to music or audio books. It might not work for a music-maniac but plays for pre-teen and teen girls quite well and even for women looking for some fun colors.

Polaroid PHP8500PK headphone is custom built for women and girls with its slight frame and Neon colors. The price makes it affordable and if you play your cards well, this headphone will last to make it worth your money. The colors themselves propel these cans into our best headphones for girls and women list.

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9. Leme EB30A Wireless Bluetooth over the ear Headset with microphone

best headphones girls and womenIf Coco Chanel was fancy Leme EB30A is fancier still. This wireless headset has a maverick design that will set many hearts fluttering. It looks like a revamped headband and has ditched the bulky round earcups for rectangular earpads that do not look like they walked out of the King Kong’s collection.

Leme EB30A uses the latest Bluetooth 4.1 technology that will work with older Bluetooth-enabled devices as well. It connects easily to any device with Bluetooth capability, be it your Iphone, Android phones, Ipods, tablets et al. The Bluetooth range is 30 ft. You will get 10 hours of work out of a single charge on these headphones or 26 days stand by. The headband is made of a pliable material and ear pieces are padded with leather for maximum comfort. However it has been reported that the sizes run big these headphones usually. So Leme EB30A headphones are a more viable choice for women with bigger heads. All the controls needed to change volume or navigate through tracks are present on left side of the headband. Sound quality is enhanced by active noise cancelling. The internal mic picks up ambient noise and runs an inverse wave to cancel it out. Audio quality is decent for the price.

Leme EB30A headphone comes in four vibrant colors including a metallic yellow that we are partial to. To pack a daring design in a small budget is no minor feat. Hence its place on the best headphones for girls and women list.

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10. Noot Kids Headphones with Microphone for Girls On-Ear Headset

best headphones girls and womenNoot perseveres to cater to little princesses and their whims and fancies. Noot kids’ headphones are designed to fit your girl child from age 3 to all the way till adulthood as the headband expands for size. They come in a shiny light pink that is guaranteed to get you some hero worshipfrom your baby.

Noot kids headphones are built light and supple to rest easy on children’s heads. But they haven’t gone skimpy on padding. The earcups and headband are liberally padded to gently cradle their heads. The headphones have a shiny, faux leather look which the kids might warm to but it may not appeal to adults. A braided cable is attached to the left earcup. This heavy duty cable can get through the grueling use by young kids and disgraceful handling. There’s even an inline panel with mic and play/pause buttons. You can issue voice commands through these headphones as well. Their 3.5mm jacks are compatible with all the devices that your little one may want to use. The fact they are made small enough to fit their heads is a great advantage.

Noot kids’ headphones are built for the technology’s children. As kids take to learning everything online, these headphones can be the nurturing companions through their formative years. They make it to our best headphones for girls and women list for putting kids in the forefront.

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