Top 10 Best High Resolution Headphones In 2018 – Ultimate Guide

High Resolution HeadphonesHi fidelity audio has been around the block for a while and audiophiles will go gaga over the true hi fi audio. High resolution audio, also known as hi-definition, is a loosely held term that is slowly gripping the audio market. Such audio is clear and painstakingly detailed like a Fabergé egg. And most of all it’s a delight to listen to. It engulfs you from all sides to spin the immersive magic of music. Not many brands have forayed into this realm to create an ironclad boundary on what high resolution really means. But all headphones that can play the nuances of latest digital formats like FLAC, WAV, DSD, ALAC and AIFF, are part of the high resolution bandwagon.

High Fidelity vs High Resolution audio

Hi-Fi is a term thrown around in product descriptions quite nonchalantly. What hi-fi really seeks is how much the audio output from a device sounds like the original sound. The more exact the aping is, the higher its fidelity. High resolution or HD is a technical term to define how riveting the music is. It tells you if the audio will feel like Chris Martin crooning right next to you. Yes, high resolution is awesome that way. More importantly it only focuses on digital media and its best formats.

What are high resolution headphones?

To ensure that high resolution audio does not lose its character in the relay, it has to be matched with headphones that can convey the details that you hear in the recording studio. This is where high resolution (or high definition) headphones come in. They play comprehensive sound in a wide soundstage aided by proper instrument separation. When you start hearing the thrum of guitar that you never heard before or find underlying beats that were not apparent earlier, you have arrived to a high resolution headphone.

Which is the best high definition headphone?

Many factors contribute to the making of a great high resolution headphone:

Audio: First and foremost, audio must sound like Nicki Minaj is doing a personal show for you in your living room. Intricately carved sound should be substantiated by a mesmerizing nature. Any high resolution audio file should be played with the necessary aplomb.

Comfort: Good audio that gives you an earache is still bad audio. The best high resolution headphones will perch gently on your head without squeezing the bejesus out of your ears. All elements like cranial padding, earcups and suspension mechanism figure in creating comfort.

Price: Does you headphone weigh heavy on your pocket instead of your head? True high resolution headphones are generally more expensive because of their miraculous audio capabilities. However, in our list we have options ranging from reasonably-priced to horrendously pricey for people who can afford it.

Features: Based on your personal needs, the best high resolution headphones may differ in your opinion. Some may fold, some are over-ear and some IEMs. From basic headphones to ones with all except the kitchen sink may fall in this range.

To save you the trouble of digging into the abyss of numerous headphones, we have drawn up a list of the 10 best high resolution headphones that will blow your mind away! Pick one and transcend into your personal audio heaven.


  1. Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphones  300 ohms $$$ 4.7 
  2. Yamaha HPH-MT220 Studio monitor premium over-ear headphones  37 ohms  $$$  4.7
  3. Sennheiser HD 800 Reference Dynamic Headphone  300 ohms $$$$ 4.7 
  4. Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone  24 ohms $$ 4.6 
  5. Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK SonicPro Over-Ear High-Resolution Audio Headphones  35 ohms $$$  4.6
  6. Bowers & Wilkins P7 Headphones  22 ohms $$$ 4.5 
  7. SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones  88 ohms $$  4.5
  8. Sennheiser IE 800 Audiophile Ear Canal Headphones  16 ohms $$$ 4.5 
  9. Sony MDR10R Hi-Res Stereo Wired Headphones  40 ohms $$ 4.3 
  10. Sony H.ear on Wireless NC Headphone  32 ohms $$$ 4.3 

1. Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphones

High Resolution HeadphonesSennheiser has a premier high resolution line-up of headphones and HD 650 is the prince. It has been around for over 10 years but the new audio formats are yet to baffle it. Being open-back and bulky, it is meant for professional or indoor use. Superfluous sources like iPods and tiny cellphones will undermine its performance.


The price of Sennheiser HD 650 high resolution headphones is apparent in their titanium-silver polished looks. Their large over-ear oval earcups are sheathed in velour pads and you know it doesn’t get comfier than that. The backside is a metal grill for airy reproduction of sound. Your ears will be relatively less stuffy with these cans. The headband may be a tad tight for few folks. Stretch them out with wearing till they fit your dome. A Kevlar-reinforced 3.5mm cable and 3.5mm-to-6.3mm converter are included in the box.

Audio Exhibition

After an ample burn-in time, you will appreciate the open soundstage and separation of hand-matched drivers of Sennheiser HD 650 high definition headphones. The details in each area of 10-39,500 Hz frequency range is frightening when you realize how much you have been missing. It meticulously places instruments and artists around your head to simulate the pure joy of a live performance. Bass has the oomph and is ripe for equalizer. But there’s a moment when the classical notes will melt into your conscience with the audio power brimming just below the surface. Media, genre and personal preferences, nothing can rain on the high resolution headphones in HS 650’s parade.


The cable of Sennheiser HD 650 high definition headphones is detachable. We thank them profusely for this small favor because you won’t have to ditch your dearly-priced headphones if just the cable fails.

• Open, thoroughly well-executed sound
• Cozy design with velour pads
• Detachable and replaceable cable
• Large frequency response

• Bass is not optimally strong

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2. Yamaha HPH-MT220 Studio monitor premium over-ear headphones

High Resolution HeadphonesYamaha HPH-MT220 headphone is a surprise but deserving entry in the best high resolution headphones list. In its professional capacity, the response of these headphones is almost astoundingly exact and pleasant. Usually audiophile quality headphones may sound too bland, too sculpted, but not the Yamaha HPH-MT220.


The over-ear earcups of the Yamaha HPH-MT220 high resolution headphones have a racetrack oval shape that frames the ears better. They are coated with a protein material that gives you a skin-like feeling of wearing it. Headband is thickly padded for light contact. The 1.2 m cord connects to the left earcup and coils down the line. It gives you a lot of range to move around wearing these headphones. It terminates in a 3.5mm jack accompanied by a ¼ inch adapter.

Audio Exhibition

Once you listen to the Yamaha HPH-MT220 high resolution headphones, you will wonder why it is not spoken of in hushed reverence in the audiophile alleys. After the burn-in period, you can revel in the minutiae of mids, the extension of sparkling treble and all-sustaining bass. The instruments are separated flawlessly in a spacious soundstage that adds to the complexity of its sound. The audio performance of this high resolution headphone works with minimum losses over the newest digital formats in town. It is the labor of serious love from Yamaha sound engineers.

Additional Perks

The earcups of the Yamaha HPH-MT220 high resolution headphones swivel 180 degree. This way they can lean forward towards you ears and hold on with lighter pressure.

• Mindblowing sound quality
• Sounds exciting for a flat response
• Comes with studio adapter
• Comfortable fit
• THD is only 0.05%

• No microphone on the cable

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3. Sennheiser HD 800 Reference Dynamic Headphone

High Resolution HeadphonesThough there is no overlooking the price of the Sennheiser HD 800 headphones, you stand to marvel at some futuristic sound engineering from Sennheiser’s end. When you use it, be ready to experience a Black Swan moment of *choke* I felt it. Perfect. It was perfect *choke*. Wild horses can’t keep it from being on the best high resolution headphones list.


The technical acumen that has gone into the design of Sennheiser HD 800 high resolution headphones will make you feel like a squeegee mop. Circular earcups are mounted on a springy and light Leona frame. They are lined with microfiber material that encases your ears in luxury. Ring shaped drivers are used instead of the traditional designs to reduce distortion. Even the headband is hugged by resonance-stifling polymers. The fact that Germans are involved in handcrafting each piece only lends more conviction in its build.

Audio Exhibition

Sennheiser HD 800 high resolution headphones are the next best thing to standing in front of concert speakers. Their maverick architecture places the instruments 360 degree around your head in the true spirit of audio ecstasy. With them on, it easy to forget that you are using a listening device. Details are diligently embedded in a massive soundstage and each of them adds to the natural nature of the music. These headphones sound close to neutral without being utterly flat and boring.It’s nothing like anything you have heard before and it is all you will ever want to hear.

Additional perks

The cable of Sennheiser HD 800 high resolution headphone is detachable and can be replaced if it goes boom. It shouldn’t, being cloth coated and what not. It terminates in a 6.3mm plug anticipating more studio monitoring use. A converter cable has to be bought separately. But a sleek carry case is part of the pack for your “Precious”.

• Unbeatable high resolution sound
• Highly comfortable design
• Detachable cords
• 3D audio
• Ends in 6.3mm studio adapter

• High price
• 6.3mm to 3.5mm cable not supplied

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4. Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

High Resolution HeadphonesHailing from the ancestry of the industry champion Sony MDR V6, the MDR7506 is a favorite amongst the recording-folk. If you ever hear audio as it was intended by the artist to be, it will be through these headphones. They are the bestselling studio headphones with an explosive bang for their bucks.


Sony MDR7506 professional headphones have large over-ear earpads in oval shape. They are padded at an optimal level as to balance weight and comfort. Most of the construction is plastic but the backplate of earcups is metal. Joints and hinges will last as long its price promises. Ear padding can be replaced to choice velour pads, if you wish to. These high definition headphones come with a 9.8 foot-cord with coiled portion that’s standard for studio use. It ends in a 3.5mm plug. A ¼ inch studio adapter is part of the pack and can be screwed on to this plug. The overall weight of the headphones is 8.1 ounces.

Audio Exhibition

Whatever your quarrel with Sony maybe, one song on the Sony MDR756 headphones will turn your allegiance. Its audio reproduction is unparalleled. Punchy bass plays with practice command and the humility to encourage the mids and partner with smooth treble. The 10-20,000 Hz response is flat as a pancake owing to its professional headphones tag. All elements are tightly controlled for a surprisingly open sound image. All genres sound as-is with each instrument and note discernible in the background. And they blot out the outside noise pretty well.Professional headphones have never been done better than this. Which is why, Sony MDR7506 headphones have aced the best high resolution headphones list.

Additional perks

Sony MDR7506 headphones sport articulating arms that make them easy to store. A leatherette pouch is supplied to add to their portability.

• Premium professional audio quality
• Affordable price
• Comfortable for long hours of use
• Comes with studio adapter

• No microphone in the permanently-attached cable

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5. Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK SonicPro Over-Ear High-Resolution Audio Headphones

High Resolution HeadphonesAudio-Technica is known not to shrimp it when it comes to sound quality. So it’s no surprise that audiophiles have been salivating over their ATH MSR7 high resolution headphones. They are the best-made-phenomenal piece of audio peripheral.


The oval earpads of Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 high definition headphones inch closer to the ear from their hanger. They are opulently padded with memory foam just like the headband. While the geometry is fairly orthodox, it clocks a 10-ounce weight and clamps a little to your head initially. Once you break in, the clamp may loosen.

Audio Exhibition

Sound has always been the stronghold of Audio-Technica. MSR7 high resolution headphones are the best sounding cans in a wide price range. A-T knows the knack of balancing powerful bass against bold mids and highs. All the details are resolved elegantly in a majestically wide soundstage. That being said, they are less forgiving of harsh audio. Bass reaches out and rumbles enticingly in the sub-bass regions. Mids and vocal play with equal passion. Highs are clear without any sibilance. Bright treble transports you over the boundary of stereo imaging and reality. Theses HD headphones have been rightfully accorded a spot on our best high resolution headphones list.

Additional Perks

There’s always more than what meets the eye with Audio-Technica. The ATH- MSR7 high resolution headphones come with 3 cables: the 1.2m cable, the 3m cable and another 1.2m cable with inline controls, because MSR7 is not above being used with iPods and smartphones. Its earcups can also fold flat into a 2D structure.

• Deep and high resolution sound
• Reasonably priced
• Comes with 3 cables one of which has inline controls
• Earcups fold flat

• Slightly heavy

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6. Bowers & Wilkins P7 Headphones

High Resolution HeadphonesBowers & Wilkins P7 high resolution headphones could moonlight as a ballerina for all their balance. Fine sound in a luxury make is what P7 offers. You get what you pay for and in this case its pure quality. Looks like B&W P7 is set for a spot in our best high resolution headphones list.


P7 high resolution headphones use rectangular over-ear earcups that are held on to the headband by magnetic clamp. They have to be detached to remove the cable which is replaceable. The whole architecture is solid being fashioned out of Aluminum and sheepskin leather. As soon as you open the box, you get a whiff of deluxe leather that softens over time. These headphones are quite comfortable even at their higher than average weight.

Audio exhibition

The audio of Bowers & Wilkins P7 high definition headphones vindicates its price completely. Tonal balance is set up between enrapturing bass, lively mids and crisp highs. There are oodles of details in every moment of your listening experience. There’s more character to the audio and it’s forgiving on the bad files which makes for an amiable sound output. The USP of these HD headphones is that all genres sound well on it because of the good balance. There’s no challenge you can throw at it that it can’t overcome. The deep melody emanating out of them provides enough space and correct orientation to all elements of the music.


B&W P7 high resolution headphone can collapse to half its size and sit inside its hard case. It comes with two cables: a usual one and an Apple-compatible cable with inline remote.

• Luxuriant headphones
• Tonally balanced sound
• Detachable cable
• Comes with cable that has inline remote

• Leather may cause ears to get warm

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7. SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones

High Resolution HeadphonesThe highly customizable Sol Republic Tracks HD headphones are a hoot. Apart from kicker audio, they invest in stylish design that is sure to earn you some appraising looks. They are uber-durable at a highly affordable price for a high definition headphone.


The architecture is what distinguishes Sol Republic Tracks HD headphones from others. Each part of these headphones is modularized to be swapped out and exchanged. The earcups are slipped on to the FlexTech headband and matched with a detachable cord. The headband can bend backwards a full 180 degree and it won’t break. Since they have on-ear circular earcups, its comfort is your judgement call. The plastic build accentuated by the metal back of the earcups sure adds to their allure. Best high resolution headphones display their wild side in these cans.

Audio Exhibition

Sol Republic Tracks HD headphones are blessed with the might of bass that can make anyone fall for their sound. Midrange is decent and highs are slightly muddy. If you were to look at the whole picture, the sound quality is great for its price. It is one of the cheaper high resolution options available in the market. They are loud and block off the noise from the outside. If you are looking for the depth of bass from a Beats-like headphone, this is it.

Additional Perks

The real beauty of Sol Republic Tracks HD headphone’s modular design is revealed when you browse through its 9 colors. The Fluoro Red headband can steal your heart faster than Ryan Gosling. The somber gray headband and matching cables will aid your professional demeanor.

• Detachable parts: earcups, headband, cable
• Comes with an inline remote
• Superior sound quality for the price
• Bass has oomph

• Audio is not very detailed

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of SOL REPUBLIC Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones>>

8. Sennheiser IE 800 Audiophile Ear Canal Headphones

High Resolution HeadphonesYou might do a double take at the price of Sennheiser IE800 high resolution earphones. But give them a listen and you’ll end up doling out the greens by the dozen. These are ‘open-back’ IEMs and give an actual depiction of Sennheiser’s audio prowess.


At only 0.2 ounces, we wonder if we will even remember IE 800 hi definition headphone is on us. Don’t let the weight blind you though because these babies are tough. With Kevlar-powered cables they will bring a knife-fight to your egregious earphone-handling habits. A 7mm driver on each earpiece produces the delectable music of IE800. If you feel cheated by the number of drivers at its price, remember that the money goes into pumping wondrous audio out of just one driver. The driver housings are done in ceramic and have two openings in the back for airy and valiant bass and low distortion (<0.06%). The eartips are washable and oval to give your ears a more secure and close fit.

Audio Exhibition

The intense bass anneals seamlessly with balanced mids and crisp highs in the Sennheiser IE800 high resolution headphones. Bass may seep into the mids in certain tracks but that’s not a trend. Extended treble is smooth all over. The dynamics of each and every second of music are clearly relayed in the correct spatial positions. Soundstage has been managed dexterously in such a small driver. It cannot win against the full-sized cans like HD 800 though.


The cable of Sennheiser IE800 high definition headphones has two parts: one part that constitutes the Y-formation and a connecting extension that connects to the phone. This allows you to place the headphones in your shirt pocket at the shorter length or an arm band when you go jogging. It also comes with a hard case that matches its high-priced status.

• Powerful bass powered by balanced mids, highs and treble
• Ultra-lightweight
• Cable+extension cord configuration
• Good noise isolation

• Expensive
• No detachable cable at its price

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of Sennheiser IE 800 Audiophile Ear Canal Headphones>>

9. Sony MDR10R Hi-Res Stereo Wired Headphones

High Resolution HeadphonesSony’s masterpiece, MDR7506, has set a high threshold in terms of high resolution audio, so it’s no surprise they tried to recreate it in their other headphones. Sony MDR10R high resolution headphones are a part of this movement. They score a lot of brownie points but also have their downfalls.


At 6.4 ounces, the MDR10R high resolution headphones are more comfortable than many others on this list. The headband is functionally thin. But the over-ear doughnut type earcups are generously padded. Clamping force is also relatively low, making it suitable for long hours of use. The cable is detachable which makes it a good investment even if your wires seem to run away from you.

Audio Exhibition

Sony MDR10R could have challenged the MDR7506 but it turned out bass-heavy. The bass is remarkable, no doubt. And genres like Electronic and disco sound engaging. But its energy bubbles over to the mids and highs dampening them in the process. This works for the bassheads who have Bass I love you on repeat. Treble has the spicy details that add to this mix. Together they make the audio more mesmerizing if not hi-fidelity.

Additional Perks

Sony MDR10R hi definition headphones come with two cables, one with in-line remote and one without. The earcups fold flat for easy storage into its pouch. There are also noise-cancelling and Bluetooth versions of this model.

• Warm, bassy sound good for EDM
• Comfortable wear
• Blocks out external noise passively
• Reasonable price
• Detailed treble

• Bass constricts mids and highs

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of Sony MDR10R Hi-Res Stereo Wired Headphones>>

10. Sony H.ear on Wireless NC Headphone

High Resolution HeadphonesSony has never been big on looks. But H.ear on wireless Active Noise-cancelling (ANC) high resolution headphones will change that perception. Its distinctive qualities are way too many, as you might have figured from the name. And fortunately this time they are empowered by fantastic audio.


Sony folks must be starting to court vanity. The sleek metallic looks of Sony H.ear on ANC high resolution headphones in 5 peppy colors can turn heads. They sport the racetrack oval earcups that are lavishly padded with foam. You can wear them for hours with no discomfort whatsoever. And you will enjoy the attention you get for their dazzling appearance. Their noise cancellation function can be turned on or off. You also have the option to use them in wired mode, should the battery die on you.

Audio Exhibition

Sony H.ear on wireless HD headphones have an amazing audio output. They are, by no means, close to the Sennheiser HD800. But the pleasing warm quality is there. The details are sufficient to be categorized as high resolution. The response is flat as audiophiles would prefer matched detail -to-detail to a large extent. Soundstage is relatively open and places instruments properly. With noise cancelling you can completely drown out the surroundings and enjoy the generally agreeable sound of these headphones.

Additional Perks

The H.ear on high resolution headphones from Sony can connect via Bluetooth or NFC. They support AptX codec. They can work 20 hours or so on a single charge. Sony also added smart ANC feature which modulates the NC function based on the level of ambient noise. These headphones can run on Bluetooth with ANC turned off as well. They can fold to half their original footprint and fit into the accompanying hard case

• Wireless and noise cancelling headphones
• Detailed slightly warm sound
• Attractive designs
• Folding form

• Sound is not as detailed as some of the other headphones

<<Latest customer reviews and prices of Sony H.ear on Wireless NC Headphone>>

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