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JVC Kenwood, formerly plain JVC, has been through some major regime changes. Their headphones range has remained top-class through the time. They are famed amongst the audiophiles for creating audiophile-grade audio at affordable price-point. Most of the best JVC headphones stick to creating a natural audio response. They rarely give in to the popular trend of overdoing bass. They excel at wrapping a heart-warming sound signature into the same old dynamic or armature drivers that most brands use. Only difference is JVC does it cheaper and better. The Japanese work ethic of thoroughness is evident, no matter which headphones you pick up from the best JVC headphones list.

How good are JVC headphones?

Audiophiles are constantly mumbling about JVC this and JVC that. They are definitely worth that kind of attention. More often than not, you will find a discussion thread that uses a JVC headphone as the yardstick to judge the performance of other headphones. They are also immensely popular online. They sell at very reasonable prices and bring respite to people who are not interested in overwhelming bass.

How long do JVC headphones last?

Depends on the JVC headphones you buy. Many of the best JVC headphones lie in the low cost-coordinate. Their sound quality is usually at par with more pricey headphones. But their build quality will reflect their price. They are not built like V-Moda headphones which resemble modern-age weaponry. But they can withstand fair amount of stress and strain if you treat them with care.

Which are the best JVC headphones?

We are glad that you asked. Because we anticipated that kind of interest and took the liberty to create a list of the 7 best JVC headphones based on the following criteria:

Audio Value for money: JVC has some genius sound engineers at work. Each of these JVC headphones is good at their audio. However, what we checked is whether they can beat the price you pay for them. They are ranked based on this consideration instead of straight out comparison of audio. You cannot compare two headphones of widely different prices and declare a winner.

Comfort: You listening experience is crafted as much by the physical comfort as the audio. The more easily the headphones rest on your ears, the more focus you can lend to their sonic response. The best JVC headphones curb their weight and exert low pressure on your ears.

Features: A healthy load of accessories or convenient features like detachable cable sway our mind in the favor of the best JVC headphones. Lack of microphonics or irrelevance of burn-in time is also counted as a benefit.

7 Best JVC Headphones In 2018 – Chart

Headphone Type
Headphone Type
 1. JVC HARX700 Precision Sound Full Size Headphones Over-ear$$ 4.5
 2. JVC KENWOOD In-Ear Headphones HA-FX850 In-ear$$$4.5 
 3. JVC HAS160B FLATS Lightweight Headband Headphones On-ear$$4.3 
 4. JVC HANC250 Noise Cancelling Headphones On-ear$$$ 4.0
 5. JVC HAFX5B Gumy Plus Inner Ear Headphones In-ear$$ 4.0
 6. JVC HAS400 Carbon Nanotube On-Ear Headband Headphones On-ear$$ 4.0
 7. JVC HAFX1X In-ear Headphone
 In-ear$$ 4.0
  1. JVC HARX700 Precision Sound Full Size Headphones

JVC HeadphonesJVC has a knack for delivering enchanting audio at eye-poppingly low prices. The HARX700 is one such understated and underpriced headphone. If Sennheiser could catch hold of that sound signature, they would have slapped their logo on these and sold them at a premium 3-figure price. It is finds like HARX700 that show you the true advantage of scouring audiophile forums. Because you can find such wallet-friendly superior headphones mentioned there.

Audio Performance

The audio of the HARX700 JVC headphones tend to precision but they stop when the audio is at its loveliest. They sound good right out of the box. But a 100-hour burn-in will give you the incredible audio of many times more expensive cans. If you have a lot of songs in the MP3 format, their flaws will stay closeted and you will only hear beautiful audio. The bass reaches deep and is agile in dealing with the variations in the frequencies of a song, contributing to their top spot in the best JVC headphones list.

Midrange and highs sound very natural, no distortion or sibilance. These JVC headphones are almost as good as the Sony 7506s, but they don’t have as many details as the reference monitors.  Noise isolation is not much, because of their semi-open design. But the architecture contributes to a wide soundstage and spot-on stereo imaging.

Design and Features

JVC HARX700 headphones have a supremely comfortable blueprint. Although at 11 ounces, they are heavier than some well-known cans, they maintain their balance with a suspension-headband design. They feature over-large circumaural earpads made of pleather. The headband that contacts the head is made of a breathable mesh material. It molds over your dome according to its shape. Headband-size can be increased.

The 11-foot cable of these JVC headphones is connected to only one earcup. It terminates in a 3.5mm jack.

Additional Perks:

The JVC HARX700 headphones come with a 6.3mm studio adapter. Their 48Ohm impedance can be matched by using an amp, which improves the sound even further. But they are also driven well by the  apple devices.


  • Pleasant, excellent quality sound
  • Punchy bass
  • Good bass-mids-treble partnership
  • Good soundstage and stereo imaging
  • Comfortable and reliable design
  • Mesh headband to keep the head from warming up
  • 11-foot long cable
  • Studio jack included


  • Looks and feel bulky
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  1. JVC KENWOOD In-Ear Headphones HA-FX850

JVC HeadphonesThe JVC Kenwood FX850 earphones are one of the pricier products in JVC’s lineup. Loaded with wooden driver housing with a brass ring to round off the elite looks, these earphones are artful even without their luscious music. They compete with full-sized cans in terms of delivering a full-bodied audio.  With all the bells and whistles of classy earphones, they take over a spot on the best JVC headphones list with lordly grace.

Audio Performance

The JVC Kenwood FX850 headphones induce smile to both our faces and the response on frequency spectrum. Bass is out-of-this-way kind of brilliant. Rich, deep, powerful, we might run out of adjectives to describe it. The role of wood is not overstated by the audio zealots. The timbre is something that will ruin you for the rest of the earphones.

Midrange is just as lush in their texture in spite of the less-than-neutral response. Treble has great extension. Smooth and sparkly, they match up with the joy of bass. The sound output is not at all fatiguing.  Soundstage is massive on these JV headphones. Stereo imaging makes you feel like you are sitting right in front of the band.

Design and Features

There were stars in our eyes when we first looked at the JVC Kenwood FX850 earphones. The angled eartips protrude from a wooden housing with brass accents. It is not just a cosmetic gimmick, the wood makes serious difference to the sound. Wood is dark-brown in color and looks original, not the ostentatious brown.

The cable of these JVC earphones is detachable. They connect through the MMCX connectors to the ear pieces.

Additional Perks

MMCX connectors used by the JVC Kenwood FX850 earphones revolve freely at their contact point.


  • Rich, warm, lush sound
  • Bass is otherworldly
  • Engaging timbre
  • Rich mids
  • Extended treble
  • Classy looks
  • Detachable cable


  • MMCX cables are harder to replace compared to conventional cables
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  1. JVC HAS160B FLATS Lightweight Headband Headphones

JVC HeadphonesThe JVC Flats headphones are the most affordable cans vetted and lauded by the audiophiles, in the market. For their price, they should not have piqued the interest of audio-purists. However, someone might have caught scent of these and tried them out and boy, do these work wonders! A fairly flat response, which even Beats does not seem to get, is what the JVC Flats offer at their measly price. Pocket-pinching pedants should hand out their money already, for one of the best JVC headphones.

Audio Performance

For a budget-oriented headphone, the maturity of the JVC Flats headphones’sonic response is serendipitous. A burn-in of about 30-40 hours will tune out the inconsistencies from their sound. With their almost-neutral audio, they flatter all types of audio formats and genres. Bass has a definite punch and extends some into the low-end given their frequency range of 12-24000Hz. Bass is not bumped like the cheap headphones (and even some expensive ones). Mids are natural. There aren’t a lot of details but that’s because their price does warrant them.

Highs of these JVC headphones sound natural too, although they are slightly rolled-off. Treble balance with bass and midrange is excellent. There’s some distortion at the higher volumes because the highs are not as clean as the pricey headphones.

Design and Features

Although the sound quality of JVC Flats headphones exceeds the expectations from their price, the build quality is only average. These are supra-aural cans weighing only 5 ounces. They do not exert any clamping pressure. They are comfortable for use over prolonged hours. Headband can expand to engulf the size of your dome. Although they look flimsy, they are quite durable if treated well.

Cable descends from both the earcups of these JVC headphones.It terminates in a 3.5mm plug.

Additional Perks

The earcups of the JVC Flats headphones fold flat for easy storage and wearing around the neck.


  • Flat, near-neutral sound output
  • Punchy bass
  • Natural mids and highs
  • Well-defined treble
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Adjustable headband
  • Good fitment without clamping pressure
  • Durable
  • Earcups fold flat


  • Earpads will get damaged with regular use.
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  1. JVC HANC250 Noise Cancelling Headphones

JVC HeadphonesNoise cancellation is usually handed over to Bose because they are the best as ANC goes. However, if you are on a tight budget and get excited at Bose reviews then their price is going to get you like a sucker punch in the gut. The JVC HANC250 noise cancelling headphones will turn out to be a viable option when you regain consciousness.  Good ANC, coupled with audio better than Bose QC3s is what lands these cans in the best JVC headphones list.

Audio Performance

JVC HANC250 Active Noise Cancellation headphones claim an 85% reduction in ambient noise and they live up to this promise. They muffle the low-end buzz and also catch some of the medium frequencies when the music is playing. This ability to drown conversation sounds is a big plus, since most ANC headphones tend to let the higher frequencies pass through.

Sound quality also gets equal importance as the ANC feature in these JVC headphones. They have tight, oomphy bass. Its power is impressive without any spill-over into mids. Midrange is richly textured. Highs have nice fizz to them. Tonal balance suits all types of music.

Design and Features

Given their budget-friendly cost, the JVC HANC250 headphones have good value-for-money blueprint. They are on-ear cans with racetrack-oval ear pads.  Both the headband and the earcups are cushioned with a gentle material. Clamp pressure varies for most people, although these headphones sat comfortably on the heads of most users.

The ANC is powered by an AAA battery that goes into the right earcup. It gives you 50 hours of noise cancellation on these JVC headphones. The cable is detachable and connects on both ends via a 3.5mm jack.

Additional Perks

Since the earcups fold flat, the HANC250 JVC headphones can be easily stored inside the flat zippered case provided with them. An airplane adapter and a ¼ inch studio adapter accompany them.


  • Effective active noise cancellation
  • Blocks both low and high frequencies
  • ANC hiss and pressure are very faint
  • Natural audio response
  • Works withal genres of music
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Detachable male-male 3.5mm cable
  • Earcups fold flat
  • Carry case, airplane adapter and studio jack included


  • No inline remote control
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  1. JVC HAFX5B Gumy Plus Inner Ear Headphones

JVC HeadphonesJVC Gumy Plus earphones lie at the lowest rung of the price ladder. We didn’t expect anything miraculous out of them but their audio bought a smile to our faces.  It beats us how JVC manages to create sound like no one else. The Gumy Plus is dimmed only in comparison with much dearer headphones. For their cost-coordinate, it’s almost too easy for them to take all competition to the wall.

Audio Performance

If you are looking to replace your stock earbuds, the JVC Gumy Plus earphones make a great option. They cost just about as much but they educate your audio sensibilities. They follow a more balanced tone compared to the bass-blaring machines that you usually get at this price. The bass is tight and booms with richness and depth.

Midrange and highs are more natural in the Gumy Plus JVC headphones. Treble can get slightly sibilant at very high volumes. Bass does not distort. What else can you ask for at this price? They sound cleaner than the best-selling Panasonic Ergofit earphones, hence their place in the best JVC headphones list.

Design and Features

JVC Gumy Plus headphones stick to an ergonomic fitment by choosing the angled eartips. These sit tight inside the ear canal and provide good isolation from ambient noise. They are a comfy pair of buds and latch on tight with the right size of eartips. You can use them as running earphones. Replacing them would be easy at their price.

The cable of these JVC earphones is thicker than that of Panasonic Ergofit, so it resists tangles better. These are purely music-only, so they do not have mic and inline remote.

Additional Perks

The JVC Gumy Plus earphones are shipped with multiple sizes of silicone eartips.


  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • Comes in 8 colors
  • Durable cable resists tangles
  • Straight jack fits through phones cases
  • Balanced bass-mids-treble
  • Tight bass not boosted
  • Highly affordable
  • Thick cable


  • Slight sibilance at high volumes
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  1. JVC HAS400 Carbon Nanotube On-Ear Headband Headphones

JVC HeadphonesFamous for using the ‘world’s first Carbon Nanotubes drivers’ JVC HAS400 headphones are one of these cans which sound awesome right out of the box. Available in unblemished white and somber black, they sound more than their price’s worth. They will make a great everyday headphone for the casual listeners of hip-hop, techno, EDM etc.. You can keep them as spare headphones for when your premium cans die on you.

Audio Performance

The HAS400 JVC headphones require no burn-in time to bring about their A-game. They sound energetic and play the club music like they are part of the young and vibrant audience. The bass has a smidgen of boost to it which underlines the music very well. The control over bass is decent although not stellar.

The midrange of these JVC headphones is not emphasized upon much. They are not recessed per se, but bass and treble show more vigor. Highs are clean and moderately refined. They just sound good on an aggregate, propelling them to the best JVC headphones list.

Design and Features

The JVC HAS400 headphones are supra-aural cans. They clock an average weight and perch easy on your ears. You will find it easy to wear these headphones for long hours. Earpads and headband are adequately cushioned. The plastic build is durable.

The cable of these JVC headphones is 1.2m long and connects to both earcups. It does not have inline mic or remote control.

Additional Perks

The HAS400 JVC headphones hit a few homeruns in terms of portability. They have a collapsible design and their earpads fold flat.


  • Enjoyable sound with punchy bass
  • No burn-in required
  • Comfortable fitment
  • No clamping pressure
  • Ears don’t get warmed up
  • Durable build
  • Collapsible architecture earcups fold flat


  • Cable connects to both earcups
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  1. JVC HAFX1X In-ear Headphone

JVC Xtreme-Xplosivs earphones go for all kinds of machismo, be it their architecture or audio quality. They are JVC HAFX1X In-ear Headphonemeant for the bass-head with their oomph-heavy sound signature. Xtreme-Xplosivs defines the nature of these earbuds when playing the hep tracks of our time. They also come at an affordable price so that their decadent audio can be enjoyed by everyone.

Audio Performance

The 10mm drivers of JVC Xtreme-Xplosivs earphones thump in a 5-23,000Hz frequency range. They are boosted in the low-end resulting in a powerful bass. They can see the energy of beat-ful tracks through the roof with the lower-end power.That’s the kind of sass that lands them in the best JVC headphones list.

Since these JVC earphones play into the popular trend of bass-heavy performance, they are lacking in the mids.  Mids aren’t as lively as they should be naturally. They are still okay compared to highs which seem a little dull until the treble revives them. These earphones will surely irk the audiophiles but a casual music lover who can’t tell treble from bass will like them. They sell like hotcakes online so their allure is very real.

Design and Features

JVC Xtreme-Xplosivs earphones try to look tank-like with their delicate size. The driver casings are look brawny, aesthetically making a statement.  There’s a certain appeal to their design for the hipster youngsters. The ear pieces are done in all-black and an ‘XX’ is branded on the back.

The cable of these JVC headphones is the ordinary type. Its red color matches well with the black earpieces and successfully creates a flashy look.

Additional Perks

Even at their lowly price, the JVC Xtreme-Xplosivs earphones come with a hard carry case marked with a Double X.


  • Powerful bass
  • Energetic audio response
  • Enjoyable audio
  • Good noise isolation
  • Audio can get loud
  • Flashy style
  • Looks premium from a distance
  • Comes with a hard carry case
  • Moderate comfort


  • Dull mids and highs
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