Philips M1/28 Fidelio Headphones Review

Let the Philips’ new creation give you high-quality and great performing headphones that lets you enjoy your favourite music even when you’re on the go! The Philips M1/28 Fidelio headphones with Remote and Mic is set to give you an authentic experience that isolates noise for a pure and distinct sound quality.

The headphones’ acoustic seal lets music in and eliminates unnecessary leakage of sound. This means you’d keep the music to yourself without having it unknowingly disturb other people. Whilst having the music remain intact, clear, and preserved. This headphone provides an excellent listening experience whether you like listening to low bass or high-pitched music.

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It also features its closed-back architecture that regulates air pressure for better acoustic and a much more improved listening experience. This will let you enjoy listening to music at its full potential due to the music being concentrated for your use. A clear sound and dynamic bass is promised with this.

The Fidelio also features its powerful neodymium drivers that aim to provide the best possible quality sound that feels natural and promotes optimal listening experience. It also has double-layered ear shells that reduce resonance and prevent vibration for clearer sound and greater sound detail.

It also has high-quality breathable ear pads that let you enjoy listening to music for as long as you want without being uncomfortable to the ears and head.

With its memory foam, it will fit ergonomically to your ear and will seal any sound for maximum music quality. It will also reduce any ambient sound getting in your headphones while keeping music in for your ears only.

Don’t worry; the Philips M1/28 Fidelio headphones is not like any other headphone as it had undergone extensive research in order to produce clear and pure music without compromising the product’s quality.

The headphone focuses on providing you with music that is as faithful to the original sound as possible despite any presence of modern recording styles, in order to serve you better and give you a more authentic listening experience.


The Philips Fidelio M1 is often being compared to the Philips Fidelio X1. However, each model belong to a different category. The X1 is bigger and bulkier, and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. On the other hand, the M1 is smaller and much more compact, and its design and functionalities are primarily for outdoor use.

  • 40-millimeter drivers with neodymium magnets which ensure high-levels of sound performance
  • Bass Reflex System for precise and balanced bass
  • Double-layered ear shells which reduce resonance and external vibrations
  • Breathable ear pads which adapt to the shape of your ears, using a Foam Memory Technology
  • Quality oxygen-free, fabric-lined cable which guarantees endurance

FINAL THOUGHTS ON Philips M1/28 Fidelio headphones

The Philips M1/28 Fidelio headphones is a lightweight pair of headphone, designed primarily for outdoor use, and thus stands one for its robust frame and comfort. It is certainly comparable to other mainstream headphones such as the Beats Solo 2.0, however they cost nearly 3 times less, and that makes them pretty much a bargain.

<<Click here to see the price, specs and reviews of Philips M1/28 Fidelio Headphones>>
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