Philips O’Neill CRASH SHO9207/28 Headphones Review 2014

Philips O’Neill CRASH SHO9207/28 Headphones Review 2014

Do your headphones break easily? If that’s the case, then you’re not alone.

There is a portion of buyers who would regularly complain of headphones that are very weak and get broken in the first few months from their initial use. Of course, many music lovers tend to overuse these headphones especially when they’re in the mood.

Whether you go out, or stay indoors, most of us who love music tend to bring them wherever we may go. Unfortunately, not all headphones can withstand the different elements that in the end contribute to its state.

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Features of Philips O’Neill CRASH SHO9207/28 Headphones

This is what Philips has addressed when they made the Philips O’Neill CRASH, virtually indestructible Over-Ear Headphones. Withstanding whopping 1.5 tons of static force, this headphone is seriously tough! Probably the toughest headphone Philips has created, engineered to keep your music experience alive and unstoppable. Not only that, but it also delivers mind-blowing sound quality with its design and technology.

With 40mm neodymium drivers, the Crash is demanding attention. Providing you with high-quality sounds, this headphone will deliver deep bass with the best sounds combined. Enjoy the unlimited possibilities you could do with the sturdy yet powerful Philips O’Neill CRASH SHO9207/28 headphones.

Then, after long hours of usage, this headphone will give you the ‘chill’ setting, that lets you slide it down in case you need to rest. And don’t worry; it is designed to fit your neck without touching your chin area.

The ear cushions used are soft and creates a perfect seal. Don’t worry about your music leaking out of your headphones; the Crash is designed to keep that music in for maximum experience.

You can keep the music to yourself and enjoy the quality of your song without bothering anyone at all. Additionally, the added comfort of these cushions will let you listen for longer periods of time.

The Crash is also set to give you maximum performance under extreme pressure from use. With an aluminium sound chamber, the headphones will be protected against external crashes or under extreme cases of use.

Moreover, the sound chamber delivers high quality music that stays extremely sturdy in order to bring the best sound to you while keeping your headphones protected.

The Crash is the end product from headphone engineering feats, and using all the right materials in order to make the headphones possible.

Adding to these are the tough fabric cables that are reinforced, that should be able to withstand a lot of bending and pulling, having been tested to last over 100,000 bending cycles!

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE Philips O’Neill CRASH SHO9207/28 headphones

  • The Philips O’Neill CRASH SHO9207/28 headphones are the toughest and most robust pair of headphones that Philips ever created, which can withstand up to 1.5tons of static force, whilst delivering high fidelity sound!
  • It is ideal for those who do “extreme sports” such as skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX and are looking for an extremely robust headset, which is durable in all weather conditions as well. For the record, the Philips O’neill Crash are endorsed by the professional Big Wave surfer Mark Mathews
  •  They have an in-line microphone and controls which allows users to easily switch between calls and music
  •  Its 40-millimeter neodymium drivers to generate a quality listening experience with a wide frequency response of 12 to 24,000 hertz
  • Their noise isolation cushions provide comfort, and at the same time minimize sound leakages, ensuring  high quality sound
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