Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape

Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape Review

Living and loving music is certainly common for most people. As a city-dweller, you’d want to listen to your favorite tunes in quality headphones. The certain city savvy environment gave Philips the idea of creating this masterpiece, the Philips CitiScape Uptown Headphone, designed with the retro-feel in order to let you enjoy every beat while letting you express yourself.

Now, let’s talk about control. The CitiScape aims to let you stay connected with loved ones while being able to enjoy your music at the same time.

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Features of Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape

With this goal, the headphone was designed with a built-in microphone and switch that lets you take phone calls and listen to music with a simple touch, that is sure to give you full control and convenience.

40mm drivers deliver quality sound as the CitiScape provides you with clear and perfectly tuned sounds that will give you rich music without the irritating hiss and buzz of low-quality headsets. So go on, let yourself immerse in the amazing quality that this headphone will surely bring to you.

Tired of listening to music while constantly hearing outside noise? Well, the Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape makes it so that listening to music will be as isolated as can be. Protected with a seal cushion, this premium headphone will let you enjoy and focus on your music without being constantly knocked off by outside noise, leaving you with music that’s surely to be an enjoyable experience.

Besides from keeping outside noises out, this headphone also lets you keep the music in without giving off even a single beat outside.

The double-layer walls in the ear shell secure your music so that you would never miss a beat and that the music would remain intact and clear!

Extremely soft cushion lets you enjoy music comfortably wherever you are and whatever position you are in because these headphones will let you even forget that you’re wearing them! The cushion also helps with sealing the music in while keeping you comfortable, whatever head shape you have.

The cable of the Philips CitiScape also allows you to move without it getting knotted, as the anti-tangle flat cable will let you enjoy listening to your tunes without getting annoyed at messy wires.


The Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape is a over-the-ear headset, meaning that it fully covers your ears, and thus ensures that there are no sound leakages. Its design is exceptional, and truly emphasizes  comfort above all. Its high-quality leather materials and adjustable headband offer top-notch comfort for many hours. Some of the more technical specifications of this model are as follows:

      • Dynamic 40-millimeter drivers generate outstanding sound performance
      • MusicSeal noise-cancelling technology keeps your music sealed in ears
      • Its memory foam ear cushions ensure long-term comfort
      • Air-quilted leather headband gives perfect fit
      • In-line mic and volume control makes switch between calls and music easier than ever
      • 1 year international warranty

WHO IS THE Philips CitiScape FOR?

The Philips SHL5905BK/28 CitiScape is aimed  at those who are looking for a quality pair of “life style” headphones, which score high in comfort and sound alike. They are certainly as good as Beats, and Sennheiser models of the same range, but they costs $80 to $100 less. For that reason, they ideal for those who are looking for a high-quality pair of headphones that truly offers value for money.

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