Top 10 Best PS3 Headsets in 2019 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Best PS3 HeadsetsPS3 was an important milestone in the history of PlayStation games. It was the first platform to bring together the community of gamers with the PlayStation Network. And it set up solid base for the next-gen PS4 which has become synonymous with video games lately.  As PS4 is slowly phasing out the PS3 production, it has become harder to find the best gaming headsets for PS3. But a lot of people still use PS3 and have no immediate plans of upgrading, given the amount they invested in PS3. So we did the grunt work for you and found the 10 best gaming headsets for PS3. These can easily balance compatibility, comfort, audio and budget.

How to connect a gaming headset to PS3?

Connecting the best gaming headsets to PS3 is a 5-10 min long process. But if followed right, it will immediately give you a clear connection. There are a couple of options based on the plug of the headset:

Case 1: PS3 headset ending in 3.5mm headphone jack

  • Plug in the red and white jacks of the A/V supply cable shipped with the PS3.
  • Connect the HDMI cable into the designated port at the back of the PS3.
  • Connect the other end of the A/V supply cable to an audio converter like Manhattan 6 inches Stereo Splitter-3.5mm Jack to 2-RCA Jacks Audio Adapter. Plug the headphone jack to the other end of the converter.
  • Plug the other end of the HDMI cable to the TV or the monitor.
  • Power on the PS3 console and go to the PS3 sound settings.
  • Using the controller, select Sound Settings > ‘Audio Output/ SCART/AV Multi’ settings in the list.
  • Go to the previous menu and select PS3 video settings.
  • Choose your video connection type as HDMI
  • Close the XMB and test the headphones for game and chat audio.

Case 2: PS3 headset ending in USB port

Note that with USB headset, you only get chat audio through the headset. There are roundabout ways of getting game audio but it’s just not worth it.

  • Get a USB-certified headset. Not all USB headsets are compatible with PS3. Headsets that can be used with PS3 should either be certified or made by SCEA.
  • Connect the USB plug to the USB port in front of the PS3 console.
  • Power up the PS3 Console and open Settings. From here select Accessory Settings.
  • In Accessory settings, select the 7th option: Audio Device Settings.
  • In this change the Input Device to your headset name. Change the Output Device to your headset name as well. Click OK and you are done.
  • You can check the audio level by speaking into the microphone. You should be able to hear your own voice through the headset.

Case 3: Bluetooth PS3 headsets

Bluetooth headsets are the least messy to connect. Most of the setting is through the software. Only one Bluetooth headset can be paired with PS3 at a time. If you want to use a different Bluetooth headset, you must unpair the first.

  • Full charge the wireless PS3 headset.
  • Power on the PS3 console and enter Settings.
  • Go to Accessory Settings > Manage Bluetooth Devices to pair the Bluetooth headset.
  • If a Bluetooth headset is paired with the PS3, you will see the list of Bluetooth devices. To register a new device, select ‘Register a new Device’ and press X.
  • If no Bluetooth headset has been paired with the PS3 ever, a message is displayed: ‘The Bluetooth device has not been registered. Do you want to register?’. Select Yes and press X.
  • A message flashed saying ‘ To register (pair), you will need to prepare the Bluetooth device. For information on preparing the device, refer to the instructions supplied with the Bluetooth device’. And a ‘Start Scanning’ option is shown.
  • Power on the Bluetooth headset and put it in Pair mode as per its instructions.
  • Now select ‘Start Scanning on PS3’. If you have enabled the Pair mode on the headset correctly, it will be spotted by PS3.
  • Once your headset is spotted, press the button to continue. You may be asked for a passcode. It should be something generic like ‘000’ or ‘1234’. Select OK and Press X.
  • A confirmation page shows that the headset has been successfully paired.
  • Enter Settings on the main menu and go to Accessory Settings > Audio Device Settings
  • Select Input Device and pick your Bluetooth headset from the list. The Output Device should also reflect the change. You headset should be turned on and paired while doing this.
  • You can check the audio level by speaking into the microphone. You should be able to hear your own voice through the headset.

Case 4: Wireless Headsets

Some wireless headset come with a USB dongle. To connect them simply

  • Plug in the USB dongle into the PS3
  • Power on the headset
  • Put it on pairing mode

The headset is ready to function.

What are the key features of high quality headsets for PS3?

We searched high and low to find the best gaming headsets that do justice to the audio architecture of the PS3 games. We selected the top ten based on:

Compatibility: PS3 has many connecting options. They are all as complicated as the Xbox 360. So we fished out only those headsets that come with all the wires to get both chat and game audio through them.

Audio: The audio experience is what drove us towards full-size gaming headsets. They can hold large drivers which have a wider audio range and more visceral bass performance. But bass should not compromise clarity. Audio quality, both incoming and outgoing are important factors in determining the best gaming headsets for PS3.

Comfort: PS3 gaming is too guilty a pleasure to be given up in 30-60 mins. The games keep you on your toes. So the best gaming headsets for PS3 are primed for comfort over long-term wearing. This is managed by plush padding but not so much that it makes the headset heavy.

Budget: In the interest of people with a wide range of budget, we have covered headsets across a large price range. While comparing headsets of various prices, we checked their value for money, rather than their absolute value.

Features: Extra features like Dynamic Chat boost, mic monitoring, wireless connectivity, EQ modes etc. helped the best gaming headsets for PS3 make their place in this list.








 1. Sony Wireless Stereo Headset – Playstation 3 Stay informed with exclusive on-screen headset status updates$$4.3 
 2. Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Stereo Headset Bass impact Technology$$ 4.3
 3. Turtle Beach – Stealth 520 Premium Fully Wireless Gaming Headset PS4 Pro, PS4, & PS3 Superhuman Hearing$$$4.0 
 4. Skullcandy PLYR1 7.1 Surround Sound Wireless Gaming Headset EQ3 Equalizer Modes$$ 4.0
 5. Turtle Beach – Ear Force P11 Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset – PS3 Amplified Audio$$ 4.0
 6. Turtle Beach – Ear Force PX22 Universal Amplified Gaming Headset – PS3, Xbox 360 Dynamic Chat Boost$$4.0 
 7. SteelSeries Siberia 840 Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound 2.4 GHz No lag wireless Audio$$$ 3.8
 8. Turtle Beach – Ear Force DP11 Gaming Headset Multiple EQ presets including bass, treble and midrange boost combinations$$3.8 
 9. GW SADES SA928 Pro Surround Sound Stereo Wired PC Laptop Gaming Headset High-precision sound source position and super shocking sound effects$$ 3.8
 10. Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset Big booms to whisper-quiet warnings in stunning 7.1 virtual surround sound$$3.8 
  1. Sony Wireless Stereo Headset – Playstation 3

Sony Wireless Stereo Headset - Playstation 3Although it seems like the obvious choice, we have our own reasons for putting the Sony Wireless Stereo PS3 headset on the best gaming headsets for PS3 list. Wouldn’t you want to choose a headset that is custom-made for PS3 gaming and functions seamlessly with the console? And this isn’t the cheap giveaway either. Sony uses its media legacy to get the audio just right even over a wireless connection. It’s interesting features, comfort and audio quality. Also check the best wireless gaming headsets.

Design and Features

The Sony Wireless PS3 headset looks dorky with its wide headband. But the design is pleasantly sleek and very comfortable. The earpads are optimal and sheathed in leather. They are plush and yet allow your ears to be nestled inside them. The headband is made of brushed metal and supports plastic earcups.  Controls are divided amongst the headset in an organized way so that all similar functions are grouped together. All the buttons are placed in the sandwiched panel between the headband and the arms that hold the earcups. On the left earcup you have game chat balancing slider, master volume slider, power button and Surround sound button. Mute functionality is also easily accessed.

A telescoping mic projects from the right earcup. It has 3 detent positions but it cannot be moved vertically.  There’s an LED at the tip of the mic which notifies you of mic mute and remaining power. Some people find the glaring light annoying. Connecting the headset is a cakewalk. You plug in the accompanying USB dongle to the PS3. Once the PS3 headset turns on it automatically searches for the dongle. The tiny screen graphics on PS3 screen assist you in monitoring the wireless headset.

Battery lasts through 7 hours of use. It can be charged via a USB cable that plugs into the earcup.


We were convinced of Sony’s efforts when we listened to the Wireless PS3 headset. At its price, this outperforms many of its peers, although it cannot match up with the expensive headsets. It has great tonal balance, a trick Sony learned from its audiophile headphones. Even without the Surround sound on, you get a good handle on the sound cues. The audio fidelity is decent though nothing ambitious for the price. The clarity of the audio was invaluable throughout the gaming sessions. The bass has a lot of punch here and it never cracks even at the top volume.

The 7.1 Surround Sound had very less to offer over the standard audio. We didn’t use this mode much and saved some battery. The soundstage improves in this mode but the spatial cues seem muddied. Bluetooth connection didn’t drop or create static while we played.

We expected the mic to sound weak on the listening end because of its distance from the mouth. But we were surprised by the clarity of the voice picked up the mic. It picks your voice clearly and distinguishes it from background noise. There’s no mic monitoring here though, so be prepared to shout like a maniac when the game volume shoots up.


  • Very easy wireless connection
  • Visceral bass during gaming
  • Very comfortable for long durations
  • Telescopic mic
  • Innovative but smart design


  • Surround Sound is only decent
  • No mic monitoring


  1. Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Stereo Headset

Pulse Elite wireless PS3 headsets are another from Sony’s arsenal built to connect seamlessly with PS3 and PS4. They draw from Sony’s legacy of excellent audio quality and long-term comfort. Being from Sony, they also look stylish. The modern architecture with well-placed buttons appeals to people. But the sheer ease of connection is the main reason it landed on the best gaming headsets for PS3 list.

Design and Features

The Pulse Edition wireless headset walks the border of comfortable and stylish. The large circular earcups are cushily padded. They are comfortable for wearing over long hours. The headband is wide and slotted to keep the head ventilated. A bunch of controls make home on the earcups. These include the mute button, volume slider, sound profile control and Bass Impact feature. The mic is built into the earcups so for once, you don’t feel obstructed by the mic boom. This does not affect the mic pickup at all.

This PS3 headset connects to the PS3 wirelessly via a small USB dongle. You plug the dongle in. And you switch on the headset and put it in the pairing mode. The dongle is automatically recognized and bam, the headset is connected. The battery meter, the sound profile selected and the mic mute button are displayed on the screen.  The Pulse Elite charges via a USB cable. In case the battery dies, you can still hook up the headset via a 3.5mm jack. The process is much more complicated for PS3. There are 7 audio profiles provided including Movies, Music, Shooter and Racing.

You have the downloadable Pulse Elite Edition Manager that allows you to download new audio modes. Some audio modes are capable of altering the original title so that you can hear certain sounds better than the others.


In the audio performance of Pulse Edition wireless PS3 headset, the feature that immediately jumps out at you is the BassImpact. This feature triggers physical pulses through the headset when engaged. So it literally makes the bass visceral. The audio has the depth and breadth of cinematic sound. The soundstage is fairly large. The bass is thunderous and you can feel it too with BassImpact. The bas does not overshadow the vocals. The chat gets priority over the explosions and gunfire.

The virtual Surround sound makes the audio larger and open. But it does not hold a candle to real Surround sound. We liked the audio quality for the price. If you maintain the headset well, it will keep feeling that way.


  • Very easy wireless connection
  • BassImpact sends vibrations through the head
  • Weighty audio
  • Very comfortable for long durations
  • In-built mic


  • Needs to be handled carefully


  1. Turtle Beach – Stealth 520 Premium Fully Wireless Gaming Headset PS4 Pro, PS4, & PS3

The Turtle Beach Stealth 520 wireless headset connects just as easily to PS3 as the first two headsets. And it’s also compatible with PS4, so you have that under the belt. Its detachable mic is a prominent feature and this makes it look less like a professional headset when mic is not in use. Stealth 520 lives up to the name and it delivers great audio for our stealthy tactics. Except for the price, it is an excellent choice for the best gaming headsets for PS3 list.

Design and Features

The architecture of the Stealth 520 PS3 headset is a compromise between style and comfort. The earcups are racetrack oval. The headband and the earcups are opulently padded and sheathed in comfy pleather. The earcups are large enough to be circum aural but they don’t stick out from the head. The ear pieces can lean forward and grip your ears. The headband has reasonable tension. A mic is mounted on flexible boom which plugs into the right earcup of the headset. Adaptive Mic performance monitors the ambient noise and alters the mic’s pick-up field for better speech recognition.

This PS3 headset connects to the PS3 using a wireless USB dongle and an optical cable. You connect the dongle to the PS3 and pair the headset with it. The optical wire runs from the audio-out on the back of the PS3 to the USB dongle. There are preset audio modes like Bass Boost and Treble Boost which you easily navigate through. Independent adjustment of game and chat volume is possible. A 3.5mm male-male cable can connect the headset to other devices. The battery lasts through 15 hours per charge. It is charges via a USB cable.


Stealth 520 PS3 headset delivers big on the audio front. Spatial cues are clear as a day which is a great help to gun down a stealthy enemy. You can hear the sounds before the subject comes into the visuals. The sound is set in a huge soundstage, that’s probably why the positional audio is so good. The Surround sound also sounds open and impressive for a closed-back headset. The SuperHuman hearing option amplifies the smallest sounds of the game to help you. But make sure you use this in really quiet environment in the game or else the audio will just sound like an amplified mess.

Dynamic chat boost pumps up the chat volume when game audio is getting busy in the background. So, you can hear voices above the mayhem.


  • Detachable mic
  • Easy wireless connection
  • Dynamic chat boost
  • Can connect to other devices via 3.5mm cable


  • Comfort could be better


  1. Skullcandy PLYR1 7.1 Surround Sound Wireless Gaming Headset

Hailing from the same family as the famed Astro Gaming A50, the Skullcandy PLYR 1 PS3 headset is relatively less known. The PLYR 1 is affordable and wireless, so it gives you a better range of movement. The strong bass support that’s characteristic of Skullcandy’s usual headphones is an excellent perk in the gaming headset. The attractive design is the work of Skullcandy’s usual understated yet dangerous design.  It’s hard to overlook so many advantages and not let it in the best gaming headsets for PS3 list.

Design and Features

The Skullcandy PLYR1 wireless PS3 headset is an attractive gadget. It has racetrack oval earcups. The headband is broad and it easily balances the earcups. It is padded at the cranial arch. The earcups join at a gash which would be unsightly except for SkullCandy’s neat graphic. The ear pieces are very comfortable for normal-to-large ears. A mic arm flips down from the right earcup. It gets muted when it’s flipped up and out of the way. A 4-way button for game-chat balance and a power button are on the right earcup. A button for choosing the mode is at the rim.

This PS3 headset comes with a sizeable transmitter which also doubles as a charging station and a storage rack. It has a USB port, a 3.5mm audio port and optical audio ports. Using Dolby Pro Logic IIx, The PLYR1 can produce virtual Surround Sound even from a stereo source like the 3.5mm port. The battery lasts through 12 hours per charge.

The equalizer modes for this PS3 headset include Bass Mode, Supreme Mode and Precision Mode. The Supreme mode balances all frequencies while the Precision Mode emphasizes the mid frequencies.


We checked the 7.1 Surround Sound feature of the PLYR1 PS3 headset first. With the limited size of headset drivers, there’s not much scope for creating the 3D sound. You get good audio directionality within 180° in front of you. But if somebody’s sneaks up behind you, you would be soup. The standard audio sounded meaty with well-defined bass. There’s weight to the sound and a very slight volume balance which helps you ascertain the direction from which the sound is coming.

Most gaming headsets only sound good with games. Not PLYR1 though. It sounds balanced and clear with both movies and music. So we prefer it for an awful lot of TV viewing as well. Its wireless connectivity gives us      plenty of movement room.


  • Passable 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Weighty audio, works well with music, movies too
  • Long battery life at 12 hours
  • Intuitive mic and controls


  • Expensive


  1. Turtle Beach – Ear Force P11 Amplified Stereo Gaming Headset – PS3

The Turtle Beach Ear Force P11  PS3 headset is one of the most popular headsets for this platform. It is quite affordable and yet it packs all relevant features. It provides extra comfort through overlarge earcups. The audio is clear and exciting for games. All the wires required to set it up for PS3 are provided. Durability could be better but it’s okay for the price. What more can you ask for from one of the best gaming headsets for PS3? You may also check the best gaming headset under $100.

Design and Features

The Turtle Beach Ear Force P11 headset is a beauty in its white avatar with blue highlights. The earcups are oval and large. They will rest around normal and moderately large ears. The headband is all plastic with padding in the cranial arch.  The porous material of the earpads allows your ears to breathe. The mic is attached to the left earcup. It can be flipped down whenever you want to use it. P11 is powered by its USB end.

The overall cable of this PS3 headset runs 12 feet.  From the earcup to the inline control, it’s approximately 3 feet. The control can be disconnected from the wire through its 3.5mm jack. This jack can plug into other devices like PS4, smartphones etc. for use with them. The inline control has independent game and chat volume wheels. Additionally a mute button is also provided. It also has a Bass boost option to pump up the low-end frequencies.

P11 PS3 headset supports mic monitoring which feeds you back your voice and keeps you from shouting.


The most promising thing about the Ear Force P11 headset is that it carries 50mm drivers even at its low price. These huge drivers can shoot some crunchy bass that will rock your gaming experience. There’s a nice bulk to the sound without muddying the mids and the highs. There’s no distortion in the sound even at high volumes. The audio is as immersive as amplified stereo sound gets. As an average gamer, you wouldn’t need more spatial cues that what P11 can offer.


  • Meaty, immersive sound
  • Has mic monitoring
  • Independent game and chat volume
  • Lightweight yet sturdy


  • Cable from the headset to the inline control needs extra care


  1. Turtle Beach – Ear Force PX22 Universal Amplified Gaming Headset – PS3, Xbox 360

The Turtle Beach PX22 PS3 headset is a small wonder waiting to be discovered. It has a number of useful features at a pretty affordable price. This is a wired headset but it can also be used easily with other playback devices like smartphones. The audio is crisp and vigorous. Even the Virtual Surround Sound does well here. With so much going for it, the PX22 is a no-brainer for the best gaming headsets for PS3 list.

Design and Features

Turtle Beach aces the design game with the PX22 PS3 headset. This is a very lightweight headset at 231g. This itself contributes to comfort. The earcups are oval. The headband is wide and supports the earcups easily. The headset keeps your ears well-ventilated. So you can keep them on for long hours without your ears done to medium-rare. The earcups provide great noise isolation and prevent sound leakage. The mic is attached to the right earcup through a flexible boom. The boom rotates in and out of the way of your mouth.

The cable of this PS3 headset runs 14 feet long. This is a modular structure though. After the first three feet, there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack. This plugs into the inline control. It can be disconnected at this point to connect the jack to smartphones or other devices. After the inline control, the cable extends 10 feet to connect to the console. The inline control has a whole slew of operations. Apart from independent game and chat volume, you have the bass boost and treble boost. You also have mute button.

Most importantly, you have variable mic monitoring. With this you can control the level of your voice fed back to you. Since the use of mic monitoring may depend on the situation, it’s a great advantage that it’s variable. Otherwise we would either shout or live with our own annoying voice whispered to us.


The brilliant audio performance of Ear Force PX22 PS3 headset is the biggest takeaway here. A wide soundstage houses spot-on instrument placement. While this is just enjoyable in audiophile headphones, it’s virtually a necessity in gaming headsets. We were able to pinpoint the direction of even the smallest sound with ease. The effective noise isolation lets you enjoy the strong bass in peace. The audio alone is visceral without any artificial shocks sent to the body. At full volumes, the bass does not distort.

You can kick up the bass or treble of this PS3 headset if you want the extra kick. Another advantage of the balanced, natural audio of PX22 is that its standard audio sounds great for music and movies. The usual gaming headsets have bass turned up to an extent that other media sound egregious. Not PX22 though.

Apart from variable mic monitoring, this headset also supports Dynamic chat boost. Chat volumes are boosted automatically when the game audio gets loud. This lets you concentrate on the chat when all hell is breaking loose.


  • Variable mic monitoring
  • Dynamic chat boost
  • Bass and Treble boost
  • Modular design of the cable
  • Clean and weighty sound
  • Excellent noise isolation


  • Could be more sturdy


  1. SteelSeries Siberia 840 Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Headset with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound

SteelSeries Siberia 840 PS3 headset is a versatile Bluetooth device. It can connect to a variety of platforms using its wireless transmitter and Bluetooth connectivity. We love how both technologies are juggled. This is a premium headset and it lives up to its price in terms of audio quality and build quality. We were highly motivated to show it to our best gaming headsets for PS3 list.

Design and Features

SteelSeries Siberia 840 PS3 is a gorgeous headset. It doesn’t have any fancy graphics or anything. But it has these bold curves and assertive build which oozes elegance. The earcups are round and loaded with memory foam and draped in pleather. The headband has multiple padded cushions to support it on the head comfortably. The mic juts out of the right earcup through a metal boom. It has an LED at the end which glows to indicate mute status. The controls are placed on the headset for easy access.

This PS3 headset is supported by power from Lithium ion batteries. In a brilliant move the 840 ships with 2 batteries. If one runs out, you can quickly swap it out for a charged one. The batteries are charged inside the transmitter accessory. Battery lasts through 20 hours per charge. The optical wire from the transmitter connects to the PS3. With PC you have to connect the USB cable. The transmitter also hosts an OLED display which allows you to visually monitor all audio, wireless, configuration and system settings.


When you drop big bucks on the Siberia 840 PS3 headset, know that you are paying for premium sound. The audio quality is amazing. Just like the design, the bass is bold, the mids are clear and the highs are sparkling. And even with that kind of low-end thrust, the audio is balanced throughout. This is also helped by the stellar reception up to 30-40 feet. There’s no drop or weakening of the connection. There’s no static or crackling.

With the optical input you can engage 7.1 or 5.1 Dolby Surround sound. The audio opens up nicely in the 180° field in front of you. But like we said, true Surround Sound is not possible with headsets of this size. You need speakers.


  • Ultra-clear sound with decadent bass
  • Wireless and Bluetooth-enabled
  • Transmitter has OLED display
  • 20-hour battery life
  • Spare battery is supplied


  • Expensive


  1. Turtle Beach – Ear Force DP11 Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Ear Force DP11 PS3 headset is a wired affordable gadget. Its audio performance has hit the sweet spot with many a gamer. Although plasticky, it has the distinct advantage of being lightweight. Its Surround angle options, bass and treble boost features, ready-to-go PC and PS3 connection kit, all earn it a place in the best gaming headsets for PS3 list.

Design and Features

The Ear Force DP11 PS3 headset is a cool-looking accessory done in black and red. The earcups are oval and mounted with lush, ventilated padding. The headband is only moderately broad with cushioning along the arch. It has a long rotating, flexible mic boom with the mic mounted at its end.

Digital Optical Connection is the best way to connect this PS3 headset to PS3. All wires to connect to PS3, PC and Mac are shipped with the box. A mini audio enhancer(DSS2) is part of the box. It carries the speaker angle positioning, Surround sound, master volume, Equalizer and power switch. It has independent controls for game and chat volumes. The headset is equipped with mic monitoring which helps you keep your voice level while the game gets loud. A bass boost option helps you perk up the lower frequencies and make audio rumble your head.


The audio performance of Ear Force DP11 PS3 headset is what ultimately secured it a place. The sizzling play of bass and the enhanced spatial cues impressed us for the price. We were able to spot the enemy directionally and make successful pre-emptive strikes. Footsteps and other sounds are amplified so that you can hear all important audio clearly. The DSS2 accessory specializes in highlighting the relevant noises.

The choice of speaker angles helps you select the perceived angle from which the audio is played for you.


  • Excellent audio for price
  • DSS2 accessory amplifies small noises
  • Select speaker angle
  • Mic monitoring
  • Affordable


  • Fragile plasticky feel


  1. GW SADES SA928 Pro Surround Sound Stereo Wired PC Laptop Gaming Headset

The Sades Pro SA928 Pro headset is one of the most comfortable headsets we have come across till now. The suspended headband is a clever addition which relieves any pressure on the usual stress points. The audio is largely stereo in spite of the misleading claims of the product page. But the sound has the power of bass behind it. We raced it straight to the best gaming headsets for PS3 list.

Design and Features

The SA 928 PS3 headset from Sades is designed to be highly shock-proof. The headband is a self-adjusting suspension design with a pliant band and 2 cables. The band expands to fit your head and is limited by the cables. You can twist the headband every which way and it will take it in a stride. The earcups are round and mounted with soft cushions. A retracting mic projects from the right earcup. There’s an LED at the tip of the boom which indicates mute status.

This PS3 headset is wired with double reinforcement in the areas of cable joints. The rubber-coated cables are tangle-resistant. It has a USB jack at the end which helps you connect to most devices easily.


The highlight of the Sades Pro SA928 PS3 headset is the bass. The stereo sound is replete with the power of bass. If you are a basshead who wants the full sonic impact of the effects in the game, this will not disappoint you. Of special mention is the mic quality on this headset. There were overwhelmingly positive reviews from users about how well the mic picks up your voice and relays it to the playmates. The communication remains crystal clear.


  • Suspension-type headband is easier on head
  • Comfortable
  • Exceptional mic quality
  • Mute indicator at the mic tip


  • Expensive for the value


  1. Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

Haters gonna hate. But there’s no denying the merits of the PlayStation Gold wireless PS3 headset. Maybe its cliché to get a PlayStation headset for PlayStation, but the Gold has many perks. It is one of the most versatile wireless headsets that work with various platforms pretty easily. Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound with clarity and bass are hard to pack at this price. So make no mistake when we say that PlayStation Gold bangs big for the bucks. We also have a list of the best headsets for Xbox 360.

Design and Features

PlayStation Gold PS3 headset is done in simple colors with bold curves. The construction is all plastic and sleek. So we suggest you use them carefully, they have the potential to snap. The wide headband runs from ear-to-ear and has two earcups mounted on it. The earpads are round and cushy. They are sheathed in faux leather. Most importantly, the arms of the headband fold and reduced the headset into a portable package. The earcups have average noise isolation so we wouldn’t use them in a noisy environment. They also leak sound beyond moderate volume.

The microphone of this PS3 headset is built into the set so there’s no annoying boom jutting out of it. It connects to PS3 via a USB dongle. It’s a plug-and-play kind of a setup. The USB dongle is also recognized by PC and Mac. The Gold has a 3.5mm port which allows it to be connected to PS4 via a 3.5mm male-male cable. All the essential buttons are situated on the earcups. The battery averages 7 hours of life per charge. A USB cable is provided for charging it.

The Gold headset also utilizes the Headset Companion App which allows you to download custom sound profiles including Destiny, Assassin’s Creed, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s end etc..  Another quirky feature is the swappable faceplate behind each earcup.  You can customize the headset but the custom faceplates will cost extra.


The audio performance of PlayStation Gold PS3 headset is decent for the price. It’s not going to be exceptional, especially not at this price. But it doesn’t sound crass or distorted. In standard mode, the audio is balanced with no emphasis on bass. It sounds smooth, though not much detailed or textured. Engaging the 7.1 Surround Sound adds more layers to the sound. It’s refreshing to see that the 7.1 setup actually makes a difference to the audio.

The mic reception is decent. The folks on the other end can hear your voice clearly.


  • Wireless with USB dongle
  • Foldable arms
  • 1 Surround Sound makes a difference
  • Works with PC, Mac and PS4


  • Fragile, needs to be maintained

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