Sennheiser MM450-X Travel Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Sennheiser MM450-X Travel Headphones Review

First thing that comes to notice about the Sennheiser MM450- X travel is its price tag. Agreed that Bose headphones’ prices are also climbing the charts but a whooping $295 for a pair of headphones, was until a while back, unthinkable! So what does make the Sennheiser MM450- X so expensive?

The Sennheiser MM450-X Travel Headphones is a portable pair of headphones, clearly. It folds up easily to fit into any small space. The headband requires extra padding, in the absence of which wearing the headphones for long can be a cause for discomfort. The ear cups also have been decently padded considering they are on-ear headphones. Although they still seem a tad bit small. The remaining build is made from plastic, with the Sennheiser logo carved into the surface of the left ear cup.

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The right ear cup contains all the necessary controls. The volume controls, track change controls, the Bluetooth as well as the Noise Grad 2.0, or the noise cancellation. Wrapping your head around the controls is fairly easy and takes only about a few moments to memorize. The Bluetooth button multitasks, which is fascinating. Hold the button down a little while and it speed dials the number last called by you. Pressing the button once after it has already been paired summons Siri. Pairing the device with any audio device is simple and quick.

The Sennheiser MM450- X is battery charged, by 2 AAA nickel-metal hydride batteries. However, you can plug in old school style as well, using a cable. The noise cancellation is not the Sennheiser MM450-X Travel Headphones best feature. There are minor, almost insignificant distortions heard when the noise cancellation is turned on, which is not eliminated even when using the cables. However, the sound department more than makes up for the money you are shelling out.

The lower ranges are typically bass heavy like all other Sennheiser headphones. But they are, like all others do not cause the regular hurtful thumping into your ear. The higher and the mid ranges experience beautiful clarity and precision of sound. Music from single instruments is rendered with top notch quality. The music is on the bright side, but not overpowering or overwhelming.

The Sennheiser MM450- X comes in a carrying zip-on bag, along with other accessories that include the audio cable, a power adapter with four slide-on wall socket plugs, a USB cable in case you want to charge the headphones using your laptop, an airline headphone jack adapter and another ¼ inches headphone jack adapter all of which terminate in a 3.5mm connection.

Features of Sennheiser MM450-X Travel Headphones

The Sennheiser NoiseGard 2.0, has a unique noise-canceling technology that reduces up to 90% of external noises, and allows you to listen to your favourite music without being affected by ambient noises.  

They are fully collapsible and have been built for easy portability

They have a built-in invisible microphone for crystal-clear phone conversation

TalkThrough technology allows users to talk to others without removing the headset

The are fully compatible with smart devices such as Apple and Samsung devices

They come with a two-year international warranty


When it comes to the sound quality of the RS120, a lot of people ask whether it is better than other top brands such as Beats, Bose, Sony and Denon. As you would see on the video below the Sennheiser RS120 was tested during a flight against the most popular headsets of all these brands, and the results shown that the noise-cancelling technology of the Sennheiser MM450-X Travel Headphones is clearly superior.


First and foremost, people who are looking for a quality cordless pair of headphones, with a powerful Bluetooth capability. As the name reveals the Sennheiser MM450-X Travel Headphones are ideal for travelling, but given that it has a built-in microphone, it could be a very good choice for demanding gamers.

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