Sennheiser OMX185

Sennheiser OMX185 REVIEW

The Sennheiser OMX 185 in-ear headphones are synonymous with great quality of sonic output. They are built to fit into the ears, which although not innovative, provides great fit; and does not slip out of your ears. There are cushions for the ear buds. The cushions render more comfort being made of soft sponge like material. The ear buds have extensions that are shaped like your outer ear, so that it is where it sits after having been hooked to the ear.

All of it adding to the fit of the headphones. There are cables coming down both the ear buds. The cables as well as the entire body of the headphones is to be found in black with the Sennheiser logo as well as the company name engraved on both ear buds. The cables come down to connect to a multipurpose volume control. The cable is around 1.2 m long and is symmetric in shape. The Sennheiser OMX185 uses the regular 3.5 mm connection that is compatible with most audio sources. MP3 players, iPods, iPads, and iPhones alike, all devices can be connected to the Sennheiser OMX 185.

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Features of Sennheiser OMX185

With regards to the sound technology, Sennheiser does a really good job yet again. With the intra aural or the in-ear feature, the OMX 185 is bass heavy in the sense that it produces stereo like sound. With the Sennheiser OMX 185 you are likely to feel like you are sitting next to massive woofers. Undoubtedly the OMX 185 produces impeccable lower ranges. Hip hop and rap never seemed so much better. However, the higher and mid ranges receive no complains.

They are well balanced, crisp and clear. Renditions of singular string instruments are also commendable. In active situation was never more fun as it is with the Sennheiser OMX185 on. The Sennheiser OMX 185 includes a storage pouch ensuring portability. Total Harmonic Distortions have been contained within 1% which is rather impressive.  Also, it is, literally, feather weight, weighing in at a measly 14g. The price tag along with the Sennheiser OMX 185 points towards a pair of brilliant headphones available at cheap rates even by Sennheiser standards.

These intra aural headphones are compatible with all kinds of environments. They are perfect gym wear since any kind of rigorous activity is quiet capable of keeping the headphones in place. Also the headphones hooks are adjustable, making the headphones a great experience of comfort and audiophile quality.

The OMX185 is one of the newest pair of earphones by Sennheiser.  They are powered a dynamic speaker system, which ensures a balanced and full sound. Their design is quite stylish although their colour is plain black. Their design and secure fit make them ideal for exercise, however, they are not water resistant like the SENNHEISER CX685 . Their sound is quite balanced however its bass is emphasized a bit more, which makes the OMX185 ideal for hip-hop, RnB an techno music.  Their integrated volume control and compatibility with a wide array of smart devices, makes it a very user-friendly devices. Its quality is assured, as it comes with a 2 year international guarantee.


The OMX185 is ideal for those who are looking for a quality pair of earphones which would last at least for a couple years – which is made certain by its 2 year warranty -rather than purchasing cheap ones which usually last for a couple of months. Its high-quality sound, which as mentioned, is strong in bass, make the Sennheiser OMX185 ideal for hip-hop, techno, RnB and dancing music.

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