Sony MDR XB800 Extra Bass Headphones Review

Sony MDR XB800 Extra Bass HeadphonesThe Sony MDRXB800 is especially reputed for its clarity, especially when it comes to bass. Exclusively produced for Sony, this product is especially shaped to boost the bass response while ensuring the wearer’s comfort. Extremely practical, the headphones come with a tangle-free cable as well as pressure relieving and comfortable ear pads. With a sleek design, this product is particularly recommended to DJS but may not be entirely suited to audiophiles who favor classical music and other similar tunes because of its powerful emphasis on bass.

Audio Performance

As Sony MDR XB800 name suggests, this item does deliver an excellent Bass Boost system, which is particularly ideal for techno, jazz and hip-hop music. However, the bass can be a little overpowering when it comes to classical or pop songs. The 1.18in Bass Booster is constructed in such a way so as to amplify lower-end frequencies, thanks to a unique duct located in the earphone housing. In fact, the lower-frequency range will also give way to stronger percussion and sub-bass. Boasting a stereo sound-mode as well as a sound sensitivity capacity of 106 decibel, this item has a maximum frequency response of -28kHz and a minimum frequency response of -3Hz. Because it is shaped to cancel out any external sound, the headphones will enable wearers to focus entirely on their music, which is why it’s often recommended to DJs.

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Design & Build

With a muted design, the headphones feature oversized ear pads layered with leatherette. The inside is filled with foam to follow the contour of the ears. With a robust feel, the oversized cups are designed to fit rather snugly over the user’s ears. It should be noted that the snug fit can help minimize any ambient noise. The headphone cable is flat enough to prevent tangling. It can extend up to 3.9 feet when measured from the left ear cup. The actual headband is made from brushed steel and the silver lining around the ear cups bring quite a stylish edge to the headphones. Sony’s logo is embossed in grey across each cup.

Sony MDR XB800 Extra Bass HeadphonesAs far as the build quality is concerned, users should be aware that the headband is made of plastic. The ear cups exterior are lined with enamel. While the interior is quite thickly padded with foam, the outside may be prone to scratches over the long run.

Additional Features

The technical features are as follows:

  • Product weight:  10.2 ounces
  • Product dimensions: 4.8 x 4.8 x 10.4”
  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Storage: Foldable swivel design
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Power handling capacity: 3000 Mw
  • Stereo plug: 3.5mm gold plated
  • Cord: One-sided

While the headphones do feel solid enough for frequent use, some users might find them a bit heavy, especially if they’re mostly used to earphones. Thanks to its three built-in hinges, the headphones are flexible enough for 180-degree swivel. This also provides the user with a more flexible positioning. Each cup is fitted with a tiny piece of circular grey cloth that contains a 500mm driver that will deliver sound to the wearer’s ears.

Pros & Cons                  

Sony MDR XB800 Extra Bass HeadphonesOther than its impressive bass, these headphones are also reputed for their easy wireless connection to various types of devices, including tablets, laptops, Android as well as iOS phones.  As far as the pros are concerned, it does not disappoint in terms of style and portability. Users will undoubtedly appreciate the ear-cups’ vertical rotation system that facilities storage while rendering it far more comfortable to use. Ergonomically-speaking, the Sony MDRXB800 comes with easy-to-reach volume control on the exterior of each ear cup.
Thanks to its ergonomic design, the band does not press down on either side of the head, as is often the case with lower-quality headphones. The ear cups are also designed to wrap around the head and cushion the ears in order to block out external sounds- something that audiophiles will undoubtedly appreciate.

On the flip side, the bass can get a little loud at times, forcing users to constantly reach for the volume button. This can largely affect the headphone’s percussion, snare snaps, vocals as well as treble. This can create a lack of balance, especially when it comes to pop or rap music with plenty of lyrics. These headphones have also been known to grow warm to the touch after several hours of continuous use and this can drastically reduce the wearer’s comfort. Some users might not appreciate the overly-thick layers of foam since this  can render the headphones quite uncomfortable in hot weathers.

The boxed packaging does not contain any carrying case or additional adaptor. It is not recommended to use these earphones when watching movies since the enhanced bass tends to drown out all the other sounds.


Sony MDR XB800 Extra Bass HeadphonesAll things considered, these headphones are quite a decent option for anyone with an average budget. It is also recommended to users who are looking for a robust, yet stylish piece of audio equipment that emphasizes on Bass. Because of its neutral design, it is ideal for both male and female customers alike. These headphones make excellent travel companion since they can be folded up and tucked away until later use.

Designed to produce studio-quality sound, the Sony MDRXB800 is especially aimed at fans of hip-hop and techno. While it is a definite step-up from the Sony XB600, these headphones may not be entirely suited for everyone because of its definite emphasis on bass.

<<Latest prices and customer reviews of Sony MDR XB800>>
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