Sony TV and HiFi – MDRRF810RK.CEK Headphones Review

Sony has always been synonymous with great audio quality and the Sony MDRRF820RK.CEK does not disappoint in this sector at all. Cutting down the styling components, the Sony MDRRF810RK.CEK can be aptly called ‘cans’ as are headphones in most cases. The ear cups seem like two small sized cans sticking to your ears. While the entire built is in the black, the surface of the ear cups is a shimmery black that adds to the panache of the Sony MDRRF810RK.CEK.

The black headband of the headphones seems like and truly is of plastic finish, but the material is firm and sturdy and can withstand a decent amount of wear and tear. The headband is spacious and comfortable. A second layer of padding in the headband along with the adjustment strap is present to add to the comfort during use of the headphones. The ear cups are cushioned by black synthetic leather-like padding. The Sony MDRRF810RK.CEK is s step away from regular Sony headphones and is devoid of cables. It also comes with a cable if you should so wish to plug in your headphones to the television. However, the fit is comfortable. The 40mm neodymium, long stroke driver units are a beautiful piece of technology, directing sound directly into the ear and giving cinema-quality sound.

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They are also responsible for deep, resounding bass. The over ear concept causes the headphones to cover the entire ear, and reduces chances of sound to bleed out. However, there is no noise cancellation features built into the Sony TV and HiFi. The headphones provide wireless radio frequency ranging as far as 100m through open spaces. There is automatic tuning as well as power on and off options on the headphones.

It is powered by an Alkaline AAA battery and ensures 28 hours straight of playback time. You can also switch to Nickel-metal Hydride battery with a power backup of 13 hours at a stretch. It is light weight at only 220g and designed for long-lasting wearing comforts along with the self-adjusting headband. The comforts are doubled by the circumaural ear cushions. Circumaural means that the ear cushions cover the user’s ears completely.

The 40 mm drivers are responsible for clear and crisp renditions of middle and higher ranges of sound frequency, as well as the resonating thump of bass in the lower ranges.


In a nutshell, the SONY MDRRF810RK.CEK is a pair of wireless headphones for TV and Films, which offer high quality sound as well as enduring comfort, highlighted by their light weight, which stands at only 220 grams. Their wireless range is 100 meters, meaning that you can listen to your favourite tunes whilst you are in your garden or garage, and without carrying with you an extremely long cable. They come with rechargeable built-in batteries, which last around 13 hours – which are enough for you to watch 6 movies in a row without recharging them!


The main Sony headphones that have been designed for the same purpose (i.e. watching TV and movies) are the MDRRF865 and the MDRDS6500. The main differences between the MDRRF810RK and these two models, is that the former is lighter and less “bulky”. However, the MDRRF865 and the MDRDS6500 can be charged a lot quicker, within 3 to 3.5 hours, but the MDRRF810RK requires around 16 hours. These two models have some additional features – such as volume controls built-in on headphones and 3D surround sound – for the very demanding users.  The MDRRF865 and the MDR7506 are priced at a higher range than the MDRRF810RK, which according to many users offers the best value for money.

WHO IS THE Sony TV and HiFi FOR?

The Sony TV and HiFi is mainly for those who are looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of headphones for watching TV and films at home. Given their very sensible price , this pair of headphones is aimed at those who are looking for quality and endurance, and value for money.

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